Juicy Orange Spring Makeup Tutorial

7:22 PM

Happy Springtime to everybody above the equator! I'm very excited to share another daytime makeup tutorial with you. I think one of the best things about fashion and makeup is that it is so easy to spot trends before they come around. I remember doing some fashion research for my design job last fall and I distinctly noticed several ads with bright orange lipstick which I was totally stoked about. Now that it's actually Spring, I can bust out that bright orange lips as often as I please!

Products mentioned:
Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream
MAC select cover-up concealer in NC30
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Cargo Blu-Ray HD Powder in 20
Josie Maran My Favorite Powders Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Whiskey
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen
Shu Uemura Lash curler
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
Criss-cross lashes
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Yeyo
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Blush in Blushing Glow
Lioele Crystal Muse Lipstick in Juicy Orange
Lioele Blooming Gloss in Orange Sherbet

Here are some of the inspiration images for this look. First, Prada eyewear:

And then J. Crew came out with their Spring 2011 catalog with tangerine lips galore!

When I first saw these images I was concerned about how wearable orange lipstick would be, especially since I'm not fairy-pale as some of these models were. I don't actually wear bright lipstick all that often so I was uncertain about the wearability of such a bright shade.

Fortunately, I was happily surprised at not only how wearable the color was, but also that I didn't feel as if I were wearing a screaming mouth when I actually did wear it to work.

Not only that but this particular orange, Lioele Crystal Muse lipstick in Juicy Orange, is a poppy yet flattering shade on me and was a workhorse lipstick. It literally lasted through lunch and into the afternoon. I'm telling you, it was shocking! One of the longest lasting lipsticks I own for sure. Not as lasting with gloss on top but on its own it performed way past my expectations.

Onward, for mega face pics action:

Mwah! These pics make the lipstick look really coral but it's more orange depending on the light.

Here's a shot taken with my snapshot cam so you can see how different the color looks in cooler light. 

And just because it was such a nice sunshiny day, I took a few backlit photos as well. I love the sun rays peeking through! ^__^

Seriously cool how the right lighting can produce quality lens flare action au naturale. I literally only cropped and added my watermark! Straight up camera unicorn magic.

Don't the orange lips go great with the leopard top? I'll talk more about my outfit soon because I recorded an OOTD video the same day. Orange isn't a super common trend color every year but I must say, I am loving it this season from clothes to cosmetics. Whoo!

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Will you be or have you been taking part of the orange lips train this Spring?

Disclaimer: Lioele lipstick and gloss provided by Pretty & Cute. Josie Maran palette provided by the company. Everything else I bought with my own money. :)

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  1. holly crap i love your shirt.

  2. I really like that necklace! Where did you get it from?

  3. I love this look, Jen. The orange lipstick suits you quite well. I love your outfit too. I can't wait to watch your next video.

  4. i really love the orange lippie on you :) i got one for myself and i look horrendous in orange but theoretically i thought it'd go with our skin better. also, i love those yellow shorts on that model!

  5. The orange looks great on you!! Fashion advertising really does work, because now that it's spring/summer ish (the weather here isn't making up it's mind about being warmer yet ;o;) I'm really wanting some orange/coral lipstick!!

  6. The orange looks really really good on you! I've been trying this trend but just haven't found the right shade of orange. Great look! Will have to keep searching. Love the outfit as well. Goes well with the sassy make up.

  7. gaaah why didn't you tweet about this 3 mins earlier when I was perusing NYX sale so I could have grabbed an orange lipstick or gloss T_____T

    Never knew orange could actually be pulled off irl. So pretty!

  8. I love the look! The color suits you very well! ♥

  9. It's so classy! It's definitely a better color choice than red. The Orange gives a younger appeal. Looks absolutely amazing on you Jen!

  10. I legit just bought my first traffic cone orange lipstick today! lol

  11. this shade is absolutely gorgeous!

    i have been branching out and have started to wear brighter lipsticks (from Revlon's Wild Orchid to Makeup Forever's 36--a bright pink).

    i love a bright lip with casual clothes, like the jcrew ads you had posted. however, i get comments from my girlfriends saying that it's too much.

    what are your thoughts on lipsticks for an everyday look?


  12. Jessica: The necklace is from Ann Taylor. :)

    gold N turquoise: I think bright lipsticks are always fun to rock, just be sure to keep the rest of your makeup really neutral. One of the worst makeup faux pas that I notice is girls who will do a heavy smokey eye with bright lipsticks which only really work on certain dressy occasions, imo. Take your eye makeup one step back from usual and tone the lips up. Don't worry what your friends say, just do what makes you happy as long as it looks balanced on your face. :)

  13. I looooove this look!! I'd love to try it out, but I'm a chicken and it may be too bright and attention grabbing for me (I'm a bit drab and boring... XD) Loved the tutorial! OH!! And I absolutely adore you for linking where you can buy all the items you used. It is so helpful you don't even know! ^____^

  14. absolutely love this color! will def go out and purchase this one! thanks for the info

  15. Love this! I've been hearting orange on lips and cheeks too. And gosh, those J.Crew ads are so...gorgeous...love the two bottom girls' looks from head to toe. Where can we find pieces like that for tinies?

  16. I love this look! :D It looks good on you and I might just try this for my bestie's wedding next month!! Thank you for sharing :D



  17. Hi Jenn, I love love love your videos, your personality, your style and your makeup choices haha !

    This look is fabulous, I bought an orange liptic for L'Oréal yesterday and this is definitely a good tutorial to help me it.

    I have been using gloss for the last 10 years but it's just recently that I started using lipstic and i'm wanting to put on some brighter colors so lets hope this works :)

    Have a good day

  18. Hi Jen, Just wanted to give you a heads up. I went to the Josie Maran website after seeing this video and noticed that most of her palettes are more than half off now with free shipping. I ordered 3 palettes. Looking forward to getting them. The colors look so natural and soft. Love it! Thanks for sharing such a great product!

  19. I love orange on both lips and cheeks. Yay for the tutorial. And you look gorgeous as always! You pose really well. Should take up picture modelling job or something. LOL!


  20. hahahaha, amazing ending. check the teeth, fix the hair :) so funny. love the tutorial

  21. hi jen .. this is noura

    can you please tell me how did u make the 5th pic ? what kind of filtersid u use , if you used any .. i hope you will answer :) u look great

  22. Jen I love the last two photos! so gorgeous!

    btw can I ask how did you set your camera..and are you facing the sun? Im so curious cuz I would love to shoot some shots like that!


  23. Love them orange lips with that top! and all of your pictures were taken beautifully! Keep it up Jen!

  24. PAG: I don't knowwww! I really want some great textured shorts now though. Humph!

    no0on: All I did was add a vignette to the image. It just had a plain white background otherwise and I thought the grey would make it a little more edgy. :) No fancy filters or anything!

    simplyvonne: I literally held the camera up with my hand and took the shot of myself. They are backlit so my back was to the window with the sun coming through. Just experiment with that setup and you can get some fun shots. ^_^

  25. :O! You have one good camera :) I'm jelly! I loved this tutorial! The orange looks great on you. I'd be so scared to go for such a color because I too tend to stay clear from bright lipsticks. More a neutral girl! But maybe I'll broaden my collection for this look!:D

  26. I love orange lips, not sure how they would look on me though hehe. The Prada images are amaaazing!

  27. You're so pretty *sigh*
    The look you created is really nice! Orange is a very cute colour i totally agree! I really want an orange lipstick now! xX

  28. Wow, that lipstick looks amazing on you. I've been wanting to try wearing bolder lip colors for a long time - right now I mostly wear colors that just barely enhance my natural color. I always have a hard time finding colors that match my skin, but since you have yellow undertones and your skintone is close to mine, I think I'll try some of the colors you use.

  29. It's so funny you mentioned the J Crew catalogue. A few winters ago they had all their models wearing a bright orange/red lipstick, and it was the first time I saw them promoting other brands in their catalogue. It was Nars matte velvet lip pencil in Red Square. It's never for sale at sephora, and is often sold out on Nars.com, but I finally was able to pick it up on beauty.com during their friends and family sale. I love the color and I love the formula of the lip pencil!

  30. wow love how the photos turned out!
    I think you're the only normal person I've seen pull off orange lippy! x

  31. love the orange on you!! I'm not much a lipstick girl, but this is HOTT!!

  32. ah, i envy you! you look beautiful in whatever look that you do! :)

  33. Love this shade a lot! I've been sporting it all week~! it's just so perfect for summer!

  34. youre just a true beauty and you got an awesome blog with really inspiring posts :)
    greetings martin&vanessa

  35. Hi Jen i like your teeth a lot as they look so white and healthy. can you plz introduce how you keep them such white?
    Love you, look forward to seeing your next vedio

  36. where's your eyebrow tutoriallll?

    haha, I still love this one tho!

    you're awesome Jen! :)

  37. Hey Jen!

    I was wondering, could you do a tutorial on the NTY Runway Collection Palette in Bohemian Rhapsody? Just ordered it but also wanted some inspiration.


  38. hey jenn how do you like the eyeko graffiti eye liner. Im in the search for a new liner. If you can respond back that will be great.

  39. wangchen1112: I really don't do anything special other than brushing them... I think the camera makes my teeth look whiter!

    Lena: Eyebrow tutorial is coming! :)

    Anna: I haven't heard of that brand before. Where is it from?

    Maryann: I really love the eyeko liner. It's very black and smooth. It does tend to come off a bit on my inner corners since it's not super waterproof but for daily use I think it's great.

  40. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it. I bought an orange Illamasqua lipstick a few months ago. It is such a beautiful color but I've just been staring at it in the tube. I just didn't know how to pull it off. Could you do a fushia bright pink lip color look too? You wore one from NYX a while back.

  41. That lipstick really suits you. I don't think there's anything that wouldn't look great on you :-)

  42. oops! That was a typo. I meant NYX Runway Collection Palette in Bohemian Rhapsody.

  43. The lipstick looks really pretty on you! I like that the color isn't a straight up orange color like the ones in the ads. The coral tone in it makes it very wearable. Your photos are beautiful by the way :)

  44. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Orange!!!

  45. hiii! i've been trying to find the josie maran palette but it seems out of stock in most places... do you know where i can get it still? :(

  46. hii just wondering, the josie maran palette is out of stock and i cant find it anywhere, do you know of a place that still sells it? thanks!!

  47. I always love your posts! I love the lipstick in this one!! I also have a spring makeup tutorial too! http://superbeautyguru.com/floral-easter-spring-makeup-tutorial-using-fimo-crazy-makeup/