EOS Adult Grey Circle Lenses

2:56 PM

As promised, here is part II of lens madness! This time I received a wonderful package from S2Janie of www.prettyandcute.com containing EOS Adult lenses in Grey. She is a great resource for buying circle lenses (colored contact lenses that enlarge your iris) and her shipping was safe and fast, plus she gives out freebies! I got a cute, blue Snoopy lens case. (please check out her lens shop if you are interested in circle lenses and please let her know Jen sent you!)

Not sure if they are a fairly newer series, but I haven't seen too many people wearing Adult lenses online yet. I will say that the pattern of these lenses are what drew me to them though. It's gorgeous and crystallized. There is no harsh limbal ring, only a soft violet one so it seems to look pretty natural. It doesn't enlarge much, but I prefer this type to lenses that make me look like an alien.

Here is a photo of the promo image of this lens.

It's difficult to really see the pattern from that small image but I can't seem to find any online that are higher quality. After doing some research, I think the lens type also goes under the code E-203 and also be sold by the company ColorVue. No concrete proof on that though, just my speculation.

I was hoping that it would look like a true grey on me, like in the promotional image, but the lens was more lavendar or sky blue on me. It changed depending on the lighting which is pretty cool, just not what I was expecting.

This is the same position, just with flash and without taken in my bathroom. See how the color is totally different?

With flash, bathroom light, and natural light.

Bathroom light makes it look violet

Natural light makes it look more grey or blue-grey

Violet-looking again!


What's this?

Dragon tear-drop

I love these lenses so much! From farther away...

And close-up they sparkle

And this one turned out a lot like the promo image. I thought it showed the pattern well.

So I think these are officially my new favorite lens! They are quite noticeable and actually blend in well. You wouldn't think that would be so for such a light-colored lens. A part of me still does wish that it was grey-grey all the time, but I still think the blue and violet tints it turns are still flattering on me so it's not that bad. They are thinner than Soloticas also, but with just as much impact. I can't wait to see how these look with professional photography! I really want to try the E.O.S. Adult browns next to see if they sparkle as much as these do. :D

Just for comparison, I took more photos with the Hidrocharme Verde Marines on the same day so I'll show a few more next time. I think they came out better than last time. Yay for lens-porn.

Let me know what you think of these lenses! Also, let me know what your favorite lens color is. My first favorite was green, but I think blue/grey has officially won me over. :)


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  1. Wow, those look great on you! I have the same lenses except in blue, and they aren't a true blue either, more of a lavenderish shade. From my experience, the green ones look very similar to the blues and the violets are more on the pink side. I'm curious as to what the adult browns look like, so if you ever get them, would you mind posting pics? ^^

  2. Girl, you look so gorgeous and I luv that color lenses. I might want to order a pair myself. =)

  3. Ahhh! I want these lenses now! I was already thinking about getting them and now I will for sure... they are so pretty =)... I'd be curious to see any of the other adult series you may get also. That's such a pretty bunch of lenses.. thanks for sharing! love - elizabeth

  4. ohh these lens look so pretty!
    I think i might get these myself.. they blend in so well.

    btw...the links don't work though =[

  5. Those are E-203 manufactured and sold by EOS. They could be cheaper if you can find an EOS supplier yourself. =)

  6. Hi hun~ ohh that lens looks gorgeous on you! XD

    looks really good just like the promo photo!

  7. Wow - these look great on you! I'm not a huge fan of circle lenses because I think they look very obvious on most people, but these ones are really lovely! Makes me want a pair too. Are they comfortable to wear? I have a lot of problems wearing even my regular contacts (Acuvue Hydraclear)... =/

  8. Wow they look great on you! I would love to try them out as I've been thinking about coloured contacts for awhile... I already wear contacts for my vision. I wonder if you can get them with a prescription?

  9. thanks for sharing dear. i haven tried any contact lenses before because thinking of sticking something into the eyes scares me. ><

    but i love this color on you especially cause it suits u really well.. the Verde Marine lenses from the previous post is nice too. not too drama.. but it does gives a mermaid feeling though. and u looked like boA in the last picture!! x3x

    after seeing your so many swatches and makeup, i m totally inspired by you and want to try dolling up myself! i hope u can also share with us on your light make-up in this post.. ur tutorials on the dolly look, etc are superb but i m not ready for thick makeup on a headstart..

  10. Really pretty lenses! I kind of like how it shifts with lighting~ Thanks for the detailed pics, looks really pretty :)

  11. These look so good on you. I want them now. (:

  12. the lenses look fab on you :D amazing~

  13. those lenses look fantastic on you! no joke :) i love them so much! you make me want to get them, hahaha. and what's that dragon teardrop thingy?

  14. oh myy~~~
    the lens is so pretty~~~ xD
    look awesome on ur eyes~~

  15. Anonymous: I think the blues and greens are gorgeous too! I will definitely post pics if I get them. :)

    Tiffany: links fixed!

    Catherine: I have sensitive eyes like you, so all contacts aren't very comfortable to wear but I do think they are more comfy than freshlooks and soloticas.

    Rin: I think you can, but to make sure, ask Janie from prettyandcute.com. And if you buy, tell her I sent you. :)

    Jewel: I've been getting a lot of requests for the more natural look in my nails video, so I will try to do that sometime. It's pretty easy!

    izumi: I don't know if they have another name, but they are just those glass drops that you put in vases sometimes for decoration!

  16. I love the effect these have on you! I so wish I baught these ones! I will let you know what I think of the brown and green when I get them!They def. seem to be a contendor(Sp??) to your Hidrocharme Ice lenses!

  17. woa~ i liked those lenses on you! :D dunno if its the photo or what, but i think soloticas ice ones look more natural oO!! But those circle lenses are cute too~!!!! ;)

  18. OMG JEN! THESE LOOK PERFECT ON YOU! It's absolutely gorgeous. They give you a very nice sparkle. :) I love them. I think I'll try them too.

    You mentioned they were thin, does that mean they're prone to tearing? Cuz my lenses tear really easily.

  19. Woah! I really love these contacts! They really do look like little jewels! I might grab a pair for myself =P Thanks!

  20. Hey!

    I am selling yearly disposable circle contact lens imported from Japan.
    I've diameter from 14.0mm-15.8mm, with 20 over series!
    If you're interested, please mail me and I'll mail my website URL for you. Mail ddoraemon-@hotmail.com
    We allowed international wholesale at cheap rate and international shipping,payment etc

    Thank you.

  21. Hi! How are you? I was wondering if you could put down which color contacts you ordered from the web site? Because I have no idea which one to order. >.<; The color contacts look the same to me and I don't know which one looks good on me.

    Also, is it just one pair of colored contacts you're ordering? How many pairs do they give you? Thanks!

  22. i wanna order the lenses. i gave a comment on Prettyandcute.com,, but.. they've not answered my questions.. can you help me? what should i do?

  23. wow you're really beautiful and these lenses look great! i was looking for pictures of how they actually look on the eye, because from the promo shots you can't really tell. i'm glad i found your site and that you posted such helpful pictures in all different lighting. thanks! i definitely want them now.

  24. Great post! You look amazing with violet circle lenses. They're perfect on you!

  25. Love those circle lenses. I want to get a pair of Nudy Blue lenses myself! Thanks for a very informative article!

  26. I came across your blog and i just wanna thank you for all the informations and tips! the post about soloticas were especially usefull!!
    my question is, between the EOS adult grey and Solotica hydrocharme ice, which one makes your eyes lighter? i'm looking for lenses that will make your eyes really light...

  27. hi ! wow the adult grey looks so nice on you (: just wondering, does the adult grey cause blurry vision? the freshlooks grey cause me to have blurry vision due to the colour prints so im wondering what about the adult grey :( im looking out for a grey colour contact that is noticeable yet wont block my eye sight >.> any recommendations ? (: fiorella.rain@gmail.com

  28. hey, i never commented, but i always loved your photos. i'm on the fence about what lenses to buy next and this blog has deeefinitely been helpful. :)


  29. hey jen! these lenses are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS on you!!! i was wondering where we can find these lenses! :) let me know thankss!!

  30. hey, is the lens comfartable to wear?

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