NYX + Cherryculture sale

5:02 PM

Oh, I forgot to mention NYX's 10th anniversary 50% off everything sale is going on now and Cherryculture.com is having free shipping for orders over $40 (and 50% off NYX msrp of course) with the code NYX50. I ordered SO much stuff so you know I'll have some swatches when I get it in!

Here are a few recommendations of NYX products if you haven't tried it:

* Mosaic blush in Highlighter
* Powder blush in Pinky
* Single Eyeshadows in Kiwi, Purple, Black, Vanilla Sky, Cream Cheese, Flamingo, Almond, Mermaid Green, Eggplant, Morocco, Navy, Opal, etc etc etc... (click here for swatches)
* Round Lipsticks in Circe, Snow White, and Doll
* Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Cottage Cheese
* Nailpolish in Jungle and Wild

Happy Shopping!

EDIT: Check out the "SALE" section at NYXcosmetics.com. There are some things 75% off! $1 lipsticks, $1.25 eyeshadows, $2 eyeshadow trios and $1.25 lipglosses. This is in addition to THEIR 50% off site-wide sale. :)

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  1. Hey Jen! I was wondering..

    If you were able to maybe help me buy some stuff from NYXcosmetics because my seller on soompi backed out at last minute with some weird excuse? T_T I REALLY want to buy it but shipping alone is 30 dollars for one item to Canada..and I think the sale doesn't apply to Canada. =/ So I was just wondering if you could? =D

    Please? =D

    Thanks in advance!

  2. PricessBoa: Why don't you order from cherryculture.com? They are also honoring the 50% off sale with the code nyx50 and orders to canada under $50 have $6.95 shipping. Orders up to $100 is only $8.95 shipping. That would cost less than paying (and waiting) to have them ship to me, and me ship to you!

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hey Jen! As I've said before- nyx50 doesn't apply to Canadians as it said on the website which sucks..T_T And I have a couple of palettes I saw you got before- that I REALLY want from the nyx cosmetics websites :) I'm willing to pay more just because I can't get my hand onto them. Haha- and cause neither SALE ships to Canada as it states in their TERMS and conditions =/

  4. Aw, dang! I didn't realize BOTH sites weren't honoring the code for Canadians.

    Go ahead and send me an e-mail. If you are willing to pay me up-front I can help you order. :)

  5. -sniff- Thank you so much! :)
    Yes I would be willing to pay upfront (That's before you order is that correct?) Yes its very sad for us Canadians ): , I couldn't find your email anywhere..so maybe you can send me a PM on Soompi with your email? :D (My name on Soompi is PrincessBoa) and I'll send you an email with a list of things I want?

    Thank you again! :D BTW- I really like your dolly eyes look.. I just did it this morning haha and everyone was fawning over it. :D

  6. Ah wait- is it the frmheadtotoe@gmail.com email you want me to send it to? xD

  7. Yes, frmheadtotoe@gmail.com is my e-mail. :)

  8. hey jen~ ur pink top is really nice. may i know where did u get it from? cant seemed to find this shade of pink from online.. crazy looking but no.. i cant find. lols