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My goodness gracious is it really already the end of March? This year has flown by so fast already, I can barely even catch my breath! Work has been intense and in the midst of all the craziness I happened to do a bit of online shopping. *evil laugh*

Because of this influx, I thought it would be a fun break from tutorials and reviews to a haul video of some things I've picked up lately. I don't do hauls very often so forgive me if I'm supa' boring. ;)

So I'll start out with my OOTD or Outfit Of The Day. Love this combo of greens and purple. They always complement each other well it's a bit unexpected at the same time.

Forever 21 beaded headband (similar in rose gold here)
Ann Taylor Factory scarf (similar here and here)
Theory leather blazer (similar, non-leather here and Theory here)
Forever 21 crochet peplum vest (similar here, here, and here)
White thermal long-sleeve shirt (similar here and here)
Forever 21 French Terry Pants (here)

You can see the colors a bit better here. The leather Theory blazer is one of my lucky finds from a consignment shop which I found in a size 0 for only $30! I think my eyeballs popped out of my head when I went home and looked up the original price of other Theory leather pieces. I almost cried for joy. XD

Here you can more properly (Barely, since I'm wearing black pants. Oops.) see my new boots from Stuart Weitzman. Black suede, knee-high wedge boots, just exactly like I was searching everywhere for! I'll have to buy an insole since the insides are slippery with socks but I can't wait to wear them out. They aren't at all awkward on my skinny chicken calves. I will say though, that they are 3.5" tall, not 3" so good for shorties like me, not so good for mighty walking days.

Stuart Weitzman Wedgelin boots in size 4 (here

I saw this cream lace skirt on the Forever 21 website and fell in love. Lace? Cream? Elastic-waist-so-as-to-better-fit-Jen? Just my luck, it actually came in XS! Yes, please! I love the fact that you can dress it up or down as well. I'll very likely wear it simply, like this.

Forever 21 Crochet Lace Skirt (here)
AE V-neck Colored tee (here)
Pretty Small Shoes Eleganza heels (similar here and drool here)

SO digging the spring micro-floral trend with these shorts! What are dolphin shorts anyway?

Forever 21 Floral Dolphin Shorts (here)

I also picked up these micro-floral bobby pins that are so cute as well. It's great for accenting casual updos. ^_^

This ASOS pencil dress is one that has had tons of hype amongst the petite fashion blogosphere. (Check out others' reviews on the Alterations Needed forum!) This isn't the greatest picture but you can see that the UK petite 4 is slightly roomy on me. Although it's not terrible, I did take to it my tailors to make it cuter and shorter so I will have to do an updated post when I get it back. My tailor said it would be perfect for attending a summer wedding. ^_^

ASOS Petite Tailored Pencil Dress in Cafe Creme (here)
(more colors here, regular sizing here, wool here, linen here)

My second ASOS purchase is also in a blush pink color and it covered in ruffles!!!! Ahhhhh.... But actually, the size US 0/UK petite 4 fits quite perfectly around the arm holes and body.

ASOS Petite Soft Frill Belted Dress (here)

I actually think it gives the illusion of curves on my not-so-curvy body type quite nicely!

But honestly, for most days I'll definitely be layering this baby. I foresee this outfit with a blazer popped on top for a cute work look. :)

J. Crew cashmere cardigan in xx-small (here)
ASOS Petite Soft Frill Belted Dress (here)

I've been search everywhere, especially in the last 4 years but even before then, for the perfect dark-wash, bootcut jeans and came up time and time again empty handed. I was so excited when I bought these from Hautelook because obviously, they fit me perfectly. LOL!

Frankie B. Jeans Wide Leg Trouser in sz 23 (here)

Okay, so they need a bit of a hem. *cough* A LOT of a hem. Designer denim always seems to be 2 feet too long! Seriously, is there someone out there with my hip measurement and legs this long? Really? But actually, I am in love with the "Dark Night" wash and the rest fits quite better than nearly everything I've tried. Winning.

I tucked them under to see how they would look hemmed. This was pre-wash so they did shrink up a little but I made sure to bring some platform heels to the tailor's in case they shrink further. Not bad, right?

Another of my perfect dark denim jeans requirements is that they have no obnoxious back pocket detailing. Frankie Bs tend to often go over the top with their pocket details so I'm glad this is so plain. This also shows the slight bagginess which was eliminated with a wash and the waist being taken in as well.

Also, I flat-ironed my hair which I haven't done in at least a year. I like it straight with the ombre dye!

Last but not least, here's an image showing my lone fail out of my hauls. I had high hopes for this Muubaa leather jacket from Hautelook since it's a UK size 4, but it's pretty ginorm. This is me practicing my bat wing flap. Definitely will have to be a return which is sad because it's nice and weighty and the leather's soft.

Muubaa Safron Leather Jacket (Muubaa here on celebs here and here)

If you are interested in Hautelook and haven't joined yet, you can sign up with my invite here or you can just sign up at the site. (If you sign up with my link I get a credit for referring you after your first purchase, but as I said, you can sign up at the site with no invite as well.) There are some crazy good deals like Urban Decay's sale on Thursday BUT I'd be wary since they are occasionally dishonest with their listed pricing. If you can, I'd research each brand's prices before you purchase.

Whew! This blog post took a few hours to compose because my haul was so huge. >_<
I pat you on the back if you actually got through all of it. Hehe. Hope it was helpful if you are interested in anything I posted! Let me know in the comments what your favorite item was since I'm curious. :)

Disclaimer: I bought everything myself wheeee! There are some affiliate links included in this post which will direct you to the stores that the items are available at for purchase. 

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  1. Oh goodie I caught this vid before bed : ) Isn't it a peculiar feeling to put on jeans that are 2 feet too long, yet fit perfectly in the waist? What kind of strange fit model did Frankie B have?

    Length aside, they look amazing. Wash, pockets, etc. I had to sell my 23's from a while back because I was bustin out of them. You even get to avoid the jeans issue Kelly talked about b/c they're a consistent wash with minimal knee fading.

    How nice of Prosephina...I love my asos in cafe creme. Can't wait to get it back from the tailors..!

  2. I love this haul! The jean pictures are pretty hilarious. Yeah i'm always putt off from buying designer jeans because of the hassle that comes with that length.

  3. Love the frill dress with the cardigan! Very cute!

  4. I love seeing what you got!! I love the white lace skirt and the dolphin shorts especially: spring and summer-y!!! Thanks for sharing! ;D

  5. Hey Jen, I'm enjoying reading your blog. I love your outfit with the "WHITE TUCKED SHIRT PAIRED WITH THE DENIM BOOTLEG" Lol. And i love your "FLORAL DOLPHIN SHORT". I wanna have them.. I'm getting started with my OTTD too. But not as good as you do.. I hope we can be good friends here on blog. I am from Philippines. i wanna share you my blog : www.linfranciarios.blogspot.com.

  6. Thanks for the reviews! I have not shopped at Forever 21 in a long time, so I am glad to see that their xs items fit you well. I actually had that same lace skirt sitting in my shopping cart over the weekend...did not go through with my purchase, though. You are tempting me now! And those shorts are so adorable!! Ah!!

  7. I love this post, I like your hauls, I don't think they're boring. I think dolphin shorts are what I call booty shorts. Every girl at my school who's part of an athletic team wears them. Wikipedia says:Dolphin shorts are an athletic style of shorts. They are notable for a visible binding of an often contrasting color, often white. The main body of the shorts are often one bright block color, but there is much color variation.
    Great haul!

  8. Oooh love everything you recently hauled!! :) Yes... gotta agree that designer jeans are always too long! grrr. I hate having to get them hemmed and stuff. My dad who's pro at it usually hemmed all my jeans, but now that I don't live with my family anymore, I find myself trying find jeans that I don't have to hem (which are impossible...)

  9. Jen, you are so cute <3 I laughed when I saw you in those jeans. I always run into that problem as well, but not to the same extent as you lol. (I'm 5'3") Do hauls more often, please :]


  10. Awww I laughed when I saw the jean pictures :P When I buy jeans the length always seem to be the problem too. :) Although where I am from, there are tons of jeans for small Asians such as yourself..I am not very small tho but still pretty short =__= I love your haul and you are deffinitely not boring!! ;)



  11. Love the jeans pics, Jen! LOL Great haul vid... do more please!!! hehehe

  12. I love the earrings you wore in this video....can you tell me where did you get those? thank you :)

  13. Hi I have some questions that relate to your field of work. I remember you talking about how you are an industrial designer and I was wondering what kind of courses you took in college to become an ID. I'm deciding on which colleges to attend and I don't really know which kind of courses would be good for industrial designing. If you give some advice, thanks a bunch!

  14. Awww I love your post! I particular love how the Forever21 skirt look on you and I just got one as well! It is super hard for me to find a skirt that fits at the store, so I'm so excited to know you got one in xs! Thanks so much for doing this post!

  15. Hey, I love your headband, very unique and nice! ^^

  16. you colored your hair! isn't it? =D

  17. hi! everything looks good on you! i hope i have a body like that, hehehe.... i love the ASOS Petite Soft Frill Belted Dress , very very nice!

  18. WOW I love all the goodies that you bought. They are so cute especially the ruffled dress ;) Its so pretty.

    Please check out my blog



  19. you have such good taste! LOve the cream lacy skirt! wish we had Forever 21 in Sydney!

  20. I love this haul! Those are some great finds from F21, especially the skirt. I love all the crochet and lace details around at the moment.

  21. I love your haul posts!

    And I always face the same problem with those denim jeans:)


  22. Then I must say how lucky I am to have a tailor-mommy who always alters my jeans :P

    Anyway I love the dresses you bought and you put everything together so well.

  23. Nice haul!! I loved almost everything! My favourites are minty green vest (yumm!!), the floral pins, both the denims (i'm always in classy dark washes, my trademark look ;).

    But the thing which I would love to own is the Dolphin shorts. <3 <3

  24. The frilly asos dress looks awesome one you. I also ordered both pencil dresses and planning to wear the firebrick one to a wedding this summer :3!! Really excited about Forever21, they're opening the first one ever in Austria this year (Europe is slow on so much...)

  25. Love the haul, Jen! The jeans and headband are my fave. I totally know about hemming, since I'm only 5 feet tall. :-)


  26. Great post! I just bought that lace skirt from F21 too (I love it). The jeans look great on you and the ASOS dress is so pretty with your skin tone!! An excellent job with just one return I'd say considering you had to order online ;)

  27. Great hauls! You picked out some really cute items!! I'm totally loving the ruffley dress from ASOS! Soo pretty and I think it's perfect for the spring/summer time. :D

    BTW, watching your vid wasn't boring at all. Do post more. :]

  28. What a haul! I love this type of posts...and my favorite on you would have to be the ASOS sheath dress. Will you be getting other colors as well? I think the blue would look terrific on you! It also runs smaller than the cafe creme you got so may fit even better.

    And I can't wait to see the work of your tailor...those jeans are seriously long on you, I too can't imagine the kind of fit models they use...I am wondering what they'll have to do about the flare at the bottom, if they hem it wouldn't the proportions look off? But the picture in which you tucked in the excess fabric doesn't look bad at all...I am seriously intrigued by these jeans now.

  29. I used to lovvvve Frankie B's. but now I just notice how oddly low the backpockets are. and where you would naturally find your butt cleavage underneath the pocket, w/frankie b's, they're in the middle. The trick is that they supposed to make the butt look high, but their jeans are over-doing it.

    I know you like the creme cafe color, but let me know if you want the coral or royal blue color in US 0P. tweet me or send me an email @ a.dang.ms@gmail.com

  30. love the haul! you are so cute jen! really like those jeans, and i always have to hem my jeans too, i'm so short haha

  31. I love the skirt from Forever 21! It's so feminine and dainty!

    I am a new subscriber to your blog and I found you on YouTube. I'm addicted now. :)

    I'm a 33 year old mom of 2 and Korean as well. I love your makeup and fashion tutorials! So helpful...

    Check out my blog for some really cool fashion/accessory/beauty giveaways!


  32. I love this video and blog post! It's good to know I'm not the only one who wears such tiny shoes :P It sure feels like it when I go shopping!
    I knew Stuart Weitzman makes smaller sizes but they're so expensive that I haven't ventured to their section just yet! Your new boots are gorgeous though.
    And I love that you're wearing Pretty Small Shoes pumps - that site is amazing! I get so excited just looking through their selection!

  33. great haul post. i like the dolphin shorts. cute. you are so thin. how do you keep it up?

  34. Hi Jen! All of the stuff you got are SO cute! but my favorite would have to be the Forever 21 Crochet Lace Skirt.

  35. Hey Jen, I've been watching you on youtube for awhile now. Maybe someone else has recommend this site to you already? http://www.wholesale-dress.net/
    They have a lot of very small clothes, maybe you could find something that fits from them. One warning though- some things are not of the best quality, while some are on that site. I bought a bunch of clothes from them last summer. I was a size 3 in most pants sold here and the "medium" pink trousers I bought from wholesale-dress were very nice but too small for my hips- if that gives you an idea about sizing.

  36. Jen, I can't stop laughing at the picture of you in those jeans. They fit so nicely around your waist and hips though. I'm sure after you get it back from the tailor, it'll be perfect. The other item I really really like on you is the F21 crochet peplum vest. I LOVE the color. Your link only shows similar styles. Is the one you have sold out?
    Nice video haul post. I love it.

  37. Love the frill dress!!! suits you perfectly♥♥
    I have always had a hard time finding jeans too...couldn't help cracking up at your pant problem♥♥

  38. Congrats on finding the jeans! Can't wait to see the post-alteration fit in your future posts. Also I totally identfy with the Asian mentality of finding the best deals hahaha. I have a hard time buying non-sale things too!

  39. cute outfits jen! i love your blog and your video posts are the best!


  40. C'est La Vie: My earrings were from DSK Jewelry. :)

    Alice: For my design classes, I took the required courses for my major...not too exciting there. I also took a bunch of Psych classes because that's my emphasis as well.

    miszlullaby: Yes I did! I'll do a post/video on it soon. :D

    Elle: If the opportunity comes up, I might grab the blue. It's my second fav color of the dress. As for the jeans, since I wanted bootcut and these are flares, the knee-break being low is actually in my favor since it keeps the shape slim enough to look "normal" on me. I specifically looked for a flatter wash so the fade won't give it away that they should be longer. ;)

    AubreyOhDang!: I might be interested in the dresses! And I actually don't mind the low pockets. I find most jeans to have pockets too high for me anyway, and once frankie b's are altered, they tend to be flattering on my figure. :)

    Cushy: I'm not actually super intense with the exercise or anything, but I've always been naturally thin and I prefer eating healthy foods. Lately I've been working out once or twice a week by playing dance central. ^_^

    Vovo: I haven't tried that site yet but I'll look into it.

    Vicky: Yeah, I couldn't find the vest on the site after I bought it. :( Maybe you can try looking for it in stores?

  41. I love your outfit!!! You look great, check out my blog? www.itsemilytime.blogspot.com :)

  42. omg, I really like those boots! I don't know where my suede boots are right now.. :(
    wish they weren't so expensive though. I like the ruffle dress from ASOS too, it looks very nice on you.

  43. I really love all your purchases.. especially items from f21. My eyes went beady when I saw th crochet vest and the lace skirt. So springy gorgeous. I'm going to make a trip to f21 on my next shopping trip. LOL

    The second asos dress, with all the ruffles had me doubting at first, but with the cardigan (and potentially a blazer) it looks gorgeous!!

  44. i had a similar experience with this grey asymmetrical knit sweater last week. it looked super cute, but on me it looked too drape-y and way too slouchy (and i like slouchy- to a point). i felt like a blob and figured i would never wear it enough to justify the price tag. also, i own some shirts that are dolphin hemmed which just means the sides are cut higher up than the bottom. like an upside down dolphin tail. they're usually used on running shorts. but they look cute on shirts too!

  45. love the first outfit with the purple scarf and the top. i think the color goes well together =)

    and the pink ruffly dress is so pretty on you : )

  46. adorable, my favorite is the ruffle dress and the shorts, they look good on u :)

  47. Great post :) I love reading about fashion hauls, tells me what's good and bad!

    I have to say those "dolphin" shorts from forever21 are super cute. I'm definitely going to try to find those in store! And adoring the micro-flower spring prints!

  48. Gorgeous:)! I love ASOS! Just picked up a couple dresses on their site for a really good deal too!

  49. I was wondering where you bought the mini bow bobby pins! I can only find them on the Forever 21 website, but not in stores ): Did you buy them in stores or online?

  50. I love the different looks. Great ideas for spring! =) Will definitely take some tips from you ^^

  51. I have 2 pairs of boots just like that, one in brown and one in black except I paid $25 each, the ones you bought are so expensive my mouth dropped when I clicked on the link and saw the price.:o

    the jean pics are hilarious I hate that a lot of designer jeans are so long! lol

  52. My jeans always look like this pre-hem! :)

  53. This is what,I had been searching since recent past week.I really like the work of yours in fashion.I like all the styles very much and these shorts are just really cute.