Rose Garden Pink & Green Makeup Video Tutorial

7:25 PM

Hi everyone! Here is a video I recorded on a day that I was home from work after being sick the day before. You may notice that I am a bit broken out (SEE, I don't have perfect skin and I just went to the dermatologist on Tuesday) but I wanted to take advantage of my time home to record a tutorial for you all anyway. It's a brighter look than some of the others I've done since I know a lot of you were asking about how to use brighter eyeshadow colors. Also, you'll notice, BANGS! Everyone says I look more Korean with bangs. Ha.

The main colors are pink and green, so I decided to call it a "Rose Garden" look. It's very girly and cute, which is probably accentuated by my new short bangs that my mom tells me makes me look like a young girl. XD It's true, I had bangs like this in the 1st grade! I'm using my trusty old Eye Charm tapes again too, since I got some more requests for tutorials with those.

Anyway, here are the tools I used for this look:

* Too Faced Shadow Insurance
* Sugar Cosmetics Color Stick (green)
* NYX Kiwi eyeshadow
* NYX Hot Pink eyeshadow (shimmer version, not matte)
* NYX Cream Cheese eyeshadow
* MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
* Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Covet
* MAC lashes #33
* Covergirl Lash Exact mascara

* Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee
* MAC Studio Sculpt foundation NC30
* Everyday Minerals finishing powder
* Rock & Republic Blush in Kinky
* Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Backstage Pink (Sephora FF sale! LOVE it!)

By the way, this is random but I don't know if any of you noticed that in my Snowy Ice Princess tutorial I wasn't wearing any tape or glue. It was just a double eyelid-ish day that day. :P I didn't want to put "monolid" tutorial since I didn't know if it counted? Oh well, I'm sick of labels. My inconsistent eyelids are mine and I can apply makeup to them, no matter what they choose to be. ^.^

Okay, here are some pics of the final look. I know I'll get asked, so these lenses are Vassen brand in brown, I forget what type but they look very similar to GEO Angel Brown or Tutti Brown. (Click "lenses" in the labels because I know I've posted about them before.)

See these CUTE earrings? They are Eki's Love Lock earrings from I'll be posting more about them soon!

Close-up of the eyes

This is my favorite flower, an orchid leftover from my wedding decorations.

Lavender rose headband also from! SO kawaii!!! XD Also, why does my face look so weird and fake here? Strange angle, lol.

Just being a dork

I've decided that with my new bangs I either look like a fake-haired doll or like someone from a horror movie. I'm still trying to get used to it. WIG!

Ok, no.

Okay, hope you enjoyed it and thank you everyone for your recent support. Be sure to enter my appreciation HG giveaway, ending Nov 10th!


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  1. you look super KAWAII! a real doll! <3 love the colors you used on your eyes :D

    thank you for wearing ekiLove <3

  2. Looking gorgeous as always, Jen! I love seeing your updates. :)

    Those bangs and your circle lenses really gives you that doll-y feel. It sort of reminds me of Park Bom's look in her "making of" You and I MV, did you watch that? ^0^ Very pretty.

    I have problems with attempting to get double eyelids even with tape (I think my eyelids are too thick > >;;), but this looks gorgeous on you. :D

  3. HEYY! You look hawt, as usual! I noticed, in one of your pictures, when you were looking down to show the eyeshadow -- u reminded me of Park Bom from 2NE1, speaking of .. if you EVER have the luxury time to fool around -- wanna do any inspirational 2NE1/k-pop girls celebs tutorials? that would be fun & awesome!

  4. Eki: Aww, I love them so much!!! Ekilove stuff is the best <3

    Gemma: thank you ^^

    Pinkyyy: Yes, I watched it on Eki's blog! She looks really cute it in. :D Have you tried placing the tape very close to your lash line and right at the inner corners? Sometimes that helps create the crease.

    symphony: I am actually going to do a Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra-inspired look next video! But I do want to do a 2ne1 one in the future too. :)

  5. i love the colourful u're skin is super jealous ahahhahhaa...Looking forward to ur BEG inspired look next YAY!!!

  6. awesome---even withour proper rest--you look great ^____^

    yeah "Pinkyyy" is right--you resemble Park Bom of 2ne1 with this make up ^__^---pretty

    and this rose garden make-up is soooo fresh!--love it! ^_^

  7. <3 <3 <3

    You look like you stepped right out of the Secret Garden.

  8. Wow, love this look on you - the blush is just luminous on your cheeks!

  9. Love all of your tutorials! Beautiful as always. Are you wearing eyelid tape on this tutorial?

  10. i think it looks really cute!
    great tutorial!

  11. I love how dewy your skin looks.. Grreat look!

  12. Hi, I am interested to know what are the brushes you were using in the tutorial. Especially the one to apply eyeliner. Is it a MAC?

  13. Your skin looks utterly flawless to me!! Gorgeous look!

  14. Jen!!! super cute!!! Love the green/pink combo - it looks great on you! TFS the vid!

  15. hi jen! could you please give me the link to the graftobian foundation palette you use also is your skincare routine still the same. thanks so much!! :)

  16. you look great with bangs, you can try side swept now too lol love the new look, nice and subtle garden eyes


  17. OMG JEN I LOVE YOUR TUTORIAL! I've been wanting to try out colors!! Definitely going to try this out!

  18. so kawaii in bangs. i like the green + pink eye makeup. very floral :)

  19. ooOooO i love this look <3.. i'm gonna try it =P .. you look gorgeous as always ^^

  20. HAHA you look adorable! I never thought I'd be seeing you make such a cutesy, young-girl-y makeup tutorial. you look so cute in those bangs, too! tehe thanks for the update/video! :)

  21. Jen, you looks sooo pretty! I'm totally going to try out this look. I'll send you a picture when I do:)

  22. This look is so adorable. I really like it. :D Your bangs look really nice as well too. ;D You look dollish in a way, but in a pretty way.

    when i had a fringe like that, everyone said i looked more asian. lol.

  23. what foundation do you use? and shade?

  24. Hey Jen, what brushes do you use? i'm really new at this but love love your tutorials, thanks for being so helpful.

  25. I love your bangs! You look sooo cute! Yes, like a real live doll <3

    I didn't know green could go really well with pink either so I've learned something new again :D

    And I love those earrings and have immediately went and order them lol. I'm afraid it'll be sold out really soon after you blog about them like what you did for the dove ones XD

  26. Omg you look gorgeous! I really want to try that eyelid tape now because it looks really natural on you =). I've tried other tapes and they have a weird texture to them that don't allow me to cover it properly with makeup. I hope these work better. I'll go on a search =)

  27. You really do look like such a flawless doll. Very cute. =)

    Oh, and I was wondering where you got NYX cream cheese eyeshadow. I can't find it on cherryculture or the nyx cosmetics site. Is it discontinued or did I look over it?

  28. Just wanted to say that you do wonderful makeup and do wonders with the look and colors.

  29. Wow you look so pretty with this look!! Just like a doll :) You remind me of a Korean celebrity <3 And your skin is flawless! Can't see your breakouts at all :)

    xx Anita

  30. Mae: Yes, I'm wearing Eye Charm eyelid tapes for this tutorial

    Erny and debx: I use brushes from lots of places! I love Coastal Scents brushes and Sonia Kasuk, but the eyeliner brush I used was from Sephora Professional series. Honestly, cheap liner brushes work just as well, imo. My favorite eyeliner brush is from Avon! Try a flat angled brush from the paint section at a hobby store, because it's much cheaper and works just as well. ;)

    Anonymous: here is where I got the Graftobian palette but you can get smaller palettes too. I bought the warm palette and mostly use it for clients. Cream foundations are too heavy for my own daily use!

    And yes, my skincare is mostly the same, although I'm additionally using the Clarisonic Mia at night now.

    Stephanie: Oooh, I'm excited to see it on you! :D

    Anonymous: In this tutorial, I used MAC Studio Scupt foundation in NC 30.

    disilluzional88: Oh no! I hope it isn't discontinued but I did find it here just now, color is ES119.

  31. Love your tutorials and cheery personality.
    Got to admit that I'm not a big fan of bangs on you. They elongate your face too much.

  32. I love the way your cheeks look, they go really well with the colours on your eyes.

    The circle lenses are also super cute!

    I really can't get over how well you do your cheeks, so well blended and perfect looking!

    Miss Neesh

  33. you're very pretty and bangs definitely suit you! :)

  34. Could you tell me which brand of circle lenses you are wearing in the video? I've been search for one that fit my eye shape (I am monlid and use tool to create double eyelids at time :)

    I like the black ring on the outside of the lenses so pretttyyyy

  35. ooopppsss... i didn't catch the lenses brand the first time. vassen!

  36. I love your color combination.