Updated Skincare Routine!

3:49 PM

Hello hello and happy 추석 to all my Korean readers. I hope you are having a lovely Korean Thanksgiving holiday!

Today I would like to share with you a very highly requested video, my updated skincare routine. I checked and it looks like the last time I posted my skincare routine was about 1 year ago so it's about time I refreshed you all with what I've been doing to keep my skin in order.

Products Mentioned:
Re-10 Wash (generic prescription for Ovace wash)
Elisha Coy BB All In-One Cleanser
Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30
Josie Maran Protect 40+ Sunscreen
Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum
Juju Aquamoist 100% Hyaluronic Acid
Differin .1% (I'm now back to using the .3% which I like better)
Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream (large tub I have is here)
Clarisonic Mia in Pink with Sensitive brush head
Vitamin E oil capsules (Bio-Oil can be used similarly, or liquid form here)

As you can see my update isn't drastically different than what it was last year. (If you'd like more info on my skin history please read up on my past skincare and acne posts.) I'm still using pretty gentle products although I have somewhat "weaned" myself off of my prescriptions containing antibiotics. That being said, my skin is still really breakout-prone! Especially in the last 2 months my skin has been very unpredictable.

Since recording this video, I have actually gone back to the dermatologist so I am now again using Differin .3% which, as the name implies, is three times stronger and it seems to keep my acne at bay better than .1%. I am also trying out a new daytime prescription called Finacea (azelaic acid gel, 15%) which is apparently very natural and gentle enough for even pregnant women. So far since starting it I've had zero skin purging! I'll keep you guys updated on how my skin progresses but I will say that I'm very happy to be on a prescription skincare regimen that contains no antibiotics. As of now, my skin has improved from 2 weeks ago. :)

Now I need to go and finish packing for my trip to Paris tomorrow! Eeeeeek, I'm so excited! Has anyone been to Paris before? Any packing tips or experience on what to bring would be excellent. Blog posts and video uploads will be put on hold until I get back but I promise I will take tons of photos and video footage to share with you when I return! Wish me luck!

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  1. You must be psychic or telepathic or something, since I was just thinking of about changing up my skincare routine to help clear out some acne spots and scars. I will definitely try out the Vitamin E oil capsules! :D

  2. Hi Jen! I'm new to the petite community so I just wanted to say hello! You will be walking a lot in Paris so bring walking shoes! Don't forget to try their crepes(it's everywhere), macaroons and fois gras :)

  3. ooh If you want to see the Mona Lisa. It's not worth it. Because its tiny and if you're petite, you won't be able to see it. =/

    Theres a famous japanese patisserie Sadoharu Aoki in Paris which do delectable treats. Pierre Herme does weird and wacky flavours macarons. :)

  4. yeah!!^-^ updated skin-care! ♥

  5. Not to spam but....

    would you happen to be planning the Paris trip with Christine/xteeener? I believe she is going to Paris too :)

  6. Hi Jen - I'm a long time reader! I've been using finacea too this past year because differin didn't help much and finacea is very gentle. I don't know if it's that effective yet but there is zero purging with it (yea!). And I think it was originally meant (and still does) treat rosacea so my skin tone has completely evened out. It doesn't totally address hormonal zits though. Have a great time in Paris! Bring comfy shoes for walking a lot. Oh and climbing to the top of Notre Dame is rough but so worth it. Gargoyles! And definitely go to Laduree macarons! They are the best macarons I've ever had. EVER. But unless you speak French picking flavors is a bit of a gamble.

  7. how exciting!! Enjoy Paris! Great products.
    xo Jenn


  8. thanks for the update! ive been thinking about getting some of the mario badescu products..
    i was wondering, does ur husband have a skin routine, too? cuz i'm trying to get my bf to keep up with his skin care .. lol it would be cool to see what products/ recommendations for men skin care u guys would have :)

    have fun in paris !!!

  9. Have a great time in Paris. Super exciting!

  10. Hi Jen! I'll be going to Paris in November too and am soooooo excited about it! Never been there but everyone says to visit the Palace of Versailels (that's where Marie Antoinette resided)! Can't wait to see your pictures from Paris!

  11. Thanks for the updated skincare routine! I've been a long time subscriber and firs time commenter.

    I also have acne prone skin. I've been using the Differin gel for a long time, and have recently been trying lactic acid as a night time exfoliate, instead. During the winter months, I think the Differin was too drying and it really messed up my skin. Maybe I will try it with some moisturizer on top.

  12. I just went to Paris for the first time about two months ago for my European tour honeymoon! Make sure to bring lots of cute accessories along with practical yet chic outfits. Have a great time and make sure to see the Eiffel Tower at night....it glitters at the start of every hour for 5 minutes! So beautiful!

  13. you have the best skin!!

    follow my blog!!

  14. Hello! I'm a long time follower and a first time commenter. I was in Paris in June and I found the weather to be rather unpredictable! Actually, that was true for Europe in general. It rained when I was in Paris! I don't know how the weather is now but it might not be a bad idea to bring a little umbrella! And maybe a French dictionary? I did find that the French could be rather standoffish... Our local host told us that they don't appreciate when we can't speak their language. Still, most people are friendly and I'm sure you'll have a great time!

    Thanks for the fun posts and thorough reviews! Take care!

  15. loving the use of multiple products. It def takes a good systematic routine with layers of skin goodies to take good care of one's skin. I've gotta look into that acne med you wrote about~ I've been on accutane before, which is great but it seems too powerful.
    Awesome news about Paris! how fun and exciting!!!
    I would definitely try Angelina's for breakfast, and some Algerian/Moroccan food ~ And for sure check out Musee D'Orsay if you haven't been.
    In addition to all the usual travel essentials, I'd also suggest packing an umbrella, silky scarves and a stylish, yet sturdy purse with a zipper (nothing too flimsy and ease to snatch).
    Have fun love!
    xoxo Diana

  16. Wow hope you have fun in Paris!! I was there earlier this year and some things that struck me:

    1) Expensive D:! Even a takeout sandwich lunch costs around €10 and sit down restaurants even more. I ended up eating at Subways half the time.

    2) For some reason you'll only ever be able to find sweet pastries everywhere. Was dying for a savoury breakfast but those are mysteriously rare!

    3) Cute places to shop: Around Hotel De Ville, Champs Elysees, Montmartre (weekend market), Galleries Lafayette, St Germain.

    4) If you haven't watched the film Amelie you should do it! Download it on iPad for the plane ride ;)

  17. Make sure you go to Laduree in Paris and get their world famous macarons! And Mariage Frères has lovely tea. As far as places to eat, nearly everywhere is delicious and beautiful but stay away from touristy areas for food, go to a side streets, they will be less expensive and just as delicious! Have fun and bon voyage!

  18. Just tweeted you. You'll see it's a wonderful city, despite the bad weather and the grumpy waiters... Le Marais is also very nice on a sunday afternoon.

  19. Have a fun trip, mon chérie! :)

  20. My routine:

    Morning = Wash face with Korres White Tea Fluid Cleansing Gel

    Rub in 2 drops of Argan Oil

    Exfoliate with a small face brush if I used Pure and Simple's Lactic Acid the night before.

    Apply makeup after (Primer, etc)

    Night = Every 2-3 days, I wash my face with Korres White Tea Fluid Cleansing Gel, then I apply Pure and Simple's Lactic Acid and let it soak in.


  21. Enjoy Paris Jenn, I really love reading your blog and watching your videos, you're so so gorgeous!! xX

  22. After watching this I bought the Elisha Coy face wash and the Juju Aquamoist HA serum :P I have oily yet dehydrated skin so I really hope these will work for me as well :) Thanks for sharing your skin care routine with us!

  23. wow paris!!! have a safe trip and enjoy!

  24. Hi Jen!! I visited Paris quite recently!!
    My top tips: you MUST visit the church at Montarnasse(you can get off at Pigalle) and you will see the Moulin Rouge....but be warned, this is the slighrtly dodgy area. There's an amazing gelato/icecream place on the main street as well. There's also an amazing macaron very near the top of the church. The earl grey tea one is die for.
    But apart from that, Versaille!!!

  25. Let's see.
    For gifts, you can buy "Laduree" macarons at the airport. There is no need to buy them beforehand!

    Also, if you are planning to buy anything expensive (such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags, which are still quite cheaper in France), and get their 12% tax refund, be sure to be at the Charles DeGaulle airport at least 3-4 hours before your plane departs. The tax refund line is long, and the check-in process is hectic. I would advise you to get there 4 hours before your departure so you'll have some time.

    Let's see...
    The best place to take the photos of Eiffel Tower is actually at the Palais de Chaillot. If you're planning to go up the tower, go up during the day and then come back for a cup of coffee/glass of hot coco at night near the Palais at night. That way you can enjoy the "light" show of the Tower at a comfortable location.

    If you have time, I would also recommend you to take the Bateau Mouches to see Paris on the Seine. It's not a long ride, but it can get quite cold during the night!

    Along with others, I agree that Versailles is gorgeous and definitely a must see.

    Oh! Drug store brands, such as La Roche Posay and Uriage are in every pharmacy! Their great for gifts!

  26. To add more...

    If you, by any chance, are seeking Korean food in Paris, the best place is Manna. This is based on my experience and the recommendation of a Korean friend who has lived in Paris for over 10 years.

    Korean restaurant
    44 rue de Lourmel
    75015 Paris


    I love paris, been there four times, but nevertheless, I would still advise you to follow travel basics:

    1) Don't wander about the streets and dark alleys at a late time
    2) Don't be an obvious tourist- carrying around huge maps, opening the maps in the middle of the street or metro etc etc
    3) Be aware of pickpockets.

    I haven't felt threatened in Paris, but still, the whole city is a huge tourist attraction, and therefore, there is bound to be gypsies, pickpockets etc etc.

    I would advise you to not wear a back pack, and to make sure that your bag sticks to you! (small bags, hobo bags, bags with zippers are good alternatives) If not, buy a numerical padlock, and link the zipper of your bag to its straps.

    Food is expensive. If you go to a cafe/restaurant next to the roads, it would cost you a minimum of 20 euros for some food and a drink.

    Montmartre is nice, too, but also be aware of pickpockets.

    I think that's about it!
    If you have any other questions, e-mail me @ s.angela.kim@gmail.com
    as I now barely use my blog (which was actually for my rantings against my workplace)

    Bon Voyage!!!

  27. Hi Jen..is there any event happening in Paris that you're going for? B/c this other youtube guru Xteeener is going to Paris too! You two are my favorite gurus!!! Love and have a safe and wonderful trip to Paris!!!

  28. Jen, have a wonderful time in Paris!

    To get French people to be nice, always greet with a "Bonjour" before anything else. I'm reading "The Sweet Life in Paris" by David Lebowitz, it's an easy read, something you can do on the plane. He's from the San Francisco bay area, it's his take on French culture, etc.

  29. Thanks for the update on your skincare routine! Your skin looks really flawless!! *__*

    Oh so you're heading to Paris? Have fun on your trip!! ^^

  30. I've been wanting to try the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. Hmm...might be on my buy list for sure now.


  31. Hi Jen! I loveeeeee your look here and on the previous post. It looks so neutral and fresh! Can you please do a tutorial for this look.... Love ittt!!

    P.S- enjoy your paris trip! Congrats!!

  32. I was in Paris in June, and all over Europe the month before that. My packing tips are: 1) you can always pack less clothes than you think. Just mix & match & layer versatile pieces, and accessorize like crazy! Belts, scarves, jewelry, bright pops of color. I survived 5 weeks in Europe with 4 skirts&shorts, 1 cardigan, 4 tank tops, 1 pair of Birks, and a pair of linen pants. Of course it is fall now, so you will need way more layers, but I'm just saying it CAN be done. 2) Forget rolling your clothes, which really does not save space. The best way to pack is to put your clothes in those big Ziploc freezer bags, and then sit on them as you close them up - this vacuum-packs them into tiny packages. 3) just bring travel sized bath & beauty - Europe is not Siberia, and you can still get all the essentials if you run out.
    4)I know you've recommended contact lens cases for putting bath & beauty in, but mine have actually leaked on flights so make sure you have good containers, in ziploc protection.
    Have fun! Eat some delish food (and avoid the Eiffel tower restaurant which sucks)

  33. Hi Jen, what did you use to remove make up? I am currently using Differin Gel and Acne-Aid Cleansing Bar.

  34. hi Jen! thanks for such a helpful blog! I tried the Eucerin moisturizer and Olay, both didn't do it for my dry skin. My former moisturizer was the pond's cold cream but found that b/c it wasn't in a pump, I started getting blemishes. Right now I'm using Cetaphil with SPF 15. So far, so good. Perhaps your readers with dry skin might like to try it as well. Thanks again!

  35. Hi Jen,

    I need help! First of all, your make up in this video looks amazing. I don't think it's the first time you've sport this look, but the silvery top and gold earrings really made it come together. Could you share - if you've done a tutorial on this look before - the link, or do a tutorial?

    I saw pictures of a Taiwanese artist, Angela Zhang, and loved her makeup. It's a little dramatic, but the blue and purples are so pretty, I wonder if you could do a tutorial on that?



    Last question: I've never worn contact lens before but am interested in trying out some circle lens. I have dark brown eyes with dark brown hair. What brand/type/color would be best to start with that'd look natural but make my eyes look bigger?

    Thank you so much!


  36. Jen, You look so beautiful in your video here. Do you have a tutorial on how to do your wavy hair. I was trying to find it in your other video. Please do a tutorial if you still haven't. ...


  37. hi jen,
    can u do an update on Finacea? i want to see how well it works for u. i am on a topical antibiotic which i want to wean off as well. thanks so much :)

  38. Hi Jen, haven't been on your site in a while but browsed it today to saw this post by you.

    I recently started experimenting with this brand called malin + goetz. Its a brand for people with sensitive skin(one of the founders has "rosacea, eczema, seborrhea and fragrance allergies", which makes me feel silly for ever thinking that I have sensitive skin).
    I stumbled across this while trying to look for yet another acne cure. I bought the acne treatment and the detox face mask and got lots of samples of their other products (I only planned to get the acne treatment but then got hooked after watching one of their videos about the other product). My wallet is crying now because the 2 products I have bought has done wonders for my face and I really liked the samples so now I'm looking into purchasing more of the line... they're all super super pricey.

    Just wanted to share (don't know if you will even see this!) cause it worked so well for me and I know that you're always on the lookout for better products for your skin!

  39. Which of the Clarisonic skin brushes do you recommend (Mia, Mia2, or Plus)? I was thinking of getting Plus to possibly replace the loofahs I use to exfoliate ashy legs. Have you tried the Hitachi Hada Crie Face Massager? Thanks for your help!

  40. hi jen! really love your look today! Can you pls do a make up tutorial for this look, It really looks natural which I absolutely adore! Thanks so much!!!