Manicure Monday: NYX Las Vegas

9:00 AM

It's finally December and that means that everyone is gearing up for the holidays. I'm so looking forward to the festive music, cozy drinks, and sparkly decorations and along with that comes beauty products that match the mood. As soon as it started getting properly chilly (mine from my November visit back home), I knew I had to bust out some of my favorite Christmassy colors again!

What can I say, sparkly polish just feels right lately and NYX Las Vegas fits the season perfectly!

I first gravitated toward this color since I didn't have many deep greens in my collection. Sometimes I feel like greens just don't look as nice on my yellow-toned skin, but every December I get the itch to wear a sparkly forest green and Las Vegas fills that void quite well.

The color itself is a dark hunter green with a glass-fleck shimmer, imparting a sparkly but smooth finish. I used a base of CND Stickey Base with 4 coats of Las Vegas to get full opacity. Thick top coats like Seche Vite really seem to bring out the extra glossiness of these types of shimmer polishes and makes the shimmer pop.

Aren't the blue edges of the bottle kind of beautiful? The polish wand reminds me of a baby version of OPI since it's flat but not as wide. In general this polish is easy to work with and gets a big bang for only being $3.50 when I purchased it at Cherry Culture. Sadly NYX has discontinued this line of polishes completely so you'll probably have to do some local hunting/google searching to find it.

Are your nails reflecting the holidays? What colors are you coveting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Pretty color!! Perfect for December with holidays coming up. :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. I love this christmas green so much :)

  3. I don't have any deep greens either, and I'd certainly like this try this just because of the color. Looks so rich and stunning.

  4. It's the prettiest green polish I've seen!

  5. This color is beautiful!

  6. Green is my favorite color! I wish I knew how to apply nail polish, I always mess it up! I've learned a lot about different makeup products from your blog over the years. I am a new petite fashion blogger, please visit my blog at if you get a chance. Hope to hear from you! :)

  7. This week I'm sporting a minty green polish with white lace konaded over the top! It felt Christmas-y to me because I love minty flavors during the holidays especially in my hot chocolate! It's too bad NYX discontinued this polish, it's too gorgeous! T^T Lovely post as always Jen, thanks for sharing! <3

  8. lovely color for christmas time! you should do a christmas nail tutorial if you get time :)

  9. Hi Jen! Lovely colour ^^
    I've noticed your twitter feed isn't working, it happened on my blog too. I found a fix if you want to try (replace "[" for "<" and "]" for ">".

    [script src="" type="text/javascript"][/script]
    [script src="" type="text/javascript"][/script][br /]

    Hope this helps ♥ xx

  10. Hey Jen, I saw a picture of this bird on facebook which made me think of the one you saved a couple of months ago. What happend to that bird? Did you find it's owner or do you still have it? :D Love your blog by the way! It has made it's way all the way to Sweden :D
    xo// Sanna

    1. Hi Sanna! The bird went to a new home. I couldn't take him with me while I moved back and forth across the country. ;)

      Thank you so much and that's INCREDIBLE that you are enjoying it in Sweden!

  11. Its very shining nails color i really like this one.I have great searching about beauty products and in one place i have seen great choice of beauty products.stretch mark creams

  12. I love this color so much I kept looking at your nails on that "novemember favorite" video on youtube.


  13. Both of us me and my daughter like this color a lot, thanks Jen, happy Holiday.

  14. juicy cocktail mint frappe from etude, so christmas-sy :))

  15. Oooh this one reminds me of China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle! (similar texture to Ruby Pumps and Lubu Heels) Amazing color, loving it on you :)

  16. Love this colour. Trying to find the similar one.Thanks.