Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review & Swatches

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Wowee, what a busy week this has been! There's just been too much to post I hope you guys have been as excited about all the fantastic new products that have been coming out as I am!

One of the most hyped products right now is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette which was just released on urbandecay.com earlier today for $50. It won't reach other retailers like Sephora and Ulta until mid-January 2012 so if you want to be the first to get this, you'll have to fight the masses on Urban Decay's website each day. So is this palette worth the hype? Let's take a look.

The palette comes nicely housed in a tin-style container, reminiscent of Asian pencil cases, with a mini Lip Junkie lipgloss in the shade "Naked", of course.

Opened up, the layout is quite similar to the former Naked Palette with 12 full-sized eyeshadows and a full-length mirror going across the top. Value-wise, this is great for neutral lovers since 1 eyeshadow for Urban Decay retails for $17 so you are getting $204 worth of eyeshadow for $50 and that's not even taking into account the brush and lipgloss included.

This mirror is actually much larger than the old palette, embedded in cardboard. I didn't use the mirror on the last one since it was so small but this one is a more adequate size for actually putting eyeshadow on. The synthetic brush is dual-ended with a rounded blending brush end and a flat brush end.

The lipgloss is a cute miniature size with a pretty filigree cap. The color is quite wearable and pretty, and it also has a cooling minty sensation. I also show in the video that the angled squeeze applicator is a bit rubbery to give more "drag" in application. This will be an easy addition to throw in my purse since it's so tiny but it also probably doesn't hold a ton of product.

Here you can see the palette contains 12 shadows, 3 of which are mattes (foxy, tease, blackout) and I think it's a good call that they added a matte highlight shade and matte black this time around. I was actually hoping for more mattes since I dearly love Buck from the last palette but they have quite a lot of metallics and satin-finish shades instead, and of course a signature metallic-with-glitter Chopper.

Here's a close-up of each section:

Foxy - matte cream
Half-Baked - metallic neutral gold
Bootycall - satin champagne (very similar to Virgin from the original Naked palette)
Chopper - metallic rose gold with silver micro glitters
Tease - matte mushroom taupe with purple undertones

Tease - matte mushroom taupe with purple undertones
Snakebite - satin deep bronze (gooooorgeous)
Suspect - satin light taupe
Pistol - satin warm steel grey
Verve - pale metallic slightly pinky grey (I really love this shade from the Rollergirl palette)

Pistol - satin warm steel grey
Verve - pale metallic slightly pinky grey (I really love this shade from the Rollergirl palette)
YDK - metallic toasty taupe with coppery micro micro glitters
Busted - satin plummy dark brown
Blackout - matte black

Here are swatches of all the shades on my arm:
foxy / half baked / bootycall / chopper / tease / snakebite / suspect / pistol / verve / ydk / busted / blackout

Comparing this to my original Naked palette, the Naked 2 contains more light metallic shades as well as more medium greigey-taupey colors. The original leaned very warm and I would not say this one is cooler, per se, but it does include more of those medium, I'm-not-sure-how-to-describe-this-color, greyish purplish taupish tannish shades.

Here's a dupes list:
Foxy - Used to be available in individual pot form, but not anymore so it's not "new" but new to me.
Half Baked - The only shade that is included in both Naked palettes.
Bootycall - Palette exclusive shade. Very similar to Virgin (Naked) and I think it was a little unnecessary since you have Foxy for highlight and Verve for inner corner brightening.
Chopper - You can buy this individually. It's much rosier and more glittery than Sidecar (Naked 1).
Tease - Palette exclusive shade. I wanted this matte to be silkier than it is.
Snakebite - Palette exclusive shade. Slightly darker version of Smog (Naked 1).
Suspect - This shade was in the Rollergirl Palette.
Pistol - Palette exclusive shade.
Verve - This shade was in the Rollergirl Palette.
YDK - You can buy this individually. Similar to Sidecar (Naked 1) but a touch warmer and without glitter.
Busted - Palette exclusive shade.
Blackout - This matte black has been in several palettes including the 15th Anniversary palette.

Technically there are 5 new shades, but since Foxy was formerly discontinued, there are 6 in this palette that are new to UD's current lineup. Did I mention I LOVE my Rollergirl palette? I'm happy they included 2 of those shades in here as well.

One thing that does slightly bug me about this palette is the layout of shades. Naked original had a logical progression from lights to darks with a few coordinating lighter-darker shades being placed next to each other. Naked 2 on the other hand seems to skip about more instead. I want the coordinating lighter shades to the left of darker ones! (Original Naked Palette below)

Do you need both Naked and Naked 2? Honestly probably not. Most of the shades are close enough to being duplicated from the first palette that it wouldn't warrant another expensive purchase. If you don't own either palette though, I think the Naked 2 is a really wonderful and well-rounded palette with a good range of light to dark colors in a variety of finishes. The glitter shades from Naked (Sidecar, I'm looking at you) went less used than the rest of the shadows but the glitter in Naked 2 (gorgeous rose-gold Chopper) is such a beauty and the glitters seem less dense that I think it might be one of my most-used shades in the very near future.

It just comes down to what shades you prefer on yourself. If you want traditional warm browns, I recommend the original Naked. If you prefer medium, taupier colors then try Naked 2.

As for me, my perfect palette would be:
Naked original except replacing Sidecar (metallic taupe with glitter) with Chopper (rose gold)
Toasted and Hustle (purples) with Verve and Pistol (greys)
and Creep (almost black with glitters) for Blackout (matte black)

In other words, you can't make me decide! Too bad we can't have it all unless we own both.... ;)

So what do you think? Will you be picking up the new Naked 2? Which palette do you prefer?

Disclaimer: Thank you to Urban Decay for generously gifting this palette! This post is not sponsored.

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  1. I'm gonna PASS for sure.. It looks like a great palette if you don't own the original but since I have one.. colors are just way too similar. I do love how the dual ended brushes are included in this set and the pkging w/ the bigger mirror. I already have other UD palettes that is included in this palette as well. Kind of stupid to buy another one w/ same colors. IMO.

  2. I'm so glad that you did a review on the Naked 2 already! (: I was contemplating on purchasing it earlier this afternoon, esp. seeing all the great tutorials that you've done using the pilot palette.

    Looking forward to your future tutorials using Naked 2! :D


  3. Everyone's been talking about this new UD palette! The swatches are gorgeous. But the colors are not too special, to be honest. These neutrals, browns, nudes kinda colors are common in other palettes which are less expensive.

  4. ooo I want this! I didn't get a chance to nab the first one so I def want this one!

  5. I actually got the original naked palette way back when and then returned it because it just wasn't the perfect palette for me. I already had similar colors in my collection and I felt like it didn't have enough lighter eyeshadow colors! But this naked 2 one....omg so perfect for me. The matte black and matte highlight color immediately drew my attention since they are essentials to my routine. This is (going to be in the future if I can get my hands on one) my first ever UD palette and i am quite satisfied with that idea. Thanks for the great review! maybe i'll do my own review as well.

    <3, alice


  6. I want the Naked palette! But i can't decide if it's worth the price!


  7. I have NAKED which I absolutely love, so I dont think I will pick up this since the colors are very similar. But then again I cant get enough of neutral eyeshadows haha :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  8. I have the original, but there are some gorgeous shades in this one too. If only I could pick and choose shades between the two!

  9. I'm so excited that you have this review up!

    I actually just decided to get my sister the original Naked palette for Christmas, but I may gave to get this for myself in the new year. Your reviews are amazing--I actually got the first palette because your review was so comprehensive and helpful and I love it.

  10. What a lovely neutral color ! I really want this thing.. but, how pity me. i'm here at Indonesia and it's really hard to get urban decay products :(. how lucky are you jane X). make some tutorial with this pallete :D

  11. I have the original one and LOVE IT. I'm pretty sure I'll get this one as well, I wonder if they'll sell it in Shanghai. I'm completely in love with it!

  12. nice nice post! thank you for the swatches! Love all these shades so so pretty (except the price^^)! Half baked, Snakebite, Suspect, YDK, and Busted are super super gorgeous!!

  13. I have the original palette but I wish I could switch with the NAKED 2 palette! I like the matte colors better!..but since I have the original one I don't think I'm going to be purchasing another palette since they are similar..:) Nice blog post! ^_^

  14. this is a very comprehensive review, jen! thanks for this. i still don't own a naked palette but if ever i would consider buying, i will definitely go back to this post.


  15. Great review, im definitely snatching myself one even though i have the original Naked.

  16. OMG! lovely! but personally i like the old packaging hehe its just classy and classic :)

  17. oh wow! had no idea they were gonna come out with another one!!


  18. Great review! I'm a fan of your blog :) The taupe'y and greige colors makes this more tempting for me than the original. But at $50, its too hard to decide if I'll splurge again.


  19. thanks gen. It's great review. I haven't bought any UD palette yet and honestly I want both. Many people say the colors look similar but for me, they look different. even some colors look similar, they will look different on eyelid because of summery and metallic.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Hi Jen! Awesome review, I'm so tempted to get it but for $50 it's kinda hefty...I guess I will wait and see it in Sephora stores first..Just curious though, what camera equipment are you using? I'm looking for a new camera/camcorder and the quality of this video just looked really nice!


  22. Thanks for the review! I have the original naked palette and love it however I will probably get the new one as well. I like half of the colors in the new one and it's not really worth buying the individual colors (for the ones that are available anyway).

  23. i have the original naked, and i like it, but don't love it, so i'll pass on this one, but it is still pretty.

  24. i only got my Naked 1 last month, so i was quite shocked when i read ur tweet about it. Naked 2 has got nice light satin colors. But i gotta say, i still prefer Naked 1. I'll still get Naked 2 to add to my collection, but Naked 1 has all the nice universal colors.


  25. very informative and well written post. .. thanks dear for posting this . i do not own any of the nakes palette , i wish i could buy this in near future :)

  26. I love this palette but I'm not sure to buy it.
    I'm gonna think about that!!
    Thank you for your review!!

  27. Hey Jen!! Thanks for the very prompt review! (= I was wondering...I don't have either of the palette's but am going to purchase one for sure but I'm having trouble deciding on which one and I was wondering if you could help me??

    I'm also Korean and have similar coloring (NC30..NC35 if I'm tanner) to you. If you HAD to only pick one, which would you say is more complimentary?? or which do you just like more, naked1 or naked2?? (:

  28. Hi Jen! Which palette do you think suits Asian skin better? The warmer Naked or the cooler Naked 2? :-) Thanks!!

  29. wow!
    really nice colours!



  30. THis is a great review! I like your balanced view.

    Honestly, since I have Naked 1, I won't be buying Naked 2, BUT if I could go back and buy one or the other, I would've chosen the Naked 2. I think the colors are nicer and it has more variety. I also like the packaging better.

  31. Hi Jen, I'm currently a poor college student and was wondering if I could ask you for advice on good quality brushes on a budget. I'm still experimenting with makeup so I'm a newbie, but I don't want to use crappy brushes. I also don't want to dish out lots of $$$ for the higher-end brands, either. I heard Ecotools was pretty good, but in all honesty I really can't tell the difference between good and bad brushes to begin with so I'd really appreciate it if you helped me out with that, too... ^_^ Thanks!

  32. Thank you for the review. It looks like greats eyeshadows. I think i must buy it;)
    You're a very beautiful girl!
    Like your blog.

  33. Thank you for the information! I was thinking that they look very close close (naked 1 and naked 2). I guess it's just the hype to get it asap. New visitor and loving your blog!


  34. I've heard so much about this Naked 2 palette! I wasn't planning on purchasing this one since I have the original Naked... but... you sold me. :) I will definitely be buying this one!! <3

  35. This looks really nice! I've been wanting the original Naked palette but they are kind of hard to find since I live in Norway.. Great review :)

  36. This looks really nice! I've been wanting the original Naked palette but they are kind of hard to find since I live in Norway.. Great review :)

  37. Love your detailed comparison of the two palettes! Like everyone says, the two palettes have such similar colors, but the Naked 2 has those great matte colors. Perfect for fall/winter!

  38. I actually haven't used my Naked Palette much since I got the 15th Anniversary Palette and the Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette. I'm not super excited about the Naked 2, but I might consider getting it the next time Sephora has a discount. Thanks for sharing your review, Jen!

  39. Oie,vim conhecer seu Blog,amei e já estou super seguindo!
    Parabêns pelo seu cantinho e muito sucesso pra ti!

    Te convido para visitar meu Blog e se gostar e puder seguir também,será muito bem vinda,sinta-se em casa!

    Ah,tem sorteio por lá!

    beijinhos no core!


  40. thanks for sharing! i've beeen curious to see what changes urban decay has made.



  41. jen, can u pls do more tutorials using UD Naked? I love all ur tuts.

    -reader from Singapore

  42. So glad I saw this before running out and buying one! I LOOOVE the original naked (I don't know what my daily makeup routine was like before buck, smog, and darkhorse...) and I already have the 15th Anniversary palette so I don't think I really need this. I also don't know if these colors would work for me, being olive toned, brown eyes and black hair BUT my boyfriend's sister is very fair with blue eyes and blonde hair and I think this would be a perfect gift for her. Plus I'm not much of a lip gloss person and she is.

  43. I'd be lucky to own one early next year as I live in the Philippines. I'm sure that they'd be sold out during that time :( Oh well...I'll still try my luck! Thanks for the post.

    The second version looks as amazing though. And the packaging looks better.

  44. I like the tin case of this one a lot more over the dust magnet velvet casing of the original, but like you said, the colors are so similar there's really no reason to get this one too. Thanks for such a great review!

  45. J: Consider what you use most, taupe/grey (Naked 2) or copper (original). Whichever you are more attracted to, that's what I would recommend!

    furubaby: Most Asians tend to have warmer skin so you can't go wrong with a warmer palette aka Naked original.

    328cm: I really love Sigma brushes! They are really nice quality for the price. :)

    Estee: I definitely will!

  46. Great timing! I was only just thinking to myself the other day how many youtubers I've seen use the Naked palette and how I'd love to try it out. Based on your advice, I think Naked 2 may be a better option for me, I have pretty cool, pale colouring with blue eyes so taupe goes better on me than warm brown. I love the look of Chopper and YDK. My only problem I think will be getting my hands on one of these living in rural Australia. Might be time to do an order with a mail forwarding service I think!

  47. Wow! There's a lot of lovely colours in palette. :)

  48. although the colors are pretty, i'll be passing on this. i haven't used my naked palette enough to justify the price yet. so i definitely don't have extra to spend on naked 2. i really wish that matte black came in the naked palette too!


  49. I really like the original Naked! Could you do a review on the different types of Urban Decay Shadow Primer they have? I just have the basic kind, which is great for making eye shadow stick, but not sure how the other types effect the sheen/color of the eyeshadow

  50. i love your videos and post , all the detail you include , real helpfull! :)


  51. could you please do a IU you and I makeup tutorial?

  52. I don't think I will purchase this one-I do have Naked 1 and while my daughter thinks this is better than Naked 1 (she also has) She prefers Naked 2, but being unemployed for the past 18 months I just cannot justify the $50 for it when it IS very similar to #1--I don't see how #2 is going to change my life. I may use my $20 VIB cert to buy the 15 year palette though!

  53. I'm so tempted to get the second Naked palette as well since I absolutely love the first one! I don't care that the colors are similar as my collection almost consists of neutral colors anyway, so.... ^^

    Thanks for the review!!

    Also, I'm looking forward to your future tutorials using the Naked 2 palette!!

  54. Thanks so much for posting a review on the Naked 2 Palette! I was so curious about it. It definitely looks like a great essential palette and would recommend it to someone who's just starting their makeup collection. Thanks again for being so thorough and taking your time doing such a detailed review!


  55. ur so lucky u got it
    i didnt had the chance to
    greaaaaaat review

  56. Hi Jen, so glad i stumbled upon ur channel! I watched a couple of videos and it just dawned on me, i think we used to work together at the Px counter in Macys. Is that u? If it is, this is Elissa, and what a small world! If its not, so sorry.

  57. I think I won't. Will spend money for other stuff, since I have the first one and the colors are similar. Thank you for the review!


  58. I actually use Sidecar A LOT from my Naked palette! Haha, to each their own! The silver looks interesting on Naked 2, but I may just buy the individual shade instead.

  59. Jen, can you show us tutorials for this palette?

  60. After reading this review, It makes me easier to decide to buy Naked2.
    Honestly,Naked2 will be my FIRST eye palette ever!
    so Could you do more tutorial of Naked2? I need to practice a lot.
    Thank you so much to do this Review. I really appreciate it.

  61. This review has really helped me decide between the two pallets, i've been wanting to purchase an Urban Decay pallet for ages now and this review has really increased my knowledge on what i want.
    Loved reading through your blog and I am now your newest follower =)

    Check out my blog?

  62. Yea. I finally went crazy and bought a Naked 2 palette (most expensive eyeshadow purchase ever!). Okay, ordered it half an hour ago online at Sephora and now I'm on your blog looking for makeup tutorials! I wanted to get the Original Naked palette but I already had the Vegan palette (couldn't resist, it was small, cute, great size for travel, and on sale for $11 at Nordstrom Rack) BUT that had three colors that are the same as the Original Naked :(

    But oh, I wanted to share: On the Urbandecay website , some of the shadows are on sale for only $6 instead of the $18 (so cheap!). I bought the customizable palette after seeing your review. And...while looking for some eyeshadow to start on my customizable palette...I ended up with the Naked 2. How? I don't know what happened?! So now, I'm going to have a Naked 2 palette (in 3 days! Woot! Woot!) and a customizable one with only one shade! Jen, I'm giddy and excited but my hubby's wallet is sad!

  63. thanks! I just got this NAKED2 palette! beautiful shimmery colors!


  64. This palate is on my Christmas Wish List! Thanks for the review!
    xoxo Ava

  65. Oh, where I live (Virginia, USA) they already have Naked 2 available at Sephora. I just bought it yesterday! This is my first palette and experiment with eyeshadow so I'm excited to try it out ^^

  66. hi jen what colour in naked 2 palette similiar with buck and sin from naked original? thanks. hope you show more tutorial with naked 2 palette.

  67. Do you know if Naked 2 was made in China? or where are UD make-up made?

  68. Hi Jen! What would you suggest for an Asian girl like me that doesn't have either of the Naked palettes? Should I get 1 or 2? Also, what are your thoughts on getting the Vice palette 2 instead? Appreciate your reply...

  69. i am so torn between Naked and Naked 2.. spent an hour comparing colors at sephora but ended up with Naked 2. i just feel like more matte, taupe, cool colors look better on asians....do some tutorials with your fav colors from Naked 2!!!

    1. Warm colors tend to suit most Asians (warm colors look good with warm skintones) but it's honestly up to your own preference! If you are more neutral or pinker-toned, taupes and cool colors would look amazing too. :)

  70. im really glad I found this post, I have the naked basics, naked 1 and 3. part of me wants to get 2 to have all of themXD I do really love the colors in all of them but its hard to spend that much on eyeshadowXD