Birthday OOTD & Vlog :)

3:07 PM

Hi everyone! I just first off want to say thank you so much for the lovely birthday messages you've sent me. I'm not gonna lie, it's not something I was expecting and I actually got a bit emotional reading all of them. Maybe it is redundant for me to say it, but I really want to say how deeply I appreciate all of your love and support.

As I told you before, I recorded an Outfit Of The Day (aka OOTD) video for my birthday, and I also included a reveal of a couple of special presents.

Items Mentioned:
Abercrombie Lace top (similar / similar)
Forever 21 tank top & satin blazer, size 2
J Brand "Clocker" legging jeans, size 23
Stuart Weitzman Wedgelin boot, size 4
Necklace and bangle were from various Hautelook sales (my invite)
Michael Kors "Blair" watch in rose gold
Louis Vuitton Trevi PM

Lipgloss is MAC 3D glass in Racy (Sadly it's an old limited edition which I am crossing my fingers that they will re-release because it's one of my favorite lipglosses of all time!)

So here is my outfit in pieces since I didn't have room to do a full-body with the giant Christmas tree behind me. ;)

My bling for the evening. Gold tones and Urban Decay Zippy glitter polish. This crystal quartz necklace is especially one of my favorite pieces of the moment. I got it from Hautelook (for a dang good discount) and the designer is Vivian Tamayo. I'm also lusting after similar crystal pieces like this and this. There's just something about rock crystal that is really cool and edgy, and matches everything I own.

Birthday present reveal! This is the Michael Kors Blair rose gold watch that I bought during the Macy's Friend's & Family sale. The Macy's site listed the face as being 41mm but Nordie's and Dillards lists it as 39mm. No idea which is true but I think it looks nice on me even though I have tiny wrists.

Also available in champagnechocolate, silver, and silver with rose gold accents.

And here is my bag reveal of what I got from Louis Vuitton in Paris! It's the Trevi PM in Damier Ebene. I love the pleats and how it has both top handles and a shoulder strap for versatility. It's my first and only LV purchase and I am totally in love with it!

Here's what it looks like worn using the top handles.

And my favorite way of wearing it, using the top straps which is much more comfortable and convenient.

And of course, here are the two cameos from the vlog at the end of my video.
First is my very special birthday cake appearance, Hello Kitty. =^_^=

And second is my long-haired Chihuahua, Cherry. She's a total sweetie!

I hope you enjoyed my outfit and getting a little peek into my birthday activities with my family as well. It was truly a wonderful one this year and I feel so grateful to be with the people I love, and of course to be given the blessing of your love and support as well!

Just out of curiosity, since the purse was a huge splurge for me, I want to know in the comments how you guys feel about big splurges on luxury items? Is it something you do and do you feel it's worth it? What was your favorite splurge purchase? Let me know!

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  1. Happy birthday! Love your outfit, cake, doggy, and of course your Trevi PM--which I also own and adore. :)

  2. Happy b-lated, Jen!
    I really enjoyed that video. I think the watch was lovely. And of course, your outfit was very nice too.

    Cherry is so cute! Hahaha at first I thought she looked scared or something XP

  3. Once again, happy belated birthday Jen! :) And what a cute cake! It suits you perfectly.

    I think spending money on a big luxury splurge is generally worth it. Mostly because the more $ you spend, the more thought you have to put into it. Months or years of saving up for a luxury item really gives you time to think about how much you actually love it. And for a lot of cases, items from a "luxury" brand can be re-sold again for a price close to the price you paid if you take care of it well. Or you can pass it down to daughters, nieces, etc. in the future, which is a nice thought :)

    Well no matter what it is, expensive or not, we all have the right to buy whatever we please with the hard earned money we make! I support you in your Paris LV purchase; I probably would have done the same thing. :)

  4. Happy belated Birthday!!! :] Your outfit, gifts, cake, family, and puppy are perfect~ hope you had a wonderful one!

  5. your birthday gifts are amazing! and that cake is too cute!!

  6. I'm glad you had a great birthday. You definitely deserve it! Your cake is absolutely adorable!

    I don't splurge on luxury items very often, namely because I work with a small salary and have issues saving because I tend to buy my friends and family small gifts all year round. If I go shopping and see something that I think you'd like, I'll buy it and give it to you the next time I see you. I am really terrible about that, haha.

  7. Happy birthday!! What an awesome cake! And it looks like you've trained your dog well. :)

    I'm generally not a fan of luxury splurges, unless 1) you are already saving well for emergencies and retirement, and 2) the item really adds to your life.

    I'm going to splurge soon on a trip to San Francisco. That's gonna be a lot of money spent, but I rarely take vacation, so the experience is worth it to me.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Your cake is so adorable, and I love the style of the purse you got. :)

    I don't splurge often, although this year I splurged big time (for a student budget) to gift myself a small Chanel as my graduation gift. I don't mind splurging once in a while as long as I love the item 100%, can get a good use out of it, and the decision wasn't influenced by anybody else.

  9. Jen the watch is stunning on you, especially paired with the bangle. Love the bag too :)

    Happy Birthday - hope you had a fab one!


  10. Your watch is gorg! I love your cake and your little cutie Cherry!

    Lindsey Turner

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  12. Happy birthday, Jen! And both the cake and Cherry are just super cute!
    Thank you for all the videos and all the tutorials!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  13. Happy birthday!! You are so pretty and I love that LV bag!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!! u look amazing!! love your LV bag and loooooovvvveeee the watch!! ;)

  15. Please do more vlogs with Cherry! She is too cute! Love, love, love her!

  16. Happy belated birthday! Your dog is adorable, and I think she should have more cameos in your videos in the future.

    I don't see anything wrong with splurging every once in awhile, especially since you give your big purchases a lot of thought. And in my mind that makes it more worth it :)

    I splurged a tiny bit this Christmas as a small present to myself for surviving my first semester of grad school and got myself the UD Naked palette.

  17. i recently bought my 1st LV bag and it's the same as yours! love my trevi pm! great choice, jen!!!

  18. Aww lovely LV bag! Make me want it ;)
    Pretty watch too, Jen!
    The dog is very clever :)

  19. Hi Jenn,

    I love how you match the colour of your accessories! The watch and the bag is gorgeous!
    Please check out my blogpost on Zoya's Jem

  20. Glad to hear you had an amazing birthday, Jen!

    & good choice on the bag! The Trevi has always been my favourite LV bag :)

  21. Happy Birthday Jen!

    Cherry is such a cutie! :3 Hope to see more of her in your videos :D

    I usually don't care for brand name bags, but I have to say, the Trevi looks really nice! It's a good size and shape.

  22. Stunnnnnning as usual! I hope you had a great birthday :-)

  23. i commented on the yt vid but again happy bday and you look great!

  24. Happy belated birthday, Jen! I super adore your doggie. I literally squealed. She's so sweet. ^^

    And grats on your first LV! It suits you very well. :)

  25. what nail polish do you have on your nails? It's really pretty :)
    And Happy Belated Birthday!

  26. I've been enjoy your blog in 2011. Wish you more beautiful and stylish in 2012. Happy holiday!

  27. I love the whole outfit, Jen! Happy Belated Birthday, btw! I checked out CVS yesterday because you talked about the clearance sle and started following Nouveau Cheap - I never even knew CVS had those kinds of clearance thanks!

  28. Btw, what a cute Hello Kitty cake!!!

  29. Happy bday Jen :) Loved the vlog and looks like you had a lot of fun! Cute HK cake :)

  30. Happy bday girl! Your doggie is soooo adorable. I got the exact same MK Blair watch with the rhinestones, earlier this year during a Bloomies sale. I'm glad to see a fellow petite with tiny wrists loving the same watch. Enjoy your special day!

  31. Happy birthday Jen! I wish you have a wonderful one. Thank you so much for sharing with us your journey with acne and of course, awesome tutorials. Happy holidays :)

  32. Happy belated b-day Jen! Your watch is GORGEOUS! And I didn't know you had a doggy. She's so cute!

  33. Happy birthday Jen!! Please PLEASE just keep doing what you're doing because I'm pretty sure we all love it ㅋㅋ and know that you are a beautiful person both inside and out and I hope that maybe someday I'll be able to tell you that in person ^-^
    Btw I've been wanting a chihuahua for some time now and seeing yours just makes me want one even more. But I heard they're loud. How's cherry in regards to that ?
    Happy birthday again!!

  34. We share the same birthday! Happy belated birthday! Love the trevi and the doggy crawl :)


  35. Hiii Jen
    I wish you a very happy birthday.
    Stay as you are. You're beautiful and your blog is really interesting. Thanks and sorry my english isn't really good.
    Joyeux anniversaire

  36. A little late but still, happy birthday Jen! I love your bag and gorgeous watch and I also didn't know that you have such an adorable little dogie ;)

  37. Hello Jen! Happy belated birthday. Love your blog. I purchased a pair of JBrand jeans from Hautelook. They are the Pencil Leg Jeans in Jett (?). Basically they're a pair of black skinny jeans and the material feels so nice. They are in a size 23. I'd love to send them to you. I promise you I have never worn them before in my life, except when I tried them on and they choked the life out of me. I'm usually a 0 or 00, but I had never tried JBrand jeans before, so I guess for high end denim, I should have known better.
    In fact, I still have the original tags on them.
    Anyways, if you are interested, I'd love to send them to you.
    P.S. It's my birthday today (=]) Yay December kids!

  38. Happy birthday :) I wish you all the best for you.
    love your bag so much haha :)

  39. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great time and enjoyed yourself!

  40. happy belated and I just love coming to your blog from time to time, i'm the total opposite of petite, but i love your style, makeup and LOVE your personality.

    I think the way you shop, you deserve a splurge! You know how to find good deals, and use your money. Splurging a little never hurts. I do regret some purchases but your taste does change.

    I also LOVE your hair! how do you keep it lightly curled and natural looking?

  41. For me, it is okay to splurge once in awhile. I would do the same if I were you and I am actually saving up to own my 1st LV bag :)

  42. Happy Birthday! What great presents! I wanted to mention I saw the peach lip balm you mentioned in previous post. It is now on HauteLook:

  43. Happy birthday, Jenn! Hope you had a lovely celebration. Your dad is so adorable! Cheers to awesome Korean dads! :) <3

  44. i think it's perfectly fine to spoil yourself and splurge once in a while. happy belated birthday jen!

    much love,

    check out my over $100+ estee lauder product giveaway!

  45. Happy belated birthday!
    What a lovely post! You look very chic, and the hello kitty cake is just too adorable and your dog is so cute!!!
    I feel that it's ok to splurge more or less once in a while as a way to reward and pamper yourself to give yourself a nice break from everyday responsibilities.

  46. Yaaaaayyyy! First of all... I saw love your cake! I wish I could have that on my birthday! Wiieee! And the watch... love the color. It's unusual. Stay pretty! :)

    Belated Happy Birthday girl!

  47. Have belated birthday gorgeous! The doggy in the vid was sho cute <3

  48. Happy birthday! Big splurges are okay once in a while and after consulting first with hubby. When i was still single and started working as a nurse Bought myself my first LV mono speedy 9 years ago and it was one of the best splurges, it still looks great to this day and the patina is now a beautiful honey color. Enjoy your beautiful bag!

  49. Belated Happy Birthday Jen! I hope your birthday was wonderful! I so love your outfit and definitely the watch! Can't wait for more tutorials!

  50. Handbags, especially LV, are timeless. With proper care you will never have to buy another handbag, ever. I actually am thinking of getting the same handbag!

  51. Happy belated birthday Jen! Hope you had a lovely day.

  52. Hi Jen! Hope you had a great birthday! :) forever young! hahaha! :)

    Mmm...I think that luxury splurges are fine -- just as long as they're not frequent or regular (unless you absolutely need it). Also, I think it's really important to ask others or check out the internet for reviews on the products, since it's just a huge spend.

    A while ago I bought a Diorshow Extase mascara, and it did wonders :D but I found there were cheaper brands that could do better ._."

  53. Very cute bag Jen!!! Happy Birthday!

    I wanted to also say thank u... a few years back when I was in high school you did a video about how u suffered with acne and how your outside doesn't determine what makes u beautiful.... It helped me so much because I was suffering with severe acne at the time.

    Youre beautiful

    Check out my blog sometime...

  54. Hi Jen! I've been following your blog quite a while :) first of all, Happy Birth Day!!! Second of all, love your outfit and your LV! Spending money on a big luxury splruge is totally ok and everybody deserves it. I own a couple of luxury purses and have worked hard for each one of them.


  55. so cute post !!!
    LOL happy birthday. !!!


  56. Omgosh! I a extremely jealous of you! Happy belated birthday! <3

  57. Happy belated birthday! And Merry Christmas too! I love the LV and the MK watch. I've been lusting to get a MK watch for myself for awhile now too. Still waiting for a good deal to pop up though :P

  58. Happy belated birthday Jen.. This is my first time ever posting on your blog but I've been following you for a couple months now and I just want you to know that I really enjoy watching & reading your stuff... I wanted to see if you could possibly review the MK watch. I just got one for christmas and well...I didn't get the one w/crystals but I've read reviews & people have said that the crystals fall off. I really do like the one you have so I'm thinking about exchanging but I dont want to exchange if the crystals are going to fall off.. If thats the case I'd rather keep the more simple one I have. Also, I found that removing 2 links off my watch is still too big (I have small wrists also) so the watch slides half way down my arm but if I remove 3 then the watch stays in one place and does NOT move at all.. Did you by chance encounter this problem?

  59. Hi Jen,
    I'm a long time reader but it's my first time to comment.
    I remember when you wrote this post. (Yes, it has been a while) Still loving your posts and videos. =)
    I wanted to ask you a question.. I know that you have been using your MK watch for a while now. Does it wear off? I've seen quite a bit of reviews saying that it wore off. I know I'm a bit late on the trend but I'm contemplating if I should get one during this shopping season.
    Thanks again for your awesome work!

    1. I don't wear mine everyday but I have heard that the plating does wear off after time for others. Mine still looks great though!

  60. very nice outfit and accessories! would like to try it out...

  61. I love all the clothing accessories you have, escpially the Louis Vuitoon bag . My daughters wear some of these pieces of clothing. They are at that age when they want to dress a little more girly. My wife and I try to keep their styles appropriate but we know some great ways to find Cute Clothing that they like. We usually get them a lot of clothes for Christmas and we do most of the shopping online because most sites have a great selection.