OOTD: Bright Winter Layers

2:01 PM

It's been a seriously long time since I posted an outfit last! For some reason I just didn't grab for the camera much this Summer and all of a sudden it was already Winter.

Honestly, I think Winter looks are more fun to post anyhow since the layers and textures are more interesting to boot! I don't love the chill but I do love me some collared-shirts-under-cardigans and a warm cup of hot cocoa. In rebelling against the Winter gloom, here is how I do bright Winter layers.

Items Mentioned:
Target flannel shirt (similar here / here)
Ann Taylor Factory ruffled top (similar here / here / here)
Ann Taylor LOFT cardigan (similar here / here)
Frankie B Jeans (similar here / 7FAMK here / Paige petites)
Accessories from Hautelook, Ebay, and gifts from friends
(more statement rings I love Pamela Love / Erica Anenberg twosome ring (I own this & love it) / YSL Arty)

One thing I love to do with layers is to wear something in a way that I never have before, like this ruffled top. I wanted to do some sort of additional layer with my flannel shirt but I got bored of wearing my tank under the collared top all the time and thought I'd try switching it up. Layering it like a vest allows the ruffles to be really vibrant and adds a contrast of texture.

I love to really layer accessories as well, especially delicate necklaces which I've been doing since junior high. Since I'm petite, big chunky jewelry can overwhelm me at times so I like to add 2 or 3 thin-chained necklaces that are different lengths to add interest to the neckline.

I never used to be a bracelet person since I can never find bangles that will fit my thin wrists, but I lucked out with a Hautelook sale for Isharya jewelry which comes in size XS which I believe have a diameter of 2.3". They were pricey even at a steep discount but I was very happy with the quality in person and will definitely splurge on them again at the next sale! (If you don't already have a Hautelook invite and would like to join you can use my code here but you can also sign up on the site if you want as well.)

As for the big silver artichoke ring here, it is a newly acquired purchase from eBay which I was so, so excited about! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I actually collect sterling silver and vintage gemstone rings and this is one of my most prized acquisitions. The ring is signed Napier and is a size 3.5 which fits my ring finger perfectly! I often pile on tons of rings all at once like a magpie (oooh, shiny distractions on my hands) but this baby deserves to have more of a spotlight. :)

This close-up photo is one I took on Instagram and posted on my Twitter. The nail polish is my mother-in-law's in Sally Hansen Slick Slate which is super classy and perfect for Fall/Winter.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

I will be doing another post/video on Revlon's Lip Butters lipstick very soon (maybe layer today?) which will go more in-depth with the lipstick I'm wearing in this post so check back again later! Just a little hint: I absolutely love this lipstick. ;)

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  1. your layering is super cute jen. i like the pop of plaid underneath a work friendly top and cardigan. seems like where you are is a lot warmer than stl. it's nearly below freezing !

    pandaphilia style

  2. Love the outfit and especially that ring!

  3. Teal is one of my favorite colors. I wish that AT ruffled top was still available!

    What size do you wear in the YSL Arty? I also have slim fingers and I think I sized at a 3.5 or 4 for a Tiffanys ring.

  4. wow your nail polish color is to die for! looking lovely as well!

    <3 rae


  5. you look soooo pretty! love all of your accessories!


  6. Love the layering in this outfit - you look fantastic!

  7. Yay, finally see the teal ruffle front top making an appearance. Such an unexpected way of layering, and I love it! Those jeans look amazing on you. :)

  8. love your bracelets, so bling^^ please please do more OOTD in the future, really like it a lot!!!

  9. I LOVE your hair and the gorgeous red lip color you're wearing so I'm definitely seeing forward to the post on Revlon's Lip Butters lipstick :)
    The cardigan is so cute, love it!

  10. You look great! Love the layering.

  11. Super cute outfit! You always pay attention to details -- I think that's what makes your outfits so amazing!

    I have a question, if you don't mind~ Could you do a makeup tutorial on IU's look in her latest music video, "You and I"? The makeup she has when dancing, in particular~ It's very cute and dolly!

    Here is the link to the official MV:

    Thank you!!

  12. I adore your outfit, really.

    especially your ring >.<

  13. I like the ruffle and your bangles, ring!
    Love your lippie too!

  14. This outfit looks great! Love how your have layered flannel shirt, top and a cardigan.

  15. nice outfit and the ring is pretty:)

  16. hi,

    Can you post the Lip Butter swatches? Also have you tried the Nyx's nail polishes yet?

  17. Hi, Jen-a! Was wondering where you got the choker-like necklace with the circles. I loooooove circles! Thanks.

  18. Love the outfit and where did u find the lip butters?! I live in the Midwest as well, but haven't found them in any of the stores I've visited. :(

  19. love the lipstick you've got on :) which shade is this?

  20. Hi Jen,

    Thanks so much for your blog and all the wonderful tips and information! I am a petite Asian woman (4'10") and it's always a challenge to find the right size clothes and make up that fits my look. Thanks again for all your posting and hope to learn more from you! Pauline :D

  21. how can i find that ring on ebay? i really like!

  22. Hey! can you do more tutorials for naked palette (original)? I have it but i only know how to do like... 2 looks with it. and i know there's a lot more i could do with it since there's like 12 colors! but i just don't know how to combine colors well and apply/layer them. Could you do more looks so i can get some more ideas ? :D

  23. i went and got the slick slate nail polish but in reality, the color is more gray than brown :( aww i was so disappointed hahaha but thanks for your picture cuz that influenced me to go search for a solid brown nail polish color hehe