Sister Tag!!

6:08 PM

Hi everyone! Today's post is another one taking a bit of a look into my life and introducing you my one and only sibling: my sister Linda! You may remember seeing her in my Cali visit posts here and here but this time she came home to visit my parents and me instead. :)

I know many of you have sisters and would probably relate to some of the answers we gave in the sister tag, so while she was visiting I had her sit down and do a video with me. Without further ado, please warmly welcome my unnie.

Video and tag questions, plus more pics of my sister after the jump!

1. How old are you both?
2. Describe each other in one word?
3. Do people ever get you mixed up?
4. What is something that annoys you about one another?
5. What is it like being sister with a youtube "guru"?
6. Do you ever argue?
7. Whats the best thing about one another?
8. Ditch the dirt?
9. Fave inside joke?
10. Fave memory together?
11. Full sisters/half/step?
12. Guess each others fave singer?
13. Who takes longer to get ready
14. Heels or flats?

15. Pants or dresses?

16. Favorite animal?

17. If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?
18. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
19. Blackberry or iPhone?

20. Favorite movie?
21. What is something weird that you eat?
22. Do you guys have anything matching?
23. What's your favorite TV show?


Old Navy sweater (similar/similar/similar)
OPI Gel Polish in Princess Rule!
H&M rose gold bow hair elastic (similar/similar)


Forever 21 off-shoulder shirt (similar)
Amrita Singh turquoise ring (similar/similar/similar)

A couple of funny things I wanted to mention about my sister and myself is that although we are 100% full-blooded sisters, we are actually quite different! Not only do we have different tastes and personality, but in terms of beauty, our skin, hair, and body chemistry are completely different as well. The birth control I left behind (mentioned as possibly TMI in my last video) was one that made her skin clear up completely and left me with a mess of cystic acne.

Also, check out this pic I took with her last year. She cut all her hair off to donate to Locks of Love!

In comparison, here is a pic we just took together about a month ago. I looooove her new bob. What do you guys think? ;)

One last one of her just because I think she looks so pretty here, by the photogenic shores of Laguna Beach.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know both of us a little bit better! Through thick and thin, I feel very grateful to have my older sister to talk to, relate to, and yes, even force makeup upon. (Hehehe.)

Please feel free to do this tag as well, on youtube or blog and leave a link in the comments. Also let me know if you saw any other fun tags that you'd like to see in future posts as well!

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  1. very cute post! my name's linda too!!

  2. That was awesome! I enjoyed that tag ^^

    I also only have one sister (younger) and what's kind of funny is I was thinking of her while I was watching your video and she lives in Korea right now and you guys and my sister and I have a lot in common: we don't look alike either, we're pretty much opposite in every way BUT we have the same parents, we're both short (I'm shorter XP) and I remember us watching Totoro together A LOT lol

    Thanks for the vid! Is was nice meeting your sis!

  3. I have one younger sister too! you and your sis look cute together, and she got a good face features just like yours! :3

  4. Linda!!! What a nice surprise to see you pop up on the blog. =)

  5. This is super sweet :) Makes me miss my siblings :( we are scattered

  6. your sis is just as pretty as you~! ^^

  7. You are both absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Awww this is a very cute post. I wish I have a sister. But I do have a girl friend who also doesn't have a sis and we speak Konglish together all the time. We were at the airport one day working together and like always, speaking Konglish and a korean tourist stopped in front of us and said "짬뽕으로 말하네". The funny thing was that we didn't even realized that we were speaking 짬뽕!
    Anyway, enough of my junk. I usually don't leave any comments but I had to on this post. ^^

    1. Hahaha my mom says that all the time, but she does it the worst! ;) Our whole family talks 짬뽕!

  9. Hi Jen,

    Loved your post. I have three older sisters of my own, and even though we've gone through our tough times ('specially because they're all quite a bit older than me!) I love them all to bits. Sisters are da bomb! You and your sister are a cute pair, I can especially see the resemblance in that pretty picture of her at the end :) Thanks for a great commemoration to sisterhood.


  10. That tag was super cute! I was actually going to comment on how much I like Linda's bob... it looks great on her!

    xo, alison*elle

  11. It's amazing!!!

  12. I have a sister named Linda also but she's 2 years younger than me. I am your sister's age so it's funny because I can relate to a lot of the answers like fighting a lot when we were younger and still do but not as much because we're older--Our grandma living with us when we were young and how her and my parents would pronounce our names haha. And we both don't look anything alike either hahah. so funny!

    This was a cute video!

  13. u inspired me to make a sister tag video also but my sisters and i are very awkward in front of the camera. it feels weird talking to a camera.

    1. I was awkward when I first started doing videos too! It just takes some practice. :)

  14. You are both so beautiful! I love her bob!! :)

  15. That's so sweet! I love my sisters too! =)

  16. Aww cute! My sisters are amazing, but pretty older than me. xp

  17. OOOO LOOK AT YOU! Linda's just as gorgeous!!! You're so lucky to have a sister! I really wanted one, but I ended up with 2 bros instead (they're great, but I would have liked a sister)!

  18. It's obvious that you two are sisters!! You resemble soooo much!!
    And I love her new bob, this looks awesome!! She has a really pretty face!! She's so pretty *__*

  19. She has many features that you resemble :) Wonder what it'll be like if I had a sister, I have two brother's :D

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  20. I found out (guidance from a post on the dishonesty of Locks of Love by Capitol Hill Style: that Locks of Love CHARGES every patient thousands of dollars for their wigs. This completely negates their false image as a charity! I was flabbergasted when I read about it on the blog and then more on many other sources. Please tell you sister!

    1. I've heard about those criticisms before and I believe she hasn't sent the pony away just yet. We'll try to research somewhere solid to send the hair to. :)

  21. lovely post! been missing your posts! <3

  22. Hi Jen!
    I discovered your blog a few days ago and I literally spent a whole day going through all your posts and vids! You are so cute and have great make up tutorial. I already feel like I can put on make up better after watching your videos! Thanks xoxo - Sarah

  23. Hi jen! This doesnt have to do with this post, but what company are your clover earrings from (Sephora haul video)? I love them but can't find them. Thanks!

  24. Hi Jen! I was wondering how you got rid of your cystic acne? :( I keep getting reoccurring ones on my chin and it's making my feel really self concious..

  25. AWWW! You and your sister are so cute together!! :)


  26. your sis is so cute and it's so generous of her to have donated her locks. her bob suits her so very well.

  27. I can't believe you're 27! I literally thought you were 16-17 when I first saw a video of you. Haha! You and your sister look a lot alike actually! Not like twins, but I can definitely tell that you're sisters! :)

  28. My best friend and I are going to do this because we are like sisters!

  29. Both you and your sister are so pretty. I think your sister looks so professional and sophisticated with her new hair. It suits her well! :)

  30. Awww love the video!! I also did the exact tag with my little sister! ;)

  31. Hii...
    I dont Have sister n Brother.... ;(
    Zodiak Hari ini

  32. Here's mine!

  33. this would be fun for both my sisters

  34. Aww, you two are so cute! I actually found you as I was looking for the Sister Tag questions and I didn't know about you! I started following your blog and YouTube channel! I have also posted the Sister Tag on my blog HERE! :))