November 2013 Favorites!

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Hey everyone and happy December! It's now my favorite month of the year since it contains both my birthday (Dec 14th! Anyone have the same b-day as me?) and also Christmas. Is it just me, or was November especially fast? We had Thanksgiving dinner at our place with friends and family and ordered in Jack Stack Barbeque from Kansas City so it would taste like home. Add in a few more Thanksgiving favorites and Monsters University and we had a wonderful, cozy, and very thankful holiday. :)

Here's a photo I shared on Instagram of some of the delicious meal:

To wrap up November, I wanted to share my monthly Beauty Favorites video with several new makeup friends I've made. I'm especially loving a few new lipsticks that are perfect for the cooler weather, so check them out the video below:

Beauty Favorites:



hat - Boy Beanie
eyes - Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (my review)
nails - Urban Decay Blackheart (my review)

Can I speak for a minute about the Benefit Dallas boxed powder? I don't know if you remember my obsession with Tarte Exposed blush from last year but Dallas is Exposed's cousin which is so perfect for the Fall and Winter. For the last couple of years, it seems I've been drawn to these plummy-brown blushes that I would have never grabbed in the years before. Call me vain, but I just never looked at this sort of muddy shade because I was biased and didn't like how it looked in the box. Wow, I feel almost dirty typing that out loud.

Hi, I'm Jen and I'm a recovering blush racist. I prefer hot pinks not because they are most flattering on me, but because it looks pretty in the pan. I fully admit this, and I've amended my ways.

Dallas falls into that category of everyday, goes-with-everything cheek shades that does double duty of adding color to cheeks while acting as a cheek contour. You can totally skip the bronzer for a cooler alternative for a while. (Don't worry, I won't tell it that you're cheating on him.) It's also a color that isn't so sheer you have to layer it on, and it's not so dark you have to be super careful while applying it. I definitely see this being my #1 top Winter love.

Readers, what is your go-to blush shade during the Fall and Winter? Are you a blush racist? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. You look great!! And hey - my birthday is on the 14th too!!!!!!!! :))

    1. Oh!!! I missed by 3 days. Mine is 17th Dec. December is my favourite month and Saggis are my favourite people! :) :)

  2. I'm very curious to try Dallas...I've never really tried a blush..I use one to contour, but really liked this color!! And the Naked Palette 3, can't wait for it to get to Portugal for me to get my hands on it!!!


  3. love the lipstick you're wearing :D
    xx Stephanie (

  4. My friends' birthday is the same as yours! New to your channel and blog, loving it so far!

  5. Mmm, food envy! Just watched your latest video, love the beanie!



  6. Hi Jen, what false lashes are you using in this video? I tried looking in the description box but there's nothing listed for the lashes :'[. Thank you!

  7. ok i confess!! i'm not just a blush racist, i'm a color racist! if it's not pretty in the pan, i'm just not interested! (with the exception of bronzers) right now my favorite blushes are tarte's off the cuff blush palette but when i want something brainless, my go to is milani's luminoso.

    can you do a quick comparison of the new concealer favorite vs the old favorite tarte maracuja?

  8. yeah i totally judge a book by its cover. i also tend not to buy things when the packaging is not so pretty.

  9. Hi Jen! Mine birthday is just a day earlier than yours, and this year its on a Friday.. Hahaha

  10. the naked 3 palette looks really good

  11. I really want to try the naked 3!! It seems so good!!

  12. Hi Jen! I have a problem and I hope you can help me. My friend asked me to do her make up for a party. She'll be wearing a coral long gown but I don't know what color can go with it. Thanks in advance Jen! :)

  13. I've never been that interested in the Dallas blush, but I probably could use it as a bronzer. I'm super pale and never really use that much blush in my routine, so I'm still trying to find a color that looks good.

  14. Hi Jen, as usually, another great video - love your post! "E-blou-i" is pronounced: "E" (like in E-toile or E-clat) + "BLOU" (like the colour BLUE) + "I" (the letter E like in E-vening). Ebloui means to be so dazzled that it is almost blinding (figuratively speaking). I am really forward to your Hourglass Ambient Light review of the different effects and colours.

  15. Loved this post! ^___^ My fave blush is still Benefit's Rockateur even though it was more of a summer color haha!

  16. I like this overall look on you! :)

  17. yes! my birthday is the 14th december :)