Cali Vlog: Kittens, Bikinis, and IMATS

9:14 PM

Finally, I put together all of my random footage from my visit to California last month! It's a bit random and even looking back on the footage, I'm pretty amazed at how busy I was. I think it was a fabulously packed trip and I'm so glad I got to squeeze so much into a short amount of time, not to mention braving LA traffic by myself too. Not bad for a first time visit to the West Coast, right? ;)

I don't want to give away too much for those who will watch the video later, but some of the most amazing visits were:
  • Going to the NYX headquarters (which I will devote a full blog entry to soon)
  • Ann Taylor store opening event at South Coast Plaza (also will have a full blog entry) where I got to meet fellow petite blogger Kelly of Alterations Needed who is actually the same height as me! Hoorah!
  • A video collaboration put together by my dear friend Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook where we got to shoot in a green screen studio with a few other ladies you may recognize including Jean, April, Jackie, and Alexa
  • Visit to Leg Avenue which I forgot to record video at but of course have a full blog on here.
  • IMATS which was a whirlwind! I am waiting to get photos back from Kassia from that part of the trip but again, I will have a full blog entry with delicious photos of lots of eye candy.
  • ACTING! Puahahaha... You get to see me get my heart broken by Jason Chen aka Miniachilles in his new music video "Burns".
"Burns" was juuuuust released on Youtube so if you haven't seen it already, you can check it out below and see how Jason treats me like a jerk. Haha, just kidding! I love you Jason even though you are really horrible sometimes! Not really! Maybe!

Anyway, here are some random pics from my trip starting out with Jason.
Look how tall we are! Super tall! (hehe)

Bowling with Frank (ice1cube), Andy from Quest Crew, and my sister. :) Contrary to what my unfortunate video shows, these two guys are actually really good bowlers and only do badly when they are trying to bowl in "creative" ways like for instance, through the legs, or throwing a 6lbs ball so hard it hits pins in the next lane over. Pros.

My sister and me at Huntington Beach

A hummingbird chillin' on a branch. There were about 4 or 5 of these flying around one tree!

Statue people

Venturing toward the water. I didn't get very far. It was only in the low 70's and the water was COLD!! Curiously, 70's are warm enough to lay by the beach there while 70's here still feels quite chilly at times.

Korean restaurant with my sister. Sighhhhh... she is so spoiled with the best authentic Korean food there!

Brunch at the Grove with Wendy!

At the NYX headquarters. :D
Wearing an older AE seersucker dress and my H&M white blazer.

This was a super low-end restaurant but I'm serious, this "kimchi soba" was the most amazing naengmyun in disguise ever! Very down-home delicious.

With the collab video girls. Such sweeties to the max. <3

Me in the green screen room. This place was wicked. I can't wait to see how things turn out. :)

Like I said before, I still have much, much more to post about a few of the individual places I visited with a lot better photography than what my little snapshot did. Thank you SO much to everyone I met in California! You were all so incredibly gracious and kind and I felt very blessed to make some amazing new friends and get to finally meet in person people who I've watched and respected for a long time. ^__^

Can't wait to go back! Yeah!

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  1. love your pictures! Beautiful as always! Thanks for sharing!

  2. CUTE pics!!! And now I'm hungry lol. XO

  3. The statue people are too cute. So are you and your friends/sister

  4. You look adorable in the video!!!

  5. ohmygoodness you are SO SO SO gorgeous, Jen! Where did you eat? the low end place, and the shabu shabu place in your vid! (xD sorry they look sooooo yummy though..hehe) I'm wondering because I want to eat there when I visit my aunt in California- I'm from Texas :)

  6. I just went to South Coast yesterday! I didn't know the Ann Taylor store just opened! haha~ The Forever 21 store just opened there! You look like you had so much fun in California ^^ I want to visit the NYX headquarters!! It's only like 10 miles away from my university! O: Like a kid in a candy store~

  7. loved watching the vlog.. and you are SO cute in the music video :D glad it was a fun trip!

  8. Great Videos! The kitties are soooo cute ♥ So sweet. And the Video of "Burns" is great too, Jason has a pretty voice.

  9. Love the video! You're so cute as always!! Thanks for sharing =)

  10. I'm in Korea right now, and ahh I'm going to miss the food when I go back to the East Coast!! Watching the video now, these pictures look like so much fun.

  11. All that food looks delicious! Can you do a tutorial on how you style your long bangs and curl your hair?

  12. Hey Jen! I loved your video compilation! Great job! It is so fun to see all the other blogging girls! First time hearing Kelly's is so cute! And LOL! at Jean's hooker comment!

    Great job in Jason's video! I love the top you were wearing!

  13. You look great, Jen!
    And your trip looks like so much fun.
    I wish I could go to the NYX headquarters too... surrounded by all the goodies.

  14. hi Jen,

    I love all your recaps!! I'm so glad SoCal treated you well ;)

  15. Love the vlog, Jen! You made a great cameo in Jason Chen's video. LOL Now that I see Frank in your video, I realize that I haven't seen HIS vids in a while.. just checked and his account is closed. I am so out of the loop. p.s. you & Jean look gorgeous in the "dark" makeup!

  16. Loved this vlog! I want some shabu shabu now...

    I was watching your IMATS haul and noticed you got the MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation. Do you personally use a brush to apply this? If so, are there any brushes you recommend? Thanks :)

  17. Super lovely blog!


  18. NYX HQ!! That looks like makeup heaven right there - I could spend hours just looking at everything :D And you look really pretty in the music video!

  19. omgosh Jen! Small world! I didn't know you know Andy too. LOL. I went snowboarding with him at Mammoth Mtn.

    Anyway, you look soo cute in the video!! Such a professional! And wasn't the NYX HQ amazing? I almost died the moment I walked in there haha.

  20. great pics - looks like you've been having fun xxxxx

  21. Amazing pics and the video was so cute. You are such a natural on camera and all the other ladies are adorable as well!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Jealous you guys got to meet each other :)

  22. Looking great like always! I love your evil twin makeup! Glad you had a great time here in So Cal!

  23. Looks like you had a great time in California!! *____* Your video was funny. lol

    The NYX HQ must be heaven on earth!

  24. Oh my god, all my favourite petite bloggers all in one video! <3

    I always forget how tiny we are (I'm your size) until I see us next to someone else! I went O__O when the waiter at the Ann Taylor event showed up haha.

  25. love your youtube vids and blog, especially the perfect imperfections vid. I'll have to do one of those for a written post on my blog.

    I live in CA, so i'm glad you enjoyed your time here!!!

  26. You looked great in the video. You should add acting to your list of badassness!

  27. seriously jen you are soooo cute! i hope you get to do more music videos bc you were awesome in it!

  28. So cool of you to show us what you did on your trip and as always you look nice :)

  29. aaah, lovely foods, and now I'm hungry because all those food photos haha. I love all jason's songs/covers <3.

  30. You are so beautiful inside out!!!! Thank you for your awesome blog and sharing valuable tips!!