Sucker Punch Makeup - Amber Inspired Tutorial & Giveaway!

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Hi everyone! It's time for another movie-inspired makeup look (and a giveaway at the end of the blog entry)! :D

Ever since I first saw the trailer for the movie Sucker Punch I was dying to do a video on the makeup in it, no joke. I love the visuals of the movies Zack Snyder has directed before (Watchmen and 300) and I've been impatiently waiting for this movie to come out for months, so I'm totally stoked to share this one with you. You guys know how excited I get when something new features really interesting makeup and this movie is no exception. ;)

One of the coolest things about this movie is that it is very heavily influenced by Asians and Asian-Americans including 2 of the main actresses, Jamie Chung who is Korean American and Vanessa Hudgens who is Chinese-Filipino American, and also the Japanese American Screenwriter Steve Shibuya, Chinese American cinematographer Larry Fong, and Chinese American editor William Hoy. Did I also mention there are giant robotic samurai in this movie? Oh yeah. Asians represent! ^_^V

Products mentioned:
Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream in Gorgeous Purple
MAC Select Coverup Concealer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Stila Barbie Palette (shimmery charcoal color)
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Virgin - pale highlight color)
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Fair Drops Original and Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascaras
Pretty and Cute Lashes #45
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Taupe/Ash
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Blush in Blushing Glow
Paul & Joe Lipstick S in 003
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 517

So I'll start off by showing you my outfit. The garrison cap is borrowed from my grandpa-in-law. He is a Korean War veteran and it's from his old Summer uniform, so it actually means a lot to me that he let me use it for the tutorial. We've had some talks about what Korea was like then and what it's like now in contrast. So much has changed, it's quite fascinating.

The military jacket is from PacSun and the harness is made from suspenders worn backwards because I'm quirky like that. ;) This shot was actually one I didn't mean to take when I was setting up my camera to take test shots. Yay for candids.

One more from my living room where you can see the shadow on my eyelids with natural light. 

This one is my favorite shot out of the bunch. See how long and wispy these lashes look? So much fun!

This is in the midst of my trying to find ways to pose with the sucker without it looking...wrong. LOL.

Obligatory smile because I can never be too serious with this much makeup on.

And a look at the back showing my hair roll. This thing kept coming undone during recording. >_<

My sucker punch. Haha.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial! As promised, I want to share a giveaway for you. Here's the info on the giveaway with TEN winners of a Sucker Punch prize pack:

1. Let me know in the comments why you believe Asian-Americans like Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens' roles in the film are important to the Asian community.

2. Must be a follower of this blog using Google Friend Connect (you don't need a blog to follow) and leave your GFC name here.

3. "Like" the Sucker Punch Facebook Fan Page

4. Give me your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. :)

The prize pack will include Sucker Punch hats, drawstring bags, shirts, and possibly even Amber lollipops. Haha~
Good luck and thanks for reading and watching! <3

UPDATE: Winners have been chosen and their e-mails have been sent to the company! Congratulations to:

Christina Xiong
my mind's eye

Disclaimer: Lioele BB Cream provided by Pretty and Cute and Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara was provided by the company's PR. Everything else I bought with my own money. This video and post were not sponsored in any way, other than the company offering a giveaway for my readers. Rah rah!

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  1. I love your tutorial looks!!! you look great =] x

  2. Great tutorial!! Really lovely ♥ Even my fiance liked it :D But I think, he like it becaue of the sucker punch theme ^^;

  3. Asian-American roles are important to mainstream media because it allows not only AsAm actors/ artists but other minority actors/artists to breakthrough and show their true potential to media. It shows diversity and shows how real society is since not only Hollywood, but all of the US is a melting pot. (LOL feels like I'm writing a paper for my Asian American Studies class back in college years ago)

    Your look is awesome! I wanted to do this too, but I was going to save it for when I maybe cosplayed as her at Anime Expo 2011

  4. I think it's important because the media USUALLY only ever focus on Caucasians. Things likes American Idol have never had an Asian winner before. I think it's great because it put Asians out there more.

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  6. Cute look! :) The outfit really goes well.

    I think it's really important to have Asian-American roles in television and movies, because it shows diversity. It's important for all races as well though. :D

  7. I like military Jen and heavy eyeliner. Haven't heard of this movie til now so I was miffed about your twitter loli references!

  8. love love love this look!
    I believe it is important in the Asian community because it gives anyone and everyone hope that even being Asian American, you can still make it shine! I know a lot of people think it's tough to get big being the minority but I believe the tables have turned. Anything to let our people make their dream's come true!!! I can't wait till this movie comes out. I didn't even know Vanessa Hudgen's was part Asian till you told me! lol yay :)

  9. Hi Jen! I've been watching your videos a long time cause I feel you're one of the few youtubers i can really relate to as I'm Asian, with monolids, am really short and have really tiny feet. Well, its not everyday you can find monolid makeup gurus! And i admire your fashion style too!

    Well, answering your question, I feel that Asian American roles in films are important as they signify the presence of Asians in the society. Well, I'm from singapore, in midst of the heartland of asia, but seeing that more and more asian characters are appearing in hollywood films or TV shows in America, it makes me love my race, nationality and country more!
    It not only affects those chinese/korean/japanese/asian-americans in American itself but affects those outside it. Haha, like everyone would say - Asian Pride! :D

    In addition, I feel that you, Jen, represents us Asians as a role model on Youtube. So I would really like to thank you for encouraging all of us and being such an inspiration all the time! Fighting!

    Love, Joanie

  10. Asian American roles and other minority roles are important because our world is so diverse and we are a growing population. Asians have as much potential as any other person and to have someone represent the Asian community just shows that we are a melting pot and if one person can make it then so can another person. We all strive and reach for similar goals. Personally knowing that another Asian has made it allows me to believe that if I try hard enough Hollywood would give me that chance and not select me based on my skin color. They are role models in significant ways because they went for something that not many people strive for. Diversity appeals to all people and the media is finally realizing that and it's beautiful to see change and it's beautiful to see that my generation gets to witness this. It's really a breakthrough for Hollywood and the world.

  11. The media controls a lot of aspects of our lives, wether we like it or not. Sometimes it's influence is very negative, but this doesn't mean it can't be put to good use. Which is why I adore when movies or TV shows feature other races, in a non-negative light. Because this way the world can see that not all Asians are nerds, such as not all Puerto Ricans are gangsters (I'm from Puerto Rico and I hate this stereotype). Plus the fact that in this movie they show females as the leads, who not only kick butt, but look very sexy while doing so, is very refreshing.

    Hollywood should follow suit, and give more roles to culturally diverse people. So it breaks the mold from the already too famous 15 or so actors who are in every movie we see lately. And by doing so, it'll keep us intrigued, which is not only beneficial to the communities but also to them. With the escalating piracy rate, keeping the minorities happy should be at the top of their list. :)

    Oh and I love the tutorial/pictures. I'm definitely going to Cosplay as Blondie for ComicCon. :)

    Much love! <3

  12. they are important because you rarely get any asian lead roles in american films. i think its great to have asian people do this movie !!!! i can't wait to see this moive!!!!!!!

  13. omg. this is amazing. you are so beautiful. can't wait for the movie. xoxo

    And don't forget to follow on Twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news, from an LA stylist.

  14. The look is fantastic Jenn! Great job, you pull it off so well you might as well play the role! haha :) Absolutely love it, would be a great simple look for Halloween I think :)

  15. you are so gorgeous!

    i think it's important to have asian women in films and the media is important for the asian community for us all to have role models and to feel that being asian you can be attractive and be followed by the media :)

  16. Jen, you can honestly pull off ANY look! So beautiful! :)

    In my opinion, I feel that Asian-Americans in the film industry are important because it expands the horizon for younger generations to explore what opportunities are out there for them. I know that when I was younger, though this may not apply to everyone, I was always pressured by my parents into pursuing a career in a medical field. In a sense, my dreams were already decided for me and at such a young age, that's what I believed. To be able to see other Asian-Americans in another field other than just a medical field, can give a person the opportunity to broaden their horizon. Although, right now I'm currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, I feel like if I had been given a chance to actually choose my own path and had the kind of role models like Asian-Americans that are in the film industry now, I might have chosen a different career choice. Which is why I feel like it's very important for Asian-American roles in the film industry and also other fields.


  17. I feel asian american roles are important to mainstream media because there needs to be an asian presence in media due to the huge % of asians in America today. To actively portray and give Asians a chance in entertainment allows people to relate more and connect with asians. It's also important to have roles that aren't strictly "asian" so that asians aren't typecasted. Slowly this is being changed but I do see that it's important to have asian-americans in media.

    I love your blog! it has definitely helped me with my makeup issues! :]

    p.s. i wasn't sure how to add your blog on friendconnect. is there a certain way? thanks!

  18. Asian American roles are important because it provides role models of different ethnicity's especially to kids who are dealing with racism.

  19. Asian American roles are important because it helps bring variation into media and it could also show the potential of less known actors/actresses. It shows how in the US there are a lot of different types of people coming together

  20. I think that Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens roles in the film is important in the Asian-American community because its show that Asian-Americans are becoming more influential, it's also showing more diversity in the media, and the acceptance of different ethnicity.

  21. i believe Asian-Americans like Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens' roles in the film are important to the Asian community because you don't see many asians w/ big roles in movies and it's expanding us further than stereo types given to us and it's something positive.

  22. You look hot! haha
    Love it. So pretty! I'm sad glad that Jamie and Vanessa are in this movie.

  23. Hey Jen! I love this tutorial I'm definitely going to try it out :D

    I personally think that Asian Americans who are in the film industry are not only amazing - but they are proof that the world we live in today is turning into a place where not just Caucasians are accepted.They are able to give confidence to the Asian community and make everyone feel proud to be asian! :D

  24. YAY! I am soo happy you did it! I remember messaging you about this look because of the likeness &had no clue you were excited about the film also! can't wait to go all out with my girls &watch it.
    I believe that Asian Americans are important to the Asian community to show our pride & educate others about who we are and what we are also able to do. Actors as such in the film help contribute to the diversity of Hollywood and shows how different races can contribute well into history.
    Thanks so much for this tutorial, Jen!

  25. It's most definitely important for Asian-American actors/actresses to be featured (like vanessa hudgens, jamie chung) because us asian americans are also Americans. There are tons of talented people in every race, so it is also fair that they get featured :D

    I really like this tutorial. So edgy yet clean and simple :D Gonna go watch Sucker Punch on the 25th when it comes out.

    youtube account: xprincejunx

  26. Asian American celebrity actors/actresses display ethnic diversity through showcasing their gifts and talents. America is a land of opportunities so I believe that AsAm are entitled to such priveleges. I never miss watching your tutorials. They are super helpful and you inspire me. Keep it up. (^_~)

  27. I myself feel it's important cause being a minority race in America, it's kind of cool to be recognized by the American population... I mean when I see an Asian-American in a popular American film, I feel like they're repping for us!

    Which reminds me of the movie Avatar the Last Airbender movie... I couldn't believe how none of the main characters were Asian... same goes for that Dragonball movie from a few years ago... -sigh- We need them Asians to be repping us!


  28. I get the most self satisfied feeling whenever I see or hear about an Asian [specifically Korean] actor or actress in films or TV shows. Why? Because it tells me that there are people other than the mainstream celebrities out in the world who are "making it big". I wouldn't say that Hollywood and film industries focus entirely on Caucasian people in order to make their productions hits, since there are so many non-Caucasian actors and actresses who have done so. But when it comes to Asian actors and actresses winning Oscars, Emmy's, one really jumps to mind.
    Seeing actors like Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Henny (LOVE THEM BOTH :3) have such successful careers in making TV shows, it gives a sense of pride to me. They are from the same country as me, which may not make a different to a lot of people; but since Korea is so much smaller than America, it has a lasting impact on me knowing that these people "made it big". Chinese actors and actresses, I feel, are slowly starting to become more and more pronounced in the Hollywood field, and I'd love nothing more than for Korean actors and actresses to do the same! Each celebrity may seem complexly different from the next; from Brad Pitt to Daniel Dae Kim...but if you simply peel away the layers and take a good look, you'll realize that they [actors/actresses] are all striving for the same initial goals: to be noticed and to have their audiences realize that they were born with talent and are able to use their talent to make lasting impressions. Shows like LOST which had Daniel Dae Kim and a popular Korean actress [popular in Korea, at least] in it made the show that much more diverse. They spoke in Korean, they went into the Korean heritage a bit, and it made the show that much more interesting to me. It's not everyday that you see a TV show with foreign languages being spoken in every episode!
    With Vanessa Hudgens, she has a plethora of different heritages and when people like her step forth into the spot light, people who are interested learn everything they can about her-her heritage, where she lives, where she was born, what she does, etc. And by taking notice of people's ethnicity, it can potentially make people realize that you don't need to be Caucasian to be a Hollywood star; Asian actors and actresses know that deep down, every actor and actress is going for realization from their audience--that they're special and talented. Knowing that Asian [Korean specifically] are big in their own countries is cool...but when you hear that one has made big in the US...that's AWESOME. I feel like America is the place where if you make it there, you can make it anywhere. And I know that when [not if, since it will eventually happen] more Korean and other Asian actors and actresses make their presences pronounced to the audiences, they will be heroes in their own ways while all striving for the same goals. How they get there is what makes them all unique.

  29. hi jen! i left my comment down below but needed to give my GFC name and email address :3


    thanks for the tutorial!!

  30. Love love this look! You are so pretty as always!

    I honestly am not to psyched for the movie but I do love the fact that there is a Korean actress in there!

  31. Hi Jen! I love your makeup tutorials. ^_^

    I think it is important for Asian American actors to receive mainstream roles in the media because it serves as a different model of beauty for us Asian American girls (and guys!) growing up. I know that when I was growing up in a predominately white area, it was sometimes difficult to see beyond the typical Western ideas of beauty. This was especially highlighted during puberty, when all the girls would start wearing makeup and clothes that made them feel pretty and grown up. The problem was, none of the make up looks in magazines looked right on me, and a lot of the clothes looked funny on my body type. I know that when I was little, I would relish over any rare Asian girl I found in a magazine; closely examining how she did her make-up and what clothes flattered her body figure. I even remember seeing Jamie Chung on The Real World and thinking she was SO pretty and wanting to be just like her! The increased presence of Asians in the media today makes me really happy for my niece and nephew, because I hope that they can grow up in a world where they can see an accepted model of beauty and talent that looks like them.

    I also think it's important to see these actors in non-stereotypical roles because it helps dissolve ignorance about Asian Americans in our society. When I think of people like Alexandra Wallace, the UCLA student who posted a misguided video about Asians, for example, I think of ignorance and how unexposed she must really be to Asian American culture. Bringing Asian actresses into non-typecast roles really helps absolve that concept and show everyone that Asian Americans are in fact, Americans, just like everyone else.


  32. I believe that Asian-American roles are important because they help discredit the stereotypes of Asians. Asians in general, rarely get major roles in the media - without it being considered a comedy like Rush Hour with Jackie Chan. I really hope to see more Asian-American roles in the media including TV shows (like Hawaii 5-0), films, movies, variety shows, dramas, plays, music, etc.

    I've been a follower for the longes time. My follower name is michelleesque.
    I liked their FB page as M. Huynh.
    My e-mail is: michellemlhuynh[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity & for the amazing tutorial! You look hotter than Amber! Hahaha! :)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. I think as asian american population is increasing in the U.S., a role like Jamie Chung not only shows diversity in the film, but also just addresses reality. Obviously, she is super hot and fits the character very well^0^~
    BTW, I think you should definitely be in a movie too, haha^0^~


  35. I think Asian Americans are important to Asian community or even any community because there is just so much racism in this world. I feel like with the spread of more Asian actresses/actors/etc, it makes this world a more forgiving and caring place. People should be able to judge each other from the inside, not out.

  36. Great tutorial Jen ^^ I always love how you try to recreate the outfits in your inspiration photos as well. That's really nice of your grandfather to lend you his cap :)

  37. Hey Jen,

    LOVE your videos, and glad I am finally venture over to your blog.

    Anyways, I like that Jamie Chung is picked for the role in Sucker Punch, because quite honestly the amount of Asian American in Hollywood or entertainment industry is so small compare to other ethnicity. America is a diverse country, Hollywood needs to be more diverse. Asian parents afraid to let their children venture out and try to follow their dream because when you watch movies it's rare to see anyone that's Asian. With the appearance of Jamie holding her own against Emily Browning and Vanessa Hudgen, it'll be great help for us inspiring young actresses.

  38. oh I almost forgot email is

  39. Asian-Americans should be starred in obvious roles because...NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ASIANS xD!
    When people normally think about asians, they think of only nerdy ones with no lives.
    But that's not true! We're people just like you all:)

    My GFC is

    My email is also

    Btw, I'm doing this look for halloween. ahah!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I believe that Asian-Americans like Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens' roles in the film are important to the Asian community because they just bring the awesomeness of the asian people to the people!! Asian Pride!!!

    My GFC is:

  42. You look hot! I'm sure you'll get the role of Amber if you went for the audition ;)

    But it looks like it is gonna take a great deal of time and effort to remove the eyeliner!

  43. I believe Asian-Americans like Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens' roles in the film are important because they are a minority in film. These two beautiful women represent the Asian-American community spectacularly and I can't wait to see the film just because of them. I hope that these women's roles will spark more directors to use Asian-Americans in their films because they are fierce, gorgeous, slender, and talented!

    On Google Friend Connect, my username is: Life as We Know It

    I liked the Sucker Punch Facebook Fan Page!

    My email address is

    I LOVE your tutorial! You look so much like Amber from the movie! Your eyes are incredible too!


  44. Asian-American roles are important to mainstream media because it allows other races to know more about how much talent other races have. Represent! koreanchickk

  45. Asian-Americans like Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens are important to the film industry and to the Asian/Asian-American community because their presence in Hollywood and the roles they portray help in reshaping the image of Asians in American pop culture. What is special about Chung and Hudgens, especially in this film, is that their characters are not the stereotypical Asian caricature. Chung and Hudgens don’t have play the exotic, yet subservient, docile, and socially awkward characters; they are strong, sexy, and can kick some serious ass. Sure, diversity and showing different ethnicities are important, but it’s more than just that. For years, Hollywood insensitively defined a very inadequate and unbalanced portrayal of Asians in its films and did not consider its impact and damaging effect on the Asian-American community. Rarely are there any distinctions made between Asian Americans and Asians from Asia. While there are barely any differences appearance-wise, there is an overwhelming difference in regards to mentality, culture, and values. Often times, Asian-Americans are considered foreigners in their own country by fellow countrymen, but they also feel like outsiders in their parents’ homeland. Growing up, Asian-Americans are caught between two vastly different worlds and finding a balance between the two is a lifelong struggle. If Chung and Hudgens can assimilate themselves into Hollywood and can portray a wide breadth of three-dimensional characters—not just stereotypical ones, considering the influence of entertainment media, the hope is that Asian Americans as a community can be properly assimilated into American society. In other words, the hope is that Asian-Americans, cultural differences and all, can be considered as American and fundamental to the country as any other group in the United States.

    While Asians do just make up less than 5% of the country’s population, it is a very influential, creative, and innovative 5%. The potential for greatness has always been there; we just need to step it up and break that glass ceiling.

    This tutorial was fun, Jen! Love your outfit—it looks great on you. :)

    GFC/email: Jamie/

  46. I've been waiting for this movie soo long ! the way you look really pretty with no make up on

  47. asian-americans are awesome! haha they're important because they let the media know that asians have talent too! it also spreads more diversity and makes the media more open to other asians and races. represent!

  48. ahhh i've loved jamie chung for forever! she's sooo hot!

    and i love your interpretation of the look. fab as usual!

    you remind me of snsd's genie concept.

  49. For a second when you posted up the film photos of Jamie, I actually thought it was you! You really did a great job on the makeup and it looks sooo similar and attractive!

    I believe that Asian-Americans roles in films are important to the Asian community because most films don't feature Asians most of the time. In many of the popular films, Caucasians still take the leading parts but this time we are taking the spotlight and in a way it says that we are not just a minority anymore. I feel like it gives us more power in society and even more so when the film becomes a big hit! =]

    My email:

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Roles like Jamie Chungs and Vanessa Hudgens are important to the Asian American community because the light is finally shining on the us Asian Americans. It's not the played out roles where Asians only play characters who do martial arts or geeky nerds that barely speak any English. It shows everyone that we are equal and that we're FINALLY getting acknowledged in the world as more than those typical stereotypes they have for Asians. Jamie and Vanessa are playing main character roles in a bad ass movie.

    You are doing a great job putting Asian Americans on YouTube too. Thanks so much for everything you do!

    GFC- Jamie Chai

  52. Important roles because it state that Asian-American have talents too. Its show diversity in the movie industry.

    I love love this look..
    the outfits and the makeup tutorial was AWESOME!!!


  53. I think it's important for the Asian community to see other Asian American actors and actresses in films because it gives other Asian Americans, who have the same goal, motivation for being doing something that they like to do. I think it really gives them hope because typically Asian parents don't like their children in the entertainment industry because it's unstable. Parents always want the best for their children.

  54. Ahhh. I forgot my email:

  55. I think Asian American roles are important because it shows that even when Asian is a minority group, we have the skills and talent like everyone else. This gives us a sense of success, this makes us proud to not be a minority. This makes us feel the sense of equality. Every time I see an Asian celebrity in the mainstream media, I feel proud for being an Asian American and I admire him or her for their talent and hard work to climb their way up to the top., Nancy Pham GFC

  56. I live in Germany but I always hated watching german TV, so I sticked with taiwanese/korean dramas (or american movies, of course). Whenever I see an asian in hollywood movies I always start to especially look at them and take notice. I kinda try to find myself in their roles (because I'm asian too), so it gives me a special connection in some ways. There should always be actors/actresses from all over the world to show their differences.

  57. I just made a review blog. It would mean so much to me if you visit my blog and give me a feedback. Please and thank you. You are amazing.

  58. OMG Jen! Don't know what to say, you look definetely good in that sucker punch make up!! I love it~

  59. Thanks for tutorial!
    Great photo shoot! You look very beautiful!^^

  60. Yay. Another great tutorial. :]

    Yes, Asian Americans deserve to have their time in the spot light too and for me being part of a non-profit organization that was created in hopes of inspiring the asian american community to pursue their dreams after high school and in the near future.

    BTW, I want to watch this movie even more after watching your video. ^^

  61. 1. I believe it's important because it changes the stereotypes that people have on Asians. We're not all mathletes and doctor material. Like when Sun spoke Korean on Lost, I was in awe. You never hear paragraphs of Korean with subtitles on a prime time TV show? (excluding like North Koreans speaking in some random spy show). I'm glad to see more positive(?) roles that'll help break bad stereotypes of Asians and be more accepting.
    2. gfc - laheelahee
    3. fb - lahee you
    4. email - laheelahee [at] gmail [dot] com
    & thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! i love your videos as always! especially im a fellow monolidder :D

  62. ahhh I love this look so much, you look awesome <3 x

  63. because they're talented and they deserve it...and they showed that Asians can also shine brightly in America...'re so pretty...and i love your tutorials....<3

  64. ah, i always love your looks! you did a wonderful amazing looks! beautiful ;)

    of course they are important to the Asian community! they are a great actress! so hollywood or the production house or whatever it call, will be considering to give asian a big role in the film and also searching for new actress/actor from asia. it means: yaaay!! ;D

    -already following you dear
    -like SP page @Sarah Azhezha
    -email: zhe_zha at yahoo dot com

    btw, thanks for the giveaway dear ;)

  65. Aaaah I love this look and you always look so pretty :)
    Thanks a lot for all the lovely tutorials xx

  66. I think Asian Americans in Pop & in film is a great leap forward for our community.
    Asians aren't really cast in too many films or shows but slowly and steadily it's like hollywood is opening up to it.


  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. i love vanessa... everytime i see asians in american market being successful it gives pride and fulfillment... it's like...yeah that's how we roll. being a filipino there's an attachment to co-filipino and asians as well.

    i love your realness!!!!!!

  69. What is Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream in Gorgeous Purple used for? Is it your foundation? And, where can I purchase it?

  70. Having Asian Americans in the film industry is important to the Asian community because they represent their community, bring diversity to the film industry, and are significant role models to fellow Asian Americans to prove that althoguh they may been a minority, they do have a voice and are just as good as any other person. In the past, there weren't a lot of Asian actors that we're seen in major films not to mention Hollywood due to stereotypes and lack of roles that Asian-Americans could portray in films. Years later they're breaking the stereotypes such as being portrayed as martial artists, computer nerds, and showing their talent in movies such as High School Muscial (Vanessa Hudgens) and Sorority Row (Jamie Chung) which inspires fellow Asian Americans that they too can make their dreams come true. Not all asians are Chinese or know martial arts. We all come from different backgrounds and so having Asian American actors and actresses makes their community proud. (the uppercase o's are acutally zeros)

    Yeah I know it sounds sappy and etc. lol I really do love this look. It's very edgy and sexy. :) I was thinking about doing either Babydoll or Blondie. Anyway great tutorial <3

  71. hey jen~can you do a burlesque style look that suits asian~i surf youtube and all the tutorial doesnot suit my eye type as my eyes r typical asian eyes. hope you can manage to do one =]

  72. The AsAm community is up and coming. It's so important that we diversify the silver screen. We are a diverse country and that should be very obvious in the roles played in American film, We aren't all caucasian!

    PS I <3 Vanessa Hudgens in her role as Lindy! (In Beastly) :) and who can resist saying "Yay me!!" with Brenda Song. America's Sweethearts come in all shapes, sizes and colors! <3

    My GFC is Hoshiko's play and I'd <3 to enter the contest!
    PS: My email is and Hoshiko is Japanese for star child lol. (I'm so obsessed with Asian culture :))

  73. great tutorial. i wanna watch this movie. i'm a fan of Zack Snyder too.

  74. Awesome Look Jen! <3 .

    We definitely need asian-american actors/actress' in our community to fight with the disgust of stereotype. Being Asian, and having an Asian family, I've always known that to be TOP or a FILM actress you need to make your eyes bigger, rounder, and be like everyone else. Not only Asians, but having various cultures and races in this film industry really helps make each and every person feel special, because they feel "oh it's one of us." Unfortunately, the biggest influence on every young boy or girl are the celebrities...but by adding a diversity and different looks to the celebrity group... it opens a WIDE range of positive influence.


    Your a great inspiration Jen! <3

  75. Asians have a lot to offer and are talented. Sadly they've been rarely given a chance. A lot of Asian artists and performers have a lot success in Asia and I think it's time that they shared it with the rest of the world. It's sad that when an Asian actor is starring in a Western movie, it usually involves martial arts.

    It's good to see that there are a lot of Asian make up gurus are gaining more subscribers by the day. It just goes to show that we have a lot more in us that a little kung fu.

    Thanks for this great tutorial. Jamie Chung is one of my favourite actresses and it's great that we're able to see more of her now.

  76. It's important for Asian Americans, like Jamie Chung and others, to make a breakthrough in films because we, Americans, need more exposure to different races and peoples in order to gradually learn about and tolerate cultures and peoples other than the dominant Caucasian culture we usually see. More exposure will educate people about the true Asian American culture and diminish the reliance on stereotypes to make judgments about Asian Americans.
    Just mere exposure to Asian Americans in film will probably increase the chances of other Asian Americans to be featured in future films and thus equalizing the opportunity of diverse races to be in the media.
    GFC:Shirla Shan

  77. Wow, found your blog through SP:Journey! This is super helpful since I cosplay Amber but am clueless when it comes to applying makeup!
    It probably takes me 10 min to apply eyeshadow and don't even do it correctly, I'm sure! I never wear makeup except on special occasions, so I will definitely use your video again the next time I wear my costume. :)

    Do you recommend liquid/cream for the eyes over powdery eyeshadows?
    Please check out my costume photos on my blog and let me know what you think! Thanks again for this awesome tutorial. :)

  78. Asian-Americans in pop-media is important because it opens up opportunity for more minorities. It brings affirmation to others that the world is not only designed for the typical blond & blue-eyed Hollywood Caucasian icons but even brown-eyed beauties. It's a testimonial of acceptance -- that the world can be portrayed as a united people.....:) Pls message me on YT: Deselvie2008 -- would rather not post my email. Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. It's important because it goes against stereotypes and it's a movement to show more minorities in the big star society. I think Asians should be proud of this.

    Hollywood is becoming less biased and more focused on talent. Because talent is what should be shining, not looks :)

  80. I think it is important for Asian women in the media to be portrayed as more diverse and moving outside of stereotypes. Too often Hollywood relies on stereotypes in movies and it is important that people of all minorities to take roles that move beyond what they have been portrayed in the past. It demonstrates to Hollywood that people have moved beyond stereotypes and see people for who they are, in all facets.


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  82. I think it's important to have actresses like Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens because Asian Americans are not represented well in media. They are usually casted as smaller roles but these actresses are usually stars whenever they are casted. Sure there are shows like Hawaii 5-0 where Korean Americans have major roles but that is only 1 show. I am happy that there are beautiful Asian American actresses in Hollywood such as Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens.


  83. I love this look on you! you look gorgeous!

  84. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this look!! So pretty and I SWEAR I thought she was you in that photo!! You two look nearly identical! THE POWER OF MAKEUP!!!!

  85. Lovely tutorial. Major love! <3

  86. I loved this. I really wanted to see Suckerpunch actually, but it comes out later hee, Taiwan, than in the states. SO JEALOUS.

    Asian Americans in the media is a topic that always gets me fired up. There are simply not enough actors, and actresses that represent Asian media and culture.

    There seems to be a stereotype surrounding Asian actors and actresses and honestly barring all Kung Fu movies and news channels, I only can think of Harold and Kumar, Star Trek and 21 where Asian people have leading roles (21 wasn't even a leading role...and John Cho plays Sulu and Harold). Even in the more recent production of "Avatar the Last Airbender" (Terrible movie, but amazing cartoon ><) all the ethnicities in the movie East Asian, South East Asian, Native American, etc. were all switched around. Are Asians and other ethnicities not cool enough to play themselves?

    I am proud to be Asian American and I want an idol or a role model I can follow...just as much as any girl. I mean you get makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, outfit inspirations for Taylor Swift or Hayden Panettiere (both amazing and pretty), but I would like some Asian Actresses and fashionistas to represent too.

    Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens are the small step that Hollywood is taking to include Asian Americans in its casting range. Glee also helps too. Harry Shum Jr and Jenna Ushkowitz are knockouts, but I would like Hollywood to draw from the talented Asian pool more often. I just feel that there's not enough of us around...

  87. My sister knows Jamie. They went to the same high school.

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  89. email:
    GCF: Melody Lee

    Asian-Americans are important for diverity reasons, yes, but diversity comes in a lot of forms. The lookbook controversies that have been unearthed focus heavily on white people because white people are considered the norm for beauty in America, which is especially highlighted by the lookbooks that do include ideal minorities, who are all attractive in an extremely white way. Some of this controversy is reflected in fashion media, where black models are criticized because the standards of beauty they're conforming to are also very "white" in proportion and presentation. So Asian-Americans and other minority groups need to apear in as many mediums as possible in order to demonstrate that there is no one set of beauty or appearance among Asians: that beauty is in fact NOT what is as white as possible. (Somewhat related: the model whose skin was lightened on the cover of ELLE India. I include India because it's important to understand that the magazine is targeted towards women in India, where pale skin was considered desirable long before European and American media ever showed up. In short, the view that ethnic groups want pale skin in order to look more white is an incredibly eurocentric and exhausting point of view.)

    Good lord, that was somewhat more scattered and angry than I expected it to be.

  90. Hi Jen - do you use your eyelid tape anymore?

  91. i think its important because its important for all races and ethnicities to have the same opportunites. I enjoy seeing mexican actors and spanish actors[as i am both] and Im glad to see that were being more diverse.

    P.s. jen i love your vids and im hooked so do a bunch more!! your great with makeup♥

  92. The look is amazing! Love the sucker punch theme. Its so great to have Asians (in general) in the North American Arts. Asian talents have not been fully tapped into and this movie (and others) can offer a great way to showcase Asian talents =)

    LoveLoveLove! Keep doing what you're doing because its amazing!

  93. i have never heard of this movie - it's not playing here! i'll be on the watch for it when it hits family video, tho!

    i think it's totally important to have diversity in media. also, it seems that americans precieve asians to only to be great at martial arts. or as the super smart sidekicks. i love to see stereotype broken!

    email: noemptyyesterdays (at) gmail (dot) com

  94. i dont think vanessa hudgens is chinese-filipino

    based on wiki ""Hudgens is of mixed cultural background, as her father is of Irish and Native American descent, and her mother, a native of Manila, Philippines is a Filipina.""
    i can't find any chinese words there

    anyway, i love tutorial, you always look great

  95. Super cute, I love it! Could you try doing this look... Haha. I really like it, but consistently fail.

    THANKS :) I'm a huge fan of your blog!

  96. I tried this look and I messed up. Huhu. SOB. I hope I can be as good as you. The likes of you make me proud Im asian. ♥

  97. I believe that it's important for Asian-Americans to be in the American media because it helps expand the popularity of Asians and their role in the American media.

  98. As you said, it is important for Asian-American or even just Asian in general people to be involved with world entertainment etc. This is because people watching tv don't really realise how talented Asian people are. They just assume that most Asian people are just brainy and work on technology or gadgets etc. you know, it's just these stupid stereotypes... whereas if there are Asian people casted for big projects or just theatre or even commercial, as long as their name is out, and audience is curious to see who they are.. this way people find out about the actress/actor.. whoever and research Asian culture, learn. It is so important to keep open mind and accept people, not bind them with stereotypes. Afterall,in the end we only have each other.

    Yeh, so there you go ;p
    Love You Jenny :D And the tutorial :D

  99. I believe Asian American(AA) roles are important to the Asian community, because AAs are marginalized in Hollywood and American films. Not only that, but Hollywood's portrayal of Asian are grossly inaccurate. They play off stereotypes and make Asians are made out to be weak, ignorant, kungfu fighting beings. The media has a huge influence on how the rest of society thinks. So the inaccurate representation of Asians can affect the way Asians are seen in society. There is a large population of AAs in America, yet this is not represented in the media. Asians are just as capable of creative forms of art, such as acting and singing, as other ethnic groups and we should have the opportunity to share that with the rest of American society. With Jamie Chung's role in her film, it's a step towards breaking down the barriers for AAs to enter the Hollywood industry. Just like how the Jackson 5 helped the Black community have a foothold in the music industry, Jamie Chung's role can help Asian Americans get a foothold in the Hollywood industry. :)


  100. Whoa, I never knew that Vanessa Hudgens was Asian! She totally looks Latina, but now that you mention it, I do see the Philipina in her.
    I think that their roles in the film are important because we rarely see Asian Americans in film, television, and music. The only big Asian American actors I can think of off the top of my head are Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu. And only recently have Asian musicians such as Bruno Mars and Far East Movement become mainstream. As for big TV shows, I can only think of Sandra Oh.
    There are many talented Asian American actors and musicians and I'm so glad they are finally being given the chance to shine! Ethnic diversity is a part of REAL life, so shouldn't that be reflected in films, too?!

    My GFC name is 'lynn' and I'm a follower. :)

    Email: rawrms (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  101. It's important because it shows Asian in a different light than what is said about them. Since I live in a predominantly asian area, it is quite frequently rumored or said that asian are horrible drivers, but having representing the minority in such a great movie like suckerpunch (i have actually watched the movie and really enjoyed it) shows that we can do much more than what people think we can do.

  102. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Please check my blog for all the tag rules.

    Ps...You look AMAZING here!!!!!!

  103. I believe that Asian-Americans like Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens' roles in the film are important to the Asian community because it helps inspire and encourage other Asian-Americans to work in major films. It is very uncommon to come across many Asian-American actors and actresses and this demonstrates that other Asian American can really become influential in the film industry.

    my email is

    You are gorgeous by the way and you're one of my absolute FAVOURITE gurus! <3

  104. You're amazing, Jen! You knocked this look outta the ball park and I LOVE it! =]

  105. i love this look so much!
    and also love all of your video, Thaks for make it!

  106. 1. I think they are important because to people that are non-asian like me, it seems that there are still a minority of them, in the way that they are not mainstream.

    2. i follow on GFC as MsBubu

    3. "Like": Stephanie Gauthier Bujold

    4. msbubu26 (at) gmail (dot) com


  107. Love your videos! It's always great to see Asian-Americans in the media, cause it's so rare. I was wondering if you could do some everyday monolid makeup looks whenever you get a chance. I have watched all your monolid videos. I wear my makeup very natural and I never wear much eyeliner normally. I am looking for a look that won't look so completely different from my everyday look because sometimes lots of eyeliner makes a huge change. Thanks!

  108. Having Asians in the entertainment field helps discount the misconception that all Asians know how to do is study. Not only will that raise the awareness of Asians as entertainers, but this also provides opportunities for more Asians to have roles in TV/movies.

    Great tutorial and giveaway! :)

  109. Asian artists r important because as an Asian I can relate to them more easily and get inspired by them.if they can do it so we all can do something in our lives too:)

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  111. Asian-American roles are important to mainstream media because it shows Asians can play roles beyond the token silly/backwards Asian or the pretty but does not speak English beauty.

  112. Where did you buy your Paul & Joe Lipstick S in 003?

  113. Asian americans are important because there are not many of them out there. for asian americans to be in the media is an inspiration to all other asians out there. we can also be part of hollywood! (asians)

  114. My father told my brother when he was 10 years old that he couldn't make it in the entertainment industry as a comedian or an actor because he was Asian and Americans don't want to watch an Asian on stage or on TV. My brother is 29 yrs old and is now a security guard.

    Hence, Asian American roles are important in Hollywood because it exposes more non-Asians to Asians. It allows Asians to be more accepted in society. It opens doors for the future Asian generations. These Asian American celebrities are breaking new ground for the future outside of marital arts films. Hopefully, in the future Asian parents can be more confident and support their children who aspire to be actors or comedians.
    k p

  115. I believe that Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens' roles in the film are important to the Asian community, because Asians have been stereotyped into typical one dimensional characters in hollywood, that typically know some form of martial arts, is quiet and submissive, wears traditional clothing and speak in broken english. Their roles in Sucker Punch break most if not all of the typical roles given to asian actors. Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens presence in the film could possibly give asian american girls in particular a sense of pride and help them see that Asian girls are beautiful. I also read somewhere online Amber the character Jamie Chung plays was originally given to Emma Roberts, but she had schedule conflicts. I am so glad that Jamie Chung was able to play the part, because the role wasn't destined for an asian actor and race did not play a factor in the characteristics of Amber (unlike Lucy Liu in kill bill, even though she was awesome her character was part of Yakuza and she wore a kimono while fighting; her race defined the character). Also I'm a huge Zack Snyder fan, and My favorite movie is 300, but it definitely played strongly off of the theme of West Vs. East, and many of the dialogue of the Spartans talking about the Persians(Asians) as being mystical, savages, slaves, etc, was going off of early Greek beliefs about Asia and the movie basically brought back those old stereotypes, so it is great to see in Sucker Punch that two of the five main characters are of asian heritage and portrayed in a more positive light.

    My E-mail is

  116. Hi Jen! Great job on this look!

    1. I think Asian American roles in films are important to the Asian community, because they help make other Asian Americans believe that they too could also be in movies, and also because we need more Asians representing us in the entertainment industry!
    3.(already liked)

  117. Great blog, really pretty look! However, I think you're mistaken about Miss Vanessa Hudgens. Many sources including her Wikipedia bio list her as having an Irish-American father who is also part Native American, and a Filipina mother.
    She is not Chinese.

  118. i think your look is better! hehe

  119. Thanks for this! I'm an asian male who was thinking about dressing as amber for halloween while I was watching Sucker Punch, hopefully I can get a posse of gals to dress up so we have all 5 of em =P

  120. As a rabid fan of movies, and other media, I find the lack of Asian influences to be rather depressing. I am pleased that shows have showcased Asian cultures (Such as Pretty Little Liars having a half Asian as a main character), as most media does not portray an Asian or an Asian girl as a main heroine, unless it is an ancient movie. It is rare that Asians are even in movies! (Barely any Asian Americans.)

    I'm glad directors are broadening horizons and casting Asians more often.

    Many young girls grow up with influences from the media, and when they see the lack of similar people such as themselves, it does have an impact to a certain extent on them.

    I find it brilliant that designers are finally putting Asians on the runway, campaigns.

    It's unfortunate that it's still minor (One role for an Asian, one spot for a model that is Asian) but at least we're getting somewhere!

  121. You Look exactly like her!! :)
    except your prettier

  122. Love this look! Can you do a tutorial on her other look in the movie? The one where she's in the insane asylum?

  123. how is that bb cream working out for u? Please do review, bc Im interest in purchasing it in the future

  124. This is probably really really late but did any of the winners receive their prizes? I still haven't received mine.

  125. Loving it. You look great and very beautiful.