Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder Review

3:56 PM

Woohoo! So excited because I checked the mail today and lookie what came! My Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder from Hautelook. :D It's a highlighting powder that's had so many rave reviews everywhere I googled.

If you guys haven't heard of Kevyn Aucoin before, he is was (omg, so saaad! he passed away in 2002. T.T) a celebrity makeup artist who is especially well-known for the makeup artistry books he wrote including Making Faces and Face Forward.

I actually own both books  and they are beautifully photographed and chock full of great makeup tips for everyday to theatrical, and I personally appreciated his knowledge of working with all races and skintones. He even brought up the issue with Asian eyebrows being all sparse and growing in two different directions! (Up before the arch, and downward past the arch, have you guys noticed that? Drives me batty!)

Knowing that he has such a gorgeous way of applying makeup made me feel confident that his cosmetic products would also be up to par. Since his line is rather pricey, I was excited to see Hautelook sell his stuff since I had such good luck with the Rock & Republic blush I had bought there before. I've been looking for a warm-toned highlighting powder to get that "candlelit glow" that is missing from my NYX Highlighter moisac powder. This Celestial Powder piqued my interest and at $16.80 (compared to the original $42) it was a steal for such a high-quality item!

Here is the simple but attractive packaging.

Up-close and in sunlight, you can see a hint of shimmer but no glitters. A nice, peachy-beige shade.

Swatched on my hand: left is applied with the supplied brush, and right is a swipe with my finger

Again, this really shows off in the sunlight. It's so finely milled that it glows.

And here is how it looks on my cheeks. It definitely shows but the effect is subtle and pure. Really lovely and it photographs so well! I can't wait to try it out some more but I already have a feeling I'm going to love it to bits! (Rest of the makeup is my everyday look. Tutorial soon!)

I tried looking this up on Sephora and I guess it's not on there anymore, but you can find it on Amazon or hopefully Hautelook if it comes around again next time. ;)

Speaking of Hautelook, you all probably know I'm a huge fan since they really seem to do kinda ridiculous short-term sales. If you haven't signed up already, here is my invite:
Note: Hautelook does give credit to the inviter after the invitee's first purchase, but as always, I only post about it when I actually buy something too. I just can't pass up a good deal! 

Hautelook is also having an Urban Decay sale starting Wednesday!!! OMG, my wallet. T.T 

I have my fingers crossed that they have my favorite 24/7 pencil liners. I really want a full-size of the Navy color, Binge, since navy liner makes the whites of your eyes look whiter. I've been really needing that lately! :D

Let me know if you guys score anything and I'll do the same!

EDIT: Okay, so I just found this coupon code in my e-mail. It's for $10 off any orders of $25 or more on hautelook from now until Saturday, 1/16/10! Code: HL2010     Yay for codes! \o/

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  1. he WAS a celebrity make up artist. passed away in 2002... RIP.

  2. Anonymous: omg, I didn't even know! T.T sooooo saaaaaaad. Thank you for letting me know. He really did beautiful work in his books. I recommend them if you come across them.

  3. OMG Jen I cannot wait for the UD sale!

    Btw I love that highlighter on you, you always look so gorgeous!

  4. omg, i love his books, i used to have the "face forward" one and it was so amazing the transformations he performed! he was such an inspiration and he seemed like a really genuine person too :(
    great highlighter, it looks very nice on you :)

  5. omg thats so funny that you mentioned those books. i was debating whether i should buy the face forward book and was like "well maybe later" but this is a sign that i should get it now! :D and omggg why did you tell me haute look was having a UD sale nuuuoooooooo :(

  6. MeiBelle: Ahh, I can't wait for the UD sale too! I love Urban Decay. :D Thank you. :3

    Liana: Yeah, I know what you mean about his personality. It seems like he was really sincere. :( Thanks!

    tofupoo: lol! I guess it is a sign. btw did you get the e-mail for the hautlook coupon? it's for $10 off before this saturday. XD

  7. Thanks for telling us about the Urban decay sale...I want those eyeliners too....

  8. The highlighter is really nice...but do you prefer this one over the NYX Mosaic Powder?

  9. OMG i didn't know Kevin already passed away! I read his Making Faces book and I love it!

  10. ooh the highlighter looks realy nice! *u*

  11. this is undoubtly a good bargain, and it looks really good on your cheeks !

  12. Hi Jen! Are you sure the UD sale is today? I don't see it on the Hautelooks website. :(

    Love this post! I was gonna buy the same Powder from hautelooks too but ended up not buying it because I didn't think I would need it. It looks beautiful on you though!

  13. Coco: I like them both but it's a slightly different look since this highlighter is warmer-toned and the NYX highlighter is a cool-toned pearl white color. :)

    THAO: Oh man, I just looked and I guess the sale is on Wednesday. :( My bad. One more day of waiting!

  14. does hautelook ship internationally? i wanna check out the UD sale!

  15. your make up looks stunning in this picture. can you do a tutorial for this look? i would absolutely appreciate it. thank you!!!

  16. Blogsales4You: I'm not sure if they do. :/ I want to say I heard someone else say they don't but you'd need to check with them to make sure since I couldn't find an answer easily on the site.

    Anonymous: You bet! I already did a vid on it and I'll post it in a couple days. ;)

  17. Wow, this is so gorgeous on you! Now I'm sad I passed it up when it was on Hautelook!

    And thanks so much for the code! :D

  18. hey jen! thanks for the code ;) just placed my so excited for the after glow blush!!! :D

  19. I was estatic since UD was 75% off, started putting in my address and then hautelook tells me it only ships to the us and canada =.="

  20. Hey Jen, love your blog =) Sadly, the Hautelook sale didn't have the 24/7 liners, that's what I was looking for too...if you have an Ulta by you they have the 24/7 mini sets for $20(it's like 4 liners and a glitter liner).