Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Masque

9:49 AM

Let me give you some background on my hair. It is long with thick individual hairs. I have what feels like a lot of hair, but my hairdresser told me it is thinner on the sides than the top and back. For the last couple of years, I had permed my hair and highlighted it here and there. The result was unhealthy, albeit easy to style, hair.

After getting most of the treated part cut off, I wanted to make sure that my hair was well taken care of this time around. After a bit of research on, I settled on getting this VERY inexpensive conditioning masque. You apply it instead of regular conditioner and leave it in for at least 3 minutes. The steam from the shower really draws the product into your hair and after I rinsed in cool water, I was surprised at how silky and soft my hair became! After putting some heat-protectant serum in my hair and straightening, my hair was the softest it's been in two years. I was very pleased with the results! Definitely buy this product. I highly recommend it.

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  1. No comment on the product yet but just wanted to say it's cool how you managed to make yellow and GREY (it looks grey in the picture anyway) work together in an outfit! The orange necklace pulls it together. & you look more gorgeous than usual in that picture too.

  2. What kind of heat protectant do you use? Mine is...ineffective. >.>

  3. you have the most perfect features i've ever seen.
    you look like a porcelain doll.

  4. i used that masque because you recommended it:) my hair feels great, but i didn't leave it in long enough.

    anyway--you're beautiful!

  5. i love ur hair is so pretty.... is there a product that can help thicken hair?.......

  6. have you tried doing a Hair Manicure? it is expensive but so dang worth it!
    results are soft and shiny hair!