Everyday Makeup Look Video Tutorial

12:53 PM

Hello everyone! I'm still sick but I'm chugging along as best as I can, trying to get lots of rest. Somehow, my body seems to decide when that is for me. Last night after dinner (with 2 friends over) I totally passed out on the couch for over 3 hours. So basically, I am the best host there is. :P

I love that what I do best when I am home sick is make videos. I cut out all the bloopers of coughing because I love you 'sumuch. Please disregard any zits, as always, because my skin went all unhappy with me again probably because I've been sick for so long and the weather hasn't gone above freezing for the last 3 weeks.

Something tells me I need a hydrating mask. Sasa, you hear me? Why is my order not here yet! I need those My Beauty Diary Masks pronto!

Anyway, here's the vid. My current everyday makeup tutorial. Pretty simple, quick, and easy.

Products used:  

Skin79 DermaRX bb cream Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee
Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush in Call Me

Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Single Eyeshadows in Flamingo and Almond MAC eyeshadow in Shroom MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil liner in Yeyo Wonder Eyelid Tape Shiseido Eyelash Curler Fairy Drops Mascara Anastasia Brows in Bloom palette in Brunette

Dior Creme De Gloss in Creamy Gold

I also recorded a tutorial on curling your hair with a flat iron on the same day, so I only have "final look" pics with curly hair.

The Final Look

Now, with extra-glowing action!

Oh, and a close-up on my DSK Pegasus necklace. I didn't mean to take this picture like this, which is why my mouth is hanging open but I think it turned out accidentally sexy which is kinda cool I guess.

Okay that's all. Going to rest now, maybe. Hair curling tutorial will come soon-ish. <3

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  1. Hello!!
    It`s the first time that i write a comment in your blog... Sorry for my english...
    Your look is really wonderful You have a perfect skin!!
    I`m going to try to make up with the look of the video but surely that I don`t still have so well as you
    See you!!!!

  2. You're such a beautiful person. Love this almost natural makeup look. =D I love that DSK necklace too! What is that piece specifically called?

  3. love the look, hope you get well. getting sick is such an inconvenice so I know what you meant.

  4. Aww, it makes me sad that you look and sound so tired in the video. D: (especially since your usual bouncy-ness is not that apparent in the video. >___<)

    Do you recommend the MAC fluidline eyeliner? I have VERY oily lids and for some reason, my eyeliner just always smears on my left eye (without touching it, it just does at the corner). I've found that the eyeliner eki recommends Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip works very well and doesn't smears, but I'm always a bit clumsy with liquid liners...so I'm trying to see if there are other options on top of. ^0^

    I really like the shot of the necklace. Like you said, unintentional on your part, but tastefully sexy? Kekeke.

    I hope you get better soon, please take care of yourself! & thanks for making the video even when you're not feeling very well. It's a very simple yet brightening look. :)

    & P.S., is your husband doing much better? I just wanted to ask since your posts a while ago. Stay healthy! :)

  5. Beautiful! Yes, that last picture did turn out quite sexy ;)

  6. Beautiful! Cant wait to see the hair tutorial. Hair is where I need help! xoxo Jolie

  7. Nice =] love your hair style in those pictures too.

  8. ohh that second to last picture does look sexy hahas
    i like the curled hair. i've always wanted to do that to my hair but im not so good with the curling iron ):
    what's a good curling iron to get?

    p.s. is that the babydoll pegasusss????

  9. Simple and nice look for everyday! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. anyoung haseiyoh!not sure spelling though haha. means hello in korean right?

    The Fac Couture

  10. ur gorgeous!
    i love ur hair, it has so much volume =)


  11. You look amazing, Jen!! You're so cute in your videos - I'm so impressed at your editing too! You don't seem sick at all! I wish I looked half as good as you - I've had a bad cold and my skin seems to hate me for it. (Hope you feel better soon though!!!)

  12. Awww get well soon Jen!!don't forget to rest ^^

    I love this make up-----anyone can wear it anytime! ^^

    Omo!!-- I love your camera!! ^^

  13. That was gorgeous... very neutral and everyday wear, and effortless and such flawless finish!! ;) Hope you get well soonnn!! Oh and love the necklace too ;)

    And I agree, that last picture is quite a sexy one hahaha...

  14. I absolutely LOVE your hair, doll! How'd you do it?!?

  15. when you lined your eyes I thought won't that be too thick for an everyday look? But then it turned out totally okay! Love the look! ^.^

    BTW, saw on twitter the NYX sale....went to pick a lots of stuff but boom! They don't ship outside the US! T_T and my "contact man" haven't replied if I can order using her address. Ah, soooo not fair! ;_;
    You hauled tons?

  16. you're so pretty! *jealous* heeh
    love the look! :)

  17. You look gorgeos!
    Love the final look. It's natural and also looks very beautiful. Thank's for sharing :)

    Xoxo Thii

  18. You definitely know how to model jewelry !

  19. what are your nyx cosmetics must haves????

  20. Wooww! I love it! I hope it works on my brazilian face XD

  21. Thanks for the well-wishes guys! I'll try to get lots of rest and drink a lot of orange juice. XD

    disilluzional88: It's the pegasus necklace with a tanzanite heart. ;)

    sunniipinky: I love MAC fluidline! Definitely try it if you haven't before because it's so easy to work wtih. :D And my husband is still searching around but we are keeping our spirits up. ^^ Thank you for asking.

    bettyb0o: I really like my jilbere 1 1/4" curling iron, but for this style I used the Biosilk 1" ceramic flat iron. And the necklace is similar to babydoll pegasus but it has a tanzanite heart. :)

    cuddles: I'll have a video tutorial on it soon! :)

    Mary in Wonder: Yes, I did end up hauling tons! I got lots of lashes and a few lipsticks missing from my collection (including a couple that werent on sale) and a couple pearl eyeshadows and a sparkle lipgloss.

    Anonymous: #1 must have is their single eyeshadows! Click "NYX" under labels and you can see everything I currently have in my collection. :)

  22. Hi just wondering what kind of brush you used to apply the NYX almond on the lids?

  23. aw Jen you look gorgeous! I love the look. you're so good at blending and applying eyeshadow; so jealous!

  24. Michelle: I used the Italian Badger Round Crease brush from coastal scents here http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm/product/1431_37/italian-badger-round-crease-brush.cfm

    It's one of my favorite brushes! Really perfect for eyeshadow contouring, especially on smaller lids.

  25. OHMYGOD.

    My hair looks like a dead rat in comparison.

    A curly-hair tutorial would be awesome, even though I would probably still fail.

    Your tutorials are amazing. Seriously.

  26. you are a natural beauty jen! <3
    love your hair in this tutorial btw :D xx

  27. Jen, you're so beautiful! (inside and out) I wish I looked like you~~

  28. i loveee the look! that blush is BEAUTIFUL on you =)

  29. really easy yet such a pretty look! :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  30. Yuri Tag looks just like you. She's in the dance group Kaba Modern. Great tutorial Jen :)

  31. You look amazing Jen!! Love the curls on you too =D!!Thanks for the tutorial! Hope you get well soon and stay warm dear!

  32. You look stunning and just beautiful. I am Asian myself and appreciate all your work so much. Thanks for sharing your tips and tutorials!

  33. hey jenn! i was wondering what model is your canon?!(: it takes such nice pics !!!<3


  34. you look so elegant and poised applying your makeup! hehe~ i think I look kinda crazy while at it! ^__^

  35. Jen, you're the prettiest/nicest youtube guru out there! :) thank you for always posting such wonderful videos, i really appreciate it!!

  36. prettyyy
    i'm gonna try this tutorial :) very soon . !

  37. Jen, gorgeous look as usual. You are so graceful! So...quick question, what nail polish are you wearing? I love that it looks opaque yet light pink, a near possible combination!

  38. Hello Jen! I love this tutorial and you look gorgeous :)
    Just on my personal opinion I didn't think you needed wonder eyelid tape here, you still look very pretty without it...

  39. Wow your picture looks so nice and artistic :D You must enjoy your new camera and lenses a lot ;) Love your tutorial, as always. I am waiting for my Nyx order so I will have plenty of colors to try out many of the tutorials ^.^

  40. Jen I love this look! I love the video; your skin looks so nice!
    What camera did you use to record the video?

  41. Very pretty pics! Your makeup is flawless. New follower for sure. :)


  42. alway love your look!!!

  43. love your look,Jen.

  44. Hi Jen, I'm a beginner in make up world, for my age, i think i'm kinda late to just start it now. I've been searching for the everyday make up look on the internet, and they use a lot of loose powder (not really sure what exactly the uses of it) and so far I've seen many of your videos and you dont even use loose powder in any of them. I wanna ask, is loose powder important? Thank You. hope you'll reply ^^

  45. -MR-: I prefer pressed powder but I use loose powder as well. It really comes down to preference and what each powder does for your skin.

  46. Hi, Jen! You look great! Thank you for share such great tutorial,btw i have problem with blackheads, can you give me advice to remove this blackheads??? thank you b4...