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I received an e-mail tonight about prom makeup and I think the response would help a lot of you girls so I decided to post it. I hope all of you have a fabulous prom and feel beautiful all night!


Hi Jen!
My friend and I are in a bind. We started making our appointments to get our makeup done too late so we're stuck with doing our own for prom this Saturday. We're both Korean so we feel like you'd know better than some random makeup consultants on how to do our makeup for prom. Do you have any recommendations? (By the way her dress is black and pink and mine is shades of blue.)
Thank you so much!!!!


Hi Stephanie!

Your makeup for prom can either go 3 ways, color-wise. Matching your dress (my fav), neutral (brown or black smokey or cream vintagey), or contrasting. Since you are doing this for prom, I think you should go all-out with the eye makeup. Not necessarily heavy, but black liquid liner and false lashes are always pretty.

I think for hers, a black and pink smokey look would look really cute.
Similar to my valentine's day look.

(click for post)

For yours, I actually think a silver smokey eye would be super hot with a blue dress! The shadow from this look, but with pink or red lips instead of coral. Blue is a cool color so you want to stick with cooler shades.

(click for post)

Or like this

(click for post)

Here is a tutorial for a colored smokey eye. This can translate to any color you want.

(click for post)

Since you will be taking lots of pics, stay away from using shadows with glitter. Matte or satin finish is fine. Oh, and using a lighter concealer under your eyes and the tops of your cheekbones will make you look bright and healthy.

If you want a neutral brown look, here is my "wedding makeup" look.

(click for post)

Hope this helps! I hope you have lots of fun at prom. :)

A couple more words of advice, PRACTICE your final look before the actual day! You want to know what to expect when it is important and a trial run will help. For prom night, you can bring your lipgloss or blotting sheets with you but travel light because you aren't going to want to carry it around all night. Also, BE GOOD. You want this to be a day you will remember, not one you can't remember and puke at and have to suffer with a hangover the next day. (Haha! But I'm serious! You want to look sexy and fresh in those photos, right? :)

If any of you girls do follow my tutorials please let me know. I'd love to see your pics of the fun night. Good luck and have a fabulous time!

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  1. Hi Jen, what brand of cream liner did you use on this one. Totally loved it but I never used any liquid or cream liner before. Do you have to have special brush to apply cream liner? How to apply cream liner ><

  2. Aww, great advice for prom! I wish I'd known more about makeup for my senior prom.

  3. Aw- thanks Jen for this advice! My prom is also coming up..and I think I'll be using your smokey eye (purple) look for it! :D I just tried it out and it looked great! Thanks for this post, btw- I was wondering if you would please possibly help a friend and I order again from the NYX or CherryCulture website since they have free shipping now? :D Or would that be too much trouble? :D (Wanted a few more things ><) Just let me know so I can also tell a friend of mine on Soompi ! :D Thanks!

  4. AbcGrrrL: Thank you :)

    Karlie.K.A: I almost always use MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for eyeliner. It is a cream liner and I use an angled liner brush (looks like a flat square with a diagonal top edge).

    Catherine: I wish I had known more back then too! Girls now are much more aware than back then, I think. But I did have a fun prom. ^^

    PrincessBoa: I think the sale ends today. If you can send me an e-mail asap I'll see what we can do.

  5. @Jen: Haha its okay! I ended up asking Susan cause I didn't get a reply from your email acc cause I didn't check your blog! :D Ooh I see you got your haul! :D Thanks anyways :D

  6. hey jen, i just wanted to thank you. i kinda followed your tutorial for the silver/grey eyes makeup for my prom makeup! it was kinda hard b/c i don't use makeup on a daily basis .. just wanted to say a biiiggg THANK YOU! {}
    this was the best picture i could find with a face closeup >.<

  7. I loveee your hair color & cut in the last pic on this post!

  8. Hi! I love your blog <3 Anyway I was wondering...I'm taking my senior portrait soon and I don't really know what look I should go for. I'm leaning toward something neutral but I don't know if frosty or shimmery finishes are bad for portraits. If you have any input, that would be great :)