Brain Mash and My Home :D

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Hellllllllllo my lovelies. I am feeling like I am in a very random mood today so I thought I would just talk about some random things. Maybe a little update on my life. I'm apologizing ahead of time because this is going to be lots of words and not a lot of pics but you can skip this entry if you like. :)

I feel like I've been posting too many pics lately and some random people seem to think I'm narcissistic for it (if they just look at the pics and don't read the words I write). So I think I'll write more, or at least do a few more heart-to-heart entries since I feel like people really connect to those and that's what really means a lot to me.

I was talking with my friend Steph recently about how it's a little strange not knowing who is reading your blogs. I mean, there are so many people out there who might stumble upon your site and plenty of trolls who just go around posting negative comments here and there. It makes me wonder WHY. Is there any reason? Do these people think they will actually accomplish a change when they tell you cruel things or is there really no altruistic reason? It's completely taking for granted that the sliver of a life the blogger shows you is actually a real person underneath. I suppose I don't understand simply because I cannot empathize with these people. The thought has never crossed my mind to go to someone else's site and post something outright mean. I'm just not that type of person.

Maybe I am naive for wanting to simply spread love and knowledge of what minuscule information I know, to make people feel better about themselves. Isn't that what we all want? Just to feel better about ourselves? I was accused of "loving [my]self" when I post lots of pics under the guise of showing products. It's ironic, because in a way that's kind of my mantra. LOVE YOURSELF. Everyone should love themselves because it's not about the makeup or the clothes, it's how you FEEL when you put on the makeup and clothes. The twisted part is that narcissism itself comes from trying to make up for a self-loathing, which I don't honestly feel I fit the description of. I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm simply saying that I try to accept myself as a flawed individual and I don't feel like I have to "make up" for that. It's human. It's beautiful.

And for that matter, I am still weirded out by seeing a lot of my own face. Isn't everyone? Doesn't everyone look at their own pics and see the flaws glaring out at them even if others don't see it? But I feel like I have to do products justice, especially if they are the products of my friends so in those cases I try to take the best pics I can (which may or may not work out ;). Of course I deal with self-consciousness and uncomfortability but I try not to let that get in the way of my joy of life and who I am as a person.

Okay, now that you had a little peek at what's been on my brain lately, I wanted to give you a look into my home. I live in a little apartment with my husband and since there is a strong possibility that we may be moving soon, I thought I would post some pics. Now this is a little warning: My apartment is rarely this clean. XD But she is mine (well, temporarily) and I love her. Hehe.

Here is our living area. Hubby's favorite tv which we got a ridiculous deal on and split the cost of even before we were married! And my leather couches that my mom found for a great deal on Craigslist. (anyone notice the 2 domokuns sitting in front of the tv? ;)

Next to that is our little dining area. I love that our table expands so we can have friends and family over for dinner. :D In the right corner is an engagement pic that I STILL haven't gotten framed. Lol, lazy.

To the right is our little kitchen. A bit cluttered since we were cooking when I took this pic, but it's cozy. In the middle are his and hers little plush ninja figures that my friend Hannah made for me and Hubs, hanging from our cabinet. ^^

Hubs is probably telling me not to take a pic. LOL. I love that blue shark oven mitt to the left of the stove! Hubs does a hilarious shark puppet show. I treat my kitchen like my clothes. The things in it should actively make you happy. :D

And here is a look from the front door. A few Korean-inspired decorative touches, but mostly young, classy, and cozy.

Since all the other rooms are crazy right now I will leave that for another day. But I hope you enjoyed this very informative tour of the From Head To Toe household. \o/

Have a great weekend everybody! I'm going to go put together some packages that I've been procrastinating on sending now. Dears who are expecting packages, I have not forgotten about you! <3

Love you guys and I'll be back with a real tutorial soon. ;)


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  1. Thanx for another lovely post. I really enjoy your blog and the pics you post. I find more pics make it easier to evaluate a product properly. And maybe you can teach a few of your readers to get over their own photo-phobia, lol. I love your sincerity and that you are willing to share and the pics of the flat are beautiful. It looks like a real home.

  2. You are a true inspiration Jen. I simply love your blog, the pictures you take (of yourself and your house), your writings, and especially your tutorials and your product reviews. And best of all, you're working as a graphic designer and I'm going to school for graphic designing. I feel like I can relate to you somehow, in some weird way. Lol! Again, you are a true inspiration Jen. Keep up the good work and ignore all the rude trolls. :)

  3. Wow Jen ! I'm totally in LOVE with your house, it's beautiful ! It looks so cozy and the colors are so warm. and your curtains are lovely as well !

  4. I love this entry. It really shows that you're more than just here to help us out with make-up and beauty products.

    Haters will be haters. They say hurtful cruel things only because they don't possess what you have. Self-Esteem. They envy you and people like you just because they wish they could only have that happiness and self-reassurance. If only they knew that they DO have it, they just gotta let it shine.

    Just remember haters make you stronger. Just smile at what they say and kill them with kindness. It's bound to affect them one day and hopefully it'll make them change for the better and realize that they are just like anybody else out there. Made of flaws but know how to accept them and love themselves.

    Love your little abode. It's super cute and the touch of Korean brings me to think my mom's house. I love the little ninjas! Supppperrr cute!

  5. Your apartment is so cute!

    I love your mantra of Loving Yourself and I love how you help us love ourselves too! People who try to bring you down only do so out of Jealously. I don't get that emotion and feel that it has no use.

    CONGRATS on the BodyShop Comp By the way!!! I voted for you and got others to do so too :)

    Keep up the great work! I love reading your blog!

  6. your house looks really nice! It seems like not long ago, you posted about moving into your house haha, now your already planning on moving? :P

    I love all the photos you take! Don't care about haters out there because there will always be those who hate you. But more importantly you must remember that there is also those who love you too! : )

  7. Thanks for this post, has inspired me to write my own (: Haters will do what they do best I suppose... but I'm sure if harsh words ever came their way, they wouldn't know what to do! Anyways, very nice crib =) I wish my house was that clean!!

  8. Jen, props for being brave enough to keep a blog. I have been wanting to, but don't think I could handle negative comments or scrutiny. I suspect that most of the people posting negative things are really young (i.e. they have a lot of time and their own major insecurities). Please try not to take their comments to heart. There are good people out there. I personally do not think you are narcissitic! I know that you post them to inform and because it's just fun, not because you are looking for admiration. I respect you and am glad that you have a blog, where would we be without you lovely beauty bloggers?! I would still be buying crappy makeup and applying it wrong! :)

  9. One thing that I love about your blog is that you always add a lot of Pictures to your entries :D so please don't listen to those random trolls :(
    and I personally never thought that you are narcisstic just because you post many pictures of yourself... in fact I really like watching your photos because to me you are a beautiful person inside and out :)

  10. I like your picture flood, so don't stop making them! ;)
    and omigod! I'm new in beauty-makeup blogging, but this week I got my first troll. I was "praised" to be a b*tch who loves ranting (about my personal life) and I was (still am) discouraged. Am I really? Should I stick to pure reviews or share my non-beauty related thoughts too?
    And this girl or guy wasn't even brave enough to comment with name!
    These anonymouses must have a veeeery happy life!^^

  11. Thank you for a lovely post Jen!
    You are a beautiful individual, inisde and out, your home is beautiful!

    Lots of Love,

    Blaire. xx

  12. You're a really beautiful woman (and I mean it, i don't say that just to be nice^^) so of course, you should love yourself :p ! It feels good to be confident and as long as you don't act like a conceited person (who you are not, i think), it's fine ! These trolls have confidence issues i guess, and they let others pay for it.

  13. what kinda lighting do you have? I love the lighting in your home!!

  14. Thanks for letting us into your beautiful home. The set up is gorgeous. I hope to have something like that of my own.

  15. If you're going to start feeling like you have to justify and defend what you put on your blog, stop now. F*** the haters, they will never quit. You post whatever you want on here-if it's 80 million pics of your face or your toe, it's YOUR blog. You have no responsibility to those people. much love xoxo

  16. People just post negative things about you because they're jealous doll. Don't let them bother you. Just know that there /are/ people that read your blog and don't think you're a narcissist because we know what you do and that you do it for us and because you love what you do! Oh, and you're definitely not vain in anyway. ;D Don't let other people put you down. Just know, that the more they talk about you, the more people will want to know you. Lol.

    Oh and your place is absolutely amazing. It looks really nice. (:

    Can't wait for your next post and your next tutorial. ^^

  17. Well..if you have usually means your doing the right things! Right?

  18. What a lovely post! Your house looks really nice and peaceful! I esp like your kitchen. It looks like a place someone would be happy to cook in everyday. I would totally decorate my kitchen too seeing that I enjoy cooking and it'd be the second room in the house that I would spend the most time in! Hehe can't wait to see your next tutorial. xx

  19. thanks for this cute post, jen! it was really nice for you to open up to us. i'm a subscriber of your blog, and i always look forward to your post. keep up the great work! =))

  20. people are trolls just to be trolls! their own life is so negative that they have to spread negativity into other people's lives who seem happier and more put together than themselves. >:|

    keep your head up <3 and keep being wonderful! don't let them shake you! :P

  21. You have a lovely home and a heart of gold.

  22. Really appreciate for your sharing, whatever your thoughts in your heart, the real you and the tutorials and pictures. THANK YOU JEN!!!! <3

  23. Hey! It says I'm an anonymous reader, but I'm actually a 16 year old junior in high school, and I still absolutely adore your blog! You're super gorgeous!

    Please do more personal posts like this! I love your tutorials, but I also love seeing those cute kitchen pictures! Sooo cute! ^___,^

    Stay strong! Fighting! ^o^

  24. You know..I really love what you do. You should do what makes you happy and ignore all those rude comments. (they are just probably jealous by the way). You inspire and help others by doing what you do and if those people can't see it then that's fine. There are many ways to help others, and you help girls try to make the best of themselves in makeup and fashion and how to feel good with themselves. I admire you being brave and honest to do those things cause many will not have the courage to do what you do. You are both beautiful inside and out. Stay that way!

  25. Wow, I have exact same Domokun on my top of computer monitor !!!
    I got it from Target for Halloween last night :D
    I love domokun !!!

  26. What a cozy home! :D Now you should give us a sneak peek of your dresser/bathroom with all the beauty products on it :) hehe I love looking at other people's beauty stash ^^

  27. Hi Jen. My name is Em, nice to meet you! I love your little home =) I'm getting married in 8 months and am soooo excited to start my new life with the one I love. I tried your bridal makeup look, thanks for posting it! Don't let those people bring you down, the ladies here love you! You give me inspiration! You have no idea how REAL you are to me. So keep doing what you are doing and we will continue to support you! Have a happy thanksgiving!!! Are you cooking thanksgiving dinner?

  28. i feel like people only write negative things because either #1, they have nothing better to do or #2, they're jealous. don't let it bother you and please never stop blogging due to haters! i love your blog too much! =)

    ps i really love your apartment!! i'm living in a 1 bedroom apt with my fiance right now and it is the smallest, dinkiest place ever. can't wait to move!! hopefully we can find a place as beautiful as yours! =)

    pps i'm starting a new blog with a few friends... it's about everything women related; not just beauty but also business and current events that concern women. i hope you'll come check us out when we start posting! we just picked out a name and i'm really excited about it! =D

  29. I loooooove your blog. I have the same tv and stand. Your home is beautiful!

  30. HI THERE JEN! I enjoy going to your blog on a regular basis. This is your home page, your personal space so you should post whatever you like and mind less about those nonsense peeps. If you reader doesn't like something, they always have the option not to read/look at it. Plus you look so adorable so i don't understand why people got a problem if you post some pix here and there. I lots of pix while you look young b/c when you're older, you will miss your youthful time:) Keep up your great work.

  31. Hi Jen
    I’ve always wondered about verbally abusive commenters as well. I know there are people who genuinely have different opinions and concerns, and that’s great because I think different ideas should always be shared and considered, and one of the things I love about your blog is that I’ve seen you welcome different opinions and always try to address people’s concerns, and most of all I’ve always seen you show them mutual respect. But I’m always baffled by people who leave outright malicious comments. There’s just no excuse for that.
    Anyways, today’s post made me feel somewhat inclined to share a bit about how your blog has affected me. Like many women, I suffer from low self esteem. Well, I’ve always considered myself “low maintenance” and always told myself that inner beauty is all that matters. So sometimes I felt proud about not paying much attention to my outer appearance and thought my self esteem was at a good level. Yet, whenever someone whipped out a camera, I automatically shielded my face or turned my head in the opposite direction. Eventually, I realized that I hardly had any photo memories of some of the best times in my life, especially college. I noticed my own camera was filled with pictures of everything else but me. =(
    So now I’m 25, been with my boyfriend/best friend for 6 years now, and plan on getting married in the next year or so…and all I want are some nice wedding pictures. And I felt my biggest struggle would be my monolids (>.<) as silly as it may sound to those who are foreign to the struggle of conforming to the image of double eyelids. Bottom line (since this comment is already too long =P), your blog helped me keep my promise to myself, that I wouldn’t get the eyelid surgery, and not only gave me ideas for my wedding makeup, but makeup for special occasions so I won’t feel as camera shy =). I don’t believe makeup is the solution to my self esteem issues, but I am happy that I can be another step closer to loving my self image. Thank you <3

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Oh the flamers. The more popular one gets, the more haters one seem to attract too. It doesn't matter if you're mean or nice, the haters would still come in by the dozens.

    I never understood either just what could compel a person so much to actually take all the energy to flame someone. Even though I admit there are some blogs I really dislike, I just exit them. So simple.

    But anyway, I find it funny how we sometimes just skim over the compliments at times and tend to forget them as time goes by but how ONE nasty comment can stick with us for a long period of time and ignite in us a bunch of self-doubts. All from a faceless stranger. Who could for all we know be a chimpanzee banging away at a keyboard lol.

    But its always nice to have reassurance in the midst of rude comments so here's mine :)

    Just keep blogging the way you do now. I love the pics. It IS after all a fashion and beauty blog and I would personally be very annoyed if there are only 1 or 2 pics because everyone knows that the more angles the better for one to get an idea of what a certain look really looks like :D

    And lets admit it. If we have the looks, we would be happily posting our faces everywhere too LOL. Ok maybe not everywhere... but you get the idea. idk about others, but scoring a nice picture of me makes me VERY HAPPY and I believe its the same for others. Who doesn't want to look good?

    I agree about the being weirded out part though and and seeing all the flaws and wondering if the pic is actually ugly and not decent like we think :x But so far for yours, all looked really gorgeous and professional I must imagine you take hours taking them cuz I suck at taking pics for reviews T__T

    So just keep up the good work Jen! After all, its us who you intend these tutorials for and not some trolls who probably never heard of makeup :p


  34. your home is beautiful :) i love the fact you always put up heaps of photos cause its the one thing i look forward to! :D lol

  35. I personally think that the ones that post negative comments have nothing to do, jealous and probably teens. Keep doing what you do best and try to ignore those comments=)

  36. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and have been following regularly ever since. You are so down to earth and easy to relate to - I don't understand how anyone could bash on you like that. You're gorgeous inside and out, and I think you're a wonderful role model for girls everywhere. Keep it up and don't let the negativity bring you down! :)

  37. What a fun post! I love From head to Toe CRIBS Edition!!!!!!!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    LOL @ haters being trolls! IT's SO TRUE! THEY ARE TROLLS NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE! If they can think like a mean troll, they must be trolls lol.

    In regards to Youtube, it is true how weird it can be when friends of friends or family friends find you! hahaha Last year in school, my project group was watching my youtube videos when I arrived to the group meeting. GAH I wanted to strangle one of my friends who was in the group. lolll I think they like my youtube better than me in person! lol

    I hope you have a great Turkey day Jen! I'll send your package out very soon >^_^<

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  38. You're an amazing person, Jen, and it makes me so happy to find others like you and I on the internet. It definitely helps me feel less naive and less alone. =)

    I love your apartment! I hope I get a chance to lovingly furnish mine like that someday soon. I love your shark oven mitts!!

    & thanks for dropping by and checking up on me. It's not quite finals yet but the entire quarter has just felt like one bad day followed by a worse day ugh. Trying to stay productive and not let it get to me too much though. <3

  39. C'mon--of course you can't keep a makeup blog without tons of pics! For Christ sakes, this whole trolling-subculture is getting out of hand. Here you are, nice enough to open a blog for people who need your make-up advice, and there's actually people (or maybe just a person) who waste time reading something they care nothing about, then proceed to waste time trying to make your life harder. This goes without saying, Jen, but you're AWESOME. I love your pictures, I love your personal posts, I love your tutorials--if the thousands of comments you've gotten (and thousands of readers like me, who've remained anonymous til' now, lol) aren't enough to convince anyone who much you're appreciated in cyber beauty....well, nothing will. So screw them, and keep doing what you do best. Don't even give trolls the time of day ;)

  40. you have such a beautiful home :) looks cozy and huge! don't mind the ugly comments! all that matters is how you're enjoying your life! AZZA AZZA! ^_^ and you look so young! :D Goodluck with your wedding! Hope it all goes well! BEST WISHES! <3 -jhee

  41. Aww, Jen, I love you! <3 I totally agree, if people can be just a bit more open-minded, warm, accepting, and positive, the world would be a much better place! Yayy for spreading the love! It's funny because I remember we were talking about this before your post! :D You are not naive--I think we all wish for a more loving and peaceful world in our hearts. :) On a sidenote, you made me chuckle when you said "trolls" in your post because not very many people use that word! I love it though, haha! And for some reason it makes me think of those troll dolls haha >:P

    Anyway, thank you for letting us peak into your warm & loving home! She looks like such a happy and comfy-cozy abode! I love how you decorated it--bright, simple, elegant, and classic, which is totally YOU! :) You are simply a beautiful person, inside and out, unnie!<3

    <3 caroline xoxo

  42. Hi Jen - everyone else said it so much better so I won't even try. I personally *love* your blog because you like the same stuff that I do - which is the whole reason to follow blogs isn't it? And of course we want to *see* what you mention - even better to see it on a person. Your blog has way less pictures than most other blogs I follow. But I love seeing pictures - the more the merrier. I don't know why those people don't just stop looking if they dislike what they see. I'm sorry those meanies even caused you to waste one second thinking about this. Finally, your apartment is very nice! I hope you will add more korean accents to your new place.

  43. Thanks so much for being so open and welcoming :D I love the variety you have on your blog,, hauls and fotd's are nice but they're even better when you know the person behind them~~ Really thanks so much

    God Bless,,

  44. I love your house, so pretty ^^!

  45. I enjoy stopping by to visit your blog! You're like a ray of sunshine!

  46. i want to see your husband? if you don't mind. The both of you two should take a picture together and post it on your site!

  47. Its a nice place to live for happy couple...waiting for more pictures on your apartment..Oh you missed your room n bathroom too :D

  48. every time i read someone like you i've been learning from say there have been negative comments my heart drop and i worry to see one day 'because of the negative comments this blog is now closed'. If that were to ever happen i hope those who put those useless comments know they really spoiled for those who have been learning from you. so frustrated with some of the stupid ungrateful people out there. -from new zealand-