Urban Decay Haul and Swatches

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Hey everyone! I have been keeping these swatches from you guys for a while now so I thought it's about time I post up my haul from urbandecay.com. Now, can I just say that visually, the Urban Decay brand has got it right? From the website, to the display stands in Sephora and Ulta, to the packaging on each product, they really put some time and effort into making makeup that looks good and performs well. Just wicked. I love it.

One of the most highly rated and talked about items that Urban Decay has are their 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. What with the 30% off code a while back, I went a little crazy and bought both of the mini-pencil travel sets. I couldn't help it! The colors were so gorgeous and I NEEDED Yeyo. And I can totally say for certain that I don't regret it at all. They are just the best pencil liners I have ever tried, bar none. Silky smooth, highly pigmented, and once they set, they are SET. Definitely a holy grail product.

Here is the VIP set (zero, lucky, covet, electric, lust):

And Velvet Rope (yeyo, 1999, zero, bourbon, stash):

My goodness. I love that accordion-fold packaging. Too clever.

And here are my swatches:

My favorites have got to be Yeyo for highlighting tear ducts, and surprisingly Lucky for how light and bright it is. It's just the perfect color for lining the lower lashes during the day without the harshness of black liner. Electric is pretty awesome to add a pop to neutral looks too.

I also had to take advantage of the sale and get an absolute staple of mine, Urban Decay Primer Potion. This time, I bought the jumbo version which is both taller and wider than the original. Since my old tube broke, I am comparing the size to a bottle of China Glaze nail polish. Hopefully the wider bottle will also help to get more product out without depotting it!

My final purchase was something I had been lemming for for a long time. The Deluxe Shadow Box conveniently has 9 of Urban Decay's line of highly pigmented Deluxe Shadows and I have been DYING to try out Fishnet and Graffiti. Whooooboy this palette did NOT disappoint! I used it as the makeup artist for a photoshoot on 3 different girls with very different looks and it was beautiful on each one. I think my pictures are a little washed out from the light but trust me, these are pretty pigmented. Like the eyeliners, these shadows are rich and creamy.

The packaging: Purple velvet exterior with metal mesh and a mini UDPP

Inside: A mirror, and eyeshadow sponge applicators I will likely never use

A close-up of the colors

And the pretty swatches (oops, mislabeled the green "graffiti" as bourbon)

Ransom has this awesome bluish glow and Fishnet is the perfect pinky-purple with a blue flash. I almost completely forget about the bottom row of neutral shadows because the colored ones are so awesome, but I'm sure many of you would really appreciate them and use them alot since they are pretty neutrals. I'll likely try out Scratch as a highlight color, or the other two on someone with fairer skin than me.

I also got a free mini lipstick in Sellout with my order. It's adorably packaged in purple metallic. It's kind of a warm burnt berry color on me. Not for everyday, but might be nice with a peachy-coral look.

Hope this review and these swatches are helpful for any of you interested in buying Urban Decay stuff. It's been one of my favorite hauls ever, so of course I highly recommend it. A little pricey, but really quality products! Anyone else tried any of these? Or have an Urban Decay product they recommend? Let me know in the comments what your favorites are.

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  1. OOoo I've been wanting to try the 24/7 pencils, want to see how well they stay on

  2. The 24/7 UD eyeliners are amazing, I have 2 full sized ones and one mini from one of the palettes. It's amazing, I wanted every single color.

  3. ive never seen the udpp in jumbo size in person yet! i love those 24/7 eyeliners!

  4. Gosh the Urban Decay palette looks so tasty. It really looks good enough to eat lol. I wish I could wear those pretty vibrant colors, but I don't think they look good on me lol (not that I've tried...lol). I mostly just wear neutral shadows...I prefer to have a "barely there" look, but I would really like to try vibrant shadows one day!

    By the way, I tried using white eyeshadow as a white eyeliner on my waterline, like you did in the Dolly Look Vid...how come it looks so adorable on you, but on me..it looks strange? Did I use too much maybe or is eyeshadow way too thick for this? Thanks! lol xD

  5. The 24/7 pencil in Bourbon is absolutely my favourite makeup product - I use it practically every day :) I missed the 30% off sadly, though I'm in the UK so maybe wouldn't have got it anyway.

  6. Stacieee: They stay on really well! It's hard to find a creamy liner that stays on. If you put it on your hand, let it set for a minute then rub it with your finger, it will still be there in almost perfect condition. If I rub it hard with a baby wipe, it still will not come off! Only makeup remover does it. :)

    eternal.happiness: Oh man, I want every color too. I thought buying the minis would satiate my want but I think it made me want more. T.T

    Chomsiri: It's cute! Fatter, so hopefully less "stuck" product!

    Jennifer: I definitely think you should try it! At least integrate basic colors in with your neutrals, like green and purple. As for the waterline, I would avoid putting anything powder on it unless it was specifically made to be put there. Your eye is a very sensitive area and you don't want anything irritating it by using something the wrong way. Definitely look for a matte, light colored pencil eyeliner. Maybe try a nude color instead of white for a more natural look, like Stila Kajal liner in Topaz. For low-end, try Revlon Matte eyeliner pencil in pure white.

    Lucy: I will have to give Bourbon some more love! I do love all of the colors... they each have a different effect. That's the great thing about getting the minis. :)

  7. omg i looooove ur haul! esp that palette. ive been wanting it since forever but never got the chance to buy it yet.. lol. great buys!

  8. ah i wish i had the velvet rope set! but VIP is pretty nice too :) i agree, they have fabulous packaging!

  9. Hi from Brazil! I really like your blog, im gonna link it in mine, ok? ^^ wow, so many cool things! its a shame we dont have those same products down here =P

  10. I bought the Jumbo UDPP but I think I still prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance for my primer. I also bought the palette but have been too busy to try it out! Strange, right? lol

    Jen, did you say that you wiped your eye makeup off with baby wipes? Please stop doing that. I heard that it is really bad for your face from many sources!!

  11. Lili: Oh, no! I would never use them on my face. I only used it to try to wipe it quickly off my hand after swatching and it didn't work. T.T

  12. oh myy! those colors are PIGMENTED!! but that's nothing surprising, considering that it's Urban Decay! I lovee their shadows :D I always play with them when I'm in Sephora. I actually have 2 colors that i REALLY REALLY want to get..forgot what their names are though :( hope they're still on display by themselves or else i won't be able to figure which ones i want! haha. I've heard sooo many good things about the 24/7 eye pencils, and i personally really liked them when i tried them on in Sephora too, but I haven't bought any yet!! :'( I am for sure going to get Zero & Yeyo (since they're must-haves!)...but only after i stock up on some skincare products! my skin hasn't been happy with me lately =(