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10:27 PM

Someone asked me about the nail color in my Natural Glow makeup tutorial. It's actually Maybelline Salon Expert nail color in Unforgettable Red. The one I bought came as a two-pack with a free clear "base & top coat" polish. I think it was only somewhere around 5 bucks and I was looking for a nice red polish after seeing it on my friend. My friend has fair, warm-colored skin and the color really popped on her. On my hands, it doesn't look as dark as on her but comes out as a true red, with a hint of red pearl.

I really like this shade of red because it's a strong color that's classy without being TOO dark for Spring or Summer. It also really sparkles with the top coat. A bit of advice I can give with polishes (or any paint for that matter, spray paint included) is to use a top coat of the SAME BRAND as the polish. Different top coats have different formulas and if the ingredients of the polish and top coat are different it may chip faster and not adhere as nice. If you use the same brand, they are formulated to work well together and you know you will get nice results. I'm not saying to go buy a new top coat with each polish you get, but if there is one color or brand you really love, it would be worth it to pick up the top coat too.

Just in note with keeping eyes open, the polish colors I've been into lately include:
Pale Opaque Pink <--my favorite, and what I'm wearing at the moment
Light Gold Glitter
Hot Pink

I know black was the "hot" color for a long while, but I'm ready for some new Spring colors! Opaque white is gonna be super hot this year for Spring and I can't wait.

Oh, I forgot to note that I'm (obviously) not a nailpolish snob. I'll try anything from the cheap to the nicer stuff. Nailpolish only looks fresh for about a week, no matter the brand so just try to find whatever color you love the most. :)

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  1. I don't know what it is about your posts, but I always look forward to reading them.

  2. where can you buy that LDL nail polish? do they sell it anywhere such as target? lol. thankss. i love reading your blogsssss.

  3. Actually, I'm not sure where to buy it! I got mine from TJ Maxx.

  4. Ok so I can find LDL nail polish anywhere and I was looking at nail polish at target and i was wondering if you knew of anything that is really similar to that light pink LDL nail polish.
    P.s. I love your blog!! :)

  5. Oh my gosh I've been looking for that super cute pink nail polish everywhere and I haven't seen it!! :(
    Do you know of anything that's like really close to it??

  6. What is your secret to drying your polish? Your nails are always flawless and wrinkle-free! Mine always get marred before they are fully dry. Any tips for quicker drying or better drying?