Manicure Monday: Zoya Jules

9:00 AM

Hey everyone! I felt like today's Manicure Monday was incredibly appropriate for it being the beginning of December since the shades in Zoya Jules remind me of sparkling Christmas lights and silver tinsel. This warm dove-grey shimmer just seems so holiday appropriate without screaming "bad Christmas sweater" which is muted and yet refreshing. Let's check it out below!


As typical with Zoya polishes, this one applied quite easily and smoothly. I used a base of Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Base Coat, with 3 coats of Jules to achieve full opacity, then a top coat of Seche Vite to lock in shine. It has the slight streakiness of some frosty polishes at first, but the shimmers evened the look out in the end resulting in a beautiful, even coat of gold and copper flecks.

I'm a huge sucker for polishes that are more complex than what you see at first glance and this one has plenty of that sparkly gratification. This one is definitely a great work-appropriate shade that still makes you stop and admire the dimensionality of it when you take a closer look, like silver crushed velvet. It's really quite lovely!

Overall, I'm definitely a fan of this understated color. The added warmth of gold and red makes it flattering against warm undertones and I have nothing to complain about with application. Everyone needs a dove grey in their collection and this one is a great choice, especially for the Fall and Winter!

Readers, what polish reminds of you the holidays the most? Do you have a favorite grey? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. so sparkly and festive! Gorgeous shimmer!



  2. Me gusta el color, aunque los esmaltes de Zoya suelen durarme poco tiempo.

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  3. this is such a nice colour, I want your camera and photography skills!

  4. Love the gold-gray! :-) your nails are always so nicely done. I love all sparkles for the holidays.. Latest obsession is OPI :-)
    Slacking on primping

  5. Such a beautiful color!!

    Check us out
    Instagram: @20thkey

  6. Hey Jen!
    can you please make a tutorial of make-up to 50 - 60 years old asian women? Can you try on your mom, ant?
    Thank you

  7. woww such a festive color :) but most zoya polishes are unavailable in india :(

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