New Day, New Blog

5:25 PM

Hello, hello! Upon the questioning of a reader of one of my tutorials on Soompi forums, I decided to create a health and beauty blog. I'm no professional, but I do notice details in EVERYTHING. (I'm a design grad, what can I say?)

My name is Jen and I love things that work beautifully and efficiently. This includes hair, nails, body products, makeup... Heck I'm even happy if I can workout and have fun. Look out for updates on makeup tutorials and product reviews because, well, I love to share good (and bad) news.


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  1. I've just finished looking up your whole blog =) this is really inspiring ! i like your videos and the way you do your tutorials ! You're so cute *___*
    looking forward to more videos =)

  2. Jen, I would like to let you know that I just finished going through your entire blog. Three days, and a bunchhhhh of posts later, I'm done! I'm Korean, and have a monolid with a slightttt crease, and a double when I smile, and I have learned SOOOOOO MUCH from your blog. I took my tips mostly from your dolly eyed tutorials to get your eyes bigger and brighter. I thank you so much! I've been a makeup addict for about 6 years now, and your tutorials are the first that actually been useful and pertain to me! Thank you so much for your amazing blog! You're my new favorite guru! <3 caleh