My 1st Anniversary - wedding pics, tips & nostalgia

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Aughhhh! I just wrote the entire post up for hours and for some reason, almost all of it deleted and autosaved with almost nothing. T_T Anyway, here's me rewriting everything.


Hey everyone! Sorry I have been posting less frequently lately but it is because my 1 year anniversary is coming up on Sunday! I can't believe it has already been one year and I can't imagine having lived any other way. It has even been, dare I say, easy?

It could be that we had dated for 7 years before we got married and got a lot of bumps out in the past but being around my best friend has been so rewarding emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We are both really good about filling up each others' emotional bank accounts with hugs, laughter, and inside jokes and that helps to sustain us for when times get rough. As long as you are really ready, there is nothing better.

Now, on with the wedding photos.

Size 4 Linea Paolo heels. Mmm, shiny and sparkly!


The bouquet. LOVE orchids, they were the theme of my wedding.

My tools. :D

The bridesmaids' dresses. I loved the Grecian goddess bust and the black velvet waist.

My dress

The gorgeous church. Orchids on the pews!

Getting ready

Last minute touch-ups on my maid of honor

I love the little buttons at the back of my dress

Getting my bling put on

Omma adjusting my necklace. <3

This dress had SO many layers that needed to be puffed out!

Crystal lily centerpiece. My mom and I put these all together. :)

Getting the giant veil put on

Pastor and hubs

Appa and me (and my bouquet! Both of which I were gripping onto for dear life!)

Ring, ring!

The kiss (or as my pastor called it, "You may now do the... Holy love action."

Too ridiculously happy

It's all over, we're hitched!

The after-party with a bit of my favorite, salsa dancing!

Our choreographed "Thriller" dance

Our couples dance

That's it, goodnight everyone!

Haha, sorry for so many photos but it was just too hard to choose! Thank you so much to Kassia for her wonderful photography to capture my wedding day. It still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now onto the makeup talk! There are a few rules that you are going to want to keep in mind for your wedding or special event like prom. I know rules are meant to be broken but for the makeup to last all day and look good in photography, these are good rules to keep in mind:

1. Stay away from glitter and shimmery makeup. You want the photos to show your face, not white reflective dots all over. This includes mineral makeup.

2. Stay away from sunscreen or anything with spf because it will give your face a white cast in photos. The only exception is an outdoor wedding. :)

3. USE PRIMERS! Urban Decay Primer Potion is always great for eyelids, and a face primer is sure to keep your face matte and looking smooth with no touch ups for longer.

4. Consider using long-wear lip colors. I used Maybelline Superstay Gloss in 160 Glass Rose.

5. If you are bent on using lipstick, first apply liner on the entire lip and then the lipstick. Blot lips on a tissue, apply a second layer of lipstick, and dust loose powder over the lips through a tissue. This will set the lipstick and make it last.

6. I recommend using all matte eyeshadows. You can get away with something with a satin finish on the lid or crease, but at least get a good matte highlight color. I used NYX single eyeshadows in white and brown, and the Revlon Colorstay quad in Copper Spice.

7. Exfoliate your skin and lips the day before so you have a smooth canvas to work on.

8. Consider using false eyelashes. They really make eyes shine in photos!

9. Buy and use a new tube of WATERPROOF MASCARA. You will cry. Other people will cry. You will cry because other people cry. Even if you don't, you still want to be safe. ;)

10. Practice! If you are doing your own makeup, you want a game plan before the big day. You'll want the least amount of surprises, trust me. If you are having a makeup artist, is really pays to have a trial run so you know what you are getting. There is nothing worse than feeling awful or self-conscious because you weren't prepared for an uncomfortable makeup artist job. Same goes for hair!

11. Go a little more dramatic than usual, but stick with a classic look that you will be comfortable with. Trendy is fun, but you want everything to stand the test of time. Just look at old 80's wedding pics! Ahhh, the hair and makeup!!!

12. Don't forget your nails. So many people will ask to see your ring and your hand will be photographed more than usual. A simple pale pink or french manicure is really clean and classy.

13. Hire an awesome photographer! Your pretty makeup and dress will all be just memories without a great photographer to capture them. Do not skimp on this, and check out photographers' portfolios before you agree for them to shoot your wedding.

14. Get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water. You will be going at full speed so it will REALLY be needed!

15. Relax, have fun, and don't sweat the small stuff. No wedding is perfect so whatever happens, just roll with it and have a good time. :)

Good luck and congratulations all of you who are getting married, have already been married, and want to get married some day. It's a truly beautiful thing and I hope you guys enjoy having read about mine as much as I had sharing it with you.


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  1. how sweet! i love your photos :) i definitely, definitely want to get into wedding photography :D

    thanks for the tips! hopefully i remember them by the time i get married, hahaha.

  2. your photos are absolutely beautiful! and you look so gorgeous in all of them!

  3. I love your tips on bridal makeup as I'm getting married next year! Did you do the makeup yourself? Can you do a tutorial with video for us one day.. I need to learn how to do it as one of my weddings will be overseas and I'll be doing it myself!

  4. aww your photos are beautiful :) everything just looks so lovely. made me think of my own wedding which was also a little more than a year ago :)

  5. wow, your wedding pictures are amazing. And... 7 years?!?! it's been your one year anniversary and you're still only 24, so does that mean you dated your husband since you were just 16?! That's just insane! It's crazy that you guys have known each other for so long and since you were so young! Who would've imagined you guys would get married 7 years later? Anyways, back on track. You looked absolutely gorgeous during your wedding and it's hard to believe that you did your makeup yourself, because it looks pretty darn good. Your hairdo, dress, and shoes were all awesome, too. I especially love your dress - that's the kind of dress I'd want for my own wedding. Actually, your makeup, dress, shoes, photographer, and church are all what I kind of dreamed would be like in my wedding. Although a white husband is not what I'd expect, it MAY just happen! Haha. Anyways, your wedding looked beautiful and I loved your post. I rarely leave comments because for some reason, if I visit your domain ( which is one of my favorite-d sites), the word verification doesn't show up, not letting me comment. However, when I go to your blogspot webpage(, it works and usually I'm just too lazy to go to your blogspot page (yes, I'm horrible). But today was definitely an exception because I just HAD to comment and write like... an essay. :T I hope you didn't mind my rambling(?) too much, but I just wanted to let you know that I visit your page every day, hoping for an update. It keeps me interested and I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your pictures/makeup. Thanks for posting so often and all the swatches (I HAD to say that) and I'll be going now! :) Update soon! <3

  6. WOW that's all I can say! You looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day! Thanks for sharing us your 1 year anniversary pictures :] and happy anniversary for the both of you!

  7. those shoes are pretty damn awesome

  8. Hey sweetie~
    You were simply gorgeous. =)Beautiful wedding photos and you both make a very cute couple.


  9. Hi Hun~!

    you look absolutely beautifulon your wedding day~ congrats on your 1 year!! your dress is so pretty love the style so cute at the same time! :D

    great tips! that is all a must have and do's~ XD

  10. wow you look gorgeous! and the pictures came out very nice!

  11. you look absolutely beautiful. :) congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

    my bf and i have been dating for almost 5 years now.. i'm loving every minute of it! hope we are as happy as you guys are!

  12. BEAUTIFUL photos!!! You look gorgeous! Great tips too. =)

  13. i luv the pics! u look sooo pretty!! and thx for the awesome tips!

  14. OMG you look absolutely stunning!

  15. Thanks for sharing your pics and your wonderful day with us. It looks like it was an amazing and memorable day - just like I imagine my wedding day to be one day when I meet mr Right! Congratulations on your anniversary - have a great day celebrating your union!

  16. happy anniversary to both of you :)

  17. Happy anniversary! you looked absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Beautiful photos! You look amazing in every single one! Maybe you can do a tutorial for wedding makeup/prom? It is the time and season for it :)

    Just wondering, what kind of cartilage earrings do you wear?

  19. omg, such beautiful PICTURES! and congrats on your one year anniversary! =D

  20. Izumi: It's always a good thing to tell your clients even if they aren't getting married. :) But you probably already have your list of do's and don'ts that you give them! Let me know if there is anything I missed!

    ♥akisa♥: I did do my makeup myself! I will definitely do a video on this as it seems to be a huge request. I just got a new camera that records in HD too so it will be super nice and clear!

    daisy: Ahhhhh, I looooved reading your comment! It's fine, I love essay comments. :) Yes, we have dated a ridiculously long time but with 2 very short, important breaks along the way. So strange about the word verification! I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem. Does this only happen on your computer or all computers? Thanks again!

    SilverRime: I think I will do a bridal video tutorial! On my cartilage, I switch around between gold studs with gemstones in them (dec birthstone, clear) and silver studs (clear, light pink, light blue). I got the silver ones from target with a set of 3 small studs. You can actually find some nice ones in children's jewelry that are small enough to look cute in that area. I am just careful with those since I have a metal allergy and can only wear real gold and silver. I hope that answers your question... If it is about piercings, I have two on my right ear mid-way up the ear. I got them at the same time in Korea and it's through the skin part, not the cartilage part. XD

  21. oh wow! thanks for the tips. and you really look stunning in your wedding pics. :)

  22. Hey,
    Yes, I have the same problem as another poster mentioned when I just go to and tried to put comments, I can't see the word verification part. It happens at computer at work and home. Your wedding photographer is great, too bad she's far away. Can't wait to see the wedding tutorial. Also, I was wondering what do you use to draw your eyebrows in. I saw all your posts but you never mentioned which eyebrow color and tools you use. Thanks.


  23. has it already been a year?? i feel like it was just yesterday you posted honeymoon pictures! i see brides & weddings/receptions all the time (for work) and you really did make such a gorgeous bride. and i love how you even touched up makeup for your bridal party! haha~

    btw, maybe you can add a note somewhere for people having trouble with word verification, but i've noticed when i use firefox i can't see the word graphic if i just left click on the comments link but if i right click on the comments link & open it in another tab or window (or click both buttons at the same time to do that) then i can see the graphic and have no problems leaving comments. maybe that will work for other people as well?

  24. i love your photographer and all your photos! you looked so beautiful! congrats on your one year. Im getting married in september and will be doing my own makeup bc im afraid that they wont be able to do my eyes..=)

  25. I loveee your wedding photos <3
    No wonder you said in your previous post how the photographer recommended you to do some part-time modeling.. because yous sure look like one!
    and thanks for the tips too! I don't know when i'll use it.. but i'll be sure to look back to this post =)

  26. Omg Jen, you are so gorgeous and the wedding was too! Happy Anniversary! I know you are a makeup expert, but do you have any dating tips you'd like to share with us since you and your husband dated for so long? I've been together with my hubby (he's really just my boyfriend) for almost 3 years and people are already like OMG that is such a long time. We have had lots of arguments lately though, even though people think we are the perfect couple. How can we stay on track? Any tips?

  27. Aww! The two of you look so happy and joyous! Thanks for sharing your pics and tips! I know many of your readers will find them useful! And have a great trip celebrating your anniversary!

  28. Hey Jennifer, I love your blog! I haven't really been commenting on it though (sorry) I loveeee your blog so much! It has been incredibly helpful! :) I have a nail design that you will loooovee (since you're so into nails) and thanks to you, I found out about konad! haha and I love it! I have a few questions though:
    1) Did you ever get a lip piercing?
    2) How do you take such clear pictures of your nails? I took about 30 of them and NONE of them are as clear as yours. (I used canon something something, fairly brand new)
    3) I noticed you have some cartilages,did they hurt?
    4) Since you are savvy with conserving money, how do you buy fashionable clothes for reasonable prices?
    5) Could you check out my blog? :P

  29. Such beautiful pictures Jen!!! seems like you have a lovely wedding. well congrats for the anniversary!

    wanted to let you know that i've nominated you for the "Kreativ Blog Award". =D here's the URL

  30. hey Jen.. I also nominated you the "Kreative Blogger" award as well LOL

    I think from my last post i forgot to congratulate you on your 1st anniversary xD

    have an amazing day!

  31. congratulations!
    And what lovely photos =)

  32. gorgeous & flawless bride!!! guys look so happy & adorable!!!...Congrats on your 1st year hun!

  33. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    You looked incredibly gorgeous on your wedding day, your makeup skills are simply amazing.

    Will be keeping your tips in mind for when my turn comes =)

    Thanks for sharing! xo

  34. dude you look WONDERFUL in your wedding photos
    your wedding looked craazy-nice too!! is there a photo of the cake? :D
    by the way - where did you get your purple extensions in your previous entry? i like the color!

  35. Oh my God, looks like a fairy tale, beautiful!!!!

    You are gorgeous and your updo woooooow!!!

  36. Hi! I'd been a silent reader of your blog since last year, I apologize for that but i'm leaving something now ^_^.

    Anyway, i just wanted to congratulate you and your husband for your 1 year anniversary! I'd always wanted to see your wedding pictures since you got married. Now that i did, i absolutely love them. You were such a lovely bride!! I love your dress, the makeup, the hair, everything. Seeing how your wedding was like makes me think about how my wedding will be like, but of course, i'm way far from that point right now haha. By the way, thanks for the great tips!

  37. Thanks for sharing your wedding photos! The pictures were beautiful, you looked gorgeous, and the dress is amazing!

  38. Opps... I forgot to tell you, Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!

    Also, commenting from above, when I go to leave a comment, I always have to refresh the page so I can see the image to type in for the word verifcation.

  39. You are so pretty! And your photos are gorgeous =) Can you do a tutorial on your wedding makeup? I remember you listed the products you've used in an older entry but I think it'll be super helpful to see how you applied everything.

  40. i've been following you ever since i saw your threads on soompi and i was sooo super surprised to see that you got MARRIED?!? you look wayy young. anyways, i loved everything about your big day. like your makeup, hair, dress, bridesmaid's dresses, center pieces were all amazing. congratulations!

  41. I love your blog:) Its very helpful and have to say you are one gorgeous gal! I am really interested in your make up for your wedding day as mine is in Jan next year and I am planning to do my own make up too! Can't wait for you video! Have a great day!

  42. I had no idea you were married, you look so young. You're gonna have great-looking kids, eurasians always turn out good ;)

    Are you christian? You didn't have a traditional korean ceremony? :/ with the pink dots and everything..

  43. I love your photos and you were one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen!The dress is a dream!Congrats for your anniversary!Be always happy!

  44. Hi Jen, I love your pictures and everything, so gorgeous yet natural and full of memories. You really give me the idea of hiring good photographer to capture every of this precious moment :)
    I am planing to get married next year, and I am looking for everything now, from shoes, tiara, and dress... Do you have some recommendation? Thank you very much in advance ^^

  45. Your makeup looks so good. I wish I can hire you for my wedding! Did you use Everyday Minerals as your foundation?

  46. Hi, I just saw your blog featured on DSK Jewelry. I love the bridal makeup tutorial. So I browsed through your blog and saw these amazing pictures of your wedding. You look so relaxed and happy in these pictures ( I was the complete opposite on my wedding day :[ ).
    I also like the fact that you don't only write about makeup which I think is a big PLUS.
    So I decided to follow your blog :)

  47. So beautiful! Who's the designer/brand for your dress?

  48. awwwww I just saw this post for the first time. your wedding looked lovely : ) I am in such a happy mood after reading your post!

  49. You looked so pretty on your big day. Thank you for sharing your photographs with us.


    Kate Gene

  50. this is absolutely beautiful.
    were you doing your own makeup for your own wedding?!

  51. You are sooOOo gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!!! :D

  52. i love all of your fotos. You looked absolutely Gorgeous on your wedding.. (you are gorgeous with or without makeup anyway)
    Thx sooo much for the great tips. they are really helpful..
    your whole wedding(dress, shoes, makeup, church and .. was perfect)
    At the end i just want to Wish you all the best wishes for your rest of your life next to your husband.

    Huge fan
    x Sarah

  53. you were a beautiful bride! really enjoyed your photos! thanks for sharing!

  54. Hi Jen,

    I think you are just absolutely gorgeous and especially on your wedding day! :) I feel so happy for you. I do have a slight question for you because you didn't mention much about your hairdo on your wedding day. Did you do your hair yourself? or did you go to the hair/beauty salon to get it done? Because it honestly looks absolutely amazing! I keep staring at it, irresistibly! Please let me know. And if you did happen to do the hair, you should have a tutorial! :) I would love to see! Please and thank you!

    P.S. I love your blog! Did I mention that I have you on my blog as well?! It's on my VERY first post too!


  55. hi Jen :)

    I'm a newcomer to your blog and love it! I'm Korean-American, also short and petite (4'11), and I just got engaged.

    My fiance is a lot taller than me.. I was wondering how tall your heels were at your wedding. Do you have any brands to recommend, or tips on keeping feet comfortable?

    Also, thanks so much for the bridal makeup tips. I am going for a clean, pinkish, Korean drama look... again thank you so much! <3

    God bless <3

  56. Such pretty photos! They are lovely! I really love your wedding dress, its pretty!

    I will also marry next year on our 7th day of being together <3 I hope I will also be such a pretty bride as you were!

  57. You look so beautiful and happy. I hope that one day, I meet the right man, and have a wedding just as beautiful.

  58. Hey Jen, I don't know if you'll ever get the chance to read this out of all the people who leave you comments, but I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration both as a beauty guru, but also on a more personal level...I am also a Korean girl, and I am engaged to a non-Asian guy. As you know, this can be really tough within our Korean culture...and it really gives me hope to see someone else who has done it! Thanks again for touching lives more than you know!

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. I thought I commented but guess not! I wanted to say you looked absolutely gorgeous (though I wish there were more up close shots!) I hope one day my wedding would be just as lovely!

  61. hi i was wondering, what is your hairstyle called? Im getting married in june and I want your hairstyle, its pretty! :) THanks

  62. ohmygosh where did you get your gorgeous dress?

  63. OMG. U ARE GORGEOUS!!! your wedding is, makeup, dress, everything. especially the bride and groom ;)

  64. Can you please tell me where you bought your brides maid dresses? Beautiful!


  65. Hey Jen, you're so gorgeous and you guys look so happy together :) now it's a lot longer than your 1st anniversary but congrats again! I'm going through some crazy stuff with my ex and it's really inspiring to see your love. Thanks for posting this!

  66. Unnie! I love everything about your special day! It is so timeless, & will be a great treasure when you look back at it one day! :) <3...God bless

  67. I'll take your tips and suggestions. I hired a makeup artist on my wedding and I paid around 200 plus usd a package for 5 people. The ceremony was delayed as he was not able to finish my makeup on time. I could have atleast saved time and some bucks if I did my own makeup. Anyways, I'll surely do my own makeup when we renew our vows, hehehehe. I watch your video tutorials and I learn alot from are a wonderful and beautiful guru .

  68. You have such a sweet love story...very inspirational.

  69. I love your dress, JEN! I'm sorry I was surprised, I thought you're husband was Korean!

  70. You're so gorgeous... stunningly beautiful!

  71. You're gourgeously beautiful! Married young is awesome!

  72. Wow you have a very stunningly wedding!