Horses Are Beautiful Too

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I mentioned that I went horseback riding a couple weeks ago, and although I am terribly behind on posts (I have so many reviews to share!! AURGHHH!) I found it absolutely necessary to post these photos. After all, this IS a beauty blog and what is more beautiful than animals and nature?

I looooove animals and that includes horses. I don't get to go horseback riding all that often, but it is so much fun and is worth all of the butt-soreness afterward. My in-laws are blessed with owning two horses so I tagged along with my mother-in-law on a beautiful day out to the country.

Here is Shiloh. He's a very good horse who follows direction well and enjoys trotting with the slightest heel-squeeze. Oh, and I am the silly scrub sitting on his back.

It's an interesting thing trying to take a self-portrait, horse included, while riding. But I gave my best shot to show how it was from my perspective. :)

Our ridiculously gorgeous view. In a weird way, it feels a little like laying on the beach. Warm, carefree, and blue skies.

After we got back, we took the saddles off the horses and one hilarious gent decided to roll in the dirt.

My boy Shiloh and a few others.

A unicorn? Nope, just 2-year old Masai. Gorgeous light blue eyes! We couldn't ride him because he hasn't been broken yet, since he is so young, but he definitely had a lot of spirit. He likes to RUN!

Did I mention how much personality these guys have? Each is so different. You can even tell in the photos!

And just for funsies, here is a little red tractor that was inside the stable. :D

Ahhh, hopefully looking at these photos will stave me from being rone'ry now that the husband is out of town until Sunday night. The next best thing is playing Sims 3. Le sigh. (shoutout to the hubs, I miss you!)

Anyone else like going horseback riding? What is your favorite animal? Tell in the comments!

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  1. That white horse is so handsome!

    I suck at every single sports so I rather play with slow animal...I kind of like turtles a lot...

  2. how cute! :)

    that ranch area u went to looks beyond amazing. i want t go somewhere like that where it looks like you can stand there without a care in the world and feel relaxed. makes me wanna travel

    cant wait to see ur upcoming posts! :)

  3. I agree! :) Animals are a thing of beauty too...I absolutely love horses especially the white one in one of your pictures! The only thing that puts me off is the smell of horses..I try to hold my breath when I climb onto one- but its too unbearing for me so I only ride for around 10 minutes or so till I stop to take a break. xD

    Haha my favourite animal would have to be .. a bunny cause they're all soft and cuddly. :)

    I absolutely really want to play Sims 3 now! ):

  4. i love horseback riding :] it's my favorite i do it english style... horses are my favorite and my favorite breed is a tennessee walker, those are the BEST ride. so smooth and fun and relaxing. awesome.

  5. awww those are some nice pics of the horses! ive never rode on a horse before, i want to one day tho!

  6. Citrine: Hahaha! Some turtles are pretty fast! Those little ones will run across a room if you don't pay attention. :P

    IchigoBunnie: It was pretty nice. You go out there and all you see is green grass and blue sky. I'm not really a country person, but it was REALLY pretty and calming.

    PrincessBoa: The smell is only apparent the first minute you go inside the stable, but this place was out in the open. We rode for 1 hour and 45 mins! Thankfully you couldn't smell them at all when you were riding them. ;)

    maddie: I'm no horse expert, I'm not even sure what type of horses my in-laws have! But Rowdy is pretty tall, and Shiloh isn't as huge but still pretty average sized and even-tempered. That's all I know! XD

    KRYSTAL: If you get the opportunity to, you should! It's a lot of fun.

  7. LOL at the picture where the horse rolls!

    i like horse back riding too! havent done that in a while.

    cool pictures!

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  9. Very willing, learns fast, has some pep in his step, handles the trail well, great horses for sale