June Hits & Misses

4:58 PM

Oh man, my life has been so insane since getting back from Cali! The travel and jet lag have been taking a toll on my skin and I've been fighting an on-and-off sore throat that I'm sure I picked up at one of the several airports I stopped by. Eek! I promise I will get to the Cali-heavy blog posting soon but for today, I will be catching up with my favorites video for the month of June. :)

Products mentioned:
Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation in 40
Josie Maran Protect spf 40+ sunblock
JuJu Aquamoist 100% Hyaluronic Acid
Josie Maran bronzer in Beach 1
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner
CND Tropic Coral (similar here, here, and here)
Makeup Show Brushes
Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion (review here)

I spent a third of this month traveling so I only had a few things with me in my makeup bag. (Now that I think about it, I just remembered I recorded a video on its contents so you will be able to see what I took very soon!) My limited space access really defined a lot of the things that became my favorites this month for both skincare and makeup. I think I might have trouble straying from some of my favorites now because they did me so well with a limited supply of cosmetics at hand!

In any case, I hope that my mostly "hits" this month were enjoyable and helpful if you are interested in these products. I guess it's a good thing if I liked a lot of things versus not, right? ;)

I'd like to know, do you have a separate set of "travel" makeup that you take with you or do you just bring all of your daily makeup wherever you go? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links included in this post. Josie Maran items provided by the company's PR. Makeup Show brushes provided by 7Bella. Juju Aquamoist provided by Beauty Carousel. Eucerin products provided by the company's PR. All reviews are 100% my honest opinion and this blog and video were not sponsored. :)

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  1. Ahhh, if you love hyaluronic acid, you *MUST* definitely try out HadaLabo's lotion! They're the original trend setter for hyaluronic acid products.


    I find that SaSa has the biggest variety of products for sooo cheap. The Juju essence is only $20 on that site!

    It's not really a lotion, more like a thick toner/essence. You pat it on freshly washed skin while it is still damp. It'll leave your skin quite sticky at first, but it'll eventually absorb and become bouncy! ALSO, it won't irritate your skin because there's no alcohol, preservatives, colouring, perfume. Alright, end of rave. :)))

    Here's a commercial for the product, watch from 2:03-2:31, so cool LOL.


    This has been quite a long comment *-*

  2. The Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner reminds me of the tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner. Have you ever used the tokidoki ones before? I'd like to know how they compare.

  3. LOVE the screenshot!! The makeup is so flawless !!

  4. I might just get the mat velvet foundation... I'm very oily, and if it's something you can do away without putting any powder on... It just might work.

  5. MUFE Mat Velvet made me break out a little bit. It wasn't red or disgusting, just big juicy ones on my cheeks.

  6. Jen, what blush are you wearing in your video?? I LOVE it!

  7. i just bought 2 eyeko liners~ thanks to your review hehe ^^

  8. The Eyeko graffiti liner looks pretty good. I'll have to keep it in mind for next time :) Your makeup looks really nice too - your skin looks flawless!

  9. thanks for introducing me to a few new products that i am going to def have to give a try!!!

  10. Hi Jen! Love the vid, as always. :) In answer to your question, I just bring my regular makeup when traveling. I figured that if I were to maintain a separate set, it'd just be sitting there doing nothing until the next time I travel. But, with luggage restrictions and all, I usually transfer some of my larger makeup items (i.e. foundations) into smaller travel containers. And like you, I've discovered many of my favorites that way. I mean, if such a small collection can still make one look great while on hols, that probably means you don't need that many to start with, right? Hahaha!


  11. that eyeliner seems amazing, as do those brushes. definitely keeping an eye out for them :)
    to answer the question, i'm not much of a makeup person usually. when i travel, i usually take one neutral eyeshadow quad, an eyeliner, and a couple of brushes. but i do have one space saving tip: get a bunch of contact lens holders (i find the kind that come with optifree work best; cvs brand has really screwy, er, screw-on caps...pardon the pun), and use them to carry your lotions/toner/moisturizer/etc. usually you don't use that much product, especially on short trips, and this way you won't have to worry about the containers passing plane restrictions, or breaking a bottle, and you save a lot of space. skincare is a top priority for me, so this was a lifesaver on away trips.

  12. ^Interesting tips, Leslie!:D Was fretting over ways to carry skincare stuff with me for a 4-day trip to New York because that stuff is essential to me and can't skimp on it. I have no good advice to impart to anyone; I fail at minimalism.:\

  13. i just bring my regular makeup bag when travelling because I'm so lazy to choose which ones i like to bring! lol

  14. Hi Jen!! QUESTION!!! --- How do you use sunblock?? I see that Josie Maran sunblock is in a spray bottle...so do you spray it on AFTER makeup? Or do you put it on after moisturizer and before foundation??

    I also have very sensitive Asian skin and I couldn't figure out how to put sunblock on on my face w/o ruining my makeup or make my face too greasy so I just choose foundation or BB cream with high SPF.

    Suggestion?? ^_^

  15. Mechie: The Josie Maran sunblock is actually a pump bottle, not a spray, so you get a small amount in your palm when you pump the bottle once. I just apply that in dots around my face and blend in, as my moisturizer after washing my face. Makeup just goes on like regular after that. :)

  16. A little tip for Hyaluronic Acid, use it as a serum, so underneath your daycream so the HA doesn't have to pull the moisture from the air but takes up the moisture and other goodies from the cream you're wearing ;)

  17. Glad that you had so many hits!

    I have been wearing the Make Up Forever HD foundation (#118) since last summer and love it! I do not like to wear a heavy base, so it works well for me! I just looked up on Sephora what shade 140 looks like...and saw that there are over 7,000 reviews for the product!! Wow!! #140 does not look as dark as I expected...but definitely go into Sephora and get someone to color match you without telling them the shade you are doubtful about!

  18. Hi Jen

    I always ask for samples from the SA's to use for travelling or tranfer my skincare into little containers.

  19. There is nothing that screams summer like a beautiful corals! I love the CND Tropic Coral on you :D My favourites are jelly/sorbet finishes so I love Essie - Escapades! Please check out my post on it here http://ykhearts.blogspot.com/2011/07/escapades-with-vintage-valentino_06.html

  20. you don't look like you're breaking out at all in the video! Your skin looks amazing, thanks for the review, I love liquid foundation that doesn't require powdering. thanks for introducing the eyeliner too, I totally want it for everyday look. definitely writing this down for my to buy list. looking at the brushes reminds meto wash mine haha. you look gorgeous as usual!

  21. I am very new to learning make up, but I did create a make up travel bag to take with me. I've created a checklist on my blog. One day, I'll update the list once I learn more about what kind of make up I like. I love that I found this blog for make up tips! Thanks for sharing!

    My travel make-up checklist: http://worldtag.us/2011/04/travel-make-up-what-to-pack/

  22. I always bring my travel brush and whenever I travel, I only bring the important ones...a BB cream, brow powder, loose powder, blush, a lippie and just a few e/s. oh and a gel liner ofcourse...can't live without it hahaha!

  23. ur so pretty! u have good skin! evem under your make up!

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  24. Jen, this is off-topic, but I was wondering if the Lioele brow pencil is long-wearing. (I'm thissss close to picking it up.) Do you need to touch up your brow by the end of the day? Do you think it would withstand a bit of sweating (e.g. if I went for a jog)?

  25. Hi Jen - I just saw your video on the Urban Decay 15 year anniversary palette and the colors are BEAUTIFUL. I was going to get the Naked palette for myself but now that they've come out with this new palette, I'm not sure which one to get. Which do you suggest? I feel like the new palette may be more versatile; however I also like the neutral shades in the Naked palette. HELP!!!

    BTW I'm a long time follower of yours; please drop by and visit my new blog at www.sweetambitions.blogspot.com where I share my personal experiences in skin care and beauty products!

  26. Hey Jen,
    I just picked up the blush brush from 7Bella. Should be receiving it soon. I dropped your name as the introducer and Chloe was asking for details of your videos etc. Maybe she'll contact you?
    If I love this blush brush, I'll get the whole set. I also ordered the Eyeko liner. Gosh Jen, you're guilty of being the devils advocate!! Lol!!!!

    xoxo Lily Chloeash.blogspot.com

  27. Wow, your makeup and outfit is flawless! Makeup tutorial please!!

  28. Hi Jen, I am wondering if you use hyaluronic acid and estee lauder advance night repair in turn or use one of them at a time. Thank you in advance for your advice :)

  29. Tiphanie: Nope I haven't tried the Tokidoki liners!

    Sara: I don't remember which blush it was... maybe the bronzer/blush in the Josie Maran palette. :)

    BooBooNinja: It seems to be long-wearing on me, but I don't ever have to touch my up brows so it could just be my chemistry!

    SweetAmbitions: If you wear 95% neutrals, get the Naked Palette. It's very versatile for neutral-loving ladies! If you do actually wear brighter accents then get the Anniv palette. :)

    Silvy: I often switch around all of my serums so I don't use them at the exact same time but yes, I'll use them on rotation.

  30. Just thought you should know that Cherry Culture sells Eyeko eyeliner now.

  31. ♔ Hi Jen, what sunscreen do u use now? could u please please do a updated sunscreen review? please please ♔

  32. Hey Jen, love your eye makeup! So simple and looks great! Can you do a tutorial??