Thursday, December 5, 2013

How To Whiten Teeth & Food Do's & Don'ts!

Hey guys! One question that I get asked over and over is what I do to keep my teeth white. Obviously, doing a lot of videos means that I don't want to have a distracting smile, so I like to take good care of my teeth as well as occasionally use whitening products to ensure they are their brightest.

I'm not sure about you guys, but I've found that a lot of products tend to make my teeth especially sensitive so for a while I stayed away from what I tried before (Crest Whitestrips, in case anyone was wondering). The last few months I've gotten a whitening and tooth care routine down that I've been very happy with and that doesn't give me any issues with teeth sensitivity.

I've also included a list of food do's and don'ts for whitening teeth so check out my video & routine below!


toothpaste | Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Toothpaste
electric toothbrush | Sonicare Flexcare Plus
floss | Flossing Picks


top | Dolman Sleeve Knit Top
nails | Urban Decay Blackheart (my review)

I like to keep things pretty simple in my daily habits, so here's an extremely short list of whitening points. In my personal routine there are 3 steps that contribute to my teeth staying their whitest:

    1. whitening product
    2. toothpaste/brushing routine
    3. foods

Whitening Products

Tackling the first, I mentioned before that Crest Whitestrips were very effective but caused a lot of uncomfortable tooth sensitivity for me. Since it's so easily available over the counter and you can find coupons and discounts for this system, it's one that I'd recommend if you can withstand the tooth pain for a week or two. I personally wanted to try something maybe a little milder but still effective.

I currently use the Dial A Smile system from Whitening Lightening (use code FH2TKIT to get the kit for $69 or code FH2T for 70% off)  and I've found it to show a difference after each use, plus it doesn't cause tooth pain for me. Since it comes with its own blue light, you can hold it an inch away from your teeth if you do get sensitive teeth but I've been fine keeping it in my mouth the whole time so I can walk around without worry. The only downside is that you definitely do have drooling issues with the process, but maybe that's just me. ;)

Here are a few other options for teeth whitening out there:

Brushing Routine

The toothpaste I've used for literally years is the Aquafresh Extreme Clean whitening toothpaste. I absolutely love the fresh, minty flavor and it makes my mouth feel so much cleaner than when I use other brands. This one doesn't necessarily make my teeth super bright from dull but it does seem to effectively maintain the whiteness of my teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, the Sensodyne ProNamel Whitening toothpaste is also a great alternative!

For brushing, it's super important to use a gentle toothbrush and using circular strokes. I just got the Sonicare Flexcare Plus toothbrush last Christmas from my husband and it's totally changed my life! I had an Oral-B electric toothbrush before then and I can say that verifiably there is no comparison. Since the vibrations are smaller, my teeth feel like they get more thoroughly cleaner while also being more gentle on my gums. If you brush too hard with any type of toothbrush, you can actually push your gums back exposing nerves so make sure to be gentle and brush focusing on one tooth at a time. Oh, and for the record, Sonicare and the Clarisonic are made by the same company. :)

Here are a few more Sonicare toothbrushes and the toothpastes I mentioned:


Finally, it's important to keep in mind what you are putting in your mouth that may be staining your teeth. Certain foods or other habitual products like smoking or chewing tobacco can cause a significant amount of discoloration to your teeth. Others are high in acid and wear down on tooth enamel. You can avoid yellowing potential by drinking some things with a straw, rinsing mouth out with water after eating, or sidestepping others altogether. Here is a list of foods, drinks, and products to avoid:

    1. Red Wine
    2. Cola or dark sodas
    3. Coffee
    4. Tea
    5. Sports Drinks
    6. Dark Sauces
    7. Berries
    8. Smoking

The good news is that there are also a few foods and products around that are actually tooth-healthy! Many of these stimulate the production of saliva which helps wash your mouth cleaner. Some of these also physically scrub your teeth as you eat them which is great for removing surface stains. Try these out for a brighter smile:

    1. leafy greens
    2. strawberries
    3. apples
    4. pineapples
    5. broccoli
    6. water (it also contains teeth-cleaning fluoride!)
    7. sugarless gum

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you get your lovely smiles in tip-top shape! Pretty smiles tend to be healthy ones so take care of them well and you'll be rewarded with sparkly white teeth. :)

Readers, what is your favorite whitening product? Is there a toothpaste or toothbrush you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This post was so helpful! Thank you for adding the list of foods. Will definitely keep them in mind!

  2. This was great! I really need to look into a whitening system as I am a active smoker and coffee drinker!! I know, I know its bad for me I have no defense, Other than I was a pirate in another life! Thank for the great video :) I subbed to your channel! I never knew you existed so glad I found you!! Much Love xxoo


    1. Ah, thank you so much for subscribing and welcome to the blog! So glad I could help out with some tooth-whitening advice. :)

    2. It was really great watching your videos. I happened to stumble upon it in Youtube when looking for a great make up tutorial. I like yours!

  3. Awesome post, thanks for sharing all of this great info.

  4. Yo también uso Sonicare y me encanta, deja los dientes super suaves :)

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  5. Crest strips also made my teeth really sensitive. Thank you so much for this video and the above products and tips!



  6. I've noticed that black tea stains my teeth, but green tea actually makes them whiter. Is this true for everybody?

    Also, I really recommend Dazzling White Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Pens. I was skeptical at first because it is a dollar tree product, but I noticed a firrence after just the first use! And my teeth haven't become sensitive from usage

    1. Hmm, I've never really noticed a change in my tooth color from green tea but since it's lighter I would guess it's at least less staining than black tea? Thanks for the whitening pen reco!

  7. This is a great post! I have sensitive teeth so whitening is a pain (literally!) I will have to try out the blue light method.

    xx, julie

  8. great post Jen! However I must say one thing--the fluoride in water is only in some states such as Minnesota. I'm from Texas and our waters don't have fluoride :( what a shame though! I could really use some fluoride in my water for my teeth lol. Thank you for making this post/video! :)

    1. Oh that's so crazy! I had no idea fluoride water was only in some states and not others. Very good to know! I'll have to make sure I look up if I have fluoridated water the next time I move. :)

  9. Thanks for this post! where do you get the discounts and coupons for the Crest Whitestrips?

    1. You can sometimes find coupons in the newspaper or mail fliers! There are also online sites that have coupon codes, especially around holiday time. :)

  10. Thanks for the interesting post! I previously used an oral b toothbrush but recently bought a sonicare flexcare toothbrush and I totally agree that there is just no comparison. My teeth feel and look about 2 shades whiter. Sonicare is in a totally different league!!

    1. Right??? I was actually shocked how different brushing my teeth felt with the Sonicare. Really glad we upgraded!

  11. I love this post!
    Jen, you're so pretty <3

  12. Really useful, thank you! Definitely gonna check out the whitening product and the Sonicare. I don't consume most of de food/drinks that are bad for your teeth. But I do drink a lot of green tea. I did noticed that over the past 2 years my teeth are less white which is a real bummer :(.. But I love tea to much to give it up!
    Also really love your blog so started following you! ^^

  13. So what number did the system whiten your teeth to?

  14. oh man.. i already know diet coke is bad for my teeth.. but i just love it SO MUCH! haha

    you should try water flossers too! :) we just recently got it maybe a month ago and i like it a lot.

  15. You did a great job showing all the products available on the market to aid in whitening teeth. In fact I have read many blogs and seldom do they really give a full picture of what is available.

    I have tried the strips, have a sonicare, have done the trays from my dentist and now have the Pearl. It uses a gentle current that activates the gel. It doesn't cause sensitivity, which I really appreciate. The strips were not for me - - uncomfortable.

    Anyhow, nice site and blog

  16. Hi Jen, Useful post. Thank you. Question, are you wearing any nude lipstick. If so, whats the colour and brand.

  17. Hi Jen,

    Really glad you made a post about this but wanted to also add to it if you don't mind. I'm currently a 3rd year dental student and we've learned a lot about oral hygiene and teach it to our patients on a daily basis.

    In addition to brushing...flossing is just as important, if not more. You need to floss at least once a day, at night, and preferably after meals (but of course not everyone has time for that). The plaque left in between your teeth can also cause serious damage to your teeth and gums, and cause periodontal disease. Gums do NOT grow back! Once you lose them either via brushing too hard or losing them due to gum disease (not brushing and flossing daily), it is irreversible unless you get gum grafts which is very costly. There are many different types of dental floss but just make sure the wax is WAXED. A popular product is "Glide" floss which is easier to use and doesn't hurt as much HOWEVER it is less effective in removing plaque! You actually have to do twice the work as compared to regular waxed dental floss. A sign of gingivitis is actually bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth. When you notice that you no longer bleed, your teeth are very healthy!

    In regards to fluoridated water, fluoridated water is really only effective for children who are still developing their teeth. The amount of fluoride in water is really negligible in regards to how helpful it can be to fully grown adult dentition. Fluoride however in larger concentration are anti-cavity and most importantly remineralizes enamel. So for example if you are a soda drinker or see that the tips of your teeth are semi-transparent, it means that your teeth have been demineralized. The only way to remineralize them is using products with fluoride, and mouthrinses such as Phos-Flur are great. The more demineralized your teeth are the easier it is for bacteria to invade and cause cavities. Basically fluoride helps strengthen your teeth.

    If you don't particularly like flossing your teeth Sonicare also has a great product called Airfloss, check it out! Hope this helps!

  18. I can't use Crest Whitestrips because I have bonding on my top two front teeth, and the Whitestrips won't remove any staining on the bonding. But I recently bought the PowerSwabs system and am so incredibly impressed with it, and plan to use it for one week every six months to keep my teeth pearly white! Your teeth are gorgeous, by the way.

  19. All the contents you mentioned in post is too good and can be very useful. your tips are also provide several options for whitening teeth.I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep updating.

    Teeth whitening

  20. i used to have a sonicare but my dentist recommended that i switch to a rotadent. the brush heads are smaller and made out of filaments which are gentler on your gums and easier for you to reach the back teeth. i've been getting much better grades from my hygienest and less teeth sensitivity ever since i switched. they also have lifetime warrantee (altho their shipping charges are costly) if you buy from authorized retailers.

  21. You're so funny..and I love your videos. Kisses from your brazilian fan, Isa :) xoxo

  22. Great tips! My favorite whitening toothpaste is the AP24 whitening fluoride toothpaste by nu skin. It keeps my mouth fresh for longer period. Check it here

  23. i really like your necklaces, which brand is that~

    1. Thank you! This one was actually a family heirloom but I've seen similar ones here and there. It's a pretty classic design. :)

  24. You have nicely shared a few teeth whitening tips in your post. I used baking soda to whiten my teeth but I failed to get long lasting effects. I will follow these tips and definitely try those products to get long lasting teeth whitening effects. The video which you have shared in your post is really interesting.

  25. Timely article! I was worried of my yellowish teeth and planned to have a teeth whitening treatment in Toronto. Your article gave me a good guidelines and going to follow it. The video was also too interesting.

  26. Thank you for this information. Earlier, I was reluctant to use it but now, I really know which product to opt for. I will surely suggest my friends for the same.


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  27. Thanks for the valuable information also for better and satisfactory results consult a dentist. I visited my dentist for teeth whitening in Brantford and am very happy with the results.

  28. I'll never be able to give up my coffee or soda, but I do try to chew gum or something after to help. If I can, I'll drink soda out of a straw as well. I've been thinking about getting my teeth professionally whitened, but I want to make sure I've got a way to keep them white at home.

  29. This is a great article and video, but why did you have the back of your head in the shot as well? It was just a little distracting, but other than that, the information was great and useful.

  30. We should try to avoid food that cause stains like tea, cola, coffee etc to keep teeth white and shiny.
    Teeth Whitening in Whitby

  31. That's nice that there are foods that help with keeping your teeth white and more healthy. To be honest, I never would have guessed that strawberries are on that list, since they have such a strong red pigment. Well, I like strawberries, so I'm happy they're also good for my teeth.


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