Nyx Anniversary Haul + Swatches

7:40 PM

I got my NYX haul in and I know the big anniversary sale ends tonight, but just in case it might help (or for future reference), I thought I would post my swatches.

My haul:
- lime glitter and last vegas nailpolishes
- eye and lip makeup remover
- felt tip liner
- jumbo shadow pencil in yellow
- cream blushes in red cheeks, hot pink, and rose petal
- mosaic powder blushes in rosey and dare
- single shadows in sunrise chic, irises, and luxor
- round lipsticks in jupiter, fusion, and power

My new blushes!

Rouge Cream Blush swatches
Rose Petal is very pretty. Looks tannish rose in the pan, but pink on skin.

My Mosaic Powders (including my old ones, highlighter and paradise)

Highlighter is a must-have for me, and isn't Dare lovely?

Swatches of Single Eyeshadows in Chic, Sunrise, Irises, and Luxor
(this is with no base! sooo pigmented!)

ALL of the Round Lipsticks I own: Jupiter, Power, Fusion, Louisiana, Doll, Indian Pink, Rea, Circe, Eros, and Snow White

Jupiter is really pretty on! Circe is good for a nude lip and Snow White is my HG (holy grail) red lipstick. It's the perfect shade for me.

And this is just me and my NYX goodies! HEAVEN!!

I have sooo much more that I want to post but I am still fighting this cough and life has been throwing me a quite few curve balls lately. I'd appreciate any prayers and words of encouragement you guys have. :)

Also, let me know in the comments what you guys picked up from the sale! I'd love to hear about your hauls and your favorite NYX stuff!

UPDATE: I just made a new, Spring-time layout update for the blog. Let me know what you think. :)

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  1. Jen! Seems like you have mad obsession over make-up, you always seem to choose the most prettiest colours that go well with your whole personality and character! (: I'm so sorry to hear you're still fighting a cough, sounds like it's a tough one, will remember you in my prayers! Thanks for making so many blogs, they're all so fascinating!

  2. i have the las vegas polish and i just thought i'd say something about it - I HATE THE FORMULA! the color is gorgeous but it's SO runny. anyway, sorry about your cough.

  3. i made 3 orders during the nyx sale.. i'm glad it's over! lol.

    the new layout looks nice :)

    i'm SO glad to have a korean blogger to help with my makeup!!! :D

    feel better :)

  4. very cute layout :) and nice haul!! i gotta check out that highlighter now :) do you think it'd be too light for nc35-37?

    i hope things straighten out for you soon.. just keep your head up and stick a smile on your face and keep your determination.

  5. whoa that is tons of stuff! nyx heaven! haha

  6. Wow, the mosaic powders are really pretty and those singles are PIGMENTED! WOW! Nice haul. :D

  7. The new layout looks pretty! Springy. :)

    I wanted to order from NYX, but by the time I wanted to place my order they already took down the shadows. So now I'm waiting for my orders to come from cherryculture. (:

    Hope you feel better ! ♥

  8. i did an nyx haul after seeing your post about the 50% sale, but was gutted that the circe round lippy was out of stock :(

    hope life gets better for you soon! ♥

  9. nyx heaven totally, mmmm :)

    hey do you have an ideas on rocking the purple eyeliner? i absolutely LOVE purple eyeliner because it makes my eyes look greener but i'm a makeup newbie... could you do a post using it or just tell me how?

    idk if it goes on the waterline, above the lashes... anything?

  10. Love the new site layout! Great haul. Unfortunately we do not get NYX here in South Africa, but I have gotten used to enjoying pics of products I cannot get ;-)
    So sorry to hear about your health problems. It is really hard and one feels so helpless. I'll remember you in my prayers. Try focusing on the small positives.

  11. Did you order from NYX website or cherryculture? I've ordered from NYX cosmetic and my order is still isn't processed yet. :(

  12. "Dare" looks fab! Thank you for sharing this, I love NYX!! =)

  13. If you just keep buying and buying makeup.. where do you store everything? And how can you keep spending money?

  14. i love the haul! &your so pretty! *following your blogger =]

  15. Feel better soon Jen! X

  16. Hey Jen! I love your haul and hope you feel better soon! :D Hope your other package comes soon (Includes mine haha too) + I would love to see you do a swatch on the Midnight single eyeshadow! Feel better :D

  17. oh wow! im envious. i wasnt able to order from nyx during the sale. i really really loooooove the mosaic in highlighter and dare. :)

  18. That's a lovely haul, i'm waiting for mine to arrive too but it's taking a super long time. btw, i wanted to let you know that i tagged you on my blog ;)

  19. Hi, jen !
    i'm going to Spring Social in two weeks... it's going to be my last spring social in my college years since im graduating~ i was wondering if you have any ideas for make up and hair.. the theme is 'the roaring 20's'... do you think you can do a make up tutorial for that theme?

    thanks !!!

  20. I love the haul! I did some damage with the sale too - I'll be posting about that soon. Eee!

    Love your blog! I want to follow, but there's no follow sign :(

    Cute layout, you did it yourself?

  21. love the blog! can you do make-up look with red lipstick? i'd love to see how snow white looks on a real person. :)

  22. i just ordered from cherryculture too. i had ordered louisiana and fusion for my mom but louisiana might be too bright for her.

    that blue is so pretty! i have to get that next time they have a big sale again. (:

  23. i just ADORE dare and everything else looks gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon. Everyone I know over here in melb is getting something as well. Get well soon!

  24. There must be something wrong with my browser, I'm still seeing the same old layout. Have you uploaded the new layout yet? I'm using Firefox, I wanna see~~ Jenn, despite your cold, I think you still look pretty!! :) Hope you get better soon! That's a lot of NYX you've got going, I mean, didn't you have another NYX haul earlier with 30+ eyeshadows? I want to see your entire collection! That'll be fun! :D

  25. awww you last pic is TOO adorable, Jen! ^_^ thank for sharing pics of your NYX haul! i ALWAYS learn of and choose what to get based on your collection and swatches that you share! love it! thank you and keep it up!!

    anyway, I hope that you'll get better soon! I find that eating 1 cough drop every hour helps! I really like the Halls Kiwi-Apple flavor! it's the BEST! and of course Riccola, too! hehe. Feel better and try to stay positive! we're here for you!!

    <3 caroline

    ps. i don't see the new layout :( oh and i invited you to gchat but you haven't accepted yet! xD

  26. Thank you everyone for your well-wishes. It means more than you know. :)

    nailpolishfiend: I realized the polish in my post is Paradise, although I do also have Las Vegas on the way. I'll keep your comment in mind and use really thin layers to build up.

    izumi: I think you would be fine with highlighter. It can go on sheer and natural but you can also build it up so it should work with all skin colors.

    maddie: I love purple eyeliner so much too! It was my first favorite colored eyeliner. My personal favorite way to use it is a bright purple on the bottom lash line or a deeper plum on the waterline. It's a softer look than black and really does bring out brown and green eyes!

    ava: I ordered from both but cherry culture shipped faster in this instance for me. I did order from them first, but my nyxcosmetics.com one hasn't even shipped yet.

    mint: I usually only order my hauls during sales and, of course, I work hard at my job. Plus, NYX is my favorite eyeshadow and it is quite affordable. I'm a huge bargain shopper! I store my makeup in a couple of those plastic sterilite 3-drawer containers.

    Yinmei: Aw, thank you so much! I'm absolutely flattered. Ahhh, I need to do a tagging post too. :D

    lall3yl: I think I have a perfect look coming up VERY SOON for your social. Like, maybe the next post.

    mszcheysser: Yes, I designed and illustrated everything on my layout myself (other than blogger's template of course)! I know not everything is perfect but I made my best effort! BTW, I added a "follow" section. :)

    Anonymous: like I said to lall3yl, my next post should be using the NYX round lipstick in Snow White. You are in luck!

    innerchild: you may need to clear the cache in your browser. The layout is basically the same thing but with updated colors on the background and new pictures in the "polaroids" at the top. And yes, I did buy that ton of eyeshadows before. T.T I wasn't going to order more but I'm weak! And these were too pretty! I always make excuses as to why I need new ones. :D

    Caroline: Sorry, but I don't know how to "accept" on gchat. I thought it did that automatically? And Kiwi-Apple sounds so good! I'll look for it next time I'm out.

  27. Hi Jen! Was just trawling through NYX stuff & wanted to ask, have you tried deputing your mosaic powders at all? I read on one blog that using heat separated the different colours, but alcohol would not have the same problem I hope? Thx so much!!

  28. hi Jen!~ can you please tell me your shopping experience with cherry culture? i've always wanted to order from them but i've heard a lot of negative reviews regarding their shipping and hence i'm a little scared to order from them. if you can tell me your experience thus far shopping from the website, it would greatly help me! ~

    thank you so much! (:
    <3 your subscriber and big fan.

  29. hey Jen!~ can you please share with me your shopping experience with cherry culture? i've always wanted to shop via that website but i have heard a lot of negative reviews regarding their shipping. it would be so helpful to me if you can tell me your experience thus far shopping at cherry culture.

    thank you so much !~
    <3 your subscriber and big fan.