Vintage Planes Photoshoot

7:55 PM

Like I promised, here are some photos from when I did the vintage red-lipped makeup. We had the opportunity to go to this really interesting airplane museum and got some fabulous shots by the fantastic scenery.

Thank you so much Anthony for a wonderful shooting experience! You are a massively talented photographer. :)

Anthony has experience in film and it shows in his work. Doesn't his work look like it's from a movie? There's a story-telling quality to his photos that I think is really beautiful. I hope you guys enjoy seeing these photos as much as I had fun getting them taken!

A collage the photographer put together.

One of the vintage airplanes.

Old waiting-area seats.

Pearl Harbor, anyone?

I would make one fancy flight attendant.

Hope everyone has a fun Memorial Day weekend!


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  1. You're very pretty. The vintage look suits you well. :)

  2. the pictures look great, you really look gorgeous :)

  3. I like the last one from the collage, not only is it alluring, it has really good composition and color coordination. The main focus is black,white,and red, which is in the foreground and that's you, and the background is just bokeh, I like this kind of photography, very simple but effective. Your makeup and lipstick look the best in this photo imo :)

  4. You look gorgeous! I think you captured the look very well.

  5. that is an AMAZING photoshoot! i love the first picture and the 3rd and 4th picture. it is freakin stunning.

    gosh i really wanna model now! it looks like so much fun!!

  6. I really love your blog, and I think your makeup is absolutely gorgeous; but...are you actually allowed to do this in a MUSEUM?!?

  7. Oh wow Jen!
    I LOVEEE this shoot, its really nice.. and where was this airplane museum? =o Haha I especially love the last picture and as everyone said, you suit the vintage look~ and that last photo just has that certain pop!

    Hope you had a good weekend also!

  8. Love the photoshoot. You looked great. ^^ Photoshoots seem like fun. xD

    I love your heels in this one. What size do you wear?

  9. Ahhh super gorgeous!!! :)

  10. I found your blog through Soompi and have now bookmarked it since. Thanks for being super helpful with all the makeup and hair tutorials! Seems I have a lot to learn, haha. Anyway, onto topic: you look fantastic in this shoot - mature, classy and sexy all in one go. My favourites are the two last pictures. The lipstick is outstanding! Love it!! :)

  11. gorgeous! i'm new to your site so idk if this question was already asked but do you do all your makeup by yourself before a shoot? you look great!

  12. Anonymous: Don't worry, we asked permission first! It wasn't a very big place. :)

    PrincessBoa: Shhh! It's our secret location. Hehe.

    Aiy: I wear size 4 womens heels. Tiny feet, and shoes are hard to find!!!

    Tina: I really enjoy doing my own makeup for shoots, but sometimes there is a makeup artist.

  13. Dear Jen,

    You are a stunner. I am absolutely in love with every single one of your photos!! I tried to pick out a few favorites, but I just can't do it! I love them all!! Each one has its own unique qualities and yes, I agree that there is inherent film quality in his photography! AWESOME shoot! this is my favorite one from you by far!<3 hehe oh yes, I lovee your outfit, too! is it a dress, or a top/skirt combo, and where is it from? :P

  14. wow you really know how to look sexy!
    you're really photogenic

  15. I just bought my very first Urban Decay palette called Ammo shadows. Do you mind to do a video on that palette please? Thanks!!!