Eucerin Face & Body Sunscreen Review and Giveaway!

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Hey guys! Here is my review for 2 Eucerin products that were recently sent to me for review. Since their face lotion is a product that I have already been happily using for a while now, I thought I'd share my thoughts on it and its companion body lotion with you today. ^__^

Some of you may know that Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion has been one of my long-time favorites for a while now. I even mentioned it in my skincare routine last year. When my old favorite facial lotion was discontinued I was quite unsatisfied with the drugstore face lotions available with sunscreen until I wandered upon this lovely one in the lotion aisle. I saw it said "Sensitive Skin" so I gave it a try and haven't looked back since.

- doesn't break me out
- UVA + UVB spf 30 sun protection (higher than typical your spf 15 face lotions)
- oil free
- no strong smells
- no heavy feeling
- great balance of mositure/protection for Summer
- made with sensitive skin in mind
- affordable and widely available

- might need extra blending to hide white streaks
- not enough moisture for Winter/dry conditions alone

Bottom line: I love it and recommend it to anyone who needs a daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen.

Eucerin's Everyday Protection Body Lotion was not as big a winner for me as the face lotion. When I applied it after my shower as usual, it left a tacky feeling on my skin similar to when I use your typical heavy sunscreens when going to the beach. That's not something I expected from a lotion that only has spf 15 in it. I wouldn't have cared so much if it was only when I applied it, but the sticky feeling kept on throughout the entire day. After trying it 3 times, I went back to using my regular lotion and applying regular sunscreen to my body when I knew I'd be having extended sun exposure.

- don't need a separate sunblock + body lotion
- UVA + UVB spf 15 sun protection
- Antioxidant and Vitamin E enriched
- moisturizes as it protects

- feels heavy and greasy on the skin
- greasy feeling lasts throughout the day
- smells like sunscreen

Bottom line: I was disappointed in the heavy feeling it left on my skin. I would not repurchase as the sticky feeling was distracting throughout the day.

Now onto the details for the giveaway! 

1. "Like" the Eucerin US facebook page
2. Subscribe to
3. Give me your best skincare tip in the video's comments (not this blog post, the video)!

The prize will be a beach bag filled with goodies from Eucerin US including a towel, hat, and a $50 gift card to Sunglasses Hut!

I've noticed that those outside the US can't seem to "like" the US page for Eucerin so I'm assuming it is only for those in the US, unfortunately. The contest will end on this Saturday, July 9th at 11:59 PM CST. Good luck to those who enter!

Readers, have you tried any of the Eucerin products before? Do you have a good recommendation for a face sunscreen or daily body lotion with SPF in it? Please share in the comments! :)

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links included in this post. Eucerin products provided by the company. This video and post are not sponsored in any way. Thanks Eucerin US for generously providing the prize for the giveaway! :)

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  1. I do a No.7 glycolic acid mask and a simply honey and aspirin mask once a week (on separate days) to keep my sensitive yet pore-clogging skin smooth and clean. I'm not sure why I always get hard solidified oil clogs shaped like lances that I think in turn causes pimples, but my diligent mask-ups seem to prevent cystic flare-ups.

    Also, I apply petroleum jelly to my eyes and lips after my face skincare routine because pet-jelly is the best moisture-retaining substance available for skin application.

  2. I'm thinking I really should start wearing sun screen too! I'm just so afraid it will aggravate my blemish problem :(

  3. I actually switched my skincare regime to incorporate some of the products you were using as I'd like the sound of them: Estee Lauder ANR, Olay Recovery Cream and the Eucerin Lotion since I'd been looking for a day moisturiser with SPF30 (everything seems to only carry SPF15 max).

    I had to order it from eBay as it's a US only product but I love it. I'm not sure how it'll fare in the English weather but it's been great since I started using it in Feburary/March. How long does a bottle last you? I feel like it'll go on for ages so very good for the price. Do you use a different moisturiser in the winter? If so, which one? Because whilst my skin isn't oily, I think the sensitivity levels are similar because everything so far that you use, I've tried, I haven't broken out from. Hurrah. So your products have been a brilliant guide for me.

    Oh, I wasn't so sure I liked my Naked palette at first...but now I do. The pigmentation is gorgeous. By far, the best eyeshadows I've ever used.

  4. i think i gonna try out eucerin...

  5. i'll need to try this facial lotion. i currently use L'Oreal Future E, which only has SPF 15. it's really gentle & hasn't clogged my pores after years of use.

    i tried switching to Aveeno, Benefit and others with higher SPF but they all break me out.

    wish me luck!


  6. Thanks so much for the reviews! I've been using the Eucerin Face Sunscreen for a while now (per your previous review) and absolutely love it. In addition to not being greasy, it helps to even out my complexion on my face. I went ahead and bought the Euerin Body Suncreen after seeing your YT review. Just like you it left me feeling greasy, but less so compared to normal body sunscreens so I'm happy with the product since it's a 2-in-1.

  7. Parabéns pelo seu blog
    eu o conheci atraves do blog "Calma,tô quase pronta"♥
    da uma passadinha no meu blog, tem dicas de beleza lá confira!

  8. Great to see you promoting non-flashy products too :) My derm recommends eucerin and another good one is Cetaphil - I use the face wash. It's mild and effective!

    Happy Fourth!

    Visit me:

  9. Thanks for the great review Jen! I'm glad to see that you are an honest blogger who is not afraid to let your readers know both the good and bad sides of a product, even if you received it for review purposes from the company. As far as the sunscreen goes, I think this is a product I will be avoiding. I don't like greasy or heavy feeling moisturizers on my face either :)

  10. This sounds like a great product! =) I definitely need to look into getting a good moisturizer with spf, I have one with spf15 but don't feel it is great as a moisturizer so now I'm applying sunscreen over it! The ease of just having one product doing both jobs sounds great =)

  11. Hi Jen,
    I also have sensitive skin, and we have similar eye shapes!
    When I was pregnant 2 years ago, I started researching info about sunscreen & sunblocks - some of those are harmful for pregnant women and baby, so be very careful. Also, due to hormone change, pregnant woman can get aging/brown spots easily from sun exposure.
    I found that natural ones, i.e., sunblock, often have key ingredient Titanium Dioxide are much better (also pricier). I use loccitane (good but too $$), now I have been using Alba Botanica, which is more affordable, and does a great job - I use that for my baby too.

    Jen, could you please do a review on makeup removers, also eye makeup removers? I have a hard time finding a good one for sensitive skin.


  12. Alllright, you convinced me to try a facial sunscreen. God knows my pasty ass needs it. My face, too.

    I ordered this from along with your Olay quench, since you say it isn't sticky. MAH GOD I HATE STICKY LOTION.

    Thanks for the tips =)

  13. I've never used this brand before, but I'm excited! If I don't win, I'll try to go buy some, I need a good sunscreen again! Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  14. I have been using Eucerin sunscreen for years (at least 3 years) and I love how lightweith it is without breaking me out. However, I am not sure if it is totally effective in protecting harm uv rays becasue I notice sun spots on my face even though I use it generously and quite often. It may be from the past brands I use but ineffective, not sure.

  15. I love Sheseido's SPF 15 face emulsion because not only does it give just the right amount of moisture without breaking me out, but it smells so pretty! (& Trust me, my face breaks out pretty easily with other SPF products) For extra spf protection, I just finish setting my makeup with Laura Mercier's SPF 15 mineral powder, and voila! Perfect complexion with sun protection!

    you're the best, Jen! and my beauty guru hero!


  16. Hey Jen

    I don't know if it's new or not but you're on Urban Decay's website :)

  17. P.S.S

    If you're looking for a great body lotion that's easy on the wallet, you might want to consider trying St. Ives Restoring 24 Hour Moisture body lotion. It's formulated with 100% natural moisturizers without parabans and phthalates! (Hello natural beauty!) Plus the scent is a pleasant, feminine, floral scent, which I find quite soothing when I'm applying it. Plus, the texture of the lotion is velvety and fuss-free that just melts into your skin and it makes your skin baby soft with absolutely no stickiness, heaviness or oily residue. Hope you give it a try, love!


  18. I've tried samples of Eucerin before and liked it. I like them on FB Tiffypoot @ (

  19. I subscribe on youtube Tiffypoot @ (

  20. It's so crucial to wear sunscreen when there is even the slightest chance of sun exposure. The Shiseido one has a nice finish but it's pretty pricey to be using it all over my body :( I guess my search continues for a more affordable sunscreen!

    Please check me out :) at

  21. the reason the eucerin may feel that way is beacuse it's oil based and can be hard to use if your body isn't dry

    i've been using it all my life and it works great for when your skin is dry and flakey and needs a quick change - so i don't use it often but i do recommend it for if you've neglected your skin for a while or if your winters are really cold and dry


  22. Hey! I found this blog really interesting but i dont know how to follow you! Can you PLEASE tell me how? just post a comment in my blog so that i can find it quicker, thanks!