Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Review & Swatches

11:29 AM

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you an incredible palette that I recently received from the AMAZING people at Urban Decay. Stop the presses guys, this one is serious.

I'm talking about the brand new 15th Anniversary Palette from Urban Decay!

See my video review below:

Why is it so jaw-dropping? First of all, the 15 shades are all brand new colors. You collectors know that UD has a pesky habit of recycling at least a couple of colors in their "Book of Shadows" palettes but this one is all new. To my eyes, each shadow is the same size as the shadows in the Naked palette (my swatches here) as well, with the same creamy, highly pigmented shadow formula which is similar to their Deluxe shadows (my swatches here).

Here is the gorgeous packaging. The sides of the cover have laser-cut filligree detailing and the reflective, jeweled case definitely gets fingerprints but the smudges go holographic, I'm not even kidding. Even the smudges are pretty. O_o Underneath the cover is also a full-sized mirror.

In the bottom right corner of the photo below you can see a little hole which you can use a pencil to pop the tray of shadows up from, revealing a velvet-covered storage compartment for secret goodies. When you've used up the shadows you still have a cute UD jewelry box. ^_^

Inside are 15 shadows: 

Midnight Rodeo - metallic medium brown w/ silver & gold glitter 
Tainted - pinky-lavender with golden shimmer
Deeper - deep shimmery golden brown aka "perfect crease color"
Midnight 15 - oyster pearl with very fine silver glitter
Junkshow - bright pink with fuchsia duochrome
M.I.A. - satiny dark brown, cooler than Deeper
Vanilla - shimmery white gold
Omen - glowy medium purple with blue duochrome
Ace - dark gunmetal shimmer
Flow - soft peach shimmer
Evidence - deep glowy blue
Blackout - saturated matte black
Chase - metallic tan
Deep End - bright satiny teal
Half Truth - greyish purple satin

And swatches on my swatching canvas:

Midnight Rodeo / Tainted / Deeper / Midnight 15 / Junkshow / M.I.A. / Vanilla / Omen

Omen / Ace / Flow / Evidence / Blackout / Chase / Deep End / Half Truth

Flow / Evidence / Blackout / Chase / Deep End / Half Truth

Swatching arm is a happy arm!

So these swatches were done on bare skin with NO PRIMER! Other than Evidence (dark blue) which needed 2 swipes to get "pan color" bright, these were all buttery, creamy, pigmented glories and had wonderful color payoff. I would star my favorites but I'd literally be starring 80% of the colors. Stupid good.

As I said in my video, the best thing about this palette isn't that the colors can't be duped, it's that it has every shade I'd want to wear on a daily basis from basic neutrals to a few select brights that I can still easily integrate into my daily looks. It has the versatility of making me completely neglect my other shadows for at least a good long while because the only colors I'd maybe grab for outside of the ones in this palette are a good mossy green a la MAC Humid or a deeper duochrome purple like NYX Purple.

Don't you know I called it in the video? This palette has already sold out on the Urban Decay website after being released today. I don't think the insanity will be as bad as the Naked palette since they won't have manufacturing problems with the liners/brushes but seriously, I have a feeling things are still gonna get ridiculous... ;)

If you missed out this morning, don't worry. The palette will still be sold at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy's locations as well as drugstore.com, beauty.com, sephora.com, ulta.com, and macys.com

Eyeshadow lovers, are you still breathing?



Disclaimer: Urban Decay sent me this palette for consideration. Still in disbelief about that. ;D All my reviews, as always, are 100% my honest opinion!

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  1. What GORGEOUS swatches! I am so sad the website is sold out. I was meaning to purchase one but woke up too late because of my cold medication.

  2. Wow the colors are even more beautiful in the pictures than in video! I asked you in an earlier post whether to get the Naked or this palette but after seeing how vibrant the colors are here, I'm definitely gonna get this palette!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    I've been a long time follower of yours and love your blog! Please drop by and visit my new blog at www.sweetambitions.blogspot.com!

  3. I super super love these colors!!! *O* I really hope it's sold soon on sephora or ulta so I can purchase too!

  4. I saw your UD Palette video earlier today and I was laughing so hard.

    You're like a little kid given that much candy... So giddy.

    I love evidence and vanilla the most. You were so ecstatic makes me want to buy the palette... But no, I won't :P I'm on a spending ban.

  5. I'm drooling already, but living in Canada, I probably won't be able to even think about buying it for now, so I was wondering if you know whether this palette is limited edition or will it be permanent? I mean, if it's limited edition, I probably can give up already, sigh.

  6. this is soooo pretty. really love all the colours. seemed like it'll take forever to reach singapore....

  7. Wow the pigment on these is incredible!

  8. that palette looks amazing! urban decay is pretty much my favorite makeup brand too. i'm just so cheap that i've only bought their primer, bronzer, and eyeliners. definitely will consider buying their palettes once i have more money!


  9. I gasped and gasped for air. Hyperventillating from the beauty of this palette. My wallet yelled at me to stop reading coz it knows what's coming. Oh gosh... I really wish I have some self restraint like some ppl out there. Help me!

    xoxo Lily (chloeash.blogspot.com)

  10. Junkshow is so gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing...and tempting me as usual!! :)

  11. I'm so incredibly jealous and super happy for you at the same time! Could you please create some videos where you showcase looks using these eye shadows? I would love some inspiration because I'm a mess when it comes to actually putting on brilliantly colored eye shadows.

  12. These swatches are so pretty! Definitely will keep an eye out for this in the future. Thank you so much for sharing ^^


  13. OMG im head over heels for this palette its just delicious. Too bad its just so hard to get a hold of Urban Decay stuff here in Australia or anything else for that matter..

  14. this palette is to die for!
    all UD palette is so amazing T_T
    you look so pretty in the video jen~ :D

  15. love the colors! When i saw your video my friend and i flipped out. love the case especially! so hard punk rock like! :)


  16. ow..! i want to own it! sigh... it is still not launch in my country.... :(

  17. I watched your vid before work and your excitement helped wake me up. These colors are a little too exciting for me, but after watching, I finally ordered the Naked palette you reviewed forever ago. One step at a time : )

  18. so pretty!! i really want this palette now!

    i finally got the naked palette, and i am loving that so much. it was sold out so long, i hope this one isn't sold out as long.


  19. Thanks for the swatches!The colors look amazing~ You look so pretty!


  20. Hi my friend just recently introduced me to your youtube channel and I'm loving it! I also find it awesome how your Korean since I am too:). I will definitely be getting that palette when I learn how to put on eyeshadow the right way, I still got a longg way to go but your tutorials are helping soo much!

  21. Hi my friend just recently introduced me to your youtube channel and I'm loving it! I also find it awesome how your Korean since I am too:). I will definitely be getting that palette when I learn how to put on eyeshadow the right way, I still got a longg way to go but your tutorials are helping soo much!

  22. OMG! i love the colors! it is sooo pretty! can't wait to see the looks you will create using this palette! :)

  23. Hi Jen.
    Love your videos and love this review. Im in Australia so
    It's very difficult for us to get such palettes :(.
    Can you please provide a link to the dress you are wearing from asos?

  24. Hi Jen.
    Love your videos and love this review. Im in Australia so
    It's very difficult for us to get such palettes :(.
    Can you please provide a link to the dress you are wearing from asos?

  25. oh wowwww this looks so pretty!!!i love the packaging! isnt it really haeavy?

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  26. I love the swatches very much!!! Really wanna get this!

  27. This is definitely on my must buy list. I am so craving this palette! Thank you for reviewing and swatching this for us :)

    By any chance would you mind telling us which eyeshadows/palette you used for your make up from UD Summer. Those colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  28. Thanks for doing this great review! I definitely want to get this palette. Also, I noticed your rings in the video - they're all so cute! I really like that turquoise and coral two stone one, who makes it?

  29. THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!!

  30. all the colors look amazing


  31. soiia: The palette is limited edition since it's an anniversary item and it won't be the 15th anniversary after this year. Don't give up! A lot of places just don't have it yet. It'll get there! :)

    origamidumpling: I'll definitely do some looks with this palette!

    PetiteAsianGirl: pahahaha! You will see such a difference in quality compared to drugstore shadows.

    nancy: This dress has long since been sold out, but I had a post on my haul here http://www.frmheadtotoe.com/2011/03/haul-forever-21-asos-hautelook-6pm.html

    TzeYien89: It's weighty but not crazy heavy. The lid is the heavy part, if that makes sense.

    Amanda: I used the Rollergirl palette and I used a silvery taupe, hot pink, and brown shadows. You can totally dupe it with the 15th Anniv palette too!

    Laura: The 2-stone ring is by Amrita Singh

  32. OMG! The colors are so beautiful!

    New follower here. (^__^)


  33. I NEED THIS PALETTE!! Thank you for the beautiful swatches. Now I'm on a hunt for a retailer that sells this in Canada or will at least ship here :(

    Please check me out :) at ykhearts.blogspot.com

  34. wow this is so good! i love the idea of the reusable box afterwards too as so often they are all useless

    shel xx

  35. Hi jen can u please tell me where u got ur turquoise necklace from?

  36. Thanks for the review Jen.

    Jen, next time you are in Chicago, I'd love to have you have a make-up session with me if possible - or Boston if that's before Aug 15. Pretty please? I'm also a fellow petite Asian but some of my 'traditional Asian' features aren't easy to work with :(.

  37. Hi Jen,

    LOVE your blog! Your makeup skills are amazing! I am looking for an eyebrow pencil. Do you have any recommendations?



  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Hey Jen,
    What foundation are you using?

    Also, which foundation would you recommend for someone who has some acne scars (mainly on my cheeks) & that looks really natural. I'm a medium skintone.

  40. Daveigh C: I'm wearing Skin79 hot pink bb cream in this video, but Makeup Forever Mat Velvet has nice full coverage and covers scars well.

  41. I LOVE YOUR BLOGGG SOOO MUCHLY~!! (○^o^○) I follow. I be honored if you visit and follow mine?



  42. Love to see your swatches! It has been long time since your last swatch and review :)

  43. Gorgeous palette! I'm also drawn to your necklace as well. Mind if I ask where you purchased it? Thank you!

  44. Hi dear! Your blog is amazing!
    I am a new follower!

    I would be very honored to have you in my followers!


    Un abbraccio e ...grazie! Ciao!

  45. These colours are so amazing! I think UD palettes are coming to a whole new level of amazing lately! I love how excited you are about these! So cute ^.^ I love the vanilla colour and the teal and duo-chrome purple look stunning!

  46. OMG im just amazedd.. gorgeous palette!!


  48. Wow just beautiful so sad it all sold out. I am loving your necklace you have!

  49. Jen! Please help me reproduce Selena Gomez's look in her video "Selena Gomez & the Scene-A Year Without Rain." I can't tell if it's a gray or sliver/blue smokey eye? If anyone can do it it's you! When I first saw the video I thought of this new UD palette--might have the right colors for the look??? I'm sure your expert eye can figure this one out!

  50. Thanks for the swatches! Well, since it's already sold out I don't need to think about this palette too hard. lol

    Just recently got the Naked palette and I'm happy with my purchase. hehe~ ^^

  51. Gorgeous palette! <3 I really want to try this out! It's a great mix of fun, natural, and smokey <3

  52. Jen,thank you for another amazing video!
    I have a question.. So I don't usually use eye shadows when I put on make up (usually just eye liner, mascara, blush) but I want to start using eye shadows more often and get used to it..
    So my question is, is there a eye shadow pallet or brand that you suggest?
    I really love the design(haha) of this eye shadow pallet (Urban Decay 15th yr anniv pallet) and NAKED pallet.
    Do you recommend one of the two? or any other pallets that you think its good for starters....?
    Probably something with not too crazy bright colors :)

    thank you!!

  53. whenever did you get your square gold ring? i love it!

  54. I have this palette and really love it. The colors are beautiful and the packaging is so glam... I had a problem the first time I pulled the eyeshadow tray up with a pencil to see the secret compartment, one of the shadows flipped out. They used kind of a cheap adhesive to get the shadows to stay put. Other than that caveat this palette is excellent.

  55. great review & and swatches!
    Im loving this palette
    I just did a look with it today
    I posted some pictures on my blog
    check them out at


  56. Oh my gosh they are so pigmented! :)

  57. You inspired me to buy this palette. :) xoxo
    Rougeberry Fashion

  58. Hi Jen, between this and the Vice palette, which one would you recommend more? thanks!

    1. The 15th Anniversary Palette was limited edition so I'm not sure you can buy it currently. Vice is also limited edition but it's available. Between the 2 I liked the Anniversary Palette better but Vice is quite nice as well and the packaging is great!

  59. How do you take off, clean and keep the false eyelashes?

  60. How do you take off, clean and keep the false eyelashes?

  61. Please show to us how you take off, clean and keep the false eyelashes.