Snowy Ice Princess Tutorial

9:31 AM

Ahhhh, thank goodness it's the weekend! :D I love that my obligations today are to take pics while there is natural light, stop by Sephora to exchange a couple things, and to hang out with friends later tonight. Such a different change of pace from my usual of driving to work an hour, working 9 hours, then driving back home in the dark. XD

Well, this video is the result of trying to create video-worthy lighting at 10pm. Not the greatest of situations (my living room looks crazy now, with a floor lamp dragged across the room and my still-messy vanity tilted to the side) but it is in one piece! The battery even died out one or five times, so I hope the choppiness isn't too noticeable. You can tell at the lash application part. Magically, my lashes are totally on in the next shot. ;)

So anyway, here is my winter tutorial using mostly products from The Body Shop.

The music is by my ever talented friend, Greg Puglese, and the song is called Lost In Hiding. Speaking of music, does anyone make music or know someone who does who would let me use some original songs for my Youtube tutorials? Send me an e-mail at if you do!

Here are my tools for this look:

* Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee
* Graftobian Hi-Def Concealer Palette for lightening undereyes
* Everyday Minerals Foundation (mix of fairly light neutral and golden medium)
* Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder
* The Body Shop Iced Body Powder

* EOS Adult Grey lenses (from
* The Body Shop Eye & Cheek Palettes
* Sugar Cosmetics Color Stick in Blue Pop
* NYX Single Eyeshadow in Purple
* Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Yeyo and Zero
* Korean lavender eyeliner (Anyone heard of Rose Valley brand?)
* MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
* Andrea Mod lashes in style #45 (upper lashes)
* Echo lashes in style SN (worn on lower lashes)
* Filled brows with Anastasia Brows in Bloom Palette

* NYX Round Lipstick in Circe
* The Body Shop Shimmer Lipgloss in Iced Sparkle

Here are some photos of this look. I should've pulled out my wedding tiara for these pics! I didn't think about that until just now. Guess I'm not a very good ice princess. ;) Oh, and I love how after wearing wonder tape all day, my eyes are confused and don't know whether to be mono or double lidded. Not wearing any tape or glue for this tutorial, but I told you guys my lids basically do whatever they want to that day! So I suppose this look works for all lid types. LOL!

Resulting eye is a silvery purple

Wanted to show you the mega shimmer in the shimmer powder. Looked very cool in real life but didn't show up well in the video!

Overall look. Earrings are by HQCD and necklace is by DSK. LOVE them. <3

These wispy lashes are kinda cool, if you have the right look. Not very natural, but very ethereal.

Yay for warm, fuzzy hoodies!

And WA-WA, what is this? could it be cosplay cat ears and paws? Part of my upcoming Puss in Boots Halloween costume. This is the snowy ice-cat edition. ^^

Hope you enjoyed this video! I had fun being a little more creative with the look this time.

Oh by the way, I wanted to mention that I have the best blog readers ever. I think I cried more than a couple times reading the sincere, sweet comments from my last post. It just lifted my heart every time I read them. I can't express how much that meant to me since I was nervous to write so openly in the beginning. I never expected to get such a huge, warm response from all of you! Now I know that some of you really can relate to me and this makes all of the time spent worth it. <3

In appreciation, I'll be doing a giveaway in my next post. I hope you'll come back to check it out. ;)

Love you guys!

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  1. Great Look I like it a lot, but I wouldn't name it as "Snowy Ice Princess" because your make up is a bit too heavy or dark, a dark blue instead of black would be great. But I like the make up overall, you look awesome

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous look =) love the lenses too, does the color show up well in real life, or just in pictures? (:

  3. You're so cute Jen!
    Love this look, it can be altered and changed to make it more neutral or more casual look. I DO love it though, i LOVE your hoodie too, because the fur is too cute! Great tutorial!

  4. Anonymous: Good point, lol. I think I came up with the name before I actually did the look! What would you name it?

    Jamilla: Aww, thank you so much!

    e.motion in motion: Thank you! The lenses show up just as well in real life as in the photos. They are pretty vibrant. :)

    Cindy: Yes, you can alter it to be less or more. It's fun to built it up to your preference! Thank you, this hoodie is so warm, I am wearing it again today. ^^ Thanks!

  5. um, i'm running out to get that iced body powder right now! so pretty!

  6. Hi Jen, I loveeee this look. I've been a silent reader of your blog for awhile (sound like a stalker lol) but u seem sooo nice and down-to-earth. Keep up the good work, Jen!!! I love all your tutorials, very informative!!!

  7. you are so beautiful! i love this make up tutorial :) xx

  8. you're such a cutie! (referring to the part when you said you cried reading our comments) and your makeup is amazing. I can't imagine how beautiful it'd be in real life since cameras don't capture the intensity at alllll, but it looks like whoa-a in the pictures nevertheless. I love your super HD video, too! tehe keep up your awesome work Jen! <3

  9. Very gorgeous. Reading yours and others blogs makes me appreciate makeup more. I love how art can be applied to the face. =D

  10. Oh, by the way, where did you get your comfy looking warm sweater? =D

  11. your eyes look super huge! very nice

  12. Great tutorial Jen! Just wondering if you want to show your makeup collection? I am sure that a lot of girls are curious and I am esp curious about your Everyday Minerals collection ;)

    Take care, love reading your blog!

  13. Jen! you are SO beautiful!!! <3<3 last one is priceless!! KAWAII! X3

    so sexy and cute at the same time ! great look <3

  14. oh I forgot to say your eyebrows are perfect!! they are so beautiful also! everything on you is beautiful! :D

  15. since you mentioned Smokey Eyes, i think Smokey crystal eyes is nice, but the name isn't important. The result is great enough

  16. Your eyes POP so crazily amazing in this. Giant thumbs up.
    You better post about your Halloween experience! I'll be waiting for that =)

  17. Hey! I've been following your blog for a long while now, but I've never really posted comments. Just wanted to say that you've done a wonderful job with the blog and I appreciate the effort you put into it. I can't find very many asian makeup bloggers with similar eyes and makeup tutorials I would likely use. Thanks for the work!

  18. Puss in Boots goes trick or treatin? yay! Can't wait to see your FOTD's for that!

  19. you look so gorgeous!!! and you deserve to get sweet comments cause you're so sweet... :D

  20. This is one of my fav looks in your tutorials~

  21. I LOVE THIS LOOK!! you're gorgeous!

  22. This is a stunning look.
    The EOS Adult Gray lenses look fantastic on you too. I'm thinking about getting the Candy Doll ones in gray, but I don't know yet.
    Which DSK necklace are you wearing though? It looks kinda new (the chain).

    Well, anyhoo, gorgeous look, gorgeous you. ;)

  23. jen, i've been a silent reader and this is my first time commenting!

    i just loveeloveeeloveeee the snowy ice princesslook lol. its gorgeous!

    hmmm, i might not have all those body shop eyeshadows but i do have the 88 palette frm coastalscents, would u recommend me which color frm the palette that will work closest to the body shop shadows you're using?

    oh, i have the purple adult lenses. i hardly use it cause i dont know what eyeshadow color would suit the lens. what look would suit the purple lens best? help?

    thanks :D

  24. u look gorgeous! i love the eye!

  25. U look very gorgeous love ur lip color^^

  26. Beautiful look here! I love the purple/grey eyes especially . =)

  27. I luv this look/lashes,& totally luv ur friends music in the bkrnd. Keep up the great work, ur inspiring! dnt' let the jealous haters take ur sunshine! : )

  28. Wow the look is so pretty. I really love it!

    I have tried The Body Shop make up line before, I found that their lip liner really have great staying power, but their eye shadows are not, even when I wear it with UDPP it still does not last through the day. But it was like more than a year ago. How do you find the staying power of their new make up set?

  29. You really look so great! I love the shimmery lids, and yes I agree, it is so ethereal! Your crystal-looking eyes also added a dazzling effect.

    I always love reading your posts, please do keep them up! There are a lot of us that really do admire and love you!

  30. so pretty~ and i love the puss-in-boots action, lol

  31. No doubt that you look amazing with that look, really does suit you :) wish I could be so bothered sometimes to step out in amazing made up looks like that...very snowy and icy indeed but pretty at the same time GREAT JOB!!!

  32. you look fantastic! I love your lenses :)

  33. Hi Jen. You look awesome! BTW, any chance that you'll make a Wonder Tape review? I think you mentioned it a while back in one of your posts. Here's to hoping. Thanks. :)

  34. Lol guys, I totally wrote back so many replies here and never published them. XP Oh well, here are the replies to some questions now! And thank you all for your sweet comments!

    disilluzional88: I think my mom randomly bought the sweater for me a couple years ago. Just a random brand, but it's very warm!

    SilverRime: I recently moved part of my makeup to the living room, so it's in 2 places right now! Maybe I will do a 2-part video anyway. ;)

    eki: lol, my eyebrows were another part the cam ran out of battery. So i didn't even include that in the video. >.< Thank you though, I think every part of you is beautiful too!!!

    Anonymous: Smokey crystal eyes is a good suggestion! Smokey ice princess wouldn't really make much sense. LOL!

    Lisa: I'll definitely post about my halloween look. Still need to gather most of it. It will be my task tomorrow.

    I'm wearing the K-Drama Snowflake necklace on an 18" heart chain. LOVE this one, I've been wearing it all the time. Much more sparkly than the moonlight heart. ^^

    Anonymous: I don't personally have the 88 palette but I would use a light teal, lavendar, white/crystal, purple, and black with sparkles shadows.

    I bet netural/copper eye would look awesome with purple lenses as well as green eyes or black smokey eyes. :)

    Anna: Yes, I agree, I found these shadows to be a bit flakey. I removed the look shortly after creating it because I recorded it really late, like 11pm so I don't know how well it stays on but I'd recommend using a cream base first.

    Eve: Wonder tape review/application tutorail coming SUPER SOON!

  35. since your good with makeup i was wondering if you knew how she got her "face" like what blush color she used? or how she did it

    its probably really simple and i just dont k now..

  36. Hey Jen! You're really pretty! =o I think this look is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. Maybe I can wear it for halloween and with an ice-princess dress! Hehe! xD I wish that I could wear it to school, but I'm afraid it would be a bit to flamboyant.

    Could you do a tutorial on a natural, makeup to wear to school look for high schoolers or teenagers in general? Something natural and wearable? That would be cool! XD

  37. Anonymous: Hyori's blush in that picture looks soooo similar to a cheek look I did recently from Oct. 9th!

    Take a rose-colored blush and apply from apples of cheeks to temples. Then, apply a pinky-rose luminizer to the tops of cheeks for the "glowy" look. :)

  38. i love the snowy princess look. you're sooo pretty. i like the shadows on you it accentuates your eyes.

  39. You look so pretty! Do the lenses look scary in real life?

  40. You look gorgeous!

    I love your brushes.. they look so soft and easy to apply. What brand are they?

  41. Pigglywinks: Aww, thank you! No, they don't look scary in real life! I think they look quite... light but natural.

    Anonymous: I used brushes from different brands here, but a lot of them were actually from The Body Shop. I did buy a lot of my favorite brushes from though. :)

  42. Your make up skills are amazing, ur an artist painting on the face as a canvas just amazing that u know what to do at which part of the face. i can nv get that sorted out! You look gorgeous!

  43. Hi Jen, it's me again :D Thanks a lot for the link of Coastal Scent :) I am looking for brushes myself and got lost and not knowing what I should buy which are both economics and good :D

    I have some questions about the Graftobian foundation, are they good for oily skin? And would they stay well in humid and hot weather? I am thinking of getting their sampler pack but if my skin is about yours maybe I should get the warm#2 to try? (they don't have any store near my place :( ) and for the concealer would the light corrector wheel from be good?
    Thanks you so much for all of the wonderful tutorials and review ^^

  44. Anna: Honestly, I think that the Graftobian foundations are best suited for those with drier or normal skin. I have combination-oily skin and I don't love it because it get shiny. It is a cream foundation so it sits a little heavier on the skin. You can definitely still give it a try though, but I recommend using something to thin it out or to use a very tiny amount. Yes, warm 2 should work best.

    For concealer from Graftobian, I actually really love their HD Creme Corrector shades palette. :)

  45. Thanks so much, Jen (for the reply and the suggestion). I had hoped it was different from other types of liquid foundation - which I always heard not suitable for oily skin... oh well, poor us :(

  46. You look so pretty!!
    What contacts are you wearing?

  47. xD just saw ur video and that was the first popup.
    sorry lol!

  48. i love your look but i cant seem to find the surgar cosmetic one i searched all over wonder if you can help me with it ^_^

  49. Trishy: Unfortunately I think Sugar Cosmetics discontinued the product. But you can find something similar in NYX shadow sticks or MAC shadesticks.

  50. Wow~ This is such a beautiful look!
    I hope you don't mind me saying this but you look a little like Sandara Park (moreso in some pictures over others). God bless!

  51. I do like this look, however, I think it would look better with a lighter eyeliner color. maybe a grey or silver