Mini Post - Contest Entry :)

10:08 PM

Ekimura is having a contest over at for an anime-style cosplay look and people following my blog know that I happened to already do a look and shoot with my Japanese horror/innocent girl post, so I thought I would submit an entry. ^^

Here is the photo I am sumbitting for the contest. Theme is "Broken Doll".

:) You guys should enter! I just saw, and the deadline is 6-14 at the end of the night! Thanks Ekimura for the contest (and for being a sweet commenter so I could find your awesome blog!)

For items I used for this look and a video tutorial on how to get this look, click here:
--->Dolly Eyes Tutorial<---

Please visit ekimura's blog and vote in the poll!

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  1. wow! i love it! ^_^ Good luck in the contest *u* ekimura is awesome!

  2. absolutely amazing. i love the photography job! Good luck on the contest, dear!

  3. oh really pretty!
    good luck for the contest :)

  4. HI Hun~! thank you for entering my contest!! ^0^ I heart this photoshoot you did! looks super kawaii :)

    if you dont mind can you please post the item you have used for this look? thank you! :D

  5. woooow i love your entry girl!! awesome!!!

  6. nice :) you are good with makeup

  7. So I went over and voted for you but the voting is kind of confusing because the pictures are just displayed in one long entry. She should clean that up. Your entry #42 right? I hope I got that right. Good luck!