Lavendar Neutral FOTD

8:17 PM

The weather has been getting a lot colder here lately so I thought I'd post up a weather-appropriate look to go with the season. I've been rushing a little more in the mornings lately to apply my makeup so I've been sticking with an easy and flattering neutral look most days. I've mentioned this before, but an easy way to mix up a neutral look is to have sort of an "accent" color.

Here are the tools I used for this look:

* NYX single eyeshadows in Flamingo (one of my FAVS) and Jazzy Bronze
* Random lilac eyeliner from Korea
* Everyday Minerals Blush in Walkee Talkee
* MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat
* Dior Addicr Ultra Gloss in 227 Chiffon Beige

The rest of the face is my usual. MAC fluidline in blacktrack, Covergirl Lash Exact wp mascara, Lancome photogenic concealer in Camee. I used the lavendar pencil on just my lower lashline which gives it a twist (although it doesn't show well in my crappy yellow bathroom lighting.)

I absolutely love this blush combo. Walkee Talkee is great as an everyday blush color and Petticoat adds a perfect amount of glow. Oh, and look at my cute DSK Bubbi Moonlight Heart necklace! It's so delicate and matches with this sweet look. Wearing DSK pearls & bows earrings in the previous pic too. :)

My hair has been getting soooooo long. I don't remember if this pic was before or after I got my haircut but no worries, I just got more layers. My goal is to have crazy long Japanese-gyaru style hair with tons of layers so I look like a living doll. XD

To get these waves I sleep on my hair wet from a shower the night before, then I twist my hair in two buns while I get ready for the day and take it down before I leave. Easy peasy.

My outfit is fairly standard work-wear for me. I really love this dress from Forever 21. I can't get enough of chunky-knit details! Leggings of course, since it's been so cold.

corduroy blazer - Abercrombie kids, dress and tank - Forever 21, leggings - Target, woven leather wedges - Michael Kors

People who say you shouldn't match your makeup to your clothes are silly! :P


Oh, PS, I'm going to have another giveaway soon since I hit 500 blog followers! Thank you so much, I am totally humbled that anyone would follow me. I hid my followers list for the longest time because I didn't think people would follow! Haha. Well, I am very honored and I want to give back for that. <3

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  1. wow! i love your outfit jen! you look very gorgeous =)

    hopefully this isn't too off topic, but i'm planning to get target leggings cuz i remember you mentioning a while ago that they fit you really well.
    but the thing is, i went to the women's section and, for small, it said it fit women who weigh between 100 to something pounds
    i am....85 pounds. i swear i DO eat, but i have a small bone structure and butt. i wear size 00

    i then went to the kids section and saw that the largest size were for kids up to 5 ft tall, and i am 5 ft 1 inch
    i'm not sure how big of a difference 1 inch is, but there was one package open, so i took out the leggings, and the butt area looked kinda small for me..then again, it stretches

    basically, i'm wondering which leggings you are wearing from target, and if you think the kid size would still fit me. sorry for the long post!!

  2. you look GORGEOUS! I always say this, but you really do have amazing skin and the neutral look only compliments it. I love the cold weather/autumn and I've been trying to go for a netural look; I think I should get the EM blush and the MAC skinfinish 'cause it really does give it the perfect amount of glow! I love it! Thanks for posting~ can't wait for the giveaway btw! :)

  3. Hello Jen,
    I really like this look, I think it really suits what you wore that day and also the mentality of being more comfortable/casual in fashion choices these days! Chunky clothes plus leggings is such a great combination on a petite figure like you!

    BTW. what type of job do you have?

  4. Anonymous: I actually got a size xs from the Exhilaration brand, I think. Whatever is the regular juniors' leggings. I am smaller than you, so I am positive it will fit you since we seem to have a similar build. ;)

    daisy: aww, thank you! I do recommend this combo. I don't use it a lot but it's a good balance for the "glowing from within" look! Let me know if you get it!

    Rebecca: Thank you! I just really loathe wearing pants sometimes because leggings and dresses are just so much more comfortable! And I am working as a graphic designer, but I got my degree in industrial design, which is product design. ^^

  5. You are sooo pretty! I have been following you for quite some time! :) I didn't have a blog for a long time, but I would visit your channel through your YouTube links. Your blog is so interesting! Congrats on 500 followers! You deserve even more!

  6. ooooo love the outfit (: you're right, the knit chunky details are really awesome

  7. wow love your outfit and you have amazing looking hair. Wish my hair could be like that....

  8. Your hair is beautiful!! LOok so soft! and yes you don't need a layered hair to look like a living doll, you already look like one ^^

  9. lovely...but I'd love to see your eye make up closely,u said NYX Flamingo is one of your fav so I'm curious since I couldn't see it...

  10. Great look. So natural but you sill look great. Thanks for the hair tip. Will definitely try it. Haha to the toilet bowl behind you. Great outfit too!

  11. congrats on 500+ followers :D
    Thanks for making this blog! It's been such a great help for me!

  12. i love ur neutral makeup ;)

    btw how do u do your hair?
    cuz' i tried that before and my hair went into a big mess! my hair went so out of place ;(
    hope u could do one tutorials soon before u sleep! xD

    and ur f21 dress is from the stores? coz i nthg caught my eye on f21 site whenever i visit them! ><

  13. Love the jacket! My sister does the same thing with her hair, but it seems to fall flat by midday. Anything you do to keep those waves pretty throughout the day?

  14. Hellooo from a soompier! I love your blogs, dang are you addicted to nail polish or what girl? :P I don't have blogger, but I subscribed to get updates in the e-mail via Google :)
    I love the chunky knit dress as well<3

  15. Love the makeup and that darling tunic from F21! I wish I could pull off a neutral blush so well.

  16. cute look!
    your hair is as long as mine was until i cut it a little past my shoulders today =D there was a pile of hair on the floor and it looked kinda gross.

  17. So pretty!! I love the gloss and overall look on you!

  18. wow i wish my bed hair could look like that! do you get your hair trimmed regularly? cz mine takes FOREVER to grow

  19. Hello gorgeous! You have such a beautiful figure (and well everything else). Thank you for your earring idea! Honey Drops are so cute! I make a pieces worthy of such sweet name. ^_~ <3 ya!


  20. WARNING!!!!

    I used to do the same thing - wet my hair, tie it in a bun overnight and my hair was wavy and gorgeous the next morning. It does work, but I do need to warn you. Unfortunately, a lot of my hair started to fall off :( I had a bald spot in the area where the buns were - please do not do this.

  21. I love ur hair!!
    I hope I can keep my hair that long like yours. It will be awesome.

  22. When did you buy your dress? It's not on the website anymore. It's very cute. Thanks!

  23. triana_iradat: I have a tutorial in the works that shows Flamingo better. :)

    jewel and Chrissy: I actually put my hair in the buns just while I am getting ready for work, so only for about 15 mins in the morning. By that time my hair isn't wet anymore from showering the night before, but sometimes it is barely damp. My hair is already wavy, so it helps to give the waves a little more definition, if that makes sense! They are also pretty loose buns so my hair/scalp doesn't get damaged. :)

    Oh, and I got the dress about a year ago and unfortunately, styles change very quickly at F21!

    Kaye: I hate to use hairspray, but if you add some loose-hold or curling hairspray or gel to your hair before you twist it up, that can help to keep the curl.

    Juny: Aww, you are so sweet, thanks for subscribing! I am totally addicted to nailpolish! I just love the instant gratification of seeing pretty nails everyday. XD

    alienmannnnnn: What, are you kidding me? You would look great in neutral blush! This blush is actually a little plummy, and petticoat is pink. I almost never wear tans or bronzer either. :P

    Sophie: ahhhh! I would probably cry if that were me. I've never had my hair above my armpits before. LOL. I hope it turned out really cute!

    Anonymous: Actually, I am so lazy about getting trims. I get a major haircut every 4-6 months with lots of layers and just let it grow out. If you keep the ends healthy, this helps to grow it out long vs getting frequent trims.

    DSK Steph: Haha! My first idea was dew drops but I saw that about 3 other people also thought of that too. PS, I am wearing the K-drama necklace today! LOVE it so much!

    Goim: Sorry, I bought the dress a while ago so it's long gone! But I bought it from Forever 21. :)

  24. that is such a cute blush combo. i'm really digging it. love the whole outfit and makeup look. congrats on hitting 500 followers!

  25. Your this photo:
    remind me the actress Gong Li. It especially reminds me of her from Memoirs of a Geisha. <3
    I have photos of my costume up on my blog!

  26. watching you is like watching an artpiece, beautiful!!

  27. Hey!! Just loved your blog.Unfortunately make up tools which you use are difficult to find in India..But you look fabulous and great blog must say...

    There are many herbal remedies which can also be used for bright complexion and acne relief and many more cure.

  28. hey. the outfit matches your makeup. lovely and simple. thanks hun.