November Hits & Misses

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It's time for another monthly Hits & Misses roundup! This month includes plenty of lip products to keep those puckers nice and moisturized during the frigid cold. I woke up this morning to snow on the ground, which may be our first tangible snowfall this year. Burrr, I'm so glad I don't have to drive a terrible distance through bad road conditions anymore like I had to for my last job!

In the video I also talk about my new blush obsession (seriously) which you can check out below:

Products Mentioned:
Revlon Lip Butters (my full post on them)
B&C lip cream in Peach (lemon/apple<-- peach is out of stock everywhere I looked :(
Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Balm
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Exposed
Jeune d' age Organics eye cream
Lancome Le French Touch Absolu lipstick
Darkness Lashes in WXOS (drugstore options Maybelline / Modlash / Ardell)

For some reason I feel like I have been drawn toward more natural makeup lately with the shorter lashes and neutral-colored blush. It's so weird because I've always been a pinky-peachy type of blush person! Maybe the weather has also caused me to be lazy with my makeup and just grab my go-to favorites but I must say, it will be very difficult in the future for me to find an obsession beyond the Naked palettes, Tarte blush in Exposed, and Revlon Lip Butters.

click below for my full review

Speaking of Revlon Lip Butters, I've heard some comments from people saying that it dries their lips out (Maybe similar to how the Lancome one dried my lips out?) after a couple hours of wear. I haven't had this problem personally but I just wanted to bring up the possibility in case it's been an issue for you. Everyone's chemistry is a bit different so feel free to have an open discussion in the comments.

I also wanted to bring up a lip balm that others love but I've actually had a terrible time with: EOS lip balms.

It's possible that I bought a dud but mine was very dry and stiff to the point that it was difficult to even apply. It just does not glide on! After not using it for a few months, I recently tried it again and it smelled like cardboard. Yuck! It promptly went into the trash. For those of you who love this lip balm, please let me know in the comments how this is supposed to feel because my experience with it was like an awkward first date. I should like him but maybe the chemistry just wasn't right! ^_~

Oh and for the Tarte blush in Exposed, I have swatches here and used it in this SNSD The Boys tutorial. Don't let online pictures fool you (such as this stock photo from Ulta above), this is a neutral pink blush, not a bronzer brown! I don't think I've had a blush obsession this strong since I first fell in love with my dearly discontinued Rock & Republic blushes, may they rest in peace.

Let me know if you've had any recent makeup obsessions. I've had so many recently and I want to know I'm not the only one. Leave it in the comments! ;)

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  1. the lip butters look so promising! i really want to try them as they remind me of the kate spade lipsticks. i love my eos lip balms! i think you just got a bad batch. they're supposed to feel like a very thin layer, kind of waxy.

    pandaphilia style

  2. Hi jen! I had the same problem with the eos lip balm. My sister told me I just had to "break it in", so I kept trying it after not liking it at first. But I love it now! After a few applications, the texture completely changed :)

  3. hmm ok i'm so glad I read this since I was going to buy the EOS lipbalms! When I used to work at Walgreens, so many people would come up to me asking if we had those in stock.The Revlon lipbutters sound nice- thanks for the review.

  4. Those lip butters look awesome...need to pick me up some next time I'm at the drugstore. You are so pretty and I love your tutorials! =)

  5. hey Jen and Angie from pandaphilia lol

    i wear the kate spade supercalifragilipstick every time I put on makeup. it's literally the only lipstick i will use because it feels like a lip chapstick.

    an oldie but goodie, the MAC impassioned solar bits is my favorite fall lid color

    Since I love eyeshadows so much, lancome kitten heel (the best rose gold eyeshadow I can find) and color du jour together is my absolute favorite eyeshadow combination of 2011. period.

  6. I bought Tarte Exposed during the Sephora FF sale and I have used it almost every day since! (more than 1 1/2 months) which is totally unprecedented for me. I literally have to force myself to use the other dozens of blushes I have :P Other obsessions I have are the Wet'N'Wild bright matte lipsticks and Chanel Dragon. Speaking of which I should wear a bright lippie tomorrow to cheer me up from all of this finals studying!

  7. I have yet to try the revlon lip butters but I've had A good experience with the EOS lip balms. They glide on smooth and I think they are great to prep n moisturize your lips before lipstick. I also love Tarte Exposed. It's such a great everyday color that goes with almost Anything.

  8. definitely have to try tarte blushes!

  9. i'm totally obsessed with my tarte clay blush in blissful!! i used to reach for my NARS Amour blush but now that i bought this one during the FF sale, i can't stop using it. i really want to get it in the color exposed now!

  10. hey jen! I've wanted to buy the exposed Amazon clay blush but it's ALWAYS sold out at my sephora store =(

    &&just wondering, what are your thoughts on the Synthetic Kabuki Kit from sigma? I really want to order it, but I've never ordered or owned any sigma brushes, so I just want to be 100% confident that I want them before I order them! THANKS!

  11. I feel the same way about the EOS lip balms. I just tossed mine recently too! Maybe it doesn't work for Asian lips! HAHA

  12. I love my eos lip balm; however, it's the melon flavor, and it smells amazing. It's not drying so much as it absorbs very quickly into the lips and you find yourself applying pretty often (which isn't bad because it smells so good). I've found the lemon one, while smelling like lemon, was a little drying and less balmy. The red one smells like a bad mixed drink so I didn't like that one either D:

  13. hi jen.. great review as usual.. really wanna get the taste blush but i think singapore sephora don't carry that brand :(
    and i was expecting u to review the fairy drops candy bar bb cream since ur august hits n misses.. can u tell me how u think of it? i couldn't find much review about it.. help me plsss

  14. My latest obsession is the Skin79 Diamond BB cream. Best ever BB cream. So awesome that I've been using it every single day for 2 months now which is totally rare for me! :)

  15. wheee...EOS lipbalm! the packaging is drop dead cute! I want one <33

  16. I definitely have to try this!!

  17. Ahhh I've GOT to have that blush now!!! I honestly didn't see myself being "into" blushes at all, but now I'm obsessed with Tarte blushes! Have to find a way to lay my hands on some. Don't live in the US so it's going to be a bit tricky. Thanks for the video Jen!

  18. I've been dying to try that blush! But Sephora was sold out :( going to try another store today.
    Thanks for posting!

  19. I've been having a really hard time finding the Revlon Lip Butters in San Francisco! I saw them in Daly City at Target but I kind of don't want to pay the full price when I know CVS had a BOGO. ANyway, thanks for the review.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you on the EOS lip balms. They do NOT work for me at all. When I am able to get it to glide on, it just leaves a waxy feeling on my lips. It doesn't feel like it actually does anything. I still use mine though since I have them in each and every single flavor hahaha. I feel like they smell good though.

  20. i want to try the revlon lip butters so desperately but i like the eos lip balms I have the red one which is like a mxied fruit one i think i duno...but i do like them xxx

  21. The EOS lipbalm does feel pretty stiff and plastic-y at first, but as another commenter said you have to "break it in". After a few times the balm glides on and it's really nice! It's a bit waxy, but I love it!

  22. Yes please, a tutorial on this look, because you look absolutely gorgeous in this video! I love your earings, I want them :)

    I hate vaseline based lip balms, it breaks me out around my mouth so I won't look into these lip creams, but you had me interested in the blush, the color is soo beautiful on you, love it!

    I don't have any makeup obsessions, my obsessions tend to lean toward skin care products more than makeup but I wouldn't call it obsessions anyway ;)

  23. I reallly recommend 2 lipbalms that I put on every day and night!
    They are Mac Lipbalm (the one in tube) and Smith's Rosebud Salve!!!! They are the best lipbalms for me- the Mac smells like a minty vanilla and the other one smells like a rose :D

  24. oh no! that must have been a dud eos lip balm! they are definitely NOT supposed to feel like that! :( they are stiff, but they still glide on easily. :) give it another go?

  25. I have had the same experience with EOS lip balm. I thought I loved it at first but I realized that it is simply just not my type of chapstick. I feel that it is just mainly for the fragrance. The aroma of it may be alluring but it may be too strong for my lips because I got an allergic reaction to them. It gave me red bumps under my lip area near my chin and I stopped using it for a week and they were gone. I used them the next week and they were back again so I could conclude that EOS lip balm was not for me. As for Lip butters, I agree with you in non-scented. I absolutely love them especially with how hydrating it is. You are definitely not alone on your opinion in EOS lip balms.

  26. those tarte blushes and the lip butters sound amazing!
    to answer your question, i think my biggest beauty find of the year is the clarins vital light serum--normally i'm super skeptical about products that are like "we lighten your dark spots, make your face better, and cure cancer!" but this one really works for me, and it doesn't break me out (i don't think i have super sensitive skin, but when i try new things, my skin tends to have a disproportionate freakout reaction, and there was none of that towards this serum). the other, less highly endorsed thing is the l'oreal true match super blendable compact makeup... i hate foundations; i always feel like an oil slick has been caked onto my face when i put foundation on, but this one works surprisingly well for me... however, i usually only use foundation for special events, so it's never on my face for longer than five hours.

  27. I hate the EOS Balms too. They are not soft at all and don't moisturize at all for me. Have you tried any of the Nivea lip balms. I love those a lot.

  28. hey Jen!

    your blog is great! i just recently came across it and have been thoroughly enjoying it!!

    i've gotten 3 of the colors you swatched for the lip butters!!!

    and from going through your older posts... i've purchased two pairs of circle lenses too! you are not good for my bank account! ($$$$$)

    i also saw that you had some posts with thigh highs and i wanted to let you know about my friend's new business as well! it's luxury thigh highs and they are AMAZING! they are made in Italy and some are made with cashmere and silk! please do check it out at
    My friend's name is Vienne Cheung!

    thank you again for your lovely blog!

  29. So sad . . . in Germany it is so hard to get Revlon.

    Regards, ♥

  30. Hey Jen!
    I've been looking for a good eye cream that's actually hydrating. I've been using Lancome's Genefique eye cream and found it wasn't hydrating enough especially during the winter months. I'll have to check out the Jeune D'Age eye cream.
    Can't wait to check out all of your other hits for the month.


  31. I clicked the link to order that eye cream, but for some reason when I click to buy it, it doesn't show up in the cart. =[ I really need a good eye cream since the skin around my eyes are flaking like crazy! Can you help?

    I use the EOS lip balm and have had no problem with it not gliding or being stiff. It's very smooth and easy to use.

    And I love Tarte's Exposed blush! I have it as well and I love that I can make it darker if I want. I use it in place of a bronzer to contour my cheeks. Love!

  32. so many reviews going on about the revlon lip butters! hopefully i'll get my hands on them soon!

    - Coco

  33. I just got the EOS and reviewed it here:

    Although I can understand how it may be hard to break in, once I cover my lips over it, the heat warms it up nicely, and it becomes soooo emollient!

    Also, it is just SO CUTE! I love having it sit on my desk and looking at it. It's so visually cute to look at... I certainly can't say that about my tube of mascara!

  34. From all the lip balms I have tried, I only loved 2.
    One is Ceralip by La Roche Posey, which is really really mosturizing, non-colory lip balm, and great for chopped lips.
    For mosturizing (only, not that magic like Ceralip) I go with Korres. The lipstick, and the jar are both good.

  35. oh man, I have searched high and low for these lip butters; however, Hawaii just doesnt have it! >_< Target brought in 1 shipment and has not replenished... :( Can't wait until they bring more in!

  36. I bought Revlon Colorburst lip butter in 005 (Sugar Frosting) and at first it looked nice on my lips but after I looked in the mirror it just looked too bright ( I'm Asian) and ugly on my lips. I regret buying it. : (

  37. eos tends to be more dry in the sweet mint one. try a different one, like the honeysuckle honeydew. they should be more moist. it's supposed to feel really creamy and moist to the lips

  38. Hi Jen, do you know what happened to the Jeune d'Age Organics company? Can't seem to access 2 of their websites. Really appreciate your help! Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately I don't know what happened to Jeune d'Age. I really haven't heard anything about them lately! I'm sorry I can't help much!