Kiss Acrylic Glitter Nails Kit Tutorial & Review

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I've got to say, today has been just a lovely day. It's been pouring cats and dogs! Usually I'm strongly affected by the weather and rainy days get me down, but this morning was spent kicking back with my husband while watching UP on blu-ray including all of the extra features. We cuddled in our PJ's under some blankets, and it really felt like having a slumber party from junior high except everyday and with my best (hubby) friend. :D

It was sooo well made! Beautiful visually and all the background documentaries are very interesting so I recommend watching it if you get the chance.

On another random note, you may have noticed that I added a video feature on my side bar. I wanted to share my love of music with you all but don't like music that automatically starts when you load a blog since it always scares me when I don't expect it. Instead, I've made it an option that you can click to play to hear what I've been listening to lately. ;)

Ok, just thought I would fill you in on my day since it was really nice. ^^ Now onto business. Today I have a video review for you on the Kiss Acrylic Glitter Kit. This is an item that was sent to me from Kiss (including lots of other goodies I'll show you soon) and I believe it is a brand new product. I've had lots and lots of questions asking about my nails from my recent videos and this is what I used to achieve this look.

Here is the packaging. On the cover you can see two exemplified nail looks that are possible with this kit (this one is different than in the video).

I prepped my nails before the application. Trim your nails (I recommend trimming shorter than this!) and use the included emery board to rough up the nails so the acrylic has something to grip on to. You may want to also wash your hands so the powder from buffing your nails is removed. Oh, and make sure you are in a well-ventilated area as the chemical smell is enough to knock someone out.

Then, find the acrylic tips that best match your nails, numbered by size. I know, freakin' sexy right? You can file the sides of the tips to fit your nail perfectly. Then, use the included glue to glue on the tips starting from the tip of your nail and pressing down to the middle. Do not let ANY bubbles in, as this can trap water and bacteria.

Next, clip each nail tip and file to the desired shape. I like mine pretty short. Also file down the glued edge of the tips so it lays smoother with your natural nail.

This is the tricky part. I made two wells of acrylic powder: 1 plain and 1 mixed with pink glitter. Apply the plain acrylic powder using the included brush with the acrylic liquid to the base of the nail, then do the same to the tips with the glitter mix. Drag the glitter downward to create a gradient.

The surface should seem matte and semi-smooth, but you want it glassy so you need to buff for your life. I find those 4-sided buffer blocks to be very useful, and also a husband who is willing to help buff your dominant hand. ;)

Now, for the final super-gloss, add a clear topcoat. I used Seche Vite, my HG top coat.

I know you can't really tell in my photos, but the pink glitter in my set was also holographic, meaning it reflects in rainbow colors. o_0 Sooo mesmerizing! I wore these for over 4 weeks and did not get sick of them. I was honestly impressed. Not to mention it looks like expensive nails, right? ;)

I don't know if it's just me but I get so bored of everyone's plain white acrylic tips. This is a much more unique option that I got a lot of compliments on it not just because it's glittery but because it's so pretty without screaming in your face. The pink is demure enough to not look trashy (in my opinion) and the natural nail color still shows through which I think looks classy. Since I easily get bored of nail colors, I'm not even an artificial nail kind of gal but I would totally try this again.

Final look in perspective. :)

Oh, by the way, just wanted to also make abundantly clear that Kiss didn't pay me any cash monies for this review and didn't make a good review mandatory. Also, I have absolutely no nail tech training so I apologize if I did this wrong and I just tried my best. :)

Hope this helped anyone considering a DIY acrylic nail kit! Kind of a pain in the butt to apply and remove, but it can have nice results for a long time compared to polish.

I think that about wraps up this review but I just wanted to throw in a little reminder to please vote in The Body Shop's vlogger holiday look competition which features my Snowy Ice Princess tutorial. You can vote for whomever you want, but of course I always appreciate any votes! ^.^

Hope you guys had a great weekend and have a nice start of the upcoming week!

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  1. I remember attempting acrylics myself and how awful I was, haha. This actually looks like a pretty cool kit but, like you, I'm definitely not the acrylics type and I'm also way too lazy to even attempt this again. It looks really good on you, though. I didn't even know you were wearing acrylics.

    Haha, I loved the movie UP, too!!

    Do they sell Seche Vite at Sally's?

  2. UP was such a cute & touching movie. I went to see it with a bunch of my guy friends and we were all crying within ten minutes. hahaha

    I've always loved how acrylics give you so much room to be creative with your nails, but my own nails are pretty thin and I'm afraid to buff them. seriously. I was once attacked by one of those mall booth people who buffed my nail without asking me for permission, and for the next month I had to keep it soo short because every time the buffed bits grew out, it broke. x__x I love your gradient though! I wonder if I could do that without using acrylics...

  3. That is so pretty! How much does a kit cost?

    And I noticed that we share pretty much of the same taste in music too :3 No idea how I missed BoA's Energetic MV cuz that totally blew me away. I didn't really like her previous two lol.

    Thank you so much for not setting it on autoplay too XD

  4. these are beautiful. I had no idea you did them yourself! I *tried* to help my roomate do acrylics once, and it was a nightmare x_x

  5. The nails look so cute, and also soo natural. I didn't even think they were acrylics. It does seem a bit complicated though, and I'm never good with that stuff. But I will try it out sometime! How much do the kits cost on average?

  6. I just checked the results again, and you are SOOOOO gonna win!
    I guess I'm just so excited that one of the bloggers I read is gonna win!!!
    Congrats!!! :D

  7. i LOVED "UP" as well! it's one of those movies i wouldn't mind watching again! hehe! ;P Your nails came out beautifully as well! Looks like something even someone like me could do! :) thanks for sharing!

  8. alien man?!: You know what's funny? After taking this off, I put matte polish on and it chipped within an hour, and I basically had a mini-freak out because I was so used to having AMAZING UNCHANGING nails. :P

    Jess: Aww, well the home ones are nicer than those people because you can choose to buff them or not, and how much. My nails actually haven't broken at all since I had them on and they break a lot too. ;)

    Blovet Beauty: Thank you ;)

    hana: I'm not sure since this product is really new and I haven't personally seen it in stores. I'd guess around $10 but I could be SO SO wrong! And yay about the music! Maybe you'll like what I put up in the future too!

    Lisa: Haha, don't worry mine weren't perfect either. >.<

    Lily: I hate to say that I don't know how much they are but other acrylic kits I've looked up online are between $7 and $16.

    Daituf: Ahhh, wow. We still have to wait and see because I really didn't plan on winning and I don't know what I'll do if I do win. XD

    Kym: I know, I loved UP! We bought it before I even saw it because we knew we'd love it. Haha.

  9. wow..nice nails are beautiful...also can't help but notice your skin is gorgeous in the video

  10. I was a bti scared when i read the title of this post since I think that acrylic nails look cheap but then i saw yours and my opinion suddenly changed ^^ I guess that it looks cheap only on chavs ^^

  11. LOVE the nails! I actually noticed them in the green-pink tutorial, but I figured you'd give a review/tutorial on it sometime soon. :) I'm also loving your new layout and banner! I like how the layout doesn't move along with the blog (if that makes any sense at all) and how you used some of my favorite pictures of you on your banner. Puhaha anyways, loved your entry! Have a good week Jen~

  12. It is so lovely ^^ And that it stays for a long time is definitely a BIG PLUS! I never really like doing anything with my nail but you are making me sooooo want to lol. <3 the nail ;)

  13. Wow! Your nails looks so cute! I thought about trying to do acrylics, but I feel like I'm not experienced enough! Who knows, maybe I will try! Also, I heard UP yas a good movie! I want to see it!


  14. Wow! Those nails are so cute! I haven't seen those at my local drugstores but then again i haven't really "looked" for them

    I'm really impressed that they lasted 4 weeks! That's super long and i am all for more bang for the buck!

    Great review! Thank you!

  15. omg~abracadabra! and BoA! yay! i luv ur music, and pretty much everything else you do ^^ thank you so much for everything you have done ^^


  16. You're so creative with EVERYTHING!
    Like cute nails and awesome blog headers! :)

  17. i absolutely love the new layout of your blog, fits your blog banner on the top with the 2 bold pictures.
    i got scared when i saw the nails, they were uber long lol but they look great after you pretty-fied them


  18. I noticed you have alot of nail tutorials on your blog have you ever done your own gel nails? I ordered everything a few weeks ago to do them at home but even after looking at videos on youtube im pretty sure they are going to turn out pretty crappy...just wondering so you could give me some tips or something :).

  19. n00b question: why would you put on acrylic tips and then paint/decorate them instead of just doing it straight on your natural tips? Especially since you had nice tips to begin with. I really am ignorant as to the reasons behind this - enlighten me! :-)

  20. you are so pretty <3
    i think you did a great job with the nails! i also love the movie UP. i have it on my wishlist for this Christmas :D

  21. i want to get this kit so badly, but i haven't seen it in any stores. and i can't seem to find it online either. where did you get yours?

  22. Hello, Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Your eye color is gorgeous, what color and kind of circle lens are they? Doing my own nails is so hard when it's not solid colors...

  23. I've looked for this kit in 12 different citys, !nd 3 states...even specialty stores. I even looked on the *kiss* website. They only list places that carry the product. Which are ones that don't carry it in NC. I can't find neone that seems to carry help on locations would be wounderful.

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