Contest Winner and Geo CK-109 circle lenses

11:11 AM

Wowee guys, I am totally astounded at the outpouring of love and support I've received so far for The Body Shop's vlogger contest which is still going on until Nov. 20th! I seriously thought I would be dead last since I am so intimidated by the other vloggers' youtube popularity. I guess it goes to show that it's not about quantity, but about quality and by that I mean the readers/viewers/watchers/supporters. My friends have voted for me, not just some random youtube subscriber. At least, thats how I feel. ^^ To me, it's not about winning. I've already won because it's really in-your-face proof of the loyalty of you guys. (I know, that was really cheesy but I've been emotional lately and I don't have anything hilarious to say about it. I really genuinely am SO humbled.)

The contest just makes me wish that I could have had ten winners for my HG giveaway contest because I really feel like you all deserve it. I was just ecstatic about how many people entered! Unfortunately, I had to choose one and I hope she is really excited about her package:

The winner is Yvonne! Congratulations girl, check your e-mail and send me your mailing address. :)

So getting back to what you're really here for, the PICS!! These are actually the lenses I wore for my Halloween Puss in Boots look. I wanted to try out something different with lenses this time so I took the leap and got something I haven't tried before, black lenses! These are what people think about when you say "circle lenses" for that really glossy, black ulzzang-eyes look. I got these from and I believe they are called Annex black lenses, style ck-109. (If you order from Janie, write frmheadtotoe as a reference!)

There are other styles that are blacker but I wanted a black lens that would still show my natural brown eye color so I don't look possessed. XD I think these were a good choice for the look I was going for!

Here are the lenses in the case:

And here's how it looks on my face. Warning, old bangs! ;)

Obligatory smile

I'm really not very good at these imitation ulzzang faces. :P

cute and silly is SO easy with circle lenses though!!!

Close-up. You can see how dark my natural eye color is. :)

MWAH! A kiss for you. Now you have cooties.

Doing this in backwards order. Here is a look at the makeup I used for this look. MAC Humid (OMG LOVE this green, 4th on top row), MAC Shroom (highlight color top left), bright green and yellow in the NYX Caribbean collection palette, YSL Rouge Volupte 9 Pink Caress lippy, Dior 517 Clutch Pink lipgloss.

And here's a couple more in different lighting (rice paper floor lamp) just because it makes eyes look crazy cool. They look like they are GLOWING. So weird and awesome like all the best things in life.

Oh, I did want to mention one more thing. I've heard that Pretty and Cute has recently had a huge influx of orders so a lot of the lenses have been temporarily taken down until Janie can catch up on her orders. Something about being name-dropped by Rice Bunny in a video then getting 800 orders in one week. ;) I don't personally know what is going on with her site but please remember that she is human and deserves the patience and respect that you would give a friend who is undertaking a stressful period for a small business. She's just trying her best!

Okay that's it for tonight. Coming very soon, glitter nails from my recent vids, Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra Son Gain inspired look, and more fashion and jewelry. Love, love, love.


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  1. congrats to the winner :D

    and I have a question: If say, I have eyes a lot lighter than yours, and I got those lens, would it look fake? Like...would the black and the brown contrast too much? My eyes are a tad bit lighter than chocolate-ey brown.

  2. Gratz to Yvonne :)
    Jen, you look stunning :D The lenses are so lovely. Do you know if they have prescription for the lenses? I am short-sighted :(

  3. Hikari: Well, I don't suppose black lenses ever really look NATURAL per se, but I think it would look really cool. I had my husband try on my old tear grey lenses from years ago and it was awesome (but not natural)! He has green eyes. :)

    Anna: Aww, thank you. :D I believe they do have prescription but you'll have to check around since I just wear plano and don't know 100%.

  4. oh.. congrats on winner!!! dear, i voted for you =) hugs!!!


  5. You look so doll-like! :) I also love your eyeshadow here. Not too much to be overwhelming.

    The last pic zoomed in your eyes look a little creepy because they are so black! But you look so pretty anyhow

  6. Can you tell me what eyelashes you used here? I love them!

  7. You are fantastic and so deserve it!

    Congrats to Yvonne. :D

    I love your FOTD here - soooo pretty, as always. I still haven't tried circle lenses lol, I already have so many problems with regular contacts it just doesn't seem worth it to me. Wish I could wear them though!

  8. Congrats to the winner :D

    And you look soooo beautiful Jen ♥

    I think you definitely look Ulzzang 8D

  9. You look so cute with these lenses ^^And about the body shop contest, you just deserve to win !

  10. Waahh!---congrats to Yvonne ^__^
    those lenses are so cool! ^__^

  11. Woo! Congrats to the winner!

    You look really amazing :) Those lenses really suit you =)


  12. Congrats to the winner!

    Jen, you have the prettiest lips! And the lenses look awesome on you. I wish I have better luck with them, they sorta blur my's weird..haha

  13. Yay congrats to the winner!

    Jen, I don't know what you're talking about ... but you definitely have the uljjang look :b

    BTW, your necklace/nails are pretty. I feel like you did a tut on those nails, I'm gonna check!

  14. awww! love the lenses!!! I ordered a few pairs of lenses last year but I had trouble putting them in:( Oh and the wonder eyelid tapes are AWESOME! love love them! xo

  15. Awww..Jen, do you have another contest? LOL

    Again, congrats to Yvonne! ^^

  16. you look so gorgeous as per usual! that lighting looks beautiful against your skin! :D

    congrats to winner! :)

  17. gorgeous circle len! they make the eyes look so kawaii and big in a natural way!

  18. congratulations to the winner and those lenses look really nice on you! I love your blog(:

  19. Hey Jen! Thanks for your awesome tips and tutorials! I have a question--- what brushes do you use to create such natural looks? Also, I'm just getting into makeup so what would you say are some of the "essentials" in your makeup bag?


  20. oh yay I won! thank you so much Jen! im doing the happy dance right now :D

  21. I love these lenses! I wonder if they come in a lighter shade than black? Thank you for this post Jen!

  22. i love the lenses too! but do you think they'll look good on a non asian? i'm spainish so i'm afraid i'll look like an alien rather than cute lol.
    btw, i have a random question, have you ever danced to "tell me" by the wonder girls? :)

  23. omg i meant spanish**!!

  24. Your review helped me decide whether to go with the CK107 or CK109 lenses. Thanks:)

  25. Where do U buy your circle LEns????

  26. ck 109 is 14.00mm lenses right? it looks big on you though. I bought geo xck 105 today ^^