Updated a few Youtube Videos

12:00 AM

Hey guys! As you may already know, I recently took a few youtube videos down from my channel youtube.com/frmheadtotoe to rework them. Just wanted to share the few that I have up again. Since all of my views and comments were lost, I would appreciate any comments and ratings you'd be willing to give. 

Click to visit my youtube channel. :]

Drumroll, please!


Asian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Japanese Style Curls Hair Curling Tutorial

Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial 

Mineral Makeup Basic Foundation Application Tutorial

I apologize for the less-than-HD quality of some of the older vids since they were taken with my ancient camera, but I hope that you can still find them helpful! 

Also, thank you so much for your well-wishes. I have worked SO much overtime this week and I finally got to rest today. I literally stayed in bed until 3pm, drinking Boost, reading, and sleeping, which was lovely! The coughs are still there but seem to be less frequent than before. I'm hoping one more day with lots of naps will prepare me for the coming week. :)

Hope you all are getting lots of rest too!


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  1. I'm on YT right now and am going to rate a bunch of your videos! :)

  2. Thanks for the re-up! I'm just wondering...do you know if you get YT viewcounts if I watch them here?

    & the Japanese curl one, the way you fast forward it makes it look like magic, hahaha.

  3. I had no idea that's how Konad worked. I thought they were just stickers. That's really cool! How long does one plate last?

  4. sunniipinky: I don't think imbedded vids up the viewcount, unfortunately! I think some people make videos un-imbeddable for that reason. :P

    cc: yeah, it's just the polish that gets stamped so each plate lasts forever. ;)

  5. Jen, can I tag you to do this internet meme, What's in your girly pouch http://www.storyofbing.com/?p=2783 ?

    I would love to see what's in yours!


  6. Sorry, the link doesn't have a ? at the back. It's just http://www.storyofbing.com/?p=2783


  7. Hey Jen!
    This isn't related to this blog entry but, on your facebook picture, how did you get the gold lights to glitter in the background? Like it was a glittery circle. I've been trying to figure out for like FOREVER! It would be nice if you helped me :)

  8. Beautiful!! thanks for the video. ^_^

  9. cant wait for the Gain makeup tutorial!!!!

  10. thanks for the update. i love the japanese hair curling tute!

  11. love the hellokitty nails!!!! :D

  12. Hello Kitty nails win!!!!☆