Join me on Blogtv tomorrow night!

3:36 PM

I'll be on Blogtv Saturday January 9th, 2010 at 6pm central time, so come say hello!

Follow me on Twitter for the exact announcement:

See you there!

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  1. Ahhhh I love your announcement vid, and I love your awkward ending! lol soooo cute ><


    Please do a sandara park of 2ne1 tutorial soon! ^o^

  2. You look so excited in your video!! I hope to see you in your blog thingy tomorrow!!. How long will it last, cause I probably can't see it for the first hourr ):
    And OMG you look like Dara from 2ne1!!!!!!!!!

  3. jen! i will definitely look forward to seeing you on blogtv (: andd wooow you actually really do look like dara from 2NE1! haha (:

  4. Congrats, I will tune in!! You'll do a fantastic job! xxoo Jolie

  5. ah it was nice seeing you on blogtv!!! :D

    looking forward to when ull do it again :)

  6. You are so lovely!! ;DD

  7. heyy i was wondering, does the cellnique gel you wrote about in your previous post work for acne scars too? i really want to find a product that works for acne scars but everyone has been telling me to get laser treatment for them... but it's so expensive... :(