New Layout and DSK K-Drama Necklaces!

11:16 PM

Hey hey everybody! As you can see, I've had a new layout up the last few days. I've mostly worked the kinks out and fixed some of the pesky problems with the old layout such as the crazy long page and comment problems. I know this looks very similar to the old one, but TRUST ME it is a completely different format than before. I've actually moved everything onto the blogger layout and off of my domain! This is why I was having so many loading issues the last couple of days. I still think Google is blocking my site from certain ISP addresses...Boo. I know I must sound like Charlie Brown's teacher right now though! *wah-wah wah wah* Hopefully, that will just resolve itself soon. ;)

I really like reflecting the mood of the layout to the seasons and how I'm feeling. Green and yellow for Spring and Summer, pink and purple for Fall and Winter... I'm sure I'll have to do a bigger layout change sometime in the near future (with help, hopefully!) but for now I think this'll work. I was actually going to wait and do a big change soon, but the site was acting up so while fixing it I just thought OH WELL why not just make a new layout now? I live such a dangerous and spontaneous life. Ha. :P

Anyway, today I have some super fun things to share with you. Jewelry!!! Everyone who loves jewelry raise your hand. Everyone did? Okay, good!


I think one of the easiest ways to spice up a simple look is to add some nice bling like a sparkly necklace. It's SO simple but it does make a big difference. I recently got these DSK Jewelry necklaces from her K-Drama series and they are perfect for matching with everyday clothes.

Autumn Story Necklace

K-Drama Snowflake Necklace

Here's me being a thug with the Autumn Story necklace. It's just SO CUTE. I think it has more charm than most necklaces, don't you think?

I tried to be all artistic. This is with Maybelline Pink Please lipstick and Dior lipgloss in Clutch Pink 517. My nails (a friend's OPI, not sure on the color) match my lips!!! XD

You can really see the color and sparkle here. I don't own any other necklaces this color, and it looks so nice as a pop of Fall color!

Me and my silly hat. It was getting colder outside, DON'T JUDGE ME! (aka, bad hair day)

See how it pops even from far away? I love it! (the necklace, not the hat >.<)

This is my thug button.

And here is my gorgeous snowflake necklace on an 18" chain. This crystal is foiled in the back so it REALLY SPARKLES!

Wearing it with my Moonlight Heart necklace. The Snowflake reflects blue and gold while the Moonlight reflects blue-purple.

Looks fun together, I think! It matches my eye makeup. I love unintentional matching, can you tell? :D

And here is my eye look for the day. I used the Ben Nye Palette with the green, blue, and yellow colors. Lashes were from Sugar Cosmetics, really nice and natural-looking!

And here is everyone's favorite thing, BATHROOM PICS! Makeup, accessories, and clothes always look so different in the bathroom. :P

My outfit. Much more weekend-casual than my usual outfits. I'm all bundled up for the snowy weather. ^.^

Cobra Starship Hoodie - American Apparel printed hoodie bought (and signed! :D) at concert, Layering tanks - Old Navy, Waffle long-sleeve shirt - Forever 21, Acid-wash jeans - PacSun, Sweater boots - Stevies

Okay, that's all I have for you guys today. If you want, you can head on over to vote in The Body Shop's vlogger holiday look competition for one final day. Voting ends tomorrow and, well, I hadn't even considered the possibility of winning. I never want to jump the gun and try to hope for the best and expect the worst but I have been so blown away in shock and awe at the support that I've received through my first competition so far. I still can't even believe it. Not to say that I will win, but if that possibility occurs, I don't even know what I'd do with myself. Cry, probably. We'll see what the final results are in a couple days!

Now that I have rendered myself speechless, I think I will go join Hubs in a rousing game of Lego Rock Band. \o/

Are you guys in Thanksgiving thankful mode yet? I am!!!

Love you all! Thank you!


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  1. That is a super cute outfit! The yellow and purple look good together.

  2. oooh, i love this fotd!!
    i miss wearing makeup lol

  3. hats are the BEST! i'm that way about them too, keke~ as school gets busier everyone sees me wear more hats because i have less time for my hair. n_n

  4. love your new layout! and those necklaces are so beautiful!!!

  5. been looking for some natural looking false eyelashes for awhile now, so was wondering which type/style of the sugar cosmetic falsies are you wearing? thanks muchos!

  6. Ahhh, DSK Necklaces. <3 I absolutely adore Steph's work. She's so good at what she does.

    Mmm, I do agree. I think the Moonlight and Snowflake necklaces did match your make up pretty well if I must say. Great job! ^^

    Your beanie is so freaking adorable. I love iiittt. This is definitely the perfect time for beanies too. ;D Your outfit is cute as well.

  7. Aww! You look super korean in that cute beanie of yours!! I love it! Hehe. :)

  8. Voted for you, I'm sure we all already know the outcome :P

  9. You look so pretty! I've been voting for you, and hope for the best!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jen you are so cute. I feel bad that I couldn't help you with a new order. I did save you a pair of bat earrings ^_~ I'll send them your way soon, sorrry for being so busy! <3 u mucho grande!!~

    p.s. I keep showing everyone your kiss acrylic nail post, lol cause those nails are so damn cool!

  11. p.s. you're the most petite thug I've ever seen. lol

    Posted a lil shout out to on the jewelry blog!

    Have a great night Jen!



  12. So pretty.. keke
    I have one necklace lyk your snowflake one, only mine is a star~ ^^

  13. The Autumn Story necklace is so cute! Good luck on the contest! I'm rooting for you =)

  14. I voted for you! :)

  15. Hi! You got a vote from me! :D Love the DSK necklaces and your cute beanie.

  16. Poo. Wish I've known about DSK sooner. That autumn necklace is just perfect in every way. My friend's also a big fan of that drama.

  17. How much did you get for both? I just saw the same snowflake at Kohls for 17 bucks.

  18. i love the new layout and i like the green on your eyes :) very lovely :)

  19. Love all your looks. You look really nice!!

  20. oh, the snowflake pendant is sooo pretty!!!! I'm in love! *.*

  21. you look pretty! and the necklaces are cute too!


  22. DSK is too expensive =( I like He Qi better.

  23. Love your eye makeup here. Is it possible for you to do a quick tutorial on it??? Pretty please???

  24. You know you can make those necklaces yourself for less than $5 instead of spending $40 on that dsk website?