Clear Care

7:46 PM

I was recently introduced to this contact lens cleaning product called Clear Care. According to the company, it is "For Fresh, Clean and More Comfortable Contact Lenses." I saw my best friend was using it and it supposedly cleans lenses much better than regular daily solutions like Renu and Opti-free, so I decided to buy it and give it a try.

Now, this is a peroxide-based solution which should ABSOLUTELY BY NO MEANS GO DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EYE until it is neutralized for 6 hours from the special platinum disk in the case that it comes with. There are many warnings against this on the box and label. Which is why, naturally, on one of the first days that I have owned this solution, I managed to put a contact, soaked in the non-neutralized solution, directly into my eye.

I know, stupid! But I forgot that I poured out the neutralized solution from the last time I cleaned other contacts and put fresh solution in it when I reached to re-wet a contact I was putting in. Oh lordy was there pain! Searing, burning pain in my left eye! I rushed to the sink to take out the lens and rinse out my eye but it had already taken its effect. This was yesterday, and today my eye is still sore, red, and dry. I've heard it takes about a week to get back to normal. :(

Oh well. We live and learn, and become more careful with the things we put in our eyes!

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  1. Hi Jen!

    Would you recommend using Clear Care for Solotica lenses?

  2. I just bought this today!
    When you were using it in the cleaning case, did it start to fizz a lot?
    Mine is fizzing and bubbles are coming out of the top hole of it O_O, I wonder if that's normal lol.

  3. Hey Jen,
    can you make a youtube video on this please? Or maybe even another blog post!

  4. hi jen, and everyone who's commented on the product so far....
    i work at an optometrist office and this is a product that we recommend to all patients. it helps clean off any residue that has built up throughout the day. it's awesome!!! i use it myself and it helps keep the lenses feeling fresh longer (i wear monthly lenses).
    xparakiss: the fizzing is normal. the gray triangular dial at the bottom is neutralizing the solution, hence the 6 hr MINIMUM time required. as for the overflowing bubbles, that is because you fill the solution up to the line on not go pass that.
    after the 6hrs you can leave it in the case for however long. if, for whatever reason, you need to take it out before 6 hrs (emergency), you should clean it thoroughly with optifree...or your other daily cleaning solution...

    sorry so long, but hope that helps!!

    i think you're great jen!!! i love your posts!!

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