How To Apply Wonder Eyelid Tape

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Waaahhh, so loving the warm reactions I've been getting to my giveaway! Totally unexpected but I have read every single comment and have laughed and cried. ^^ Please keep entering here because the giveaway will end on 11-10-09 at 8pm CST. This is all for you guys for being such wonderful readers and friends. ;)

As my twitter followers have probably heard, my husband had to go to the ER last night. He was in a ton of pain at about 10:40pm on his left side near the back. Not just pain, but so much pain that he was physically shaking and sweating. Pretty scary stuff. We got to the ER very quickly, just before 11, and hubs got an IV and CAT scan which was clear. He also got pain meds in his IV about 4 times which did nothing for his pain at all! I can't tell you how frustrating it is when your husband doesn't even want to talk or hold your hand because of the amount of pain he is in. Hours were passing, and the doctor told us he wanted hubs to stay overnight in the hospital. We moved into a hospital room at around 2:30am and after things were situated, I pushed together a few chairs and got a few hours of sleep around 3:45.

The doctor apparently gave hubs morphine which finally eased some of his pain for the first time at 5am. In the morning the doctor told us that it was probably a kidney stone that passed overnight, which are notorious for being extremely painful. It was missed by the CAT scan but they found blood in his urine sample. My poor baby. T.T We got home at around noon today, so our goal has just been to take it easy. Hubs is feeling much better, and I just really want to thank those who were supporting me last night.

OKAY so now that the drama is mostly over, I wanted to post up something I've been talking about for a while, Wonder Eyelid Tape by the Japanese company D-up. This has been my double eyelid crease-maker of choice lately because it is seriously very natural and doesn't take much makeup to look nice. The trick to this tape is that it is actually double-stick, sticky on both sides.

Here is my application tutorial:

It's very thin so I find it works best for those with thinner lids or those with more defined creases. I actually originally tried this out a year ago and I'm not sure if my technique was off then or my creases just didn't work well with the product, but I was quite frustrated with the results. The tape would come off within an hour and came off as soon as I applied eyeshadow. I can't say exactly what changed, but I decided to pick it up and try again a year later. This time, I was very pleasantly surprised. As long as I applied shadow before tape application and was very careful to place the tape without touching it, it would often last all day. In cases where it doesn't, it usually still sticks 80% which at least holds the crease. Compared to Eye Charm tape which doesn't hide itself at all because it only sticks on one side, it is quite an interesting change!

I will say that there are some pros and cons with Wonder Eyelid tapes.

* Crease is hidden and more natural-looking
* Able to wear less eye makeup
* No need to use eyeliner to "camouflage" tape
* Seems to hold crease better than traditional tape
* Lashes appear longer than with Eye Charm (probably because of less eyeliner)

* Can be difficult to get ahold of
* Price (about $17 USD for 1 pack vs. about $5 for 1 pack of Eyecharm)
* Can't apply makeup AFTER tape application or tape will become loose faster
* Eyes appear smaller than with Eye Charm
* Crease doesn't always stay "deep" since the tape is skinny

Overall, Wonder tapes win out over Eye Charm for daily looks due to its naturalness for me. I think I still prefer Eye Charm for really dramatic or smokey eyes since the tape is thicker and therefore has more "strength" to hold the skin below the crease up, causing a larger eye shape. (This may only make sense to monolidders!) But I do find that Wonder tapes have a tendency to create a semi-permanent crease more often than Eye Charm. I'll probably still use both depending on my mood and makeup type.

Since pics can often explain better than my words can, here are a ton of pics of Wonder Eyelid Tape (old and new versions) and also my application.

Old Version (Mild type) and New Version (Extra type)

Old version came with 40 pairs of tapes, 1 V-shaped applicator, and 2 oil cleansing removers

Tape packaging has greatly improved! There are now 60 pairs in each pack and it is much easier to remove from the backing.

Previous tapes had backing in 1 strip, but new version has the backing split in the middle for easy removal.

Instructions from the new packaging.

Pulling off second half of backing. First half was already pulled off.

Tape on the applicator

Now, here is my makeup process.

Clean eye, no makeup. Prime lids with eyeshadow primer first.

Next, apply shadows with pink on the lid, copper for the outer contour, and highlight the browbone. You could use NYX Flamingo, Almond, and Cream Cheese for these colors OR the top left well of the Stila Barbie Palette.

Apply MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.

Here is my eye after the tape application, with curled and mascara'd lashes.

Aaaand my face.

You can buy Wonder Eyelid Tape with the new packaging from me at I haven't seen a huge difference in efficacy between "Mild" and "Extra" type honestly, the tape backing is just more difficult to remove with the old packaging.

Okay, hope this THOROUGH and too-long review was helpful! As a disclaimer, I would love it if you guys could refrain from comments like "you look better with..." because, I mean, choosing JUST ONE WAY really isn't the point. Spreading the word about what's available so you can make your own decision is. ;)

Love you all!


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  1. awww.. Hope your husband will get better!
    My dad had kidney stones when i was younger, so i know it's quite a tough time to get through.
    At least your husband has you by your side! : )

  2. wow grat blog! really descriptive. I used eyelid tape, the cheaper kind for years until I got my eyelid surgery. Luckily you have naturally big eyes so with the tape they look big and bright!


  3. i hope your husband feels better!
    thanks so much for the wonder tape review! i've been waiting for this =D
    is reliable? cuz i remember some person spamming a lot with the site(and if i remember correctly, there was ridiculous advice on getting natural crease), so i'm a bit skeptical :\

  4. Tiffany: Thank you. If your dad had them, you understand how painful it is for them and how hard it is for everyone else around them to see them in so much pain. >.< At least he passed it instead of needing surgery!

    glimmeringmetal: Thanks! Haha... my eyes aren't that big but the tapes do help. ;)

    Anonymous: In my experience, they have been very reliable and I haven't personally seen them spam other sites. The tapes do help to get the most natural crease I've seen, so I think they are okay to trust. I've ordered from them twice and the only problem was one package bounced back to them and they resent it immediately.

  5. awesome. Thanks for the photos and the details. Great steps you posted. Ten years ago I used self-cut eyelid tapes a few times (and later gave up) but they didnt look as good as yours!

    cool! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow, I've never actually thought about kidney stones but it sounds extremely scary. Glad your husband's feeling better! Must've been such a hectic/crazy night. :(

    Anyways, this tape looks and sounds wonderrrful! SO natural. I can't even tell you have tape on! Now I shall go and try to get my hands on them :D Thanks so much for the detailed review, Jen!

  7. Anonymous: I recorded this video before I cut the bangs. My hair will be different lengths in posts for a while. ;)

    Beauty Back: Oh yeah? My mom and aunts did the same thing back in the day too... They cut their own eyelid tape from scotch tape! You'd never know, they all have doubles now. I didn't even know until a few years ago. LOL.

    daisy: It was pretty stressful! But things are getting better now. It felt so nice to sleep in my own bed. :D

  8. My dad needed to get surgery to remove the "big" ones O_o My dad says he still has little ones.. but their small enough to get by..
    It was a very gross situation when he got surgery >.<

  9. hey Jen,

    I've been following your blog from the beginning way back when you recorded your video with the eyecharm eyelid tape (with the blue eyeshadow and the blue liquid eyeliner - it was like the first one).

    And the reason why I started using my eyecharm tapes were because of your tutorial and your blog. I've been using them for about 9 months now and I have to say it has made one of the biggest change on my face that I've ever known. And i'm so addicted to these eyecharm tapes!

    One thing that really frustrated me about these tapes was that it was so big and you could see it no matter how thick I made my eyeliner. Sometimes I would cover up the entire tape with my liquid eyeliner and it always ended up coming out too thick..

    Anyways, I usually never comment and just lurk but I wanted to comment on this post because I really want to try these new ones that you tried. I think they look 10 times more natural than the eyecharm one and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you started selling them. I actually trust you more than this random blogging person located in Singapore...

    So please start selling them. I can't wait to try them!

    <3 Anne

  10. oooooo definitely interesting! thanks for this :D

  11. Jen, where do you buy your eyecharm from? Is $5 include shipping?

  12. What a great review! I am using Darkness eyelid glue, much better than eyecharm! Where do you buy eyecharm and wonder eyelid tape btw?

  13. Thanks Jen!
    Actually, I think it was another site that was spamming...oops LOL.

  14. Tiffany: Wow, I'm so sorry! I hope he has been getting better vs worse!

    Anne: If/when I hear back from the company, I would love to sell them because I feel like I know what it's like personally, you know? I'll let you know when that happens. :)

    Izumi: No problem. ;)

    Kimie: I just buy Eye Charm locally. Would you want to buy a pack from me?

    hi: I have darkness glue too that I use occasionally but it doesn't hold my crease all day and I can't wear eyeshadow with it. That's why I prefer wonder eyelid tapes!

    Anonymous: Ah, that's good to know. I don't think this site would do something like that. ^^

  15. thanks for doing the review on the eyetape! i have the mild one:(. but i still liek it, i was wondering where did you get the new one? :) -tia (:

  16. woo hoo for wonder eyelid tape!

    I actually still have to wear them from time to time because my crease still goes away occasionally :X

  17. Hi Jen!
    This is my first time leaving you a comment, but I just wanted to say I love visiting your site, and I'm very thankful for all the tips and advice that you post =) I'm really grateful that I can now change my eyes from monolids to doublelids without getting the surgery (and I've been wanting that surgery for...ever lol) So thank you thank you =D

    Anyways, I also wanted to write because I was thinking that if your hubby doesn't have a kidney stone, maybe it could be a urinary tract infection? If the infection gets bad, it would reach his kidneys and cause a lot of side/back pain. And it would also explain the blood in his urine, and why nothing showed up in the CAT scan. But then again, he should have shown symptoms earlier, so maybe it is just a passing stone. In any case, I hope he's doing better and hope he gets well soon. Take care! And please don't take down you blog until I get married so I'll know how to do my makeup lol ^.^ <3

  18. Oh, also, I wanted to ask..

    when you remove eye tape, does your eyelid feel kind of raw where the tape was removed? or is that just me?


  19. One more thing! ( I feel all comment happy =P) If he does have a UTI, he needs to get on antibiotics QUICK so the bacteria doesn't do damage to his kidney. And that should make the pain go away too. Okay, that's all =P


  20. :O Kidney stones hurt. >.< My uncle had them, and since we were in China at the time, they did some weird Chinese massage thing on him and it got better. I never forgot about that because I was like 6, and I thought it was the coolest thing how a massage made the pain disappear, LOL.

  21. i get so excited every time you have a new post. (haha, i'm not a stalker, just a loyal fan!!) love your make up looks and blog that much!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. i'm sorry to hear about your hubby jen, I hope he gets well soon. OMG those lid tapes look so natural - practically invisible! It sort of reminds me of eyelid glue only not as goopy. Thanks for the heads up, I'll try it out as well.. I wonder if they ship to the Middle East?

  24. Hi Jen,

    i've started following your blog after i bought some eyelid tapes from a random seller.

    May i ask how do you actually keep your eye make up for long hours? i do understand that you are in the US and may not worry about the humidity. But right here in Sunny Singapore, its so hard to maintain a 'fresh' look after being out for a few hours. My eyeliner will usually smudge and makes me look like a panda after few hours outside.(btw,im a monolidder and uses the eye tape:p) T_T

    How will you suggest to solve this problem?

    Looking forward to hear from you! :)


  25. OMG!!!!! You look like Sandara in 2NE1!! 노무 에뻐용~!

  26. hi ,my name is Ginger,and i live in Chicago,i really wanna buy this eyelid tape but i cannot find where to place my order,could you send me an email at and tell the how can i buy it?thanks a lot!!!!!!!

  27. hi,I just received the eyelid tape today and I tried it at once:it's amazing!!!!!!The best eyelid tape I'v ever used!!!Thank you so much and I am sure I will keep using it!
    btw:Thanks for sharing all those makeup tips with us,they'r very practical!!

  28. I've been reading your blogs recently, and I must say, I love your posts!!! And I never really knew much about this eyelid tape, I've seen them in stores, but I always thought they were scary..
    You made it look so easy! Thanks for the tutorial. I have a question though, when I put eyeliner, my double eyelid seem to disappear, could I still make like a "triple" eyelid? Like, Park Bom, her eyelids seem bigger than others. Would that be possible with the tape?

  29. Hey guys, I AM selling wonder eyelid tape now so if you want to send me an e-mail at I can send it out to you. :)

    Anonymous: Park Bom actually had lid surgery so her crease is quite large. You could make your own crease higher (not triple, just moving the same crease up) with tape, or you could line your eyes thinner so it doesn't swallow up your lid.

    Another Anonymous: Make sure you wear eyeshadow primer on your lids everyday, especially in humid conditions. Gel or liquid eyeliner will last much better than pencil, so I recommend something like MAC fluidline which can still give you the look of pencil without the smudging. Primer will actually help the tape to stay on all day as well since it absorbs your natural eyelid oils.

  30. hi jen, i tried to email you at your address but i got an email saying that your account is disabled?

  31. hello, stumbled across your site and love all of your tutorials! I used to make my eye crease in high school, but instead of tape, i used eyelash adhesive glue-the kind that you could buy at CVS in the fake eyelash section. I have fat eyelids, so I wonder if my eyelids would be too powerful for the wonder tape. from your description it seems like it would be rather weak for me :P You're very pretty. :)

  32. Heyy,

    I have just got some Wonder eyelid tape and I am having trouble putting them on. I have tried many times, and the sticker goes all dried and have to use a new pair, which is quite irritating.
    When I isnert it on my lid, I either seem to have cases like one eye is bigger than the other or very occasionally, I have 3 lids? Am I positioning it incorrectly... It doesn't seem to come out that good, quite stange. Please may you give me a few suggestions/tips on why this has occurred.

    Thank you.

  33. Hello !
    I am kind of new to this eyelid tape trend. I was wondering if it would be ok if you used this product if you already have a double eyelid. You just want to enhance your eyelid more. :D thank you !

  34. Hi =)
    I am european, so, I have two lids.
    And, i would like to have a monolid, do you have a special tip for that? :)

  35. Hi,

    I was just wondering for your Wonder Eyelid Tape, how do you remove it at end of the day? Is there a proper way of removing it without stretching the eyelid, because I've heard overtime the eyes will begin to sag if the tape is not removed properly.

    If it's possible, can you make a video showing HOW to REMOVE the Wonder Eyelid Tape?

    I would really appreciate it, thanks!

  36. Hey Jen
    Thank you so much for all your helpful reviews.
    I've recently started using the wonder eyelid tape and it's great except it doesnt leave a very big crease. so I tried to use the eye charm tape but for some reason i can't get it to stick on my eyelid. its fine until i open my eyes and then it just sticks halfway while the other half kindof just dangles off. i was wondering if i was doing something wrong.any pointers? thank you~

  37. Hi Jen! :] I am thinking about using Wonder Eyelid Tape. I heard that removing it incorrectly could cause drooping later on. What is the incorrect way and the correct way to removing the tape?

  38. I would like to know , whether that's a meet-up format to purchase wonder eyelid tape? because i don't have a credit card to purchase it. I'm to young to get one too.

  39. Hi Jen,

    I stumbled upon your site by accident and loved reading/watching your posts and youtube videos! I am also a wonder eye user myself and love that it looks a lot more natural than eyecharm or just plain ol' tape. My only issue is that when i put on makeup with the tape on, the tape gets quite loose in a few hours. Does that happen to you as well? How do you make it stay on all day? The last thing i want to worry about at work is whether or not my tape is falling off/showing.

    Thanks! and keep posting! :)

  40. Hi Jen! I can't remember if I posted htis comment before... but how long haveyou been using the eyelid tape? Do you use it everyday? I'm wondering if using eyelid tape religiously for a year will create double eyelids.

  41. Hi Jen!
    Just wondering,
    whether it's safe to use D-Up Wonder double eye lid tape everyday?

    Question, do you wear em' everyday?

  42. maybe dont need to apply thick eyeliner so the double eyelid can be seen.

  43. Interested post. This is a good way on how to have a double eyelid, instead to go to an eyelid surgery.