Kpop-Inspired Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra Monolid Makeup

10:41 PM

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it. I had a great time relaxing (for once) and spending time with both sides of my family. I didn't partake in the Black Friday madness other than ordering a new Canon XSi DSLR from newegg for a huuuge Christmas splurge. It'll be my very first dslr and I'm so excited to see how it'll take photos! I'm definitely a newbie to the photography scene so anyone with good tips, please let me know in the comments! :D

I know a lot of you have been looking forward to seeing an "inspired" look, so I decided to do the makeup of a Korean music video that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. For those of you who aren't into the whole kpop scene, "Abracadabra" from Brown Eyed Girls has been a very popular and controversial video. It's a very sexy take for Korea since the whole culture tends to be very conservative when it comes to female sexuality.

I personally think the video is filmed really beautifully gritty and the dancing is addictive. I find myself dancing to it throughout the day. You'll see a bit of my dorky dancing if you watch the vid. Don't worry, I don't take myself seriously AT ALL so please don't take it seriously either. ;)

The thing that caught my attention is Son Ga-In's eye makeup (ok, and her legs too but MOSTLY her makeup). It's a striking smokey eye that is winged out at the sides. Gain is known for her small, horizontally wide eyes and this makeup looks stunning on her. Total win for the monolid girls! If you've ever felt afraid to do smokey eyes and you have monolids, seriously try this look because it's so flattering!

So here is my take on the look:

I really want to apologize for the giant rock of a zit on my chin. This was just before I was going to the dermatologist again and my skin is doing much better now. XD But I'm a trooper. Post, I must!

Here is what I used for the look:

* Too Faced Shadow Insurance
* NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
* Stila Barbie All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette (charcoal color)
* MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
* Mac Carbon eyeshadow (matte black)
* Mac Shroom eyeshadow (highlight)
* Anastasia Brows in Bloom kit
* Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero (black)
* Shiseido Eyelash Curler
* Covergirl Lash Exact mascara

* Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush in Call Me
* NYX Round Lipstick in Circe (nude lipstick)
* Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick in #13 Peach Passion

I know my eyes are rounder than hers are but I still think the look came out nicely! It's really refreshing to see a smokey eye that actually looks better on girls with smaller eyes, don't you think?

In any case, here is my obligatory pic spam and attempt to look as rockstar and Gain-ish as possible.

Here is my most-resembling Gain pic from the set, in my opinion. LOL. Okay, so my whimsical expression isn't quite her perfection but I tried! The light washing out my face helps a little. XD

Looking a little more my normal color here with my fun Patricia Field half-gloves.

Close-up on the eyes

With closed eyes, you can see the sideways teardrop shape. Highest arch of the shadow is near the inner corner compared to other looks.

Trying to be artistic with the backlit shot.

Blogging is serious business.

Okay, that's all!

La-la-la-let me know in the comments what your favorite kpop vid is and what makeup look you'd like me to make future tutorials on. This inspired thing was pretty fun so I definitely want to do more! Oh, and tell me one thing you are THANKFUL for! :D

Mwah, love you all and have a great weekend!


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  1. omg you are so charming! I love it - the tutorial video, the pics, YOU... you're so likeable! new fan here!


  3. nice tut

    you look so beautiful,hun

  4. haha the dance in the beginning was so cute (: i really like the smoky eye, it's definitely one of my favorites. i think it's something that monolid girls can really pull off (:

  5. beautiful!
    ga-in is such gorgeous girls (and yes, those legs!)
    the video is very addictive, makes me want to learn korean if i can look that hot!

  6. Hi Jen, Love your tutorial. It is very detail and helpful. In the future I hope to see some tutorial video about Honey Lee's eye makeup.


  7. hi jen~

    i've been a silent reader/follower since i found your blog a couple months back, but i thought i'd comment finally. :)

    i love your tutorial for this look. i'm pretty newb to makeup so i've been trying to follow tutorials of other monolid blog/vlog-gers to get this look, but all have failed. =/ but i might try yours. :P

    for other "inspired" looks to try out (if you can/want to), i especially liked dara's eye look in 2ne1's "fire (space version)" music video if it's possible for you to do a tut on that. :P

    and i totally agree. ga-in was too hot in "abracadabra". i have a girl crush on her bc of that mv. hahaha :P

    have a great day~

  8. omg i love this song! i think the mv is really sexy :)

    and i love your take on the makeup! i have double lids but im sure i can still do that look!

    thanks for doing it! <3

  9. yay for Abracadabra! Ga-in unnie's eye's are really pretty and I really <3 ur tutorial! This is something i really want to try ^^

    do you think you could make a tutorial for Park Bom's make up from 2ne1, because i love how the way her eyes look. thank you so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. Wow, you're a really good dancer!

  11. HELLO :D
    i absolutely love your make up tutorials, learnt so much from them!
    i've always had difficulty with eye shadow (especially because i'm monolid too) but, not anymore yay!
    anyway i really like this particular tutorial, awesome stuff!

  12. This was an awesome tutorial!!! It suits you so well. Haha I love your dance in the beginning it's so cute. I really like Sandara Park's video for her song Kiss. I love her eyes at the end of the video where she gets Lee Min Ho back badly. XD Actually I love the whole look, make-up and outfit. I think she's adorable in the video. If you could do a tutorial for her eyes at the end of the video that would be great, and I think you'd have fun with it!! Thanks for the Abracadabra tutorial I'm definitely going to try it out since I have monolids. =)

    Here's Sandara's video:

  13. Loves it. It really works with those bangs, too.

  14. HAHAHA why are you so cute Jen XD

    Small, horizontally wide eyes! Who is that Son Ga-In girl I am gonna make her my idol lol.

    So gonna play around with this look tomorrow. Don't have the exact black colors you use but I believe any black would do?

    My fav kpop girl band is 2NE1 and so far their Fire vid is my fav :D I would ask you to do any one of their dark eyeliner looks but maybe a subtler version since I don't think I can pull it off without looking like a serious emo lol.

  15. OMG I love that video!! Ga-in's look there is actually the pic I took to my stylist when I got my haircut. I love her - so cute and sexy at the same time. I wish I looked half as good as she does in that video.

    Love your tutorial too! You're so cute Jen! The dance is definitely addictive. :D

  16. I HAVE been wondering how Ga-In does her eye makeup since everyone has been joking around saying that Ga-In's eye makeup takes a rocket scientist to perfect. I guess it doesn't, since you did it so well! (but in a sense, you're a "rocket scientist" in your own right. ;D)

    Any make up style...whoa, I don't think I have much idea. But I also like to see different ways to draw on eyeliner, so any unique kpop eyeliner look would be awesome!

    Amazing job, Jen. ^0^

  17. AHA Now I know what was this video! I've seen it once before but never after that. (I don't watch Korean girl bands....only some guys LOL) The dancing is so hilarious! HEHEHE
    And in You're beautiful the guys were dancing this and I was wondering where I had seen it LOL
    Son GaIn is soo pretty! *.* But i like the other girl too, the one with the orange piece on her shoulder.
    err I'm terribly incoherent, sorry!

    Anyway, you look good with this smokey eyes!^.^ And the zit...I tried to see it (since you mentioned) but couldn't catch it. I doubt anyone saw it anyway! =]

    Do more dancing along with tutorials! ^_^V

  18. girl power :p I like the look, but do you think that it would suit caucasian eyes too ?

  19. thanks for the Son Ga In inspired makeup !
    though i think the makeup worked so well on Ga In's eyes due to her small face/sharp jawline as well T.T

    been waiting for someone with similar eyelids to demonstrate this ever since i saw the vid :)
    i too have rounder eyes than hers,so your tutorial really helps ^^!

    i would love to see more inspired makeup from korean girl bands too,such as 2ne1 and SNSD,particularly Dara and Taeyeon/Jessica ^.^
    thanks again for the post <3

  20. Thanks so much for posting this! This is something I could definitely use when dancing (I bellydance) :)

  21. love this tutorial! i always sort of fail at attempting the smoky eyed look since i'm a monolid, but this seems really simple to do. i'm so glad you did it especially for monolids; ga-in's eyes are such a good example :) and i'm so glad there's someone in the kpop industry who doesn't have big eyes.

  22. Great tutorial!!

    I'd love to see your take on Youn eun-hye's look in her newest drama which is "Take care of my young lady" (i think it's called??)

    She has perfect skin and her eye is so amazing ^^

    Thank you girly <3, CAN'T WAIT xxx

  23. love love LOVES it!!
    Abracadabra is one of my fav song/MV

    i love the monolid smokey eyes.
    Good job!

  24. OMG thank you so much!!!! I've really wanted to do this look and Ga in's eyes really caught my attention in the music video! And I've always wanted to do this look because I'm a monolid. Teehee! Thanks so much again <3333 I really appreciate your tutorials! And you are absolutely gorgeous by the way!!! ^^

  25. Oh, and PS, please do more makeup looks from idol groups! Like CL's or Sandara Park's from 2ne1 or Kara's! That would be so cool xD

  26. awesome tutorial!!! i luv ittt <3

  27. waa you did the look just like hers!! sexy!!

  28. Hey Jen! Awesome tutorial! Def one of my favorites! The look is super unique and cute!

    One of my favorite K-pop videos is Lollipop by Big Bang with 2ne1. The girls' hair styles are so crazy! IT would be awesome if you did a tutorial on one of the girls =)

    Thank you for the inspired look post! <3

  29. wooo ga-in! to be honest my legs-focus to eyes-focus ratio was much higher when i was watching the video.^^ but when you point it out the look is pretty cool~

    would you consider doing a tut on 2NE1's minji's eye makeup? of everyone else i've seen she looks the most crazy different between having and not having makeup on and i can't figure out why. XD

  30. Gorgeous! I love BEG and Abracadabra has been on replay on my ipod for a while too :D
    Thanks for this tutorial! You're definitely the best makeup guru for monolids ^^

    btw, I was wondering if you can do a tutorial of 2NE1's makeup? I absolutely love them! And a tutorial for a more cuter/lighter look like from Ahn Sohee (Wonder Girls) or Kim Yuna?

  31. This look is definitely different, you look "colder" than you usually do, I guess that is the intention effect of it ;) Oh and I do love the video and the dance too, it is addicting.

    For K-pop I am liking Big Bang and a video Haruharu or Stand Up... I am not very sure. I basically don't understand a single word :"> but the video clip is really nice. I think the guy make up is cool, too, make them look really like some kind of gangster or so :D. The only girl in their video has cancer, so she looks either pale or really natural, no make up look... that is kinda like your natural make up way, I think.

  32. Gorgeous look, makes me think of... sexy asian catwoman. Hehe :3 ♥

  33. OMG you beat me to it! haha I was gonna do my take on this look as well. I'll post photos once i've put everything together...

    Your version is really good and idiot-proof. Very nice!

  34. Oooh i love the video and your video too!
    i only recently started getting interested in kpop after watching Boys Over Flowers. haha slow i know.

    *goes off to youtube more kpop bands*

    your tutorial is awesome! cant wait to try on the smoky eye look :D

  35. I was hoping someone would do this tutorial!
    I don't have the lids for it :( but its amazingly gorgeous on you!

    I have the XSI and I'm sure you will LOVE IT!
    Start off with auto focusing (there is a switch near the lense that has "AF & MF" and you'll get used to how the camera adjust and the different modes. It comes with a small little guide to the modes too :) Make sure you read the guide so you'll understand the knobs when your using Manual Focusing.
    Can't wait to see you using it!

  36. waaa i love that look!! Ga-in is gorgeous i tried doing that but my eyes are too round...maybe ill try it your way. Can you do a tutorial for Dara from 2ne1's eye makeup?

  37. Beaautiful Jen, i don't have monolids, but i'll definitely give it a shot!
    I think the rocker chic looks suits you.

  38. I love your tutorials! Your makeup technique is flawless :D

    Do you think you can try out Sunny's makeup from their Genie MV?

  39. looks awesome =]i LOVED gain's eye makeup too! and her hair
    you look kinda like narsha

  40. aww the dancing at the very beginning is so cute and sexy at the same time. where did u get that outfit? luv it! i will definitely try this look one of these days. Thanks hun!

  41. I loved this tutorial! Now you've got me hooked on the song too, I keep replaying the video :)

    Btw you remind me of Narsha in the video (The one in the gold dress is called Narsha right?)

  42. what a great tutorial!! you're so talented.. did such a good job recreating the look! :) xx

  43. WOW!!!!! thats amazing Jen.... u replicated it but shaped it to suit your own eyes better and the look is so natural and sexy. would die to see more of this shading technique in many different colors for different occasions. is there any color scheme for this to carry a netural everyday look u reckon?

    love ur skill... am totally in awe.

  44. Jen,
    you're so pretty! Great job with replicating this look!

    B.'s Box

  45. I love it! Wish I had monolids. I've done this kind of extreme smoky eye before, because of my big eyes I look scary, like Samara in the Ring LMAO. You look gorgeous, just like the video!! Why is the video considered controversial? Is that just in Korea? Did I miss something?

  46. thank you so much for the video. love BEG...Narsha is my favorite. and i love anything inspired by their videos. i also really like their 어쩌다 video and performances. if you have time, i'd love to see anything inspired by those. keep on dancing! :)

  47. you look so so beautiful honey! i can't even see the zit on your chin! i get bad breakouts as well and its so annoying :( especially when you're doing everything you're supposed to :( im glad to hear that your skin is doing better :D

  48. I'm going to say the same things over. hehe
    I love this tutorial! You should definitely do more inspired looks.
    I heart you!

  49. oh! you look great, Jen! the more you post EOTD's... the more im lured to learning how eye makeup goes.

    i hope one day i can do a 'From Head To Toe'-inspired EOTD. :)

  50. oh i forgot to add on,i would really like to see a tutorial on Elva hsiao's look :X
    she's a popular taiwanese singer with monolids,but she's good at eye makeup,esp the double eyelid+false eyelash look and it always look so natural and pretty on her !
    sorry for being greedy with the requests >_<*
    love all your tutorials :)

  51. i love your blog!

    was on makeupalley just now and spied a chick's FOTD, and its this same one! same video and pic upload from her.

    looks like u inspire ppl! ;)

  52. wow, I love the look! It looks really good! Also, I've never seen such a sexy asian video.. sexy asians being all sexy, haha. I liked it! Thanks for introducing me to the song/video. I love it! Will share with my sister!

  53. You're sooo gorgeous! I love the makeup on you, it looks stunning, and as you say, it's super flattering too.

  54. i followed your tutorial and tried it out. It looks fantastic!! (the girls agree hehes) and it was quite simple when following your instructions. thankyou so much!

  55. you're soo pretty. love your videos.
    where did you get your gloves?

  56. you're amazing and beautiful, Jen! mwah<3 :)

  57. You are so pretty nd your skin looks absolutely flawless.
    I was wondering what foundation brand and color you are using? Do you use any primer first before applying your foundation? Thanks a bunch! LoOoOoVE the tutorial!

  58. Awww, thank you everybody~! It seems like the inspired look idea got a really positive reaction so I'll definitely have to do more. :D

    Carine: Lol, I think you could make it work you just need to watch the shape of the "sideways teardrop" when your eyes are opened. Bring the black shadow above your crease, and make sure it's matte so it blends more like a monolid. :)

    SwatchCrazee: I made the outfit from stuff I already had. It was just a black top with a sequin tube top over it. :)

  59. Anonymous: Yes, I think you could use any color scheme for this look, but I would recommend using a color + black for the really smokey effect. Like purple + black or navy blue instead of black since it's close. :)

    Kimberly: The video is controversial because Korea is traditionally VERY conservative. Even on the streets, girls in miniskirts or tank tops are looked upon as being slutty, even in 100 degree weather. It's just the culture. So insinuating that females are taking control in the bedroom or that they might kiss each other is definitely controversial in comparison. ;)

    Anonymous: aw, the makeupalley girl must've taken down her pic before I saw it! LOL, and I don't think I inspired her, the video was quite popular to begin with!

    Beauty by Cydia Angie: I got my gloves from work (leftover freebie) but they are Patricia Field. :)

    Anonymous: Aww, thank you! I think I was using MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC30 here. Primer doesn't mix too well with studio sculpt in my experience, and I don't wear any primer daily or anything. Hope it still helps!

  60. oh my god. its soo pretty ! im seriously going to try this! thanks soo muchh!

  61. I love your inspired look! really great..I'd love to see more neutral + abit smokey eyes tutorial if you can..tq..

  62. Hi Jen,

    I was wondering if you could do a video of you applying the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC30. PRETTY PLEASE :)I find that NC30 especially the Studio Sculpt line some in darker shades, so I'm more of a NC20. Have you tried their Studio Sculpt Concealer? If you have which shade do you use? Stupid question, but is the concealer suppose to be darker than the foundation to cover up "blemishes" and should it be apply before or after foundation?


  63. you are so ridiculously good at what you do!


  64. i was talking to my sister and then i looked at your video..i was like...hahaha wow this is new, this is interesting..your dancing is so so so's like one of the most enjoyable tutorials i have ever seen..
    jenny i think you should make the dance as your video know adding some cute actions to your videos makes it more interesting, "alive" and relaxing to watch^^

  65. i loved this look! you did sch an awesome job on this tutorial! mad props to you, Jen!:) hehe and you are SOO cute at the beginning of the vid with your dance. You have fun and take it easy--that's why so many people, including myself, love you!<3 definitely always a joy to watch your videos! looking forward to the next inspired look! :D

  66. I watched the video in mute because my sister's sleeping right next to me, and it's a hella saucy, but I like it (though I shouldn't), I love the dance moves, and they are very sexy, any more and it'll become unreasonable.

  67. could you upload the video again please? i really want to learn it but my eyes are bigger than ga in's and my lids folds inwards...(TT_TT)
    or could you do one onn narsha in Sign?? pretty please? (^^)

  68. oh my gosh love the pictures!

    could you please reupload this video?

    i have eyes just like gain's and totally want to do this because NOTHING else works out for me



  69. i know this is old... but i stumbled on this. could you re-do this?? its so pretty!!

  70. I know it's really late but could you do 2NE1's (Bom and Dara) makeup in the Try to Copy Me MV? With underlids lashes <-- is there are word like this?

    Thanks^^ I loved this turorial cause I loved GaIns makeup. Eyeliner is so cool!

  71. Hi Jen, what do you use for your brows? They look so natural.

  72. Awesome tutorial Jen. You are so pretty! You're probably tired of hearing that lol.

    But I don't like Narsha and Ga In cause they had plastic surgery so that's why her eyes are like that. Not being anti but any fan would know since they stated it already.

  73. the dance! haha so cute!! love this makeup tutorial :) really good~ ^^

  74. woww this is sooo cute!! i love all your kpop tutorials! If you have time do you think you can do after school nana's monolid looks? (she's one of the few other monolid female kpop idols out there i think) I think especially pretty is her look in "in the night sky"! You can hardly tell her eyes are monolid when she wears her makeup because they look HUGE and she uses some really pretty purple shades which you also seem to favor in some of your looks :)

  75. Gain is soooooo HOT!O_O'
    I love her c:<33
    And you are pretty c:
    Sorry for bad english.. XD