July 2012 Favorites & Big Announcement!

8:36 PM

Hey everyone! I'm finally back from California and what a whirlwind it has been. Entering my apartment again felt like I was entering another dimension since I've been gone for 2 months. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done at home and in preparation for lots of upcoming changes in my life and also here on the blog. More reviews will be coming soon!!! :)

Because of the extensive travel, my favorites this month have truly been staples so I'm quite happy to recommend to you some products that I been loving and really stand by.

Click below for the video!


Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in 320 Warm Golden
Lioele Skinfix Powder Pact Oil-Control Type in 23 Natural Beige
Rhoto Lycee Eyedrops (Rohto Hydra version)
NYX Slide-On Pencil in Brown Perfection
Too Faced 3*Way Lash Lining Tool


Ann Taylor Chambray Shirt
H&M skater dress (similar strapless/similar zig-zag/stripes & floral)
Panda necklace (similar/similar/similar)

This month I wanted to highlight my current favorite eyeliner, the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool. It's a felt tip pen-style liner which is extremely similar to the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner that I talked about in this post.

They are both similar in form and function, with 3 prongs where the liquid liner is dispensed from. As you can see here, the liner has the ability to draw a very fine line but I especially love using it to fill in the gaps between lashes and along the lower lash line.

left: NYX Slide-On Pencil in Brown Perfection 
right: Too Faced 3*Way Lash Lining Tool

Compared to using gel or pencil eyeliners, the product lasts longer without smudging or flaking. The Holika Holika liner gave me staining problems after it was removed, but this Too Faced version washes cleanly away with my DHC Oil Cleanser. Love it!

As I mentioned in the video, my huge announcement is that I just opened up a vlog channel on YouTube! (No, I'm not pregnant yet. Haha.) I love sharing travel videos and wanted to have a space to talk about more than just beauty like behind-the-scenes clips of how I set up my camera, interior decoration, Q&As, and everything else so if you love those same things, please feel free to subscribe to youtube.com/FrmJen!

Hope you all had an amazing June and I can't wait to share more with you in August! :)

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  1. Oh wow! A three pronged eyeliner pen? I want to try this out! The MAC eyeliner pencil is my holy grail right now, but I'm really curious about this one! And I've been curious about the Revlon whipped foundation for awhile too!

    And it goes without saying, but awesome job on your collab with Wong Fu! :)


  2. Its funny how when I first read the title, I thought "omg she is pregnant. I'm so happy for her" and then I continued reading and I realized I was completely wrong. haha. I'm glad you already knew what we would think....but I am super excited for your vlog channel. I will definitely be subscribing.

    Take Care,

  3. so glad to see you back on youtube and yay for the second channel! i subscribed straight away :) seems like everyone thought the huge announcement was that you're pregnant LOL! >< you trolled us Jen :P

    Laura x


    1. LOL! Too bad I couldn't have Rick Roll "Never Gonna Give You Up" auto-play in the background. ;)

  4. Jen!! Love you lip today so much!!! It looks so natural :)

  5. Great post ! Very interesting !


  6. i always get overly excited when you put up a new video. you're so informative and now i want everything you mentioned in your favorites. thanks for sharing, jen!


  7. Jen,
    What color shade are you in MAC ?

  8. I wanted to try the Rhoto eyedrops, your review is very helpful ! Anyway you can say home sweet home ! Welcome back Jen !

    -Samy bubblebeauty89.blogspot.com

  9. Hi Jen, i can say you are your prettiest today. i dunno maybe the hair color suits you well. i love it during the Bronze Goddess photo.

    Could you tell us its color or how you made it?


  10. Welcome back! And of course I immediately subbed to your second channel ♥
    Will watch your favourites when I get home, right now, gotta work! xoxo

  11. Love your chambray shirt! I've been meaning to pick one up but still haven't had a chance to. I was wondering what nail polish you're wearing in your video? its super cute!

  12. I totally thought you were pregnant! Haha. Can't wait to see you get your vlog on! :)

  13. Love your blog Jen! You make it so engaging with all your love and hard work! Looking forward to seeing the new developments!

    herve leger blog

  14. i wanna try the three pronged eyeliner!
    :D internationa giveaways! http://elinessete.blogspot.com/

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  16. Hello Jen! =)

    I live your tutorials and everything, they've really helped me. I'm monolidded as well but I'm Chinese and from Singapore.

    I've got a question though.

    Both my eye shapes are unequal; my left eye is more rounded and hooded compared to my right which is almond-shaped. Whenever I put on eyeliner (I use Maybelline Drama Studio Gel eyeliner), the difference becomes really obvious.

    Could you do a tutorial or if you couldn't, can you please advice me?

    Thank you so much!!

    P/S; I'm not sure if you get what I mean when I tried to describe my eye shape but I could send you a photo if you like.


  17. I thought your big announcement would be pregnancy. But then you write that its not the case. ^.^
    You look so beautiful as always ♥
    Have a good time~

  18. Ahh .. I love your videos so much.
    Finally I am here now and I suscribe your both channel. :)

  19. I have had my eye on that foundation for a while, I'm just afraid to try it because I'm very acne prone and have to mind my products. Has it given you any breakout issues?

  20. Hello!

    Love your videos!

    Can you please make a tutorial of your every day make up? It's so natural and beautiful!

    Thank you!

  21. I am so excited to see this month's vedio. I have been using holika holika wonder dot eyeliner every since I saw your vedio, they are my holy grail ever since. You wont believe it almost life changing. I have been really bad on eyeliner but this one is so easy to use. I ordered via Ebay for about $13(inc shipping) and have been on my way using the second one now.
    My question is, if I dont mind the smudges(since I only used on upper waterline and they removed just fine) do you think Two faced eyeliner works much better in terms of application? It is about $23 which is almost twice as much as the holika holica eyeliner. Regardless, I am so happy to see something for replacement, just in case the ebayer stop selling them or dicountined in the futuer. You are the best!

  22. So glad to see you back! I always look forward to your monthly favorites. I will have to try Lioele Skinfix Powder since I have oily skin.
    I really like Rhoto Eyedrops. I like the Lycee one because its pink and looks cute, but my fav. is Rhoto Z! Lycee one is really mild and does not refresh my eye like the Z! which is really minty and refreshing but if you don't like the cool minty feeling on your eyeballs you might not like it. I'm not sure if the one with the white cap from the U.S version that you didn't like is the same as Rhoto Z! I will have to try and see. I'll be happy to find my eyedrops for a cheaper price but I'll probably end up buying the Japanese version since it has cuter packaging.

  23. Hi! I love reading/watching your blogs~! I was wondering if you ever did a follow up on the Silkn Flash n Go; how did it work out for you?

  24. I had to go awww on the last minute of this video haha :) Your so adorable!

    Glad to have you back!

  25. OMG. Ha. Ha. I thought your big announcement was that you are pregnant! Glad to see that I wasn't the only one. I'm actually going through and re-reading/re-watching your blogs. Wow. Your style has changed so much! Love em. Can't wait to check out your other channel.

  26. Hi jen, did my question regarding your pregnat be an idea for discussion? I am so sorry if you don't like my question before,
    I just confuse, you are active woman, i think u are getting pregnat, because ur face more chubby than i saw u on video last year.

  27. i really love watching your videos and reading your blog posts Jen which inspired me to blog about fashion and makeup also . i wish to be successful like you . stay safe . thank you for being such an inspiration .

  28. I first used one of your tutorials (for prom chaperone makeup - kind of like prom only minus the elaborate part) that I found on Pinterest, but have found your suggestions to be really helpful. Just got the Revlon - same shade - and it's working really well. It's pretty hot and humid here in Hawai`i, and I just did some yard work - so far, so perfect! Thanks!

  29. where did you get the ring you're wearing on your right hand?? it's so adorable!

  30. hi jen, i bought the too faced liner after seeing your review, and loved it the first time i tried the liner. then for some reason it's going on kinda uneven and the formula seems to be not as consistent. it also has been creasing a lot since i am a monolid and lash line gets sucked up under my eye lid. did you have any experience with the formula turning weird on you? thanks!

  31. I am in love love LOVE with revlon whipped foundation (purchased via your review so props <3 <3 <3). However, I have the biggest problem with finding the most convenient and most hygienic method to dispense it. So far I've gone as far as to whip out a spoon because, I either get too much or too little when I use the bottom end of my makeup brushes. Sometimes, I'm a little lazy, making sure my hands are clean before I use my fingers to scoop little bits out. I am honestly so put out I'm tempted to send Revlon a formal letter to change the packaging to a pump but feel it may ruin the "whipped" part out of the formula. Thoughts? I also wondered if you had any recommendations for similar formulated or just similar products.