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Hey guys! So it's been a dream of mine, literally for years, to develop a platform for a really positive beauty community where we could share makeup looks, reviews, and experiences. For me, makeup has always been so much more than just about making yourself pretty. Pretty changes. Cosmetic trends come and go, and physical beauty doesn't last as well. What does last is how you feel about yourself on the inside and as crazy as it is, how you express yourself on the outside does mirror that too.

One of the reasons I started blogging nearly 6 years ago is that I felt like I was alone in my journey of discovering how to apply makeup to my monolid, Asian eyes while growing up in Midwest America surrounded by very little diversity.
Being an artist and loving drawing and painting, I took what I knew about shadow and light and basically made up my own techniques for applying makeup on myself. If I felt the loneliness of feeling un-pretty when magazine tutorials led me to dead ends and makeup counters made me look like I had a black eye, I knew others had to have experienced the same feelings. (Seriously, am I right? Am I not the only one who had a traumatic eyeshadow experience at a department store?)

That's why I felt the desperate need to share with others a way to take that power into our own hands to feel pretty. Because at the end of the day, it's being able to confidently do what others are effortlessly taught. It's because I felt like someone needed to say "Just because you have to apply your makeup differently doesn't mean you are doing it wrong," and "No really, you ARE beautiful the way God made you. Really."

It's my hope that the From Head To Toe App is a way for the amazing beauty community that has warmly embraced me to encourage, inspire, and learn from each other the way that I have learned, been inspired, and encouraged in such a personal way.

Without further ado, I introduce to you the Official From Head To Toe App!

To download the free FHTT app click the links below:

Key features:
- watch tutorials
- read blog posts
- join the community
(face of the day, outfit of the day, nails of the day, before/after)
- share your product reviews
- bookmark ANYTHING

As I said in the video, this app has been in development since last year and went through so many iterations and conceptual changes. Obviously I wanted it to be a way for you guys to easily access my videos and blog posts so they could be usable when you are applying your makeup, but I am also really passionate about the community aspect of it.

Everything from the categories, concepts of swatch reviews & FOTD posts, even the stickers and themes you can use to customize your experience were hand designed by yours truly. You can probably imagine why I feel like this app is like a child I've birthed into the world through blood, sweat, and tears. When I saw people posting in it for the first time yesterday I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with joy and emotion. It was finally REAL! I could see your individual faces! Most of all, people were coming together to like each others photos and leave encouraging & helpful thoughts and comments for each other. Unreal. What a blessing.

As the app is still fresh, I'm sure there are kinks to work out and things to improve upon, so if you test drive it and want to share your comments please send feedback to fhtt-app@veam.co with the subject line FHTT Official App Support Team. I've already received some great ideas so far that I'm excited to integrate into the next updates. Thanks so much to Hiroshi and the incredible Veam team for all of your hard work and incredible talent in bringing my ideas to reality! I was amazed seeing the parts come together at each meeting and the result was better than I even hoped for.

Last but not least, thank you guys for your amazing love and support that has carried me through thick and thin. You don't realize how much your tweets about downloading the app and comments on Youtube and Facebook have touched my heart deeply and made me feel even more just how much everything happens for a reason. My husband said to me, "Even if only 5 people use the app, it will all be worth it" and it's so true. But to have seen it receive even more love than I could've imagined? I have no words for that.

Being able to take one step deeper into creating a new generation of women (and men) who have a positive self-image and confidence in their own beauty is truly priceless. Thank you. I couldn't have taken this leap without you.

Readers, did you try out the app? Let me know any feedback or suggestions you may have in the comments!

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  1. Congrats Jenn! Love you .. love the app. You have been featured in today's blog post! If you have a second please read my suggestion posted on my blog.



  2. Ooh well done! I'll be downloading this.

    Katie | and-katie.com

  3. Amazing! Totally downloaded the app, and purchased the lights! They were exactly the kind of picture effects I was looking for. Love the app it's fun and a great way to stay in touch. Well done! ^__^ Congrats as well!

  4. err..i feel really dumb but..
    how do you post? am i missing something big HHAHA SORRY FOR THE DUMB QUESTION BUT I'M CONFUSED

    1. You just go into the different categories (like face of the day or outfit of the day) in the side menu to post! I know it's confusing since you can't post to Latest or What's Hot. I'll submit that to the developers to see if they can make it easier to use. :)

    2. wow that was pretty obvious huh <3 thanks for answering though ^_^

  5. I will download later when back home since Wi-fi is much cheaper than 3G in China.

  6. Jen, you never cease to amaze me with your dedication and hard work. Congratulations on achieving this dream!! Thank you for making this app, I will definitely be using it! and thanks for making it free, seriously :)

  7. A pleasant surprise! Will totally be downloading it later! and thanks for making it free! :))


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  10. Hi Jen
    I love love love your blog and am downloading your app right now!
    It's probably not the first time you hear this but it's your blog & videos that got me to experiment with monolid make up and FINALLY thankful that i can use eyeshadows too! For the past 30+ years i just gave up on pro make up artists who just could'nt "prettify" my monolids like the way u do here. Cos no matter what they did, my eyes just looked slanty, almost "fierce". :(
    So i just want to say u are doing an AMAZING thing here, pls continue with your passion . There's no greater joy in life than to be able to find your calling :). Keep going cos somewhere on the other side of the world, someone's looking pretty cos of u! Xoxo
    Nicole (Singapore)

  11. Wow! Congratulations on the new app! Really exciting!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  12. Hi Jen,
    I wanna if you can do a makeup tutorial on BoA shout it out MV (the look with hat) she looks awesome!

  13. Great job with the app! I love it, but I can't get it to sync with my Twitter account, so I can only watch and not participate. ): Maybe I'll try uninstalling it and reinstalling? Wish me luck! (;

    Sica | PurelyEnvy! ♥

  14. Hi Jen, love your blog and youtube vids long time and I feel the need to congratulate you on rolling out your new app. And yes, you're not the only one who had a traumatic eyeshadow experience at a department store :P

  15. Hi Jen! i don't really have the latest of technology. i have an iTouch 3 and it doesn't have a camera. i was wondering how can i post things without the use of a camera? i just normally load pictures to my iTouch anyways. just wondering if i can do it or not

    1. You can load a pre-existing photo from your device (loaded from your comp in your case) so you can definitely still participate! :)

  16. Just got the app today &have been enjoying it very much! I'm having so much fun looking through different categories & what people have posted up :) Congrats, Jen! You must be really proud of the finished product.

  17. Your new app is awesome!!!!!!!! I love having your tutorials in an easy on the go fashion :)

  18. Your new app is awesome! I love having your tutorials in an easy to access on-the-go manner :)

  19. yay for monolid asian eyes!! ^^

  20. Just found your blog and I too have the "monolid" and love all of your tutorials! You make it look so easy, and will be definitely going to your videos for support and help in the coming months! Thanks!

  21. This app sounds awesome! Can't wait to download this.

  22. FHTT App has best features for girls which they use to find new trends of cosmetic. Great work by developers! Apps Development Company