Dolly Eyes Tutorial (warning: pic spam!)

11:03 AM

This is one of my favorite looks of all time. I absolutely love the dolly-eyed look of Asian net idols so I thought I would give it a try. This look is all about a clear-skinned bright face with major attention on the eyes. The eyes are huge and have tons of contrast. Surprisingly, this is actually a simple look to put together but it has big impact. Let me know what you think of the video!


* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Mineral Magic Cosmetics Eyeshadow - Galaxy
* NYX single eyeshadow - Cream Cheese
* MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
* Urban Decay 24/7 liner - Yeyo
* Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes - Lush
* Shiseido Eyelash Curler
* Max Factor 2000 Calorie Lash Plumper (waterproof)
* Korean brand matte white eyeliner
* Vassen 4COLOR lens - 2 Tone G (brown)

* MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - NC 30
* Lancome Photogenic Concealer - Camee
* Everyday Minerals Sunlight Concealer (brightening under eyes)
* MAC (Hello Kitty) Beauty Powder Blush - Tippy
* Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain - Berry Juicy
* Clear lipgloss (optional)

Here are the pics. Warning, this is going to be a huge picspam!! I had a lot of fun with this look, trying to get the net idol and ulzzang poses right. ^^

Just simple

Okay, now we are getting serious. The "V" has come out!

Posing with random cute accessories. A staple of net idol photos.

I love this hairbow. 2-pack from Forever 21.

Revlon artificial nails! ^^

Showing off the hair and two faces. Japanese curls tutorial coming soon!

Long but natural-looking lashes.

Tinky? Just being silly.

I think my face shape looks like an anime character here. SO WEIRD.

And with some natural light where the makeup looks less harsh.

Okay, enough of my silliness. Japanese-style curls video tutorial will be coming up very soon, as well as some photoshoot pics from this look. Theme was lost babydoll/Japanese horror film. SO MUCH FUN!

Also, reminder to everyone to enter the giveaway for Revlon artificial nails that I am wearing for this look. Previous post. :)

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  1. Wow, what a dolly face! <3
    You got that look!

  2. that picture of you smiling is SO beautiful!

    pretty look :)

  3. Omg you look so beautiful & cute!
    I am going to try this makeup.. hopefully :)
    Love it a lot~~

  4. Omgoshhh!! I love your dolly look here... and don't forget Super Junior!! Hehe~

  5. Very nice! Love the eyes, will have to try it out. =)

  6. oh woww.. this is very dolly xD i love it though!! gotta try this one of these days.

  7. you are so pretty! :-)

    in your video it looks like you sawed your primer potion bottle to get the product out into that old lipgloss dispenser...could you do a post on that? i've been wanting to take out my UDPP but i only thought of putting it into a little jar which would probably make it dry out quickly.

  8. you're so cute! i've tried out the dolly look before except with less steps (too lazy). btw, have you ever tried stila's kajal eyeliner in pearl? i'm thinking of getting it sometime...

  9. OH MY GOSH!
    You're so cute! >.<

    Pretty :)
    I love this look!

  10. OMG you look absolutely GORG here. i've always hated dolly looks because they always end up looking too overboard, but yours are perfect and makes me want to try it. you're bangin' and i LOVE your blog. keep up the great work! love it! <3

  11. =O
    Jen you look gorgeous here =DD
    I love love love the overall look.
    Thanks for posting such a great tutorial =)

  12. OMG, it's so pretty! I love it! I can't wait til you do the hair tutorial!

  13. hello! what camera do you use for your pictures? and for your utube videos?

  14. what an ulzzhang!!
    you look so cute and pretty :)

  15. you are SOOOO ADORABLE!! Such an ulzzang :) This is the cutest look! I'm so jealous of your flawless complexion and nose! lol

  16. Rachel: Yes, I followed Koren's (youtube) video about cutting open your udpp and decanting into lipgloss tubes. I didn't want to post on it cause I didn't take photos of the process and you can pretty much get everything from his video. I think you should do it this way though! It's really saved my old UDPP!

    nailpolishfiend: Thank you! ^^ I haven't tried Stila's kajal eyeliners. Are they supposed to be good? I really, really love my UD 24/7 eyeliners though! I'll swatch them soon.

    Kassia: OOooh, thank you dahling! Gotta let me know when we can shoot. :)

    Rachel: I use an old Sony Cybershot (seriously, it's like 4 or 5 years old. model is dsc-p10) for all my photos and videos. Hopefully I can get a nicer cam soon and get some HQ vids going.

  17. wAo , i absolutely LOVE that look too! ^-^
    awesum tutorial, can't wait for the next! :3

  18. Oh god you are tooooooooooo pretty!
    Awesome skin, and just really beautiful eyes!
    I am definitely going to try this!
    And I can't wait for your curls tutorial!

    Thank you! ♥

  19. U look soo cute! and u really do look like a doll in some of the pictures! eheh

  20. hey great video! anyway why do you use eyelid tapes instead of eyetalk? just wondering... do reply! ^^

  21. pamela: I am allergic to eyetalk! It makes my eyes huge and puffy and itchy all day. I prefer tape anyway. :)

  22. dang girl. you look completely different without that eyetape!

  23. Pretty Dolly look! You're so cute with the big smile! Thanks for the video tutorial. You make it look so easy!

  24. You look so gorgeous here Jen. Even more than you usually do. If that's even possible. Haha

    I agree she looks different without eyelid tape. But there is an attractiveness of the single eyelid shape in itself. :) It's too completely different looks. And I love both.

  25. Omg i love it!
    you look so pretty !

  26. oh, i'm allergic to eyetalk too! i had been using it for about half a year before i had my first allergic reaction, and it was right before my vacation to the bahamas too!:( lolz, anyways, i love the doll eye look, it makes you look so darn innocent.

  27. Oh my. These are adorablee ! (:
    I really like the hairbow clip & the curls. Looking forward to the tutorial!! :)

  28. Really Cute !! I was wondering what brush you used to put on the MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack eyeliner. I'm planning on buying it, but I don't know what brush to get since it's sold separately. ):

  29. Ash: For cream/gel eyeliners I recommend using a taklon brush that is flat and angled at the top like this one...

    For this type of brush, you can go really, really cheap for the same quality as nicer ones. You can even go to an art supply store and buy one in the painting brush section!

  30. so cute and pretty!!!! and u look so much like a japanese!! lol

    awesome jen, awesome! =)

  31. Jen, you are GORGEOUS! seriously, have you ever considered sending some photos to modeling/talent agencies in Korea? if I were an agent/manager, I'd TOTALLY sign you HANDS DOWN! you are just ON PAR with most of the Korean actress, if not better looking than some of them!! xD love the dolly look, and love you!<3

    ps. where can you purchase those circle lenses? i've never heard of that brand before o.O

  32. i love your hair, eyes, skin, nose!!gawd!! you're really pretty!

  33. OMG that's SO SO SO pretty <3

  34. ur sooo cute! luv the doll eye look on u!

  35. I think this type of makeup is PERFECT for you. You should seriously become an actress in Korea, I honestly think you are better looking than most of them. Gorgeous!

  36. it's a cute look! and Jen, you're so pretty. :D it's dolly yet natural. hehe.

  37. i know im a bit late on this
    but you look so gorgeous!
    request for this video tutorial to be uploaded again please!


  38. Hello Jen, I'd like to know where you got your NYX single eyeshadow cream cheese? 'Cuz I can't find it anywhere T-T.