A Couple "Wish it Was Summer" Looks

2:50 PM

I don't know how the weather has been for you all lately, but here in the midwest, the seasons have seemed to jumped from Summer straight into Winter. Thankfully today we have a bit of sunshine! To be completely honest I have really needed to see some sunlight for how my life has been lately. I don't want to get too far into it, but it's safe to say that life is constantly full of opening and closing doors. Sometimes doors that you think had been closed long ago get opened without warning, and sometimes doors that you took for granted to be open have to be fought for to stay open. And some doors are really cars that have oil leaks and engine lights and cost a lot of money to fix. ^^ But that's life, so you just have to roll with the punches and hold tight to those that you love!

Anyway, here are a couple of looks from not too long ago, back when the weather was warmer to help bring back the good times! They both remind me of summer with light colors and light lips. :)

This first look is similar to my "rockin' neutral" look, but a bit softer since I used Wonder Eyelid Tape instead of Eyecharm. Wonder tape tends to make my creases look smaller than Eyecharm, depending on where I place them. Still pretty basic, just winged out the eyeliner.

Lipstick was my new favorite, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion. Such a nice creamy peach! I like to wear it pretty sheer like this, though it is very pigmented straight from the tube.

I really loved this outfit. My favorite white summer dress from Pac Sun with a light denim jacket with the sleeves cuffed up. I layered a cotton bralette under the dress so that the bustline was a little more work appropriate. ;)

The second look is much more beachy-summer, probably due to my neon yellow oversized shirt. Makeup-wise, the look is very similar to the last one except I used purple pencil liner rather than black gel liner on the eyes and the lips are a pink instead of peach.

Just wanted to show you how differently this look came out in different lighting conditions. Usually I like natural light best (this day natural light looked too harsh and cool), but this one looks better in artificial! Very weird. And I look super bronzed with flash! I swear I'm not really that tan. ;)

Close-up of the eye. Wonder tape made a tiny crease this day... Looks pretty much like I have monolids. lol. I LOVE this Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom!

Didn't take a good photo of the lipstick, so this is all I have. A giant KISS for you all, mwah, mwah! This is Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Pink Please, which I bought from the recommendation of Holly. LOVE love love the color, but I'm not a huge fan of the play-doh smell. Their Moisture Extreme line smells so good, like watermelon, so why did they have to make this one weird? :/ It's not a huge negative though, and the color lasts a long time and feels great. I'll probably buy another if I find a color I like. Oh, and the pink color is a bit off from the cool light. I swear it looks more natural like in the "indoor no flash" pic. Slightly lighter and pinker than my natural lips, but very wearable. :)

Okay, time to go scrounge around for dinner. Hope my Kiss brand DIY acrylic nails don't smell to bad when I eat! LOL! Review soon. ;)


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  1. aww, i love the cold weather, (probably because it never gets cold in california here!) i love that dress, it's soo cute and it definitely goes well with the summer look :)

  2. cute cute! yes i dont' know what happened to our weather.. kinda just skipped fall and went straight for the cold.. however seems like this coming week is going to pick up .. too weird.. def try the maybelline sensational in "born with it" - a tone down pink that's very natural for everyday look. =)

  3. i like that lil purple splash right on the outer corners <3 the weather in new york sucks, been raining for 5 days, and it's COLD rain

  4. You look sooo cute with your hair back like that. You wear the nude look so well! Tempted to try it out now but it's already the end of the weekend and it will be at least another week before I wear makeup again.

    You're going to make me cave and get the Peach Passion lippie REAL SOON, Jen. You make it harder and harder to fight the urge!

  5. it's super cold here in New York, too! but I'm glad the change is gradual. summer has been long gone here, and we have this beautiful chilly weather that I LOVE.

    anyways, I love that lipstick! ah, I'd want one for myself but I'm kind of broke right now; boo. :(

    thanks for posting lovely!

  6. Peach passion is definitely a must have <3
    lol YSL sales just went up I bet because of this post!

  7. niceeee :) love your outfit. i hope your life pieces back together! at least you're staying positive. and yea i agree, cali weather even jumped from summer into straight-up winter for a few days then it went back to summer! ugh :(

  8. I totally hear you on the season jumps. It hasn't really been fall for us in western Canada until now. We went from 25 degree weather into STRAIGHT snow conditions, but now the snow has melted and it's finally leggings & boot weather with a heavy sweater, that might do the trick.

    Wow, it's amazing how light can change a look! Your skin tone looks so different in all three, that's amazing. Either way the makeup still looks fabulous.

    pleasekeepinmind & kaiielle @ blogspot

  9. great dress :p Here in england the weather is sunny but cold :/

  10. This is OT, but I actually miss seeing your pretty pretty blazer! :)

  11. This is about another post but please help me figure out how to order the Solotica lenses.

    I need no vision correction at all, and the site gives me a choice of -0.25, -0.50, -0.75, -1, -1.25, etc.

    Which do I choose? I'd think it would be -1 but not sure? Please help!!

  12. Lily: ahh, I would love to be where it never gets cold! >.< Guess we always want what we can't have!

    ~Mel: I have born with it in the Moisture Extreme and I love it, so maybe I need to check this out. ;)

    Elle: Boo! I hate rain. So many people say they love rain and thunderstorms and I can't stand them. T.T

    goldyfishycakey: Lol! Thanks. I just pull my hair back when I didn't wash my hair the night before. >.> Whaa? No makeup during the week! I wouldn't be able to resist the urge!

    daisy: Glad you had heads up on the weather change! And it's good that you appreciate the cool weather. ^^

    Steph: LOL! -blush- I do love this lippy though. My friend told me she'd swap me her Peach Passion for my NYX Power and I'm seriously considering it! I may need a backup of my precious.

    izumi: thank you... I think it will get better with time. I appreciate the encouragement. And I LOL at your cali comment. Winter in cali? Does cali get cold? (I am so ignorant! Wish I knew what it was like!)

    Kayla: Wow, yeah we haven't gotten snow quite yet but soon enough I'll be layering my leggings under all my pants and have legwarmers and uggs too! XD

    Carine: Chin up! Sunny with cold is better than cloudy with cold, right? ;)

    Kaye: ROFL! Me too! Haha... I'm sure it will make more appearances in the future.

    Tree: You will actually want to order plano lenses, with (0, 0) power. Don't get -1 or it will be too strong!

  13. thanks for posting. you're sooo pretty!

  14. I didn't know peach colour lipstick can look that nice.
    Love it!

  15. Hi! I love this look! Would it be possible to make a tutorial on this look? thanks!

  16. Hi Jen where can i get wonder eyelid tape?

  17. Hey Jen, I saw this video on youtube. The girl looks just like you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB-ZgAVIlXs

  18. Pigglywinks: LOL, that IS me. He stole my video from youtube a long time ago. :P

  19. Sharon: I'll do a post on wonder tape very soon!