L'Oréal Star Magnet Nailpolish

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As promised, here is Part II of my recent nails. This post is actually going to be wholly about this amazing magnetic polish I had Polish Pixie get for me. Anyone remember those really cool Lancome Le Magnetique nailpolishes that made a really cool star pattern on your nail?

For those who don't remember, here is a refresher. Click image for All Lacquered Up's post on Lancome Le Magnetique - Bordeaux Esmee. Posted July, 2007.

Then, Lancome released a deep blue color last winter ONLY IN THE UK. What the...aksjlkasjflkajs?! Here is a photo. Click image for The Polish Addict's review, posted Feb 2009.

This comes to my story. After some research I found out that L'Oréal, the company that owns Lancome, decided to release some magnetic polishes in a few European countries (and not the US or UK even T.T) last Fall at DRUGSTORES to boot, called L'Oréal Star Polish. When I found out, I started asking every European friend I had.

Luckily, Inge from Polish Pixie (from whom I won the Hello Kitty fauxnad plate) happens to live in Denmark and willingly did a custom purchase for me (while also buying all of the remaining Star Magnet polishes in that store). A few colors were already sold out and apparently the store was told to ship the polishes back! I don't understand why it was only a limited edition release, but I am so happy I got my hands on 2 of them.

I've only worn Purple so far, but isn't it just incredible? I had trouble concentrating on anything because I was so distracted by my nails all the time. The dimension of these in sunlight is out of this world. Here are my pics.

The two polish bottles, Purple and Prune. They look more like a deep raspberry and plum color to me and they are quite small.

Here is the plastic cap-ring that has a circular magnet in it. There is a little ledge that the tip of your nail rests against to keep the magnet in place. The trick is to keep it steady for about 20 seconds and get close to, but not touch, the magnet.

Here is the result. Ring finger is 1 coat to show the polish plain, which is rather matte. Everything else is 1 plain coat + 1 magnetized coat.

Here is the completed hand with Seche Vite top coat. Look at this up-close because it is truly gorgeous and glowy. It reminds me of bowling balls. So cool!

Ahhh, I am such a sucker for anything shiny, sparkly, and unusual. This polish really hits the spot! If any of you can get your hands on these I recommend that you do. If any of you Europeans (Denmark? Finland? I think Singapore maybe got it? Anyone?) can find these in magnetic silver, magnetic grey, or red, PLEASE let me know as I'd love to have more. :)

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  1. Hi! I live in Sweden and I just bought two bottles last week at my local h&m store and they had all colours in stock,even a promotion going on:) I can check on Wednesday if they still have the colours you want and I could send you them:)

  2. WOAH!!!! that is soooo koool! they dont sell that in Canada do they!?!?

  3. Keyreo: That would be wonderful if you could get it on sale! Please send me an e-mail (frmheadtotoe@gmail.com) and let me know more. :)

    ♥sormui♥: Sadly, I don't think they were released in Canada. They would've been much easier to get ahold of. :[

  4. Whoa, those magetic polishes are so cool~~ Thanks for sharing them with us, the fucshia ones looks great on you :)

  5. Wow, those nail polishes = awesome. I wish they have that in the states :(

  6. grr! i've been wanting to get my hands on the blue lancome polish for AGES! i was so angry when i found out they werent gonna b released in the u.s.!

  7. Those nail polishes look amazing! I had never heard of such polishes until this post. I wish they were more readily available or I would definitely go pick some up.

  8. that's such a cool idea! makes the nails look sooo pretty with the star on there.

  9. Hey Jen,
    I just wanted to say that I visit this site daily and it's really helpful! I really like the nailpolish too! ^^ Thank you for being so informational ^^

    P.S - Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kim Yoo-Jin ? I kind of see the resemblance!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE, I've to find out where I can get this in Paris! Thanks for this post ;o)

  11. Moriah: No, I haven't heard that before but THANK YOU! She is so pretty, so I take it as a big compliment. :)

    Diane: Aw, ahhhhh I am so flattered! Thank you so much. I will post the award soon. ^^

  12. i want this !!!
    whoaaa...star magnet nailpolish~~
    i need to checkout loreal coounter for this lil magical beau!

    thanks for the intro and demo..
    i like you sense of fashion...and of cuz the makeup -work of art


  13. Oh my! If anyone's doing a custom purchase, I'd definitely be interested as well!

  14. this is really cool!! i love polishes and now i want one too! haha

  15. Woah you were so lucky to grab a couple of these! D: I fell in LOVE wihth the blue Lancome one when I first saw it on thenailpolish addicts blog ><.

    @ Keyreo: Would you be willing to sell them to a person in Canada too? =o Cause I've been looking for this polish too! :D (xprincessboa@gmail.com)

  16. Keyreo, if you're willing to sell me a couple that would be great! Email me at purexice@gmail.com x3

  17. WOW...is it tool late to get a bottle of this, or would anyone in Europe be so kind as to purchase a bottle or two for me??! I love purple, and a dark red would be beautiful too!!!
    let me know...I can PayPal you the $

    I am looking everywhere to find nail polish that has little star sequins in it...if anyone knows of THAT, please tell me!

  18. Hi keyreo
    I am in the uk I would love to have some of the magnetic polish would you consider sending some to me obviously will need to sort out cost with you would you pm me please.shellposer@hotmail.co.uk
    if this is something you are able to do as I see you have many requests already
    Kind regards

  19. HOLY CRAP! i'm from Singapore .. i gonna check Loreal out on my way home! i hope they have it here!!! :D

  20. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen :o

  21. Is there anyone that would be so kind to sent a bottle to the Netherlands???

  22. Hi I live in Oklahoma and would LOVE to get my hands on some of this... if anyone can help me out please shoot me an email!!! reflectum_sky@hotmail.com