Glam New Years Party Tutorial

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It's already the end of 2012 which, in my opinion, is the perfect opportunity to whip out that cosmetic glitter and go all out for those New Years Eve parties. I just can't help it. There's something about the fact that everyone will be staying up past midnight that says wearing profuse amounts of sparky is totally A-OK and I am not one to argue the point. (We all agree on this, right??)

I love me some glitter and I love me some gold so I put the two together for this year's glamorous New Years makeup. If you're still searching for the perfect party look then check out the tutorial below!



Makeup-wise, New Years Eve has to be one of my very favorite times of the entire year. A lot of my daily makeup tends to be very boring and neutral and hubby and I are such homebodies that we don't actually go out much, so any time I can get dressed up and really let loose is a party to me!

One color that I absolutely love on every skintone is gold. I had this bronze paillete dress which you may recognize from my instagram photo here and it inspired me to create this gradient of pale to deep golds. And how cool are these lashes? The rhinestones remind me of shimmering fireworks that shoot off at New Years celebrations!

I intentionally shaped the main gold color to show above the eye for monolidders or those with hooded lids. No hidden pop of color here! The eyeliner going from an inner point straight across to the outer corners creates an even more dramatic, sexy cat eye. Precise and elongated brows help to enhance the effect.

The look was finished off with slightly pale, neutral lips. Since the eyes are so dramatic I didn't want a bright lip to compete and Urban Decay Naked lipstick is one of my favorites for this purpose. Sometimes washed-out, baby pink lips are too much of a statement too so remember that sticking with one to two shades lighter than your natural lip color will always be flattering.

I hope you all have an awesome New Years Eve and have a safe and fun time tonight!

This year has been such a whirlwind of change for me and I feel so incredibly blessed for all of those changes because it feels like I am truly where I'm supposed to be. That's not to say everything makes sense or is easy, but sometimes there is great fulfillment in running the right direction and putting your faith in something greater than your own understanding. Looking back, I feel so incredibly humbled to have had another amazing year of your love and support which truly made it one I know I will never, ever forget. How often do we say that and not mean it? Well, I mean it. THANK YOU!!! :)

Remember, tomorrow is a fresh beginning so lets cherish the memories of 2012 so that we can step forward and have an even better 2013!


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  1. Happy new year, Jen ^-^

    btw I LOVE your photoshoots, bokeh background FTW, May I request self photography tuto? hehe, thanks~

  2. Wow you look so pretty!! Such a lovely make up ♥
    Have a great 2013!!

  3. This is such a pretty look! The gold and the way you blended it just looks amazing! Plus I love the video's backgrounds :)

  4. i love this video!! also, can you do the "no mirror makeup challenge tag"? i would LOVE to see that!! happy new year!!!!

  5. I really loved this look/tutorial Jen! Such a beautiful job! I didn't have anything planned for New Years this year, but this is such a good look for parties in general! <3

  6. wish you a great new year!!!!!!
    keep rockin on and thanks for all the experiences you have shared with us!
    looking forwardly for more to come

  7. i prefer your older format of videos actually :)

  8. Happy new year Jen !!

  9. Wow u look amazing! HAPPY NEW YEAR Jen!

  10. Love this look! Happy new year Jen! Xxx

  11. great techniques. I love all your tutorials.

  12. Happy New Year..
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  13. Gorgeous makeup and it LOOKS easy to follow! hahaha. I say that because I'm really bad at putting stuff on my face, or maybe just lazy...:( lol. I'm still amazed at how quickly and easily you can make straight, clean lines like on your eyes! And I love the picture of you in the sequined dress. You look beautiful!

  14. Love this make-up look! I did not knew you have a blog, I only thought you had a youtube channel :p Your blog looks amazing and I love your videos! =)


  15. i love the lashes!

  16. oh my i love this look so much ^^

  17. You're very sexy and glam in this make up style.
    Could you please do make up tutorial for a tan skin.