April Hits & MIsses

5:00 AM

When April ended I was shocked because it went SO FAST and it seems like no time passed at all since my last (and first) Hits & Misses video! I will definitely have to get used to keeping track of the products I've been trying each month so I feel more prepared next time. ^_^;;;

This month I have a lot of skincare goodies that I love so that will be nice for the people who have been asking for an updated skincare routine. I may have to record an actual skincare routine update soon because it has changed a little bit for the Spring weather. Anyway, I go over that more in the video.

Products mentioned:
Cargo Blu-ray HD powder in shade 20
Revlon CustomEyes Palette in 10 Sweet Innocence
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum
Josie Maran Argan Oil
Melliesh Lipgloss in 01 Strawberry Milk
Ann Taylor Exotic Perfect Skinny Belt in Limelight
Ann Taylor LOFT Sequin Flower Pin

Do you like how I incorporated some fashion items as well? I thought I'd throw that in there because it really has been something that has been popping into my daily life a lot this past month and in future videos, it may help me keep a log of what trends I'm into that month. It might be fun to look back on.

Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Revlon and Josie Maran products were sent to me by the company's PR. Melliesh product was sent to me by Pinky Paradise. I was not paid in any way nor required to do a review on the samples. All my reviews, as always, are 100% my honest opinion. 

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  1. your so cute jen :))) I <3 your videos!

  2. I always impatiently wait for your next posts/videos :)

    I wished I lived in the states to try all the great products you suggest that we don't have in the UK ._.

    Mel x :)

  3. i love your video! // blog <3
    are there any other products from josie maran that you'd recommend? i read some great reviews on the sunscreen..

    anyway , keep up ur best work ! :)

  4. I got an email from Sephora about their youtube stuff, and I saw you in the email!!


  5. i saw you on the sephora email too!! :) btw, I bought the naked palette b/c you recommended it!

  6. Congrats! I just saw your video on the Naked palette via the Sephora email!

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  8. Congrats Jen, I saw your video on the sephora email. It was the first one in the list. Did you know they were going to do that?

    I totally bought the Naked palette to follow your tutorials.

  9. JEN! You're in my sephora email! So awesome! :)


  10. They sounds like great finds!! I loled at your 'disease' scaring the people! he he so cute and funny =)

  11. Great reviews as always! I'm so curious and interested in the Mario B products... I will have to check those two out!

    Btw, you look really fresh in this video, love the natural makeup and cute hair =D Could you list what you used? I also got an email from Sephora and you're featured... Congrats!

  12. FINALLY a blogger i follow reviews mario badescu! haha, I love those products. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites :)

  13. Your video for the naked Palette was featured in the last sephora email!

  14. Jen I love seeing what products you use :)

    I have a question: I currently just wear BB cream, and before that I just used mineral powder. I kind of want to move on and try concealer, foundation, something else? I noticed you use some MAC products for that...do u have any suggestions/recs on where/which products i should start with, on a limited budget? I dont want anything too heavy, but I do want good cover-up, and have no idea which products to look at... Thank youuuuu! <3

  15. Hey Jen
    Your video was in my Sephora update email.. So cool!!!
    I love your braids in that video, do you have a tutorial of it? ...^^...I wanted to get the urban decay collection too, maybe when I get better at makeup. love your makeup tutorials, especially the IU one :D

    By the way, my name's Jen too, kekeke...

  16. lol i came here to say your video was in my sephora email too!

  17. I love your blog ! Where did you get the Melliesh lipgloss from?

    P.S. Please check out my blog if you have time :)